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A fun story from my own mind. You should be afraid. Not even I know how this story is going to end up.

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Chapter 1

“Keigo!” no answer...

“Hey Dipshit, I’m home!” no answer…

“Keigo?” I am really worried now. Oh my gosh where is he?

I speed upstairs to our bedroom. Huge sigh of relief he is in there. “KEIGO! What the heck?! I almost had a heart attack, why didn’t you respond??” I ask him, anger lacing my voice.

Coughs come from him. I laugh.

“Whoa dude, you look like crap.” He glares at me.

“Well no shit sherlock.” This makes me laugh even harder.

“No, but seriously, what happened to you?”

“I had to stop a car, but I messed up catching it and it hit me in the ribs.” He shows me his stomach, which is covered in bruises.

“Eh. You’ll be fine.”

"Yeah, thanks for that."

I slap him across the face with one of my feathers.

"Lose the attitude Takami."

"Yes ma'am" He salutes me and I threaten to slap him again.

"Sorry, Sorry" He raises his hands in defeat.

"That's what I thought."

"So," he prods, "How was school?"

"Eh. so so. Bakugo almost blew up Izuku again." He smiles. "I bet."

I mean it's not like I wasn't aware of what happened today. I saw the news just like the rest of my class. Of course its always harder to watch when it's someone you care about.

Keigo sits there picking at his tiny wings.

"How many times have I told not to pick at your feather when they're small?" He looks at me with sad eyes.

"Too many." He lowers his head.

"So then stop." I walk over to him. "Wanna get food?" His face almost immediately brightens. "Let's just hope tonight is a calm night and nothing happens."

I let hawks pick the restaurant; a grave mistake I shouldn't have made. Because once again, he wants to get chicken. "Please?" He begs.

"No! We had chicken last night. Look, We'll go get tacos and you can get a chicken taco. Satisfied?" He nods.

So we find ourselves at 10:00pm eating tacos on the roof of a skyscraper. Watching people go about their night and watching them walk home and drive home from work.

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