The Creation of Fire

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The Return

It felt strange being back home after being away for so long I felt like I was waking up from a dream.

I was in the Crystal Clan mansion a giant house in the middle of a urban neighborhood the giant elegant house was a major contrast to the smaller suburban houses with their small dogs and green lawns.

There are thousands of years of history through these halls the crystal clan had founded the Ninja police core . The founder of the Ninja police force was a girl named Tyra Crystal she had been the one to create the law enforcement from the ground up.

She had been a princess that was lost at sea when her kingdom’s castle got burned down they were forced to flea and Tyra had been a forgotten memory until prince Davto had saved her from the streets and helped her become a natural leader where she had founded Ninja police.

I felt honored sharing a family tree with her and ever since Tyra had lead the crystal clan has been the most influential clan in history it did help that they had helped the feuding clans join together.

The storm clan were the first to become allies and join the force. So, in some way I had always been connected to Danel even before we were born.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door I quickly got dressed and then answered the door knowing that most of my immediate and extended family were sleeping in their rooms of the vast mansion.

I gasped when I saw who was at the door they had been missing for years everyone had assumed they were dead, and all the while I never lost hope I always knew that they were alive and now here they are.

My parents. The King and Queen of the Crystal clan. David Crystal and Heather Sky Crystal standing alive and well, and looking every bit the same as I remember them. Last time I saw them, I was three years old I remember that I had gotten my powers for the first time when I tired saving them being taken from Plague.

I could not help the rage that boiled inside of me at the sight, even though I was excited to find out that I was no longer a ‘orphan’, I still could not think about how badly timed this reunion was. Water was in a coma, I had almost died by Echo’s hands and Peteus has now taken a interest in me.

My mother gasped at the sight of me her eyes bursting into tears as she slowly walked up me and hugged me around her arms. I pulled back a bit so I could look at her. I had inherited ninety percent of my looks from my mother the only thing that I inherited from my father is my electric blue eyes and his smile.

“Fire”! she choked out as she held on to me as if I was going to disappear at any moment. I tried to remain calm but, I could not help it. I shoved her away and shook my head I tried to calm down but, I did not like the fact that they just showed up after all this time it inflamed me.

“What the heck is going on, why are you here, you both have lost the right to be my parents after all this time you expect me to be okay with this, it has been ten years I thought you were dead”! I said with confusion and rage.

David glared at me and said, “Fire we wanted to go back for you and Water but it was too dangerous we could not risk you getting hurt so we left you in the care of your Aunt Vicky”.

I lifted up my sleeves to show them a part of my scared body and said, “Well it looks like she did a very good job of it Dad, she abused me, she treated me so bad that Water and I ran away from home when I was six”!

Heather gasped with horror and shock, she was angry at her foster sister for treating Fire like that, her poor little girl. It was then that she realized that Fire was no longer a child she looked up at her teenage daughter she had filled out quite nicely and her curves were incredible considering her age she would make a fine princess.

Just imaging her in her princess robes swelled her heart with pride, the village that Heather and David had been in these past ten years was in trouble and they needed help. They had promised Plague to stay a way from the Fire city in exchange that do not harm their children.

But now Water is in a coma and so their deal has been broken and they were freed from their prison.

They were no longer slaves for Plague’s evil purposes when David and Heather escaped they were shocked by how bright the world was, they had not stepped outside in ten years they longed to see their daughters Heather knew that fire had every right to be angry.

I glared at them not realizing that I was crying until I felt my throat tighten and my lips quiver and said, “You have no idea how long I have waited for this I just wish, I just wish Water would have been a wake to

see it”.

As I looked at my mother I could not help but be amazed by her beauty she was breath taking, her short choppy hair and bright sky blue eyes that made her dark purple hair stand out against her pale white skin.

I looked at her with understand and a hint of mistrust lingered in my eyes something did not feel right, it seemed too convent for them to just pop up after I just came home the following day but I did not want them to know I was suspicious.

" It is nice to see you but do not think you can just walk into my life and tell me what to do, you have no idea what I have been through”.

David glared at me and said, “Listen here Young lady, it was not our fault that we could not see you were captured, tortured and nearly killed they wanted to take you and Water we took your place instead”.

I gasped at my father’s words. I had no idea, here I am talking about my problems when I did not even bother asking what they had been through I felt guilty and selfish. Once again I let my emotions cloud my judgment.

Suddenly I took in their condition for the first time and gasped. There clothes were ripped and bloody their faces were cut and bruised and Dad looked like he was about to collapse on the floor if he were not leaning against the door flame with his back on the door he would have fallen already.

