The Creation of Fire

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The Bond of lighting and Fire

We have been traveling for days, first we had to head back towards Earth city since it was the closest place that offers medical treatment, I did my best with the wounds but their could be harmful damage to muscle tissue and several bone fractures those are things I can not repair in the field.

After the battle at Peteus’s lair the teams went their separate ways all the missing junior members were recovered unfortunately not all them survived the ride home but we saved as many as we could. Crisis and Water were rushed into the hospital. Crisis had a major surgery done around her back and stomach where she was whipped by Peteus.

But, Water. I felt the tears threaten to spill just thinking about it. My sister was one of the best fighters on the team.

Peteus and Veronica Had messed around with her head when we were tied in the chair in the lair. They had defeated Water like it was nothing. She was in a coma.

Danel kept whining through the whole thing when they worked on him. He was hurt badly too. But, Not as bad as the others. He will live. I did not know how he got so hurt.

Then I remembered he had tried looking for me, He tried to rescue me from Peteus. My heart sped up just thinking about it. But I did not know why. He was just doing what a teammate would do right?

I did my best to hide my discomfort as the needles plucked my fragile skin, I was injured badly everyone could tell I would need to be bedridden for a couple weeks before I go on missions with anyone.

I had been tortured by Veronica and Peteus, fought countless guards with tasers, and magical weapons that is harmful for my species and battled Echo the fight with Echo did not last long .

Clearly, I had more training to do, while I was training for six years applying my skills. So did Peteus.

He had gotten a lot stronger. He had grown a massive army as well. I had thought that with my training I could stand a chance but I was wrong. We were all wrong, all the training Sisube, Sarbe, Danel and the others did was all for nothing he beat us like we were just annoying ants trespassing in his home.

But, Echo has destructive sonic waves that get dangerous the farther away you are from her. It was hard do a close combat with her dodging me all the time so I have severe burns. In addition to the burns, I had six cracked ribs, a fractured wrist from when Echo had twisted my wrist when we fought.

A burning sensation from my stomach forcing my fire magic out when I was nearly depleted. The doctors had spent three hours working on me alone, I was grateful they had checked Crisis and Water first.

Crisis had severe damage done but luckily she inherited a quick recovery rate from the rest of her clan the doctors estimated that she would be free to fight in two weeks she was not called Crisis Flash for nothing.

Sisube was not as hurt as her ego she was so uptight all the time, she hurt her head badly so they had to bandage her forehead and ordered her not to move around too much. She tried not to fall asleep because they do not know if she has a concussion yet.

Sisube just stared blankly at the wall, properly trying to figure out why she was defeated so easily, Sisube should not be so hard on herself. Yang had beat her because she was being trained by Plague and she was super strong.

I doubt I could beat her now. And The others, were trained fighters, and warriors Peteus had collected over the years. So, of course they would beat us like we were nothing.

The others were fine too. After Arain and Dan recovered from saving my cousins from Peteus, I had the opportunity to speak with them they were fun and easy to get along with. Ice looked like my aunt Tressa only her hair was short instead of being long and wave she had short black hair with ic blue eyes she was very quiet and mostly kept to herself.

Thunder had inherited my uncle Sammel’s eyes, hair and personality she was loud, powerful and although she pretended she did not care about her sister I could tell they loved each other dearly.

Their bond reminded me of Water and I when we first joined Ninja Police when Water the rule biter rebelled against my aunt Vicky to protect us from her wrath.

“How are you holding up still stiff”? Pink asked as she sat down next to me in the hospital bed I groaned in pain in response. She laughed and then brushed her long pink hair back so she could see me properly and handed me a paper bag.

The hospital room had six beds in each room separated by curtains right next to me was Danel on the right he was asleep. I could hear his snoring from behind the curtain. On the left was Sisube who was probably still sulking about being beaten down so easily.

My sister was at the bed across from me on the other side of the wall my curtain was open. So, I could get a clear view of the life support machines, the sound of her breathing being controlled by the machine made my heartbreak.

While the others will be on there feet. Water was in a coma. John-John was sitting beside her, he was holding her hand as he slept peacefully his head laying on the bed. I smiled at the scene knowing that my sister was well taken care of.

“I will be alright how have you been hard to believe its been six years I noticed you got a new sister “.I said trying to distract myself from looking at my sister in fear I might burst into tears.

