The Creation of Fire

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The Escape

Danel and I ran through the halls, I tried to ignore the pain. My legs were still recovering from being Stabbed by knives some of the fabric of my jeans were ripped showing off the scars on my skin that I tried so hard to hide.

Danel turned towards me and said, “Fire are you okay you seem unfocused mind telling me what happened when they captured you?“.

I frowned and said, “I do not want to talk about it, my pain is nothing compared to what Crisis is going through right now”.

Danel looked a little disappointed but nodded he understood. I really wanted to tell him, I really wanted to. But I couldn’t, it did not dramaize me but left me with a massive amount of gulit. If I had just listened to my sister more often would it still have ended up like this?

We quickly zoomed through the walls and back to the junction where I had found the queen and led him back to the royal force field chamber, I looked up at Danel with amazement he had came here with a complex plan in mind.

He had just got through telling me how he had all the whole perimeter blocked off to see if we could capture Peteus once and for all.

Since our government was a cross between a matriarchy, democracy and monarchy. We had to devide our government into five different branches most of the power goes to the people though. Our country votes on almost everything except military strength that decision goes to the police chief and the King and queen.

“So, are sure this is the place”? Danel asked

I glared at him and said, “Of course I’m sure idiot”!

“Okay, I was just asking geez you really need to chill Fire get it because you are hotheaded and you control fire”.

“Ha-Ha”. I said sarcastically I was not in the mood for his lame puns. Normally I would find them quite funny, I would often find myself laughing hystrically trying to remember to breathe. But, not today too many lives were in stake I needed to keep focused.

“She said she was being held in some sort of invisible force feild but when I went through all it did was slice some of my purple locks off”. I said extending my hair showing Danel where my hair got burned

“You, Fire Crystal got burned this a momentous ocassion we have to docmument this”! he exclaimed excitedly as he pulled out a video camera I glared at him and extended my hand pushing the camera out of the way.

" Stop gooffing off like you are on a school field trip, you are a lieutenant junior officer of the law now act like one”! I said as I pointed at him in the chest.

He frowned at me and walked away his head lowered slightly. At first I thought it was because of what I said, but then I noticed the bits of debree on the floor. He bent down and grapped fragments of a grandade and said,

“Fire look at this!”

“A Water barrier grandade these are not cheap they cost at least 50,000 Zenogoes how did Peteus get one”!

Danel looked at me seriously but their was something about his eyes that made it hard to take seriously as he said “Drug dealing”.

I tried to supress the urge to laugh as I punched him in the gut and said,

" Stop joking around, here besides drug dealing was outlawed in all countries in the year 1802. People stopped making it we desenigrated all the trees their is no way to get that stuff here anymore”.

“Not on Earth though, didn’t Nature say that Plague’s team had went to Earth maybe his avenge your friend is made from illegal drugs?“. Danel pointed out as he picked up the Debee and placed in a plastic bag.

When we finally made it to the Greek styled room again the queen was muffled and bound in chains crying her eyes out as she tried to struggle free, she looked at Danel and I with shock and horror. Tressa used her telekinesis powers to move Danel and I aside just in time for us to dodge Echo’s sonic blasts she jumped down on her knees and glared at us.

“Fire, it has been too long that last time I saw you, you were balling your eyes out because I yanked your pretty french braid”. She taunted

I looked at her and said, “I’m not the same as I was before, let my aunt Tressa go now”. It was not a request. It was a demand, no words could perfectly describe how angry I was; the only thing holding me back from attacking was Danel he held me back knowing that Echo was not worth it. She is never worth it.

Echo slowly walked circles around me, she had not powered down her sonic blasts still emanating from her fist as she smirked at me sinisterly.

” I do not think so, if you want your little auntie you are going to have to fight me for her, do you know how much money she is worth? If we sell her she will be worth trillions on earth”. She said professionally as if we were negotiating a contracted business deal.

“My aunt Tressa is not a slave, she is a treasured member of the Crystal family and I will not let you have her Echo”. I yelled out my hair becoming a fierce purple Danel knew that when my hair started to roar and flare up intensely to let me go if he did not want third degree burns.

Tressa looked over at Danel sternly, and Danel gave her a look that said
Hey- I -tried.

“Fire do not not fight Echo, she is too strong”. I heard Tressa warn me in my mind.

I looked over at her and said, “Do not worry Auntie Tressa we are not going to fight Echo because this will be over really quick”! I said confidently as I summoned my fire powers into my fists and slammed my fist in Echo’s face.

Echo screamed as a angry bruise smoked on her cheek,she grazed over the burning bruise I gave her and waved her sonic blasts at me, I ran as fast I could knowing that the farther they give the more dangerous they become. Her sonic blast hit the side of the wall making chunks of the wall fall creating a giant whole in the wall.

