The Creation of Fire

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Stirring the Flames

Ying had came back with Dan and Arain just like she promised however they were in bad shape. They had gotten fourth degree burns from a substance called Grflack Which in our language translates to: Burning Rage.

Peteus loved making new combinations of different chemicals and elements and giving them names that contradict what the name suggests. But, this one was different. It promised exactly what the title suggests extreme agony.

The very first he created was called Avenge your friend and what it does is bring out the rage, anger and aggression one might have felt in a previous time and amplifies them a hundred fold.

It was rumored that Peteus was once a kind, scientist that was trying to find a cure for cancer and other incurable illnesses and accidentally mixed the wrong combination and created something that changed him.

It was also said he used to have a wife and children back then, but with how unstable the guy is I am unsure how true those rummors are especially when he hurts my firends like this.

Dan and Arain were still recovering from the burns that the Grilflack their skin covered in third degree even possibly four degree burns, the fabric on their pants torn in several areas exposing their ugly hot bruises.

Since I’m the only one trained in hand to hand combat and medical training in the room, I was the one who had to treat them. I pulled out a ponytail and tied my hair back not wanting their blood to get in my long wild purple hair.

I pulled out my medical kit and began to apply the alcohol and sterilize the wound as I stitched up the holes in their skin , it was not a painless process.

“Fire can you take it easy, I want you make the pain go away not make it worse” Arain said hoarsely as he crunched his fists I did not respond to his lack of respect towards me, the person who was just trying to help him,

I did not let it get to me often times back when I was helping the citizens back when Nature and I lived at the safe house.

I was in charge of treating the injured travers that would pass through I was used to unsupportive patients who could not begin to understand how hard it was to do things right when someone is screaming into your ears.

“Well maybe if you stopped moving so much it would not hurt so much, it will all be over soon”. I said as I pulled the needle through another layer of his skin, taking the cotton swabs and gently patting down the alcohol.

When I first started out, I was a spaz. I had a slight fear of needles due to an indent I had a couple of years ago, I was attacked by a troupe of Peteus’s men and injured in battle I was hospitalized and the wound was infected so bad they did not have time to put me to sleep.

So I was wake for the whole entire surgery they had tried to numb me but it only reduced the amount of pain the sword had struck me four inches away from my heart down to my abs.

I almost died that day I had almost died at the age of ten but then my grandmother nature showed up using some healing magic, and making me drink an odd healing ointment.

I still did not tell Water or anyone else about my near death experience, from that day on I wore my jacket everyday, it wasn’t until recently that I lost my fateful pink sports jacket that covered that long ugly jagged scar of my past. Not even Danel knows.

“Fire just take your time, do not mind him he is being very selfish”. said Sarbe as she pinned him down, even though she maintained her cool, she felt grateful that Arain alive. She would not know what to do if he had passed away. Her long forbidden secret crush, that still lingered to this day Zelen’s are not humans.

They can not move on from a crush once their eyes are set on each other they set for life. People often think that the connection only happens when they exchange saliva and kiss but that is not true that is a myth.

I know because, I also have a crush, a crush I have abandon ever since I got that fateful letter from the royal court, the crush I thought would never have the chance to be returned. It was not until recently did I find out that he had liked me from the very beginning.

Even though Danel and I both have feelings for each other, I still feel uncertain about starting a relationship with him. I have dated other guys in the past but none of them made me feel the way Danel did. He had a way of making my overwelming short temper to die down just by whispering in my ear, or looking at me with that soft sweet smile of his.

Danel is the only one who truly understands what I want, and who I want to be and who I hope to be, I just hope that someday I could understand him as much as he understands me and together we will help heal each other’s pain.

I blushed realizing that watching Sarbe and Arain interact with each other made me realize my own feelings for the stubborn lighting user. I have come to know these past few days, I did not know how he did it, but Danel had sucessfully won me over even though I have not seen him in six years.

A part of me had been trying to fight it, but I know I can not fight it anymore, I knew deep in my heart this was not a recent thing. That all those years of missing my friends during my long training, only one person had entered my mind the most, only one face motivated me to keep fighting and that was Danel. His stubborn nature to fight against his shyness and become one of the most confident fighters in our team.