“Yeah, she is Mangta my mom was pregnant with her when we went to the transfer program “. Pink said as she looked at me she looked like she wanted to say something else, but changed her mind.

I had a little clue what she might want to bug me about. But, I was too depressed about my sister to talk about Danel or anyone else.

“You know you can tell me anything, I will not judge you I do not really have much to do”. I joked as I gestured to my current condition my arms, ribs and head wrapped in bandages.

She laughed sadly but then frowned, “Fire this is not a joke. I do not think you understand how serious this is, your condition and with how much the council hates you, you can’t afford to make off handed jokes like that. I worry about you.”

“Pink I will be okay, no need to worry about me I’m Fire crystal the most powerful princess in the kingdom you know that”. I said but judging by the stern look on her face I was not being very convincing in my argument, I really hated it when people worry about me.

Pink and I talked until the nurse asked her and the others to leave. Sisube, Danel, Water, Crisis and I stayed most of us could not even get up and escape even if we tried, due to our injuries from the battle. I wanted to go home more than everything but I was one of the ones that was the most injured.

“Hey how you holding up”? I heard from behind the curtain I rolled my eyes and pretending to be asleep to avoid conversation. I was not in the mood to deal with him right now. Not with my sister in a vulnerable state. It made me feel weak, I could not protect her. She always protected me yet I was powerless when she needed me most.

There were a few moments of silence until I heard the sound of the curtain being drawn, to see Danel staring back at me. I glared at him and rolled to the opposite side not wanting to speak with anyone.

“I know you’re not asleep, you can’t hide from me. Fire, I thought we made a promise do not hide yourself let the tears show, you need to talk to someone to help you work through the pain”. He said softly as he layed back down on his bed before the nurse came back to put him to sleep thinking that he might right to escape.

He had a couple of scraps, broken fingers, and he had a bruise on his left cheek other than that he looked as handsome as ever especially when he was being stubborn. He laughed when I turned away, I could almost feel his navy blue eyes looking at me.

Wait? Did I admit he was handsome?

Since when have I been attracted towards him anyways. Its not like Danel is a charming guy.

Well, that is not true he might not be smooth, but he could be charming most of the time he is charming without even trying. When he is being himself. Like now, when he let down his idiotic mask, showing how smart he really was.

“There is nothing to talk about Danel. My sister is in a coma, A coma. Do you know how serious that is”?! I shouted my voice cracking I could feel the tears fall down on my face, but I did not care. Water.. I thought sadly as the tears fell and soon I was sobbing hysterically I put my hands on my face and cried.

“You’re right I do not have a sibling. So I do not understand, but I do understand that you are hurt, I can not stand to see you sad, you mean a lot to me.” He responded tenderly and then then turned on his back facing the wall ending our conversation.

I lifted my head and blushed as I looked over my shoulder and looked at him as he fell asleep I rolled over facing the front of the bed again, and looked out the window the moon was full and shining through the room.I could not help but admire its beauty.

The moon was so far away, yet it was still beautiful and strong just like Water... I thought as my eyes closed and I fell asleep.

When I opened my eyes the next morning, I heard the sound of birds, and shifting of footsteps, someone’s heartbeat thundering against my ears, and warm claim breaths. Someone was carrying me.

“Danel why are carrying Fire”? I heard Sisube ask playfully I looked at her with shock and amusement it was rare for the tough goth girl to be in a playful mode. I tried to keep my breathing steady enough as I closed my eyes I do not know why. But I wanted to hear what Danel had to say.

“Well, I went towards her bed and tried to shake her awake but she looked so peaceful I just decided to carry her home”.

“Aw that is sweet, but what if we get attacked are you going to drop her”? Jade asked flatly I frowned with annoyance at her comment, I feel like leaping out of his arms just to whack her in the head. For such a comment.

“How is Water doing”? I heard Nature ask ignoring Jade’s comment her voice torn it sounded like she was trying to remain calm and treat her like every other officer. She could not afford to play favoritism. Towards Water even if Water was her granddaughter.

“How long til we reach the gate, I’m starting to get swore”. Ice said

“Ten minutes, until we reach the Fire city, then you guys can go and do whatever you please”. said Nature I could almost imagine her sly smile on her face as she tried to keep her mind off Water.

