The Creation of Fire

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Fire Crystal is a princess that risks her life fights for her country, freedom and the Royal councils respect. As, she goes on dangerous journeys and discovers what being a leader truly means.

Action / Fantasy
Kyra Mackenzie
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Meet Fire

I could not fall asleep. I was too worried about the future. Even though I easily avoided being a princess for six years I will soon be reminded of my fate sooner or later I will have to marry.

So that I can pass on the crystal clan’s genes, I have no choice. At least that is what people say. I believe that I have the right to choose which prince to marry. The boy they want me to be with is named Danel Davis Storm, he is on my team in the Ninja police core.A Military unit that has no real, affiliation with the government per say but, still helps civilians, and the business around the cites, towns, and villages feel safer.

Danel is a clumsy idiot that has no clue what his is doing, and seems more focused on trying not to hurt people only to cause the most harm by breathing the same air. He treats everything like a joke and never fulfill his duties.

That is what other people would say, but I have seen a side to Danel other people have not seen. The lonely side, the depressed side. The side that only he shows to me.

I might pretend like I do not like him, I might push him away and treat him a little too harshly at times and deny what I feel but, deep down. I know that I like him and it scares me.

Being social around people, being close to someone is really hard to me. I was abused as a child by my Aunt Vicky, my parents taken when I was three.

My flame powers bursting out of control as I witnessed my parents dead corpses get taken away by the enemy. In our line of work people die all the time, they go missing and are never seen again. There are weapons that can temporary stop the heart, paralyze your body. I would not wish that on Danel.

If I ever get close to him. If I ever let him in that is what would would happen. Why?

It would be easy to say no. If I were of normal status sadly, I’m not. My name is Fire Crystal, I’m the heiress of the Crystal throne. Even though I’m the second born. Here on my planet the heir is decided by how worthy they are for the title.

The Heir must be strong, resilient, brave, kind and possess incredible power and stamina. I never thought of myself as worthy. If anyone were to ask I would say, my older sister Water. She desires the royal book like a bible, she follows through with decisions and knows exactly what to do in a time of crisis.


I rush ahead before I act, when people ask me what I want I freeze and struggle to form proper sentences staring off to space as everyone awaits my commands. Nobody on my team believes I’m fit to rule anything either, the only one who seems to believe in me is Danel. That is why I have to protect him.

Even if it means I never get to be with him, I just want him to be safe, to be happy even if it is not with me.

I tried to tell my grandmother but she has already been brainwashed by the traditions. I once tried to speak to her to maybe convince her to change her mind. But, instead she gives me a lecture about preserving the future. She is not as tough on me as the royal court is about the law. In fact all she said, when I let her know of my doubts was, “Get married and have one kid at least I know you like him. So, why are trying so hard to deny what you feel?“.

That struck a nerve I'm willing to be open minded to marriage but children were a different issue. So, was questioning why I kept away from Danel. "I have my reasons and they are mine alone. You would not understand! "I thought bitterly

I remembered how I bit my lip to refrain from saying it out loud as I responded “What if I do not want to be a princess anymore are you still going to force me to marry”?!

Grandma Nature left the room in disgust at that thought for as long as ninja police as been around not single heir as fought so hard to refuse the crown. I just do not deserve it, its better left in the hands of Water. I'm better off in the battle field then in a place anyway.

We can only fall in love with the opposite sex we were born that way. We fall in love we are drawn to them forever. We cannot love another. Sure, I might have a small crush on Danel. But, it he really my soulmate? I do not want to jump into a relationship with him.

Once we court each other and have the menial link to each other : We can read each other’s thoughts, smell and sense each other’s presence ,no matter where we go we will always be near each other, even if the other is not around.

That is why I fear marriage. I do not want someone to know what I’m thinking I believe thoughts are a sacred thing and should not be tampered with.

So there I sat, in my pajamas a black tank top a flame on with the Japanese kanji fire on it My grandmother knows that I envy Humans for being normal .

I wish for once in my life to sneeze without spitting out fire or being able to get mad without burning half the room.

I cannot control my fire powers very well. Even if I have been training 9 -12 to get my powers under control the good thing about being born a Zelen; I have remarkable stamina .

A Zelen can fight for 3 weeks without getting tired our lungs are more dense than Humans giving us super lungs that is why only 20% of our entire planet as Asthma.

But there are downsides to being Zelen, Zelen in our language means Utopia a heaven to those who enter however, while half our planet is peaceful the other half has thefts murders and him.....


The world was peaceful on both sides it truly peaceful a perfect society that humans could only dream of for 12 centuries until he showed up and waved his magical powers around half the population creating the thing that every planet dreads .


Fortunately the princess of the golden hope which is now called Fire City the city my mom named me after. And my hometown stepped up created the Ninja police an organization specially designed to track down Peteus activity and crime and put them to justice.

I am Fire Crystal and I am a lieutenant of Team Nature the royal platoon there are 12 divisions 13 members each to maintain power because there is strength in numbers and we take pride in that in Ninja police.