I knew only his lighting could tame my rage, only his kind nature could cool down my fire, without him to motivate me to find a way to escape I would still be tied to a chair being beat down, I probably would be in a coma like my sister.

As I healed Arian I watched Sarbe look at Arain with concern as she held him down, I could tell she felt gulity for having to hold him back, because her eyes betrayed her body I could tell she would rather be doing something else then holding down Arain.

" You are doing great I’m almost done Arain and soon you will be able to move around again, you will be fine your injuries are not too fatal, you just might need some bed rest when we get to the hospital and you will be fine”. I said as I looked over at Sarbe with a reasurring smile.

Sarbe smiled and then hugged Arian from behind while I healed the rest of the front of his body, I smiled fondly when I saw my best firend cuddling him closer to her and resting her head on his. I could tell Sarbe likes Arain a lot and judging by the fluttered look on Arain’s face I could tell he felt the same.

I guess even a tough guy like Arain could fall in love with a soft caring soul like Sarbe. Sarbe tries really hard to be tough but I can tell that there is a gentle heart underneath it all.

“I’m so glad you are okay you worried me so much, I-lo- I mean, You are very important to me, I would hate for something bad to happen to you”. Sarbe said, as she pounded her fist on the floor, she could not tell him, why couldn’t she tell him?

Arain moved a bit to look at Sarbe, that I nearly missed the injury that I was trying to heal I looked at Sarbe and said, “What are you two doing, I told you to hold him down, stop moving Arian I’m almost done”.

" Stop moving Arain please, Fire is a doctor she is trained to deal with injuries like this, stop being stubborn”. Sarbe scolded, as she looked at him with anger, he is being foolish. Why can’t he stop struggling?

Arain blushed and said, “Well thats none of your concern, I do not need anyone to help anyways besides I would rather it be you, she has very rough hands it is making me uncomfortable”.

“What did you say?” Sarbe asked She really did know what he said she was so focused on her own thoughts it did not occur to her that Arain would want to speak to her let alone look at her. But he was not looking at me or anyone else but her

“I said, I wish you could help me instead”. He said softly as he looked at Sarbe he liked her a lot but his parents would never approve of a girl that wears so many revealing clothes, he knew Sarbe was insecure about how small her body was.

Sarbe was tiny in comparison to most of the girls in team Nature. Even though Arian pretended like he did not care he really was greatful for the help he just wished it was her helping him someday.

“Fire has more knowledge of healing techniques I’m a psychology major”. Sarbe said nervously Sarbe was a brain doctor a neuroscienst not a healing doctor she studied people’s thoughts not their pain or feelings.

Sarbe was a expert on all parts of the brain it was her job to make sure, that everyone kept their mind on the mission and right now, Arain was distracting her from her job with his stupid good looks and chessy one liners.

“So you’re still a doctor”. Arain pointed out, as he looked at her, he felt the overwelming need to kiss her, but he knew this was not the time or place for it, the Wong clan and the Storm clan hate each other.

So, they could never really be anything more then friends unless they ran way, as much as Arain liked Sarbe he could not leave his brother behind. Keeping Dan alive was more important then his feelings for the brain expert.

“Really you are the first person to tell me that”. Sarbe said softly as she looked down at the ground, she looked back up at him and noticed that he was closer towards her, very close. Suddenly Sarbe stopped moving, it took her awhile to remember to breathe has he looked at her with such intensity she could not help but feel drawn to it.

“Well its true you really are incredible, you just need to realize it yourself it is not about the size of your body or how curvy it is, it is the size of your effect on people and you have had a huge impact on me Sarbe Storm”. Arain said as he cupped her cheek with his hand, and gave her a soft smile, that he only gives the people that he cares about the most.

I coughed making Sarbe and Arain to remember that they were not alone, they moved away from each other and blushed.

“Okay now that you both are done flirting Arain are there anymore vital areas”?I asked I looked at between Sarbe and Arain with a cheeky look, I hated interuupting their moment. But, I had to know if there were any places I missed. Plus, Sarbe had interuupted a fair ammount of moments between Danel and I and this was the perfect payback.

