The Rejected Luna

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It's a command, not a request. “Look into my eyes, he commanded. Accept my rejection now. “I, Alpha Richard Brown, reject you, Jane Biller, as my mate and Luna. I hear people gasp. I meet my mate, who I have been waiting for all these years. Upon meeting him, he rejects me immediately. "Why? Why are you rejecting me? I managed to ask him. “Why? Do you need to ask me that? The moon goddess must be joking for giving me a weak, no wolf female like you as my mate. “What can a person without a wolf offer me as my Luna? You gotta be kidding me if you think l am going to accept a useless being like you. I hear people whisper. All his utterances were assassinating to my heart. I wish the turf could open its mouth and swallow me. He rejects and humiliates me. He rejects me because I am wolfless. “Accept my rejection now” he yells in frustration. “I can't accept your rejection” I uttered, because I had no wolf.

Action / Romance
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Chapter one

The Girl without a wolf

The rejected Luna.

Chapter one.


Jane stance.

There is a celebration going on today in our pack. Alpha's from the different packs were invited to the events.

It is a celebration event where the untamed werewolf Alpha gets to meet their mates, and this happens once a year.

My name is Jane Biller. I was born into a werewolf family. I live in the pack with my parents. My father is the beta of the red moon pack. I am the only daughter of my father, despite being the beta daughter, I got bullied by the pack members because I have no wolf. I am no future female beta, I am nothing but a clumsy girl without a wolf and I got criticized a lot because of that.

I have no friends. No one wants to be friends with a weak clumsy girl like me. I receive a lot of love from my mother. My father never liked me too much because he thinks I am a disgrace to him. He blamed me for being a werewolf without a wolf. My mother has always been teaching me about my mate. A mate who will love and cherish me. A mate who will accept me for who I am. I have always believed my mate will love and protect me.

I am 16 years old and I pray I find my mate today at the celebration. Every wolf in the pack is getting ready for the huge celebration.

Enough food and drinks were being prepared. The female wolf was dressed up in their best clothes. I could not wait to see and meet my destiny mate.

"Jane, my mother, knocked at my door. "Are you in there?

"Yes mom, I am coming. I rush to the door, I unlock it to reveal my mother all dressed up already.

"Jane, what the hell are you doing? Why are you not dressed up already? She asks.

"Mom, I will take my shower now. You can go. I will join you soon.

"Don't you know how important today is? Today is where you get to meet your mate. Are you not happy? She replies

"Aww, mum. I am the happiest girl on earth. I hope the moon goddess blesses me. I hope I will get to see my mate today, mother, I replied.

"No no. You will, my baby girl. I am sure you will meet your destined mate who will love and cherish you", She said. "Be fast, darling. You don't want to miss the celebration. I will be waiting for you downstairs. Don't make me wait too long.

"OK mom, I will be fast with whatever I want to do. Immediately, my mother left me. I strip and rush inside the bathroom. I feel relaxed under the warm water thinking of what to say in front of my mate when I get to meet him. I can't wait to meet him. After scrubbing my body, I want to pick the hanging towel when I fall flat on the floor.

"Ah, urgh. It hurts, but I quickly brush it off because today is my happy day. I am a clumsy girl without a wolf after all.

I dress up in my most beautiful dress. I want my mate to see me as the most beautiful girl on earth. I put on light makeup and a red gloss on my lip, making me stand out.

"Jane, I hear my mom call me.

"I am coming, mom. After that, I am very pleased with myself. I scurry downstairs to meet my mother.

"Wow, you look so beautiful, my baby. She compliments me. No man will be able to resist your hotness.

"Thank you, mum, but I want no one but my mate". I told her.

"I know. I know, you desire only your mate, so let's go, I am sure you don't want to keep your future mate waiting as well.

I walk in hand with my mom.

The big hall is beautifully decorated. Everyone was well dressed in their best clothing. There is a separate chair for the Alpha's and their Luna's. And there is a separate chair for the unmated Alpha's as well. Every female is happy. I saw the Alpha's come in with their Luna's. My father is also seated beside the Alpha since he is the beta of the pack.

My gaze never left one of the alpha. I wish to know more about the unknown man. He is perfectly made. He is so beautiful that it makes me jealous. "How can a man be so perfect, and at the same time so beautiful? "Is he my mate? I don't know since I have no wolf. Maybe I am just drawn to him because he's beautiful.

"What is wrong? Who are you staring at? My mother asked, interrupting me.

"Nothing, I just feel I am attractive to that man over there, '' I said pointing at the alpha.

"Will you stop it? Do you know the alpha you are pointing at? He is the notorious inhuman alpha in history. You don't want to provoke the beast in him". My mother warns. And don't ever point at anyone again. If I were you, I would focus on finding my mate.

"I am sorry mother, '' I replied.

My mother was dragged away by her friends. Leaving me all alone by myself. I roam around in search of my mate.

The smell of food enters my nostrils. I could smell the delicious food.

Without looking at where I am going. I fumbled into a hard chest. I was almost on the floor when those hands caught my wrist.

"I'm sorry", I immediately fled from his hands. I feel it. I felt the sensation when he touched me. "Is he my mate? "Is he the one? I look up to see who my mate is only to meet with his eyes. I let out a soft gasp.

"He is the alpha my mother warned me about.
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