" Oh my god we need to get you the hospital right away come on I said as I grabbed my parents by the hand not even giving them enough time to protest or agree with my assistance. I felt my med kit in the hospital next to Water when I visited her before going home it should still be there.

I ran through the streets dodging villagers and carelessly bumping into people without apologizing as I rushed through the sidewalks and down towards the hospital. I ran past Hero park I saw a familiar face run up to us and I could not help but roll my eyes I was not in the mood to deal with him at the moment.

" Hey Fire what is going on, who are they”? Danel asked he tried to see my parents but I was moving so fast that all he probably saw was a purple and blue blur moving back and forth.

I sighed not wanting to explain it to him and said, “Its a long story, they are injured and I’m taking them to the hospital so either come with or stay out of my way”.

Danel stopped running and stood near the Sidewalk with a defeated expression on his face. I frowned with guilt and gave him a apologetic smile as I continued on my way. This time running at a much slower pace so that my parents could take their breath.

Danel frowned and said, “Gosh, Fire its nice to see you too you sure know how to make a man feel appreciated.” he said bitterly I sighed as I ran back to him and stood next him trying to catch my breath.

I stared up at him beats of sweat dripping of my forehead suddenly Danel reached his hand out and brushed a few strands of purple hair from eyes so that I could properly see his navy blue eyes.

“I’m sorry I did not mean to say those things, its just-I began to say but Danel just smirked and then said,

" You were just trying to do your job and I was distracting you its alright Fi besides when you yell at me like that, when you take charge and lead I’m reminded of how amazing you are”.

I blushed at his words they were so sweet and corny I remembered reading romance novels late at night wondering when I would find a guy that would tell me sweet one liners that made my heart flutter and now I have.

“Your an idiot”. I said trying to cover up the effect he had on me but I could tell he saw right through it.

Danel then leaned against my ear and said, “Ah but I’m your idiot forever and always we have a connection Fire we are soulmates I’m afraid you are stuck with me”.

I laughed and said, ” That is okay, I think I can handle it”.

I leaned up and kissed him lightly on the lips he looked at me with surprise but then deepened the kiss.

I tried to pull back but he refused to let go, I tried to resist the urge to moan. He was a good kisser.. what turned into a innocent peck on the lips became a feverish and hot kiss that made my head spin.

“Ahem”. I heard behind us. Suddenly I blushed realizing we had a audience I looked at Danel sternly and lightly giggled when he rolled eyes and nodded with understanding hating the thought of letting me leave his arms.

David smirked and said, “Clearly you have done some growing up since we were a way that still does not give you the exuse to kiss a boy in front of us especially kisses like that”.

Heather looked at Danel with shock. The resemblance of His father Austin was unmistakable the only thing that he inherited from Aurora was her taste in fashion Heather could not help but smirk when she saw Danel’s green head band with the number thirteen in purple written on it.

Heather wanted to see how well Danel handled pressure so she took a deep breath and said, “Fire who is this, and why was he kissing you like that , you are aware that you are promised right”?

Danel glared at Heather and said, “Hey do not talk to her like that, Fire is allowed to do what ever she wants, besides I know Fire does not care much for her princess title I knew that if it was between her title and me she would choose me in a heartbeat”!

Heather felt her heart warm up to the Storm Prince but she had to push him a little more see how far he was willing to do for his daughter to make sure she knew she choose the right man to take her daughter’s hand.

Heather did not like arranged marriages, if she had her way she would let Fire choose your own path but the stupid royal court and forced her to do it she didn’t do it the would have killed Fire. At least she got to pick the suitor before she got captured.

Heather tried to remain firm and said, ” How can you be so certain”?

I felt my own curiosity bloom at my mother’s words. She is right how could he be so certain after all we barley got together, I was still uncertain about how I felt, but i had a feeling that I might have already fallen for him. I knew I liked him but I was not sure I loved him just yet.

Danel stared at her and said, “Because I would do the same for her, we have bonded and now our hearts and our minds are one, and I can tell she feels the same she might be afraid to say it out loud but I can see she feels the same as I do”.

I blushed and admired him from afar, While I was good with actions Danel was good with words, he brought out people’s fighting spirits and helped unite our team. Suddenly the idea of marrying him did not seem so bad, the idea of him calming my flames with words that had more impact then a clenched fist ever could.

Suddenly David fell down on the ground, I had been so caught up with Danel’s arrival I had forgotten the state my father was in, I immediately started to try to pull him up by the arms Danel and my mother Heather started tugging him with me.