“No not anymore, wait yeah that’s it”. Arain said

I stood and up said “Does one else need to be healed”?

“How about me”? Danel asked seductively he sat next Arain against the wall, his legs out in front of him, his headband was on the floor it was still weird to see him with out his headband.

But I did not comment on it I just rolled my eyes . As I stood up took my kit and placed on the ground and sat down on my knees pulled out a few cotton swabs and brushed the blood off of his face, he looked paler than usual which made worried. But, I had to stay focused on getting him cleaned up first before asking what happened.

“How did the fight with Echo go”? He asked

“I won”. I said with pride

“Well I can see that, come on Fi you know that is not what I mean”. Danel said

Fi. I thought to myself only people that are truly close to me, call me that Water, Sisube, Sarbe, Ying and that’s about it.

I do not think I can recall when Danel had called me Fi accept when we first met but that a long time ago. He stopped calling me that after I thought him I preferred he called me Fire.

He has respected my wish until now, I knew he was just joking around so I was not too upset only slightly annoyed at him for talking when I’m in the middle of trying to help him.

I’m not a very good multi tasker I’m afraid that if I get distracted I could accidently make him feel worse.

“Shut up I’m trying to concentrate”. I said with irritation to cover up the fact that I was blushing, this was the first time I have seen Danel Storm shirtless and it made it hard to concenrate on my work, I saw that he too had scars all along his body.

I wanted to ask what they were from but, I did not want to pry into his personal bussiness at least not yet, I tried in vain to forget about all that has happened in these past few hours, but I found myself unable to control my emotional state.

I wanted to cry, scream, but I knew this was not the time or place, I’m and always will be expected to act or behave like the princess of the fire city, wheather I marry Danel or not.

But, I knew Danel would be heartbroken if I choose to ingore what our bond has given us, if I decide to brake away from his charms and forever be exciled from my home for not fullfilling my expectations as the heir to my thrown.

Why must these things happen to me?

What did I do to deserve the affections of this kind,selfless young man in front me? I knew that Danel was still a boy to others, still naive, immature and not capable of handling things on his own, but his determination to save me, his drive to have a name for himself rather then live in his father’s shadow with his scars of his past showing him the way to victory.

I knew he earned the right to be called a man, at least in my eyes, the only question was did I deserve to be called his woman? I had no idea what I wanted anymore, I knew for certain that I like Danel, maybe even love him but I know in my heart that he should be with someone else.

I did not deserve Danel he deserved better. I can not keep leading him on like this, believing that my feelings were strong enough to want him by myside forever was a beautiful dream that I was unsure would come true.

I may not be a evil,cold soul but I know when a heart is at its puriest form and there was no one that had more courge, more kindess or more strength then anyone else I knew.

“You are always trying to concentrate we never talk anymore”. Danel said seriously as he watched me wrap banages around his chest, I looked at him with shock and then smiled at his bold statment.

Proving once again he deserved to be called a man, once a person sees blood shed in the line of duty they earn the right to be called a adult for only a mature person can handle the burden of battle.

“Well maybe if you’re a good boy, I will give you a treat now sit down and shut up”. I teased as I applyed stitched up his wounds, earning a few grunts and groans from the Storm clan prince, I tried not to sooth him by whispering words of comfort, knowing full well that words would not ease his pain.

Danel laughed and says “Fine but it better be good”. He said as he took one of my hands and kissed it with his gentle touch, I blushed and trying to resist his charms. I gave him a stern look, that had the desired effect I was hoping for, Danel pouted with disappointment but understood now was not the time.

His charm was legendary all around Carden. He has a gentlemen like charsma that makes girls struggle for his attention and somehow he has fallen for a girl that is the only one to reist his charms until now.

I smirked and said, “Trust me it will it will be the greatest gift you have ever received”. I lowered my ponytail once I was done, and shook my hair allowing my wild flame like hair to run free once again.