“Why you little brat”! Echo roared as she waved five more sonic blasts at me but I caught them with my hands closed my eyes and then threw them back her my fire powers mixing with her exploding sonic blasts had increased the damage by twenty fold.

She gasped in shock and then stopped attacking me and went for Danel instead, Danel pulled out his sword and sent waves of lighting towards her making her collapse on the floor twitching.

“Did we get her”? He asked

“I do not know”. I said with worry looking down at the giant hole that formed when she bashed into the ground trying to charge her sonic blasts.

Just when Danel and I thought she was down she rose from the hole her whole body glowing a fierce lavender as she spat out a tooth from her mouth blood trailing down her neck and the sides of her head.

Echo glared at us with a psychopathic look that had actually had me worried that maybe I should have listened to my aunt Tressa, with the amount of power that she has cocooned around her their was no way we could win.

“I had enough of being your punching bag”. She said coldly as she sent a massive wave of sonic blasts, the closer they got to me the bigger the massive wave got in my last act of desperation I decided to use that move.

I charged up the color spectrum and changed my flames from purple to blue. I took a deep breath and froze the waves and stopped them from coming at me however I did not realize that

Echo came up from behind me and kicked me in the before I could completely freeze the sonic blasts. I dodged out of the way looked up at the massive sound wave, and sent a stronger wave of fire to channel it out.

The two destructive powers collided causing a massive explosion that left my ears ringing.

“Hey, that is cheating Echo I want a fare fight you versus me”. I said coolly both Danel and Tressa looking at me like I lost my mind.

Who knows I might have, I may sound so sure of myself on the outside, but in the inside I worried that Echo could seriously hurt me;because unlike the rest my teammates, I was not born with the superior bone structure. I bruised like a banana my bones were almost as fragile as a human.

But, I can not think about myself my firends were in danger. Zelen was in danger and as a police officer of the law I could not put my own selfishness ahead of the people a head of Careden.

Echo and I grabbed each other’s fists trying to shove each other in the other direction like a tug a war without the robe, just the strength of our mucles both of us used too much of our power and did not want to waste it.

“Danel go get help”! I yelled out as Echo pushed back, forcing me near a wall.

“No I want to help you”. He said

“Well, than go get help I can handle this”. I said confidently looking at Echo my hair glowing softly, I really wanted him to stay but it was not safe. He wasn’t safe. I could feel my lack of control over my powers again and the last thing I wanted to do was too hurt Danel. Crisis and my sister were already hurt because of me.

“Okay, if really think you can be careful Pyro head”. Danel remarked

“Whatever you say Dumbell”. I countered

Before I could even react Echo shot a massive shockwave at me, I was not pepared for it the slicing beam had ripped and teared at my jacket forcing me to pull it off and reveal what was underneath.

Echo gasped in shock at my numerous scars that would never heal the burns and scraps I had acquired over the years that clashed with my beauifully surfaced face revealing my ugly imperfections.

For a moment or two an echo of herself before she betrayed, before she had left Sisube to die. Showing the concern of the misunderstood orphan with no home or future that was constantly judged as a monster or a freak because of the massive strength of her powers.

Echo looked at me and said, “Where did you get all those”?

I looked up at her and said, “Some from training but most from my abuseive aunt Vicky who I suspect was forced to be cruel to be by the concil”.

Echo frowned and said, “They forced me out of the Fire city practicly told me that if I showed my face around the city again I would be killed”.

I looked down and thought That explained so much! her sudden need to get out her angry eyes staring into Sisube’s as she fled the city not even giving her best firend a second glance.

" Echo, you do not have to hide if you change yourself if you come back with us as a officer I guardiee they will left the death threat

“No, its too late for me. Enough with the sob stories we finish this as warriors not pathetic teenage girls in need of gossip, to the death all or nothing. They say you got quite so far I’m not impressed, but then again I have been traing extra hard for the day I get my revenge angaist your goth firend”

I clentched my fist and said, “Fine come at me”. as I twirled my swords and got into battle stance,my eyes hardening.

Echo jumped up and waved her hand sending a massive shockwave at me I dodged out of the way. but she teleported and kicked me down on the back I winched in pain as she pulled my arm back trying to break it.

I closed my eyes and sent all my aura into my arm forcing fire to urpt through my entire arm. Echo pulled back and let me go because of the heat, I blew on the fire around the room causing it to flicker and roar towards Echo.

Unfortunately I knew it would not be enough to trap her Echo was known to be an expert on escaping and breaking into high security locations but I can not give up until the queen is safe.

But, I knew I would not last long my movents are slowing down and my breath was getting heavy I was tired. I could Echo was just getting started.

Echo shot at me, I could could no longer fight back I was too tired the roaring flames that had engulfed me in protection had died down letting me vulnerable to attack.

