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Licensed to Evil: Loaded Point

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The story portrays a son of a mob boss that have been refusing to join in on the family business, and it goes so out of control that he left his family behind and moved to another state, the boy now lives on his own living a normal life while his parents hunt him down. He goes to school and is living a regular teenage life, that is until someone catches his eye, someone new went to the school he now attends, and that man makes this boy question his life choices, as the world around him crumbles and joins the world he wanted to steer clear from.

Action / Romance
Darth Bat
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Prologue: The things we leave behind

(1 year ago)

Christian's POV:

"I told you, I don't want to join the Mafia dad! It's not who I am ok?!" I screamed, I was upset. My father crossed the line, and this was the only time I had the courage to snap at my father.

My father was standing behind his desk glaring at me, it seems what I said didn't sit well with him, because I can just feel the intensity in his gaze, it felt like he was shooting daggers at this point.

"I don't care, you are my son and you will join the family business, you can't run from your responsibility Christian." He seethed, yup, he was upset with my out burst. Typical.

For those of you that are confused, let me give you a run down of what happened.

My father, the guy standing behind the desk, had the principle kick me out of school so he could force me into training to become apart of the mafia. He was the boss, the father of the group known as the Knights, one of the most powerful family in the mafia world, also one of the more aggressive. Sad for me. Anyways, back to the confrontation.

"Father, I don't want the responsibility ok!? I just want to be my own person for once in my life!" I sent back, fighting the urge to just walk out, but that will stop me from getting what I want, I want my rights to go back to school.

"You are not your own person! You belong to me! As long as you live under my roof, under my name, you are Mine!" Father snapped and that was it. I had it.

"Fine, then I guess I wont live under your roof anymore, fuck you dad" I seethed and walked out of the office and went to my room which was on the second floor.

Once I entered the spacious and crazy decorated room, I walked into my closet to pull out a duffel bag and I just started stuffing it with clothes, money that I saved up, which was a good amount, and essentials. Once I was done I walked out of the room and out the front door, nodding my head to the bodyguards posted around the whole facility, and to my luck, none of them tried to stop me, I guess my dad didn't think I was serious.

Walking out of the front gate I walked to the nearest bus lot, which was conveniently not far off from my house, lucky me. What was not lucky for me, is that I was scared to go off on my own. I never left the house without anyone beside me, I also never thought of running away from my family, knowing very well they would hunt me down, but I had to get away, I had to live a normal life.

It feels like I have been waiting for the bus for hours, there was nothing in sight, no people, no cars, and thankfully, no father. I was surprised I wasn't already apprehended, maybe father thought I would come back on my own, or maybe he just didn't care. Which hurts.

After waiting what felt like hours, the bus finally came, and I instantly hopped onto the bus and told the bus to go to wichita kansas, which not going to lie was far and I had to pay the bus driver a lot... a lot of money to take me there, thankfully I saved my money and being the son of a mob boss, I had a lot, I still had enough for an apartment, hopefully. I hope $900 dollars was enough for one... It's not like I can just go use my dad's money, then he will know where I was and I do not want that. Not one bit. Even if he possibly didn't care about where I was.

Well since I am going to be on the bus for a while, I might as well introduce myself better. I am Christian Knight, 15 years old at this time, yes pretty young to just be running off on my own, but it's fine! I am the son of a mob boss, which I already told you, but what you may not know is that I have long black curly hair that I keep in a clip most of the time, wear casual clothing, for example, I am wearing blue jeans and a red flannel at the time being, and I have brown eyes... and the most important detail yet. I am gay. Cool right? Yup. Cool.

Now about my parents. My dad, who you just meet is known as Alexander Knight. A greedy and selfish mob leader who is obsessed with money, and being the only son... alive... he is determined to make me follow his footsteps, you see, I had another brother named Matthew Knight, he was the oldest and was willing to join the mafia as the sole heir of the family, but unfortunately he was captured and murdered by a rivaling family's heir, so I was the next in line. Lucky me. My mother on the other hand, was never really around, she kind of kept her distance from the family, the only reason why she was with dad was because she had no where else to go, and he was her only provider and she was too scared to leave the family with nothing to turn to, and no place to go if something went wrong.

Well, the bus has stopped at the destination after hours of driving, and I exited to be dropped off at Wichita Kansas, where my future life awaits me.
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