Nature was not one to show strong emotion. Or it could affect her powers. After all she was called Nature Sky the legendary plant tamer for a reason.

“If you do not mind me asking what happened to Crisis and Water I mean I know that could not come with us because they were too injured so how are going to get home”? Sarbe asked

" Do Not worry we have to stay positive, we are team Nature we can overcome everything we just have train harder and then we can finally stop Peteus”Ying said with hope. I smiled at my cousin and her unusual confidence that bursted through when all seemed lost. Ying knew exactly what to say.

“But, How long can that be, the guy has been around here long enough, its because of him I did not have a chance to meet my mom and why our parents went missing he must be stopped”. Danel said with such intensity I was afraid he might forget I was in his arms, but he relaxed when he noticed my shift in movement.

“Fire, how long are you going to pretend to be asleep, you can not hide anything from me remember? We have a connection now”. Danel said as he put me down. I smiled warmly at him and yawned. How long was I out? How many hours has it been since our short talk at the hospital.

Danel looked at me I knew he knew what I was thinking because of our connection just as I could tell what he was thinking we will always be in sync even we do not want to be.

Danel seemed unsure how to answer the question. I was confused by his hesitation. What happened? How long was I out? And why was he being so nervous?

“Fire, listen this is not easy thing for me to say, but when we get back into the gate and you come home. I-Um-I was wondering if you would like to- hang out with me”. Danel said shyly as he scratched the back of his head.

“Damn it! You screwed up big time Storm! Now she will never date you” ! I heard echo in my head. Sometimes I forget I could enter his head as well, normally I try not to because I think that thoughts should remain private but I wanted to see what made him so nervous.

I giggled and without even thinking about it, I kissed him on the cheek and walked away. Leaving the a stunned lightning user touching his cheek with shock.

“What the heck was that”? I thought as I clutched onto my big chest my heart beating fast, I tried to take a deep breath but all I could think about was how soft and warm Danel’s cheek was. The fact, that he was being shy was so cut- Stop it Fire! Snap out of it. He is your teammate!

Besides how could I possibly be happy when Water is still in a coma I do not want to seem selfish and heartless, I like Danel but I hardly know anything about him.

Sure he was nicer than he seemed to be when we were kids. But, I have to get settled back into the fire city before I could even think about dating.


Even so, He risked his life for me, took a chance to find me in Peteus’s lair that deserved more than a kiss on the cheek. But, I do not even know how I feel about him. At first I thought this sensation in the pit of my stomach was hate but I knew that it was far from hate.

Danel Davis Storm What are you doing to me? I thought as I approached the gates, I should stop trying to think.

I have no idea how strong our bond was yet. He could smell me. Sense me near by. He can read my thoughts. A part of me does not think it is so bad. But I do not want him to be disappointed if I do not like him back.

When I looked around the city, I gasped with shock it has changed a lot, the Fire city was in the middle of a dessert instead of trees near the street lights there were cactus as far as the eye could see.

Some parts, of Fire city looked old fashioned western town, while others looked very futuristic that is because in Zelen we appreciate old and new customs. Except slavery, drugs, and murder. Everything is fair game.

But, unfortunately there are going to be greedy, Goblins that want to take advantage of our free ways and try to find loopholes in the rules and that where the Ninja Police fit in.

I lived in the crystal mansion, all my clan lived one giant house, and when I say Giant. Despite this The Crystal mansion was near the Cactus homes, homes that were basically big forest of cactus trees that had their spines removed on the inside so that people could live inside the houses.

I know the idea sounds ridiculous. But, in Zelen we make sure to have a perfect balance between nature and technology, it is not like all the other worlds where it is man battling technology and progress with nature and natural order. We have a deep love and appreciation for our planet and want to protect it as much as possible. Even from ourselves if necessary.

One of my biggest fears when I was young was planet Zelen being taken over by a more highly advanced race of individuals crumpling down our society and culture without remorse or comprehension of how long our elders had upheld centuries of tradition and beliefs.

But, then I realized that Zelen in the middle of no where being cloaked by technology beyond most of the galaxies understand, even with the best telescope and tracking systems they would not be able to find our planet.

It breaks my heart, we are not allowed to display our findings we have found over the years. But, this order is coming from the court of the planets the supreme court of the universe.

Even Earth.

