Avisland: The Corvus Castrum

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The Rabeness from the Robin

"I just recieved and emergency signal from a Nacht Knight! I have my birds scrambled. I'm with Narr and the lads, we'll take a day long journey to reinforce Lord Klau, a Warden Clan leader. Why he's in the southern Macaw territory still has me baffled. He wasn't assigned there. I'm taking to the sky as soon as I can. I'm going to miss the New Bird's meeting. It's not a great vibe I'm afraid, I left a bad impression. I'm such an idiot."

-Personal Note: Marshal Verner-

Avisland: Corvus Castrum, Raben Holding Cell.

“Okay, so I’m going to go nuts?” I asked. "And you needed to shoot me?" Apparently I wasn't out that long at all. Only a few minutes.

“Right. It only lasted for a moment until the effects kicked in.” Verza said through a break in the cell.

“Then I’m going to get violent or-” I paused. "I just can say it Verza."

“Aroused, yes.” Verza was enjoying me squirm under my own words.

“Oh,” I held the phrase back. “Are you really sure?”

“You have no idea new bird. It’s happened before trust me. Most of the time its not the arousal that causes issues. There's a spectrum.” She giggled. "It's mostly the muscle development. You'll find that your body will put on muscle while's you're here. But during your feathering, the best words I'd use are muscle concentration."

“Why me? Anything else...” I sigh and lean my back against the metal beams.

“You might experience bleeding in your eyes, nose, and stretchmarks along your waist and your breasts, and legs. But normally feathers cover them up anyways so they don’t show too much.”

It was too much to handle. I would go from a featherless girl in Robin to a Rabeness in a handful of hours? I couldn’t believe it despite all the evidence around me. A secret tribe that knew my symptoms, had done this thousands of times, operated the land’s foreign policy and counter corruption was now trying to incorporate me into their ranks.

"Here girl," Verza had some more broth. "You're really going to need as much fluid as possible."

I nodded and drank a second bowl of broth desperately.

It danced on my tongue in ways no food ever has. Broth has never felt this good before.

"Verza? What's in this broth?" I said with a seeming smile.

"Normal broth, protein supplements, and calcium supplements. And a few dozen other supplements." Verza said as she stood up and moved her claws through her black hair.

"Hang on Verza, this is a different broth from last time."

"No new bird, its the same. You're starting to slip."

My eyes and the roots of my hair were already matching Verza's. The same hair my mother prided me on was dissipating. My old hair started to wither off and several clumps of it had already fallen out. I was losing the hair on my Mom's side.

I stared straight at Verza, changed the subject, and felt emotions stirring.

“How could I possibly be dangerous? I’ve never hit anyone on purpose before. I hit my dad with wrench once, but I threw it when he asked me to pass it and he wasn’t looking.”

“Trust me, you can and will try to kill someone. We could try and sedate you but the problem is, the chemicals are not so friendly on the brain. Sedation is banned. And a concussion is just too rough. Plus, you’ll come out healthier if the chemicals your body produces are allowed to run their course and are then extracted afterwards. If you don't get the material extracted at the right moment, it can kill you or worse. Irreversible mental damage is not a pleasant experience.”

I didn't ask any more questions and sat quietly. I needed to breath. Then my stomach grumbled.

"Then is there a reason you didn't give me a bowl of food?"

“Yes. You'd puke it up so fast. Your broth had a medicine for your stomach and I forgot to tell you this. All operatives cleaned and removed scents off their bodies to day. " She changed to topic back to my mental state.

"Why does that matter?" I said with a groan, bored out of my mind which was apparently about to go crazy.

If it has started to escape my grasp, I have seen no indication.

"It is very important New Bird, the mark effects your nose too. The first man or woman you smell will set you off. We don’t hold it against anyone. And men have it just as bad.” Said Verza. “I stabbed my husband Frem once. It happens... Of course we weren't married yet. And that almost ruined our chances.”

I was disturbed by that last comment.

“Alright, back then they didn’t isolate the recruits and I was the first incident of a recruit stabbing another recruit. It was only on his arm."

I growl and groan. I'd only been in the cell for less than two hours and I was not going to hand this. Verza would always wake me so I wouldn't fall asleep.

"And so it begins. Brace yourself birdie.”

The cell was undeniably lonely. I looked at my hands again with nothing else to do. My nails had been growing, my body felt like it was pushed into overdrive, I had them trimmed down yesterday for the work in the fields but here they were, long all over again. But not just that the black hair was growing in so quickly. It was unnaturally quick.

"My stomach hurts." I complained.

"That's the mark too. Your body is extracting as much of everything as it can get to get you ready for the change." She said while she adjusted her helmet in her hands.

"We lost contact with a lot of our out going agents recently. Tribe Bedded might be screwing with the power. Has the Robin tribe been having any issues?" Verza asked me, cutting through the boredom.

"Oh, um. Not at all. Everything has been fine at the farm. We had a scent sprayer fail this morning."

"Um, sorry, that might have been us. We wanted to separate you from your dad when we moved in so we made a distraction. If your dad went to fix it, we'd jump you. If you went to fix it, we'd still jump you." Verza was smiling.

"You're sick you know that." I responded.

"Coming from a new bird."

Small arrays of quills that were once only on my arms had spread from my wrist to the bases of each finger. Additionally They were soft as silk and black like the tribe. I couldn't shake the image of the basin in the room either. Were my eyes really that red? Not just some illusion?

A new itch began, three new places this time. My back, breasts and chest lit up itching. It wasn't half as torturous as the first experience. But after about thirty minutes of rubbing my back against the soft wall the feathers were in. I felt weak this time. My body was taxing itself with the growth. I needed water.

Verza had a third bowl of broth for me at that moment.

I was thirsty beyond anything. Like the tips of long thawed mountains. I was scourged with thirst. My mouth felt like a smog on a hot day.

Just then, I caught a whiff of something and a taste in the air. It wasn't perfume, not a musk either. It was like a chicken coup. What would something smelling like a chick coup be doing in the black castle of a top secret tribe of assassins?

I knew who rode those animals: Goldfaust.

"Told you'd get the hots." Verza laughed. "I can smell him a mile off. Such a Rooster. Does he have the hots too? He like you New Bird?"

"No, He's not like that."

"I asked if you had love intrests."

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