I might be bitter, I might be angry, enraged and confused at my parents arrival but I can not afford to loss them again, I immediately closed my eyes letting my purple flames transport us to the hospital.

When I opened my eyes I watched Danel and Heather look at me with shock and amazement while Danel’s face melted into a love struck expression mixed with a hint of pride; Heather’s expression was shock and fear.

Heather looked at me and said, “Fire how did you do that”.

I looked at her with shock and said, “I can change the property of my flames when they change color with purple flames I can teleport but I try to avoid using the other flames because it takes a lot out of me, I mostly stick with regular flames that burn.

As soon as everyone looked around where they were all that was left on their faces was amazement. The nurses and doctors were too focused on David when he collapsed to comment about our unorthodox entrance. They immediately started grabbing my Dad rushing him into the ER as fast as they could.

Heather gasped and said, ” Fire, do you know how rare that is, most zelen children have the potential to have more then one power and that is a rare enough occurrence I mean look at me and your father we only posse one but, you have several”.

I looked at her with shock, I did not realize why Peteus was so fascinated in me and now I know. He wants those rare abilities that I have managed to gain. I knew I was strong, I knew I was powerful. But the thought that I had potential beyond my own comprehension is making my head spin.

Now, I know the cause for my struggle to control both my emotions and my powers it is because I have the potential for more. I could barely handle the powers I have now. How could a possibly even think about expanding my powers? Especially with Water in a coma.

" How can she have more then one, I’m curious because I can change the properties of my lighting too and If she has the potential for great power then so do I”. Danel asked as he turned towards my mother

Heather sighed as she sat down on one of the chairs in the waiting room judging by her emotional distress that this story would be a long and complicated tale. I’m curious about it as well, the origins of the color spectrum magic.

Heather took a deep breath and said,

" When Fire was born, she did not have powers and so David and I worried even though the doctors said she was a health baby. I could not take the chance of loosing her. A lot of power defects babies born without special powers die because without them they will have a harder time breathing the air in on this planet and might suffocate to death

So, As soon as I was released from the hospital David and I packed up with Fire in my arms towards a village that carried a legend of a rainbow tree made of pure energy. It is said that it is the birth place of the powers Zelens use and the very reason we can even survive on the planet.

I was not sure about it, but David also believed in spiritual legends like this and I did not want to discourage his believes so I decided to go with him. We took Fire to the tree raised her above my head and the tree zapped her with power pretty soon she was sneezing cinders and puking out flames. ”

Danel nodded in deep thought as he stroked his chin and said,

“Interesting, you are talking about the tree of power aren’t you?

Heather gasped and said, “Yes but how do you know about it”.

Danel smirked and said, “My grandfather Stephen had made a medicine from the tree when my Grandmother was sick just before she gave birth to my mom”.

I looked at Danel with interest and shock, I had always wanted to know where Aurora’s amazing rainbow magic came from how she seemed to be able to do anything she wants without having to bait a eye. The thought that I could have those very same abilities inside of me made me nearly burst into excitement.

As I tried to process all these new things that I have learned a nurse walks up to us to inform us that we could see my father, they had the liberty of putting him in the same room as Water.

Heather went to go visit my father leaving Danel and I sitting in the waiting room. I wanted to join her but my body won’t move I found myself trying cope with all these new things that happened today.

Danel did not say anything for a while, we just sat in silence. Danel did not want to pressure me into speaking, he wanted me to wait and take my time.

" Take as much time as you need, I would be concerned if you just accepted with open arms I’m glad you didn’t”.

We looked at each other and smiled I wrapped my hand around his taking comfort in the warmth of his touch and the impact his words had on me leaving a whole different spark in me that was not created from my hands for once.

Today was the day. This was the moment. I had been waiting for the right moment to tell Danel about his mother being alive. I hesitated I wanted to tell him about his mother.

But, I was afraid of how he would react, he had just accepted that she was gone three years ago he told me so through letters and over the phone. I know this will be hard for him to accept.

Instead I decided to hold my tongue and try to force myself to remain stoic under his stare, being indifferent was easy it was safe. I turned away afraid to be under his gaze because then I might accidentally let out information that was not mine to give.

Danel got up and then said, ” I should go, have fun catching up with your family Fi I will see you tomorrow.”

I looked at him with surprise a part of me wanted to get up and tell him he did not have to leave, that he could stay. But, I could tell that the reunion with my parents made him feel uncomfortable but, he did not cry or get upset he just sat there staring at nothing.