So I sit there and think I’m whining again. I have to remind myself I probably would not be here if it weren’t for him he saved my life.. I thought out loud to myself you may think I’m weird by I always talk to myself to entertain myself late at night.

I always had trouble sleeping ever since I was eight because of the nightmares of school and the future. I can still hear their laughter in my head.

When I went to regular school for three years; They invented a nickname Firecracker not the food a Fire cracker is a flower on Zelen and every 200 years it bursts into ashes and regenerates itself like a phoenix

Which why most people call it a Phoenix rose it has the ability to cure illness if handled correctly why would a flower made out of fire be good for healing. Well it depends on the color the color you have to search for is pink : Pink flames healing ,Green protect ,Black summoning, Orange dimensional riffs, Yellow can be used as projectiles, indigo Ice, Red flames burning or rage mode I am red.

So, that is why I have a hard time controlling my temper, White flames invisibility, Purple teleportation my hair is purple so I can naturally create purple flames the red comes from the crystal in my forehead .

If you have streaked hair and have the crystal in your head of the same color you are a crystal clan member parents usually name their babies after the letter on the crystal. When I was born my crystal was red and had an f so my parents named me Fire.

Oh yeah,

I have not finished the color code: Brown flames are copies, Sky blue transformation.

A Fire goblin is another name for a person with Fire powers in Zelens not the little green monster the size of a football,

But Zelen has that too any mythical creature Zelen has even a Lochness it is not that cool they just swim and sleep all day.

Zelens used to be friends with humans we helped them create the pyramids and give them knowledge about technology. They showed us how to grow our own food and live off they land on earth .

But then, when the Zelens opened up too much and showed them our powers they shunned us and told my people that they were demons from hell and that we had to go back to where we belonged.

So we did, That was long before I was born though so maybe they changed with time comes change everyone fears it because change is not always good but it is always right because we do not change we do not grow as an individual.

I heard they even set up satellites to find live forms from other planets.

Sometimes I wish I could walk over to the Fire City space station and yell in the intercom, “Hey Stupid heads we are over here you’re looking in the wrong direction!”

But, alas it is forbidden the court of Planets and the Royal court says that, “Just because they forgot about us doesn’t mean we forgot about them”.

Before they send us away humans gave us a name R.I.KU . Resurrected. Immoral. Killing machine. Units as if we were robots not even human or capable of any emotion.

But what they did not realize is we feel as much as they do maybe even more. But, the royal court and the court of planets always says we are better than they are we can live forever they cannot therefore we are better.

But we are not because what is the use of living forever if you already feel dead inside? Because Peteus and his corporation and I plan on doing something about it.

My older Sister Water once said “Morals only take us so far sis some people go through their life making bad decisions knowing that it is wrong but they do it anyway and it not only affects them but the people around them as well. “

My sister was a short blue haired rule biter she always goes by the book and plays it safe. I agree it is okay to have structure in life to help maintain one’s sanity.

But, my sister really goes overboard with the rules in a rescue mission she always likes to go over safety protocol it always makes people’s eyes roll.

But, I always got to remind myself to put up with it, she did not used to be like that. There was a time when she had fun, she would joke around, take a break. It seems like every time I look at Water she is always busy doing something.

I worry about her, I worry that she is going to kill herself one day because of how over worked she is. She takes on so much and some people do not even respect her for it. Most of the time she does most of the work on a mission and lets the teammates take all the credit.

Water also believes that Danel and I would make a good couple, balance each other out in a way. I guess it makes sense. I’m rash and impulsive so I would be Yang. And he is calm and collected, (most of the time anyway) So, he would be warm and light.

I will admit he has his moments where is not being an insensitive jerk sometimes. He is not the same Shy sweet boy that he was when we met. As soon as he started doing better at training he has become more cocky and prideful at times, sometimes I like that.

But, other times I miss the Shy boy who refused to hurt anyone, and did not care about showing off his lighting powers every time he fought.

He can be quite charming but only when the rest of the team is not around where he does not have to pretend that he is someone he is not which is his father .

His father is a remarkable Ninja one of the best Ninja policeman to come out of the force. Actually I get why he acts up so he can feel like he belongs .So that he doesn’t live in his father’s shadow so he can make himself a legend.

But, when he is going to learn that hiding who he really is is not the way to gain my attention. I know he is in pain because, he lost his mother, and his father became a alcoholic and a absent father.

But, that does not exuse his behavior towards me or my sister. I still get angry when I imagine his laughter at my sister’s kind words that day.

I was so angry that day I had punched holes in my room in several places my grandmother had to replaster the wall back together. You could still see the burn marks if you squint. On Planet Zelen 60% percent of the population has powers 20% percent don’t we call them power defects.

“I can’t wait to see them my teammates my friends and then there’s ….Danel “. I say out loud with a sigh

I still do not get why during my six years of training and living in another town from the rest of my team. I kept thinking of him. I know I miss him. I miss all my team but why is it that Danel always gets under my skin even when I do not want him to?

If he was not so cocky and rude. I would consider dating him But, he might not feel the same. After two whole hours of staring at the wall in deep thought I shut my lamb of and fell to sleep eager to start the feast tomorrow.

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