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Thrill Rider: The Start to a New Generation

By QuickShot1445 All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Humor


As a young boy, Micheal S. Peterson was always inspired by the heroes of the DC and Marvel comic books to become his own hero. Now, 18, and a "man", Micheal set his sight on the robbers and thieves of his hometown, Los Angeles, as the fearless, heroic Thrill Rider. However, as Thrill Rider become more and more known, a bounty is placed on his head for 10 millions by an unknown man, and now he is hunted down by an army of bounty hunters!!! Can Micheal, as Thrill Rider survive the hunt, while at the same time, protecting his friends and families? Unknown to him though, he's soon not going to be the only vigilantes protecting the busy, bustling streets of Los Angeles, California.

Prologue: Where It All Began

Have you ever dream of begin a hero? Maybe a superhero, such as the Man of Steel himself, Superman; flying through the sky of Metropolis, hearing all the cheering and ”thanks you" from the many people he saved. Or maybe you dream of begin a vigilante, like the Dark Knight himself, Batman; swinging through the pitch-black night sky of Gotham City, striking fear into the hearts of those who turn to the dark side.

As a kid, I remember spending countless, countless hours, watching and reading about these amazing, amazing people. People who, like Peter Parker, were given an amazing gift, and use it to help people, including those who would even hurt his Aunt May and Mary Jane!! People who, like Barry Allen, went through hard times, and out from those hard times, come ”too many to count” unbreakable friendship with other just like him. People who, like Tony Stark, choose to use his money to help better the world!! I mean, he also use it for “other thing”, but that kind of beside the point. Anyway, I remember spending so much of my childhood, watching these unbelievable heroes on the t.v., reading about the fantastic adventure they would go!! It...It... It was like I was one of them!! Like I was one of the FREAKING heroes!!! Traveling to Asgard, Fighting The Joker! I was there for it ALL!!! Even when Uncle Ben was shot! I was there! I was there.

Seeing these people, and what they did, who they met, inspired me to become my own hero. It inspired me to suit me and head into the night. To save people and give them hope. To show them, the bad guys DON’T EVER WIN. So that what I did.

Starting from the 2nd grade, I come up with an ingenious plan to become my own hero. I told myself I would need a few things first, before I could even think of riding into the night. First, I would need to boost my stamina and endurance. Then, learn how to fight. Proper fight, I mean. Not just throw some punches around. Finally, I would need to hide my identify by making myself a special suit.

Beginning almost instantly, I started running everywhere; my school, my home, even at the grocery store!! There, I would just dodge under the swinging arms of the many consumers, wondering whether or not to buy one or two pints of milks. Anyway, back to the story, I ran and ran and ran for three straight years, until finally, I could run all over the school and still have enough breath leftover to climb over the metal fences! That was stage 1 done!!

Stage 2 toward my “mission” began in the 6th grade, when during lunch, I would sneak behind some of the classrooms and begin shadow-boxing. There, I would pretend I was fighting someone, or even someones. I would image I was in some sort of abandoned warehouse, surrounded by like, a dozen guys! I would try and think about what the guys would do, and then what I would do! If one guy were to run up to me and try and punch me in the face, I would block the attack by catching it, and then kick the man in the leg and push him over! One down, 11 more to go! I kept on pretending and practicing, all the way until the last day of middle school, when I actually self-taught myself how to properly KICK BUTTS! I taught myself how to punch, and kick, and block! Stage 2, check off my list!

To complete stage 3 of my list, making my special suit, I spend my whole summer vacation between middle and high school, designing and sewing it. After many, many weeks of head banging, hair scratching, and for some weird reasons, “hand clapping”, I finally came up with “decent” costume design; a simple, black jumpsuit, with a ski-mask as my mask!! It took many, many MORE weeks to sew, a few hundred bucks to buy needles, threads, and about five full boxes of bandages, and me missing out on a lot of t.v., but in the end, I did it!!! I had completed the my very own suit!!! Stage 3, done AND done!!!

From my freshmen year to my junior year at Los Angeles High School (Go Roman!!), I did other things to help make my dream become a reality. In the 9th grade, I took up a class in metal shop, so that I could craft myself some armors for my suit, and a pair of awesome silver, batons!! In the 10th, I took auto-mechanic so that I could take care of whatever I would use to arrive in style; whether it be a car like the Batmobile, or a motorcycle like the Spidey Cycle!! (I couldn’t really afford either back then.)

After many years of determination, perseverance, and injuries, I finally did it! I became my own hero!! My own fearless vigilante!! I had a suit! I had skills! I had willpower! Like Hal Jordan! That's why, on the eve of my summer break between junior and senior year, I declare myself READY!! Ready to become a hero!!! A hero name Thrill Rider!

Today is August 25, 2014. My name is Micheal Steven Peterson. I lived in Los Angeles, California, with my dad, mom, little brother, and my other little "brother". I'm a medium-height, dark hair, senior, attending Los Angeles High School. I enjoy such things as watching t.v., playing Yu-Gi-Oh, and hanging out my friends. Also, I've been the mysterious Thrill Rider for nearly two months now; stopped a load of crimes in progress, been in a bunch of life-threatening fights, have actually been chase by the cops on a few occasion, and HOT DARN, I am having the time of freaking life!!!

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