Danel pulls me into his arms and wraps my hands around his waist as we sat down, my hands just inches away from his bare chest, I felt it difficult to breathe, I smelled the scent of peperment, forest and blood, as he looked down at me with his navy blue eyes, I felt the sudden urge to kiss him.

But, I didn’t instead I bit my lip as my injuries became clear to me now more then ever I was able to block the pain, treating others is what I was trained to do, I had to worry about my surrival last, and now it was clear how vital my injuries were.

“Are you being sarcastic or are you being serious”? He asked Suddenly as I fell down to the ground clutching my stomach, his eyes became wide with shock and his face mirriored a look of pain so great you would think he was the one being injuried and not me.

" Fire, What is happening, what do I do”? He asked with panic as he held pressure down on my stomach as the blood began to seep through my pink shirt, my breathing hitched and my eyes became dlicated, I tried to stay awake.

Once minute we were flirting, joking around and enjoying each others company and the next minute I’m fighting for my life on the floor, with tears spilling down my face as I felt a pain I never thought I could feel in my life time. If being shot at by flying sound waves hurt, I would hate to know what child birth feels like.

I could feel his eyes on me but I did not dare move my head up to ease his worry, as I started coughing and wheezing I could feel my insides burning with pain, as I looked into Danel’s eyes wishing I could tell him I was okay, that I would be alright. I had to stay awake, at least to instruct Danel on how to treat me.

I raised my hand up trying to heal myself but, my flames would not start, I was losing oxgen fast and that was effecting my powers, no oxgen to the brain no flame powers. It took all my strength to lift myself up enough to be at eye level with Danel.

I was exhusted. I had spend the rest of my energy healing everyone I had never once thought about healing myself even though I’m one the people in the room that was injured the most the only person that had substained more injuries was Crisis.

" D-Danel l-listen to me, there is a p-pack of shots in my bag I need you to get them for me, they will help put me to sleep so you can help w-work on my wounds”. I shuttered out weakly I coughed up blood, I put my hand on his cheek as I watched him look at me with shock and fear, shaking his head.

Danel cried and hugged my closer to his body and said, “No, do not ask me to do this, I’m not trained to deal with injuries like you Fire I could kill you, please do not make me do this”.

“Danel please do what I’m asking you do this is important, I need you to do with this for me, if you truly love me you will do this”. I whispered softly as I coughed again as a puddle of blood starting coming from everywhere, my chest, my legs, my arms.

“Fire, you spent so much time worrying about everyone else that you did not think about yourself”. Danel said with worry and concern, I do not know who was falling apart faster him or me, but I could tell he did not feel good about doing this.

" I-I had to I’m a doctor we are s-supposed to treat the patients before worrying about ourselves”. I mumered under my breath with a smile as I looked into the eyes of the man, that I knew could save my life, he might not think he could but I knew he could.

I Fire crystal, the girl that took pride in being strong, indepent and resourceful is now bleeding on the floor, in crictal condition if both Crisis and I are not rushed to the hospital in a few mintues one of us might actually die.

" Do not worry about me, Danel just put me to sleep and get the others out of here, I will be fine, just get the others to the hospital, it is time I start acting like the princess I was born to be”.

I said as I tried to stand up and take the shot myself, the shot would put me asleep enough to heal my injuries, and stop the bleeding but, I doubt it could heal my broken bones or my broken pride.

I was in extreme pain, Echo’s attacks did not seem like much at the time, but now they are tearing me inside and out, I was bleeding from places, that should have killed already if not for my stubborn inner fire that I kept deep inside I would have died.

My stubborn hotheaded attuide refused to let my insecurites to come to the surface, I bit on my lower lip trying to breath in deeply. I may have defeated Echo but she had left me in situation that would ulimately scar me for the rest of my life.

“Fire, I can not stop worrying about you connection or no connection marriage or no marriage, crush or no crush we are teammates we look after each other “. Danel said seriously as he put his hands on my shoulders

I took a big in take of breath as I stared into his navy blue eyes as they looked at me with such intensity I could not quite process what was happening.

" Then you will do this for me, please Danel”. I pleased I could tell I shocked him, I was not really the begging type, he knew that the situation was different that if he did not do it that I would die.

