Alex Smith and the Curse of the Titanic

By Alex Hunter All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Thriller

Chapter 5: Appearing in the Past

As soon as Alex had finished setting the date, month and year into the watch, he felt the air around him starting to become charged with electricity mixed in with the metallic scent that signals that a storm is about to break. As the air around Alex continued to charge and crackle with electricity, Alex looked at the people standing before him, focusing on their confident faces which in turn bolstered his own confidence. As Alex felt the watch which was ready to thrust him back into the past, he locked eyes with the almond-shaped hazel eyes of his girlfriend, whose lips were quirked up in a tantalizing impish smile as she mouthed the words,“I love you” which Alex felt deemed to reply to Kylie’s proclamation of love for him with one of his own for his girlfriend, as he said aloud, “I love you too, Kylie and I promise I will fight to get back to you”.

The air around Alex suddenly fell in on itself, dropping the air pressure in the room considerably, creating a suction-like wormhole not unlike the suction from a black hole. Taking one final look at his mentors, friends and girlfriend, Alex took a deep breath before he stepped into the wormhole and was whisked away into the past. As soon as Alex had disappeared into the wormhole, Jean-Pierre and Seamus had moved up beside Kylie to show their support, Seamus gently said to Kylie,“Kylie, I have every faith in Alex, that he will come back from his mission to be with you”, Jean-Pierre nodded in agreement before saying,“Kylie, Seamus is correct, Alex had a steely look of determination in his eyes which spoke of his determination to complete his mission and to return unharmed to you”. Kylie nodded shakily before excusing herself to go to her room to deal with the emotional baggage that had been thrust upon her.

As for Alex upon entering the wormhole, he had to blink away the stars that shrouded his vision but when the stars had been cleared from his vision, Alex could fully appreciate the beauty of the interior of the wormhole. The wormhole was like nowhere Alex had been before in his life, as the interior of the wormhole was rippling slightly, while on the ceiling of the interior of the wormhole incandescent light flickered through the colours of the rainbow and other colours such as golds, silvers and bronzes made short cameo appearances on the ceiling as well. The thing that got Alex was the dates, years and photographs that flashed into existence in the interior of the wormhole then faded into oblivion from where they came. Alex could sense that the wormhole was inching closer and closer to the 1910s and therefore his mission to save the past. After what seemed like an eternity in oblivion to Alex, Alex sensed the wormhole was going to slow down in time for him to leap into the middle of April of 1912. Alex started to mentally prepare himself for the shock of literally leaping into the past, by taking deep calming breaths and humming “The Nights” by Avicii under his breath. The wormhole slowed to a stop on the date of April 10th, 1912 which Alex recognized as the date the Titanic had set sail from Southampton on her maiden voyage to New York. Having thought he had mentally prepared himself for the challenges and dangers that would certainly arise in his quest to restore history to its previous equilibrium. Alex cautiously stepped towards the partition between the exterior and interior of the wormhole and after carefully examining and debating internally for a few seconds, he leapt through the partition and vanished from the interior of the wormhole.

Alex appeared in what he recognized to be one of the luggage rooms in the Titanic on ‘G’ Deck as he had done extensive research on what the millionaires such as John Jacob Astor IV, Benjamin Guggenheim, William Carter and Charles Hays had brought with them onto the Titanic. Alex stared around in undisguised wonder and awe as he looked upon a labyrinth of trunks, suitcases and crates that he had only read about in reference books. Alex realized that he would have to formulate a plan of action if he were to restore equilibrium to the past and that he would have to do so quickly because in 5 days the chance to restore equilibrium to the past would be lost with the sinking of the Titanic. The plan that Alex formulated while pacing in the luggage room was bold as it involved talking to Joseph Bruce Ismay and Captain Edward Smith who Alex realized was his great-grandfather on his father’s side and it would be great to be able to talk to one of his ancestors about where the Smith family came from and other notable ancestors in Smith family story. Alex decided to sleep in the luggage room he had appeared in from the wormhole as he knew stowaways were not looked down upon kindly by White Star Line and as his eyes started to drift shut, Alex eased into dreams of his beautiful raven-haired girlfriend and his mission being a success.

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