I had fought off the guards to get back with Danel, I fought guards to get out of this room the first time, I dodged Peteus’s men to find a way to escape I could not take anymore hits.

I fell down on one knee my legs quivering as sweat dripped from my face my vision becoming blurry and unfocused.

Echo smirked and yanked me up by my shirt collar, I glared at her and tried to fight back but I was too weak, my muscles were swore and my vision was shot. I could not contain the tears any longer my frustations and bitter sadness I had tried to supress came out in waves.

I always acted like the whole world rested on my shoulders, that I did not need help that I could handle things myself but I knew these were lies to make myself better to help boost my low self esteem. Echo was stronger than me no matter how hard that fact was I was not invincible I had my own limitations.

Echo threw me in the air and spun me around in circles, I watched as the world past me by in a blur, no matter how many times I tried to be stronger my enemies would only grow stronger. Echo kicked me towards the wall my head whamed against the wall, but she was not done she grabbed my sword and threw it towards the other end of the room.

“Oh no”! I croaked out great I was screaming so much today I was starting to loose my voice just perfect. Could things get any worse? I tried to grab it without it my powers will go out of control.

I could unleash my inner demon my inner rage and not the healthy kind the bloodthirsty and hurtful think I had almost killed someone when I was six because of it, I had to focus on sealing it away.

“Come on what’s wrong Fire Cracker afraid to let Fiko out, their is nothing wrong with breaking bones every once in a while, We all have darkness inside after all Peteus gave you that gift inside didn’t he”? Echo said as she grabbed me by the throat. I coughed and wheezed trying to kick her away but she used her free hand to punch me in the gut.

I manged to gain some of my super strength back and kicked her way while hunching over hyperventilating as I looked at her with distain and threw a few knifes at her and said, “I am...Iam not like you”!

Echo ducked and then send another concustive shockwave that knocked me backwards and fall on my face. I tired to get up but she stepped on my hand and pulled me by the hair and said, “You are right, you are not like me you are pathetic what is the use of having all that power and not use it”?

“Power does not equal strength”.. I whispered under my breath, remembering what my grandma Nature taught me all those years ago. I have to keep fighting for Danel, For my auant Tressa for my sister for Careden. ! Just because I do not get to use all my fancy moves does not mean I still can fight!

I rolled out of the way and then sidekicked her in the stomach before she could disappear. I ran up and kicked her in the face her blood splattering on my face and all over the floor. I was done with being Echo’s punching bag I had almost broke like many of Echo’s opponents like Sisube did.

I smirked the look on Echo’s face was priceless before I could land another punch she wiped her blood and looked down at it with horror her hands shaking and terribling she clutched her head and said,” No, no make it stop”.

What? I thought with confusion I lowered my fist and stopped it two inches away from Echo’s face she breathed and shaked.

I gasped and remembered how she froze when she had taken her jacket off, how she froze when blood got on her clothes and all over her face. No, it could not be a blood thirsty person like her afraid of blood?

Echo always liked to brag about breaking bones, driving her sword through people’s throats she was trying to trick me right? Why would she be afraid of blood she has to deal with it all the time. Unless she hides it very well just like I hide my insecurities and scars as if it was disgusting and dirty.

I lowered my fist and shook my fist I knew she did not deserve mercy but I could not do it. She was too scared it would not be right.

Echo raised her arm and said “Come on let’s go no mercy!” as she tried to not show how scared she was.

I shook my head and said, “I can’t do this it is not right”.

“Forget what’s right, make me suffer Fire put me out my misery kill me please”. she said as she got on her knees clutching her head, terribling as she stared down at the blood.

I stared to walk way and stopped in mid step and slowly turned to look at Echo with shock . I knew Echo was not in her right mind, She was only saying it because she was scared.If I had not hit her she would have been trying to kill me right now.

Now was my chance, I pulled my handcuffs off my belt and handcuffed her, and lefted her up. Suddenly before I could react I saw a blood thirsty grin creep on her face I gasped before I could get out of the way she kicked me down to the floor.

I had a small advantage though, with her hands locked she could not use her soundwaves, no fancy powers, no weapons just our fighting skills, relying soully on our sharp minds to win.

She laughed and said, “Did you really think I am afraid of blood did you?”

I knew even though she said that her body language betrayed her she was still trembeling the begging may have been a ruse to catch my attention but the blood thirsty Echo Strong was afraid of blood!

I stood up and wiped my blood and looked at Echo with determination. It was time to end this!

I ran up to Echo and punched her as hard as I could in her nose, and then twisted her legs back she screamed and trembled when some of the blood from my wounds started to leak down on her cheek.

She wimpered and tried to kick me away but I twisted her legs tighter as I pinned her head down with my elbow and said, “How do I free the queen!”