Since when has Danel been this protective? Had he always been like this and I just recently noticed? I still remember the shy black haired boy that asked to sit down next to me, as he cried when he explained that he was tired of being weak unable to protect himself from his bullies.

The shy boy that would hide his destructive powers over lighting because he was worried he would hurt someone, thinking he was a monster when he had only used it in self defense.

" No, if I give you that shot it will take away your powers forever, and you will never be able to do the things you love anymore with your weak bone structure you might never be able to be a police officer again”. He said as he took the veil and threw it across the room.

" Danel I can handle it, stop trying to protect me”! I said

" Fire there is another way, Watch” Danel said as he smiled at me, I titled my head to the side with confusion unsure what he meant by that, then I remembed the Veronica insident he had healed his own leg. But where did he learn that?

I watched as Danel sent a shock of electrity through my body, I jumped at first but, slowly I could feel myself being healed from the inside out before I knew it the bleeding had stopped and I was no longer on the urge of death, Danel had saved me again.

“Is there anyone else that has the ablity to heal”? I asked

“Other than Ying nope just you, ,me and Ying are the only ones” He said as if I did not say anything he quickly took off my shirt and I gasped and punched him in the face. he hit the ground with a loud thud and I turned my head blushing feriously.

“OW what the fuck was that for”? He said as he quickly lifted his head and gasped with suprise when he realized that our faces were two inches away from each other.

I gulped and tried to back away but he grabbed my wrist I tried to pull my hand out of his grasp but he was too strong. He looked at me with one eyebrow raised he gave a look that said ‘trust me’ I stopped fighting him. But I pouted trying trying to look annoyed to cover the fact that I was blushing.

Why the heck am I letting that idiot get under my skin so much? he is only trying to help me its not like he was trying anything. I thought

“So why did you hit me, you know, that you were bleeding a awful l lot I was just trying to get to see if the bleeding stopped Danel explained.

“No! I can deal with those injuries later, stop being a pervert”! I yelled with embrassment as I pointed at him

He laughed and then leaned against the wall and smiled at me this was not one of his goofy smiles he used when he was trying to prank me, or mess with my head it was a real one.I felt my heart skip a few beats.

" Forgive me for saying this Fire, but, it does not seem fair that you get to take off my shirt but, I do not get to take yours off, I think you are just embrassed of admiting that you have fallen for me”. He teased.

We looked at each other and blushed before looking away and looking down on the ground. Danel scratched the back of his head and laughed nervously as he looked at me. I pushed my hair away from my eyes and looked at him.

We both began to lean in when the door busted open our renforcemens had finally arrived. It was Pink and Jade green ! There was a small girl with them around seven or eight years old with long mangta hair she looked very pissed off her arms crossed as she scanned the room.

“Did you miss us girls”? Pink asked Pink had long pink hair she wore a red top with purple trimming and had bright blue eyes. She had combat boots and straight teeth that gleamed whenever she smiled.

“Hey not all of us are girls”. Mikie said

“Depends on your definition of girls”. Pink said flatly making Mikie blush with embrassment.

“Fire oh my god you are very injuried we got to get you help right away”. Jade said as she pulled out her walk-talkie and then said,

“We are going to need a flight jet right away we have officer Crystal Fire in need of imediate medical attention!“.

“On a side note she was trying to sexually assult a co -worker we might need to file for sexual harrsment”. Pink added as she spoke into her walk-talkie

I blushed with embrassment as I yelled, “It is not like that Danel was just trying to heal my wounds!

“By kissing you? Strange I had never heard of that method before ” Sisube teased as she crossed her arms I glared at my goth teammate.

It was in that moment I wished i could disappear from here everyone was teasing me and I felt insulted, ashamed and scared. Was their something wrong with kissing Danel? everyone must hate me now.

“Hey leave her alone, it was my fault I had learned that if two people made the mential link that if they kiss each other they can heal each other’s wounds so I wanted to see if that legend was true.”