I would rather him leave them be uncomfortable but, still my hand found itself around his giving him a reassuring squeeze he did not smile or even frown his expression was blank. Which made me very worried Danel Storm was many things he was brave, determined and reckless but never emotionless.

It was times like this where I can see why the connection was nessary, I felt like the reunion with my parents had caused us to dift, even though we were not even together it felt like we had been in years.

We were friends at the same time we were strangers it was difficult to describe the relationship I had with Danel because often times I hardly know what I want for breakfast let alone how to understand how I feel.

But, in this moment I know exactly what was running through my mind disappointment. At first I had no idea why I would be disappointed, then I thought it could be because of Danel, because he felt the need to hide from me after every thing we had been through.

But, after all I have said and did to him over the years after so many years of denying that I cared even a little bit about him it was no surprise that he would want to get a way from me.

After what felt like hours had passed but was only a few minutes, Danel lets go of my hand and walks out of the hospital leaving me with my parents. Without Danel around to ease the tension with corny jokes or epic adventures all that was left was awkwardness and tension.

My mother and I stared at each other with uncertainty and hesitation, I was unsure whether or not this was set up, this timing was rather usual no matter how many times scenarios I tired to come up with why they decided to come now the result was always the same.

So, instead of trying to figure it on my own I decided look at my mother with hesitation and mistrust and said, ” Why are you really here, why now? Where were you when we really needed you!

“Fire, please do not make this about us, the important thing is you are okay, we are so glad you are not hurt and that Plague kept her promise”.

I looked at her with shock and said, “So, its true then what Dad said, Plague threatened to kill us if you did not go with her, you took our place”.

Heather nodded and said, ” We could not ask you and Water to throw your lives away for such a sinister cause. So, we decided to do it instead, we had many years to live compared to you and Water and now I wish we could have taken you two with us maybe Water would still be-“.

I glared at her and said, ” She is not dead she is just in a coma, her brain is in a comatose state her mind is struggling to stay active while her body is unmoving I will not give up on her”.

Heather seemed to be a little taken back by the fact that I cut her off and snapped at her. What did she expect that I would call her mom and then hug her and with excitement and we would talk about my adventures?

Suddenly the nurse that took dad away earlier had came back and told us that the doctor would allow us to visit him, they had put him in the same room as Water so we do not have to go into separate rooms to see them, I felt greatful that the doctor allowed us to see him because I still had a lot of questions to get through.

" He is in there to your right, while your daughter is to your left a nurse should be by soon to check on Water’s progress”. The doctor said sympathtically as he walked out of the room to tend to another patient leaving my mother and I alone.

As soon as David saw me he imediately sat up and grinned he geatured for me to come over. I did not want to in fact I would rather be sitting beside Water just like I did a day ago before walking around the city taking in all the new improvements since I had left all those years ago.

But, While Heather made me feel uncomfortable and exposed David made me feel at ease like he knew which buttons to press and which ones to avoid my mother was so open so friendly it made me feel uncomfortable at times, while David was accepting of my boundaries and tried not to push me too hard.

I had no idea why I felt so at ease with one parent and uncomfortable with the other but then looking back on it I think I have always known but, I just decided to deny it or push it aside because a part of me as a hard time believing that my parents were here. But, they are.

Heather or should I say mom was just like Water. I may have inheirted her looks and her temper but the rest was all David which is probably why I felt better being around him.

This painful situation with Water would have been easier if whenever I looked at my mother I did not see my sister’s eyes. Her sky blue eyes staring at me trying to make me feel better just like Water would it was clear that most of Water’s personality came from mom.

" Hey, its going to be okay, Water is going to be fine Fi you just have to have faith that things will be alright”. David said as he rested his hand on top of mine I looked up at him and then frowned.

" How can you be so certain”? I asked suddenly I gasped remembering my mother had said the exact same thing to Danel when she questioned his intentions a few minutes ago before he left. My heart yearned for him to come back, I had been begging Danel to leave and the moment he does I’m met with pain and longing awaiting his return.

David chuckled and said, “Oh wow, doesn’t that sound familiar you are a lot like your mother you know, more then you realize when she was your age she had long flaming hair like yours but when she married me she cut it”.

" Really”? I said with shock and surprise running my fingers through my long dark purple locks I could not imagine cutting it, my hair is part of my identity what makes me fire, when criminals see my signature flaming hair glowing in the wind they know when to run and hide.

David nodded and said, ” I was a survivor from the Crystal clan attack all those years ago the Crystal clan branch from the Water city moved here, knowing that they could survive in any temperature warm or cold.