That why we resorted to abducting random citizens that seemed to be higher than advantage intelligence and stole- I mean borrow them from their planet to represent their planet for the court, afterwards there memories were either left alone, altered or removed to avoid anyone from ever finding where we lived.

It felt weird to talk through the city now, when Water and I ran away I was six years old my sister was carrying a heavy burden of taking care of me after my parents disappeared, we fled to learn how defend ourselves we wanted to help more people like us.

People were defenseless, left in the dark unable to defend against the shadows that kept them awake unable to escape from the suppression that suffocated them.

Now, I’m thirteen years old although mentally on earth I would be about nineteen or twenty our planet rotates slower than Earth. I’m a lot younger than I look.

" I can’t believe it I’m home”. I breathed out as I looked around the city in awe it looked even more beautiful now than when I left six years old. I’m no longer the weak, shy, insecure girl that needed her older sister to protect her all the time.

I took in the sight on last time before crossing through the cactus houses, my combat boots squeaking behind me as I ran through the streets a smile spread around my face.

I looked around the neighbors the children playing through the streets greeted me with excitement like any old citizen no bowing no ms. Fire or crystal just bright smiles and looks of amazement as they gazed at my beautiful face.

The parents looked at me with shock their eyes wide the mother came up and hugged me like I was a long lost family member that they have not seen in years I looked at her with shock but eased into the hug.

The mother had short black hair with deep green eyes, she wore a light blue dress with green shoes she was thin and beautiful with thick eyelashes and sparkling white teeth she smiled at me as she pulled back enough to look at me.

“Fire you have returned, I’m glad you are okay”.

I smiled at her and said, “Hello Ms. Daniels how are you”?

Mrs. Daniels was a former ninja police officer, she retired after giving birth to her children the only reason I know about them is she had been sending me letters, I used to be very close to Mrs. Daniels while my aunt Vicky was mean, and cruel towards me.

Mrs.Daniels baked Water and I cookies, cleaned my wounds if I was injured and helped take care of me she was one of my closeted Neighbors as a child.

“Wow you are really tall now, heck you are taller than me”. She said

I looked at myself and noticed it was true, but that was probably because of the heals of my combat boots I’m ‘5 5’ without the boots but with them I’m about 5′ 8′ so I easily tour over her.

“Do you still have a thing for that Storm boy, I heard he got really handsome”. Daniels joked as she hit me in the shoulder playfully but I was too busy trying not to hide with embarrassment.

I blushed I had completely forgot about my crush on Danel in a way it never really left it was still there, the connection only resurfaced what I had been hiding because of pride and independence.

“How is the seal holding up have you heard Fiko’s voice lately”? Mrs. Daniels asked

When I was small and my parents were taken from our house by Pleasure she had done something to me. Leaving Water and I alone all those years wondering if our parents were really dead or not. It was later discovered that Plague had put the soul of a demon within my heart, Fiko the demon fire, anger and aggression.

At first I did not notice at all and then Fiko started to talk, at first I thought it was an imaginary friend a thing or person I could talk to after another beating from my aunt. But then it tried to control me tell me told me to lash out and unleash the full power of my flames, causing me to burn everything and lose control the night of my parents abduction.

I had set our house on fire and all most everything I went to touch burned into ashes. Fiko was the reason I needed that extra training for six years ever since I accidently hurt Danel in a sparring match when we were little I have kept gloves on my hands concealing the fearsome power of Fiko.

Everyone in Team Nature had gotten these demon’s souls a few other junior officers had gotten some too but most of them turned evil, each person is given a trial period. Whoever can rein in their inner demon, is pure of heart and will not be tainted by the demons influence

But that did not stop Fiko trying so they put a seal on my right shoulder,if I use this tattoo right once I master my power I could summon Fiko into battle but that would be extremely risky move.

“You know I heard that Fiko’s mate was a lighting demon”. Mrs. Daniels said she inspected my injuries from our latest battle at Peteus’s lair, her words had make me jerk my head towards her with shock.

“You’re lying”. I said with surprise and shock that could explain why the connection I had with Danel is moving faster than normal because in a sense our demon souls are drawn to each other.

I did not know how to feel, I’m only thirteen years old. At first I thought I knew what I wanted but now I’m not to sure anymore. A few days ago the idea of being connected towards Danel would have made my stomach turn, but now I do not know how to act.