“You mean he already marked you as his mate mean I missed the perfect black mail oppurnity!” Pink said

“What is he talking about Fire”. Ying asked

“Its Nothing he is not my mate, as soon as we defeat Peteus I’m going to save all the people he hurt and travel around the world and help them recover from that evil villan”! I said with anger as I punched the ground making Danel take a few steps back everyone winching as if the floor could feel the pressure of my fists.

Everyone kept slient as I used a wall as a support beam, my legs shaking I slowly got up trying to ingore the pain coming from my ribs.

As the tears spill down my eyes my head facing the wall. My hands terribled and shook as I clentched my fists as images of My auant tressa screaming for me to run away from Echo, Crisis being beat to death by Peteus and his men.

I- I Always thought I could handle everything I always thought I was strong but I’m not . I’m weak. For as long as I could remember people always had t save me I always needed to be rescued...I always tell Danel to be strong but I guess I’m a hyogrite I thought

I took a deep breath and said, “I will not rest until my sister and Crisis names are put to justice I can not just stand by and let Peteus kill everyone I love I already lost my mom and dad I do not want to loose anyone else”.

Sisube smiled and said, “We are with you on this Fire from now on we will not worry about love, or qurrel with each other until we defeat Peteus because we are Team Nature the biggest and strongest unit in the Fire city”.

“That is not realistic Sisube you can not have war without love and you can not have a team that gets together without fighting, Fire I swear on my life that I will do anything to make sure Water is safe”. John-John said with determination as he clenched his fists.

He was so angry for what they did to Water. Ever since he could remember Water was always a strong deciated worker, who took pride in keeping the team safe. She spoke with such strong conviction and displine that people would stop and stare at her, she was a natural born leader.

She had memorized all the rules, she went by the book, she played it safe. Was that her down fall in the end? Perhaps. All John-John hoped was that Water was still alive she meant the world to him.

She was the reason he kept doing his wood working all those years, when everyone doubted him she supported him. Put her trust in him. Water cared about John-John when nobody else did. Before he met Water the only person he had was his mother Mitochondria.

John-John held Water in his arms, his body trembeling with anger,as the tears spilled down his face. He brushed the bangs away from her face and kissed her forhead. I watched the scene a bitter-sweet smile spread on my lips. I knew that John-John would keep his promise. I knew I could trust John-John with my sister.

“Fire, I know you doubted yourself again, I know you hate it when I read your mind but I can not get you out of my head, our hearts and minds are now connected you can not hide your feelings anymore.

I listened to his speech from beginng to end. It was short and sweet, it was too the point. He truly felt hurt that I had second guessed my own ablitles. Aside from Danel, only my older sister Water has treated my insecuries with such seriousness. It was overwelming.

I looked at Danel with suprise, as he looked into my electric blue eyes, he looked at me with disappointment, and seemed to be angry that I had once again fallen vitcum to my own insecurites. As much as I hate to admit it, he was right. It was then that I knew this was not the same Danel I knew six years ago.

This was not the same shy boy that obeyed my orders and followed me like a lost puppy as I protected him from the bullies. This boy was strong, determined, smart, and knew when to be serious.

I was going to make a snappy comeback to cover up the fact I had been staring, but before I could Danel spoke again.

“Being able to rely on your firends, giving yourself a shoulder to cry on. Does not make you weak, you are one of the strongest people I know”. Danel said seriously

I smiled as tears spilled down my face, I was not crying because I was sad, tears of joy fell from my face. I was so thankful for having such a strong and deciated team behind me, I knew as long as they were by my side their was no way I could loose.

“What are we waiting for lets go home” ! Jade said as she gathered up her power as we were transported out the room. Jade had the power to create portals into different demensions or can transport everywhere she wants but her power is very limted she can only transport herself in short brusts she is not good at long distances.

Luckly, The Earth city and the Fire city were so close together. Our whole team joined hands because if we do not not, then some people will be left behind. Somehow I ended up standing next to Danel. But, I did not mind I learned alot about Danel in these past couple days, then when I first met him.

I smiled at him as I held his hand as the portal activated he was not looking at me, he was looking at the portal in awe as we were taken in.

“Thank you Danel I’m glad that you were put on my team” I thought

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