Echo frowned and said, “Like I would ever tell”.

I glared at her, I was not in the mood for this, I had to find out why Danel and the others had not come in yet .Were they in trouble did they get caught? I yanked her head up and then slammed it to the ground so hard Echo started to bleed from her forhead.

She gasped and wheezed trying to keep herself from screeking at all the blood dripping down her face.

I was not proud of myself for doing this, if Echo was not so stubborn it would not have come to this. I hated using intimidation it made me feel like a cold hearted Bitch but what other options did I have? It was either this or die.

Suddenly I smelt the scent of sweat, pinetrees, Peanut butter and wood and looked over at the door with excitement they finally made it!

“Are we too late for the party”? Danel asked

I smiled and said, “Just in time John-John you are our locksmith you try to find the code to save the queen she is trapped in a level thirteen force feild if you do not defuse the water bomb in the next ten minutes this whole place will blow”.

Before I could continue giving instruction to Mikie, Danel and John-John Sisube gave in carrying Crisis on her face she looked worse then I did and I was badly beaten. I could actually see her arm and leg bones! This is bad.

Sisube set Crisis gentely against the wall and then turned towards me, when she noticed who I was sitting on she lost it she pulled out her sword and pointed it near Echo’s neck and said,” You”!

I got up and kicked Sisube away and said

" Stop I have the situation controlled”!

“I do not care, she deserves it after what she did”! Sisube exclaimed as she hit me against the neck forcing me to fall down on the ground and make my arms go numb. She used acupuncture to close the nerves on my arms I could not move them!

“No Sisube stop”! I said as I tried to get up but I lost the feeling in arms and I could not push up and stop her.

Danel rushed to my aid and glared at Sisube he quickly charged up his lighting powers the electrical current was sent to my arms forcing them to move again I flexed my hands with shock and amazment. Where did he learn this?

“How did you” -I started to say before I was intterupted by Nature and Aurora coming through the hall with Peteus Veronica right behind them Auroua quickly used her powers to repair the door and slam it shut.

“Great now we are trapped”. muttered Danel as he took of his headband and wiped the sweat off his forehead before walking over towards the wall and sat down.

He thought all he had to deal with was going to get Mikie and the others to help Fire, but they ended up in a mess of trouble a whole fleet of solders had come and attacked them. They had to fend them off while Arian and Dan went to rescue Thunder and Ice and never came back.

“Relax they can not keep this up all day”. Mikie said as he unhooked his sword holder and tossed it aside, he always carried around more weapons then he should he considered giving some to Sisube but she would probably laugh in his face at his generous offer. Even though Mikie spent most of his time training and trying to be tough he was a big softie to this day he refuses to acknowlage it.

“I know I just did not think it would end up like this, what did they gain by kidnapping the girls and why only the girls” Danel asked with wonder he looked at his best friend they were all beat up to the point where even with their superior strength and skill they still were not a match for them.

Peteus is a collector of warriors that have had more exprince in battle then anyone in Team Nature, it makes sense. Danel would have been surprised if they had succeeded.

“The girls have a stronger aura signature Danel, they were trying to use their blood so they can eat they are not called Vampire minions for nothing you know, while girl Zelens have good aura. We boys are good meat you should be thankful they did not try to bite you leg off”.

Mikie said as he took out his sharpener and grabbed his blade he might as well do something they would be stuck here until reinforcements arrived to pull them out.

“Nobody has answered my question how long to we have to wait here for again”? Sarbe spoke out she was the least injured in the group everyone knew that Sarbe was not a very strong fighter so how come she made it out of the battle with nothing more then little scars? While the rest had blood leaking on the floor barely able to walk?

“For the last time I do not know”. I said slowly trying to make her understand, as I looked down at my jacket sadly I this since I was ten and it was already filled with rips and tares from Echo’s blasts not only that but it was covered in blood to the point where it was not even pink and black anymore.

“What’s your problem”? She asked as she sat down next to me beeds of sweat cascading down her neck, some of her finger nails were broken off and her lips were chapped and she had a big bruse around her left eye her hair was all over the place and she was missing three teeth other than that she was in better condition then most of the people here.

“I lost my jacket”. I said softly

Sarbe laughed and said, “That’s it you acted like somebody died or something that scared me for a second”.

“I do not think you understand. This is a very old jacket it was my great-great-great grandmother’s jacket it has been passed down it is a family heir loom most members of the Crystal clan keep their old clothes to use for the next generations to use”.

“Then how did you get- Oh, I’m sorry Fire, I’m sure that Nature can fix it”. Sarbe said sympathically as she touched my shoulder and looked at me but I did not look back I was too busy sulking over my jacket I knew it was just a piece of clothing but it was all that I had to remember my mother by besides looking at myself in the mirror.

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