Most clans can either live in warm or cold but our clan is adaptable and survive in any weather so, I was unsure about this city, I was a rich spoiled prince and your mother was from a struggling family with a short temper .

We hated each other for some time, it took a while for me to come around but eventually your mother and I bonded and we were inseparable we would talk together, train together and then when I found out she was promised to Bladegar I was devastated.

I packed up and was on the way to leave town when your uncle Edgar stopped me and told me how much of a idiot I was being, that if I really wanted your mother I would have to fight for her and I did I ran right into the church and confessed my feelings in front of everyone.

At first your mother was silent and unresponsive so I took that as a invitation to leave when she suddenly pulled in for a long passionate kiss, we were on the run from the royal court ever we were banished from the Fire city.

For six years we were on the run from soldiers and ninja police officers of all kinds. It took some strings from Nature and your mother’s friends to finally let us back in and when we were let in Nature was surprised to find out that we not only got married in secret but, that she was also going to be a grandmother. ”

I have never heard stories about my parents and how they met most of the time when I brought up my parents I was met with awkward silence or tell me things I already knew, they they were legendary heroes with incredible power and strength.

And although though I enjoyed those tales as a kid, and felt more connected with them when they disappeared then I did when they left with these tales. It did nothing to tell me the type of people they were before they became powerful heroes when they are just people.

I do not know much about their love story or how mom went from having a arranged marriage with Bladegar to marrying my dad.

I found myself engaged in this tale as dad continued to talk the more I began to understand that my relationship with Danel mirrors my parents love story.

I blushed just thinking about how similar we were to them, other then the fact it was my mother that had the crush and my father was the one that was distant, he was new to the town back then having moved from the Water city having being into a new life. It was not easy.

" You care for him don’t you Danel you did not not want to like him, let alone love him because loving him would be too painful it would show how vulnerable and you are how desperate you are for love and affection”.

David said as he looked at me his hands felt so feign on mine, yet similar his tan skin matched mine perfectly his hands were surprisingly soft, I would think after twenty years in the force that his hands would be rough and calloused but they weren’t.

I nodded and cried and said, ” I’m so scared dad, I have never felt this way about anyone I want to let him in but it is hard, I do not want the Royal court to hurt me through him, if I give in to my feelings he will be come a target Peteus has taken interest in me and my powers I worry about him”.

David lifted my chin with his thumb and said, ” Now you listen to me Fire you do not have to worry about that, the boy is a Officer too just like you, he does not need to be protected and if he does need help your mother and I will be there to help both of you”.

I could not take it anymore I’m tired of being distant towards them it was not there fault that they were away for so long it was Plague’s. I had wanted them near me for so long and now that they are back I’m never letting go of them ever again.

I hugged my father he jumped with surprise but then sat up in the hospital bed so he could wrap his arms around me, he smiled as he hugged me running his fingers through my long hair as he whispered soothing words to me as my walls finally started cracking.

When I finally lifted my head up Danel and a few members of my team came towards the room Danel seemed surprised by the fact that I was crying in my father’s arms but then relaxed when he noticed that my father was comforting me not forcing his affection on me.

David chuckled a bit behind me when he noticed that I stopped everything that I was doing before and was totally consumed in Danel. His presence, his smile and his dark navy blue eyes that went so well, with his short black hair as he walked into the room.

" Hey Fire, how are you d- He did not get to finish his sentence because I had jumped him with a surprise hug, he gasped and slowly wrapped his arms around mine.

" I missed you” I said softly I said it so quietly I was afraid that he did not hear me but when I heard him let out a small laugh as I leaned against his chest hearing his body move up and down as he laughed enjoying the sound against my ears I knew he heard me.

Danel kissed crystal on my forehead, it gleamed and glowed as if approving of his lips against it and he leaned in to smell my hair and ran his fingers through the strands and said, “Fire you have no idea, how long I have been waiting for you to say that, I missed you so much”.

I know it was reckless to miss him when he had only been gone for thirty minutes but to me it felt like days. I did not know when I started to crave his attention or indulge in the sound of his laughter against my ears but, I would not have it any other way.

Our connection grows stronger everyday, and as much as I love to fight it, to be the stubborn hot headed person I am, I knew it was only a matter of time before I can not fight back. I do not think I even want to fight it anymore I just want him to be around me, and feel his lips against mine.

David nodded and said, “Danel”.

Danel blushed and let me go and said, “Mr. Crystal! I mean your majesty I its a honor to meet you”. he said as he did something I never thought he would ever do. He bowed in respect for my father I was surprised he knew how to be