I do not know if I want to get Married or stay single, a part of me still wants to reject the marriage contract just to screw around with the Royal council they knew Danel and I did not get along well when we were younger, knew I had a strong dislike for the Storm prince.

Now, I have to resist the urge to smirk and hold back my laughter at how silly my way of thinking was a few days ago.

I have certainly done a lot of growing up these past couple of hours, Water’s coma had forced me to finally be free to decide what I believe should be the right choice. For the first time, I could decide what was right and wrong without Water getting in my way.

I do not know what to do I had longed for this opportunity but now I feel like I had bought something impulsively at the store without thinking, that I bought it for the sake of having it.

This is the first time since my parents disappeared, and I left for training that I felt this alone. I wish Water were here with me she would know what to do about my situation with Danel. She probably would tease me and say I should give Danel a chance not because of the council, or the marriage contract but because I want to.

“No his name was Danko the demon of protection, forgiveness and strength it is said that he was Fiko’s mate. They were polar opposites he was protection and she was anger and aggression; yet Danko could bring out Fiko’s soft side.

So it could be that because both of them are inside of you and Danel it made you guys have a zelen connection at a young age without exchanging saliva.”

Great no wonder the connection was growing faster than usual we have two demons who were madly in love with each other influencing our feelings. I thought

A part of me was thrilled with this information, the part that is starting to see Danel in a new light, I was finally able to let go of my childish hate and see Danel for who he was.

So, far I like the kind, caring, and brave young man Danel is turning into. He is no longer that Shy boy in the boot camp that was afraid to use his powers, he has changed.

“Fire, marriage does not make you weak having someone by your side supporting you and believing in you everyday treating you like you are the only thing that matters is the best thing you can wish for right now”.

Mrs. Daniels says as she looks at me I smile as she runs her fingers through my purple hair, thankfully the flames of my hair do not hurt anyone unless I’m angry. She looks at me as if seeing me for the first time.

“You look so much like your mother did when she was your age, but you act like your father strong determined, stubborn, brave they would have been proud of you Fire because I am. you have grown into a fine young lady”

I laughed and said, “Between you and me Mrs. Daniels I do not think I’m much of a lady”.

She smiled and said, “Probably not in manners or behavior but you still are a princess by blood you are the second in line for the thrown and you know traditionally we have two Kings and queens”.

In the Fire quadrant of Carden Each royal family is given an opportunity to prove their right to be one of the two kings and queens. The reason we have two is to make sure to prevent people from trying to overthrow someone to get to the throne.

But, the Kings and Queens do not have as much power anymore the only things they control are Trading goods, Military and finances everything else is decided by the people. Each King and queen is allowed to choose their heir to take their throne

Water and I were chosen by our parents in their will making us princesses however Water and I have the right to refuse if we want to. But you need to be at least nineteen years or older to get the thrown.

Water and I are not old enough to take such responsibility and according to the law we must have to either be engaged or married with a significant other to take the throne.

It is a rule made by the royal court they believe a man or a woman without anyone helping them to rule their side of the kingdom will be too much of a burden. I think it is just another rule the council made to control us.

I asked “So what does that have to do with me”?

“You and water are the next in line for our section of our quadrant aren’t you you two need to stop fighting it Danel and John-John love you too just get married already”! Mrs. Daniel joked

I blushed a deep shade of red and ran away from Mrs. Daniels and started heading back home, I heard her laughing in the distance as I round the corner towards the giant gateway that lead to the crystal mansion.

At least I have a few hours to kill before I have to meet Danel near his house so he could give me a tour of the Fire city I have been away for six years, six and yet it feels like I had not left at all. It seems like it was only yesterday that Water and I ran away from home to become enforcers of the law.

I realized that if I did not hurry home I would be late for my date with Danel so I turned to look at Mrs. Daniels and said, “It was good seeing you again”.

Mrs. Daniels gives me a small nod and said, “Fire just think about what I have said you do not have to act a upon it, but remember you and Danel are bonded now. If you do not start to be together pretty soon your hormones will do it for you, I just want you to be with Danel because it was your choice not because of lust”.

I smiled and said, “Do not worry it will be, I’m starting to realize this bond isn’t just about me its about Danel too. He has liked me since we were kids the least I can do is give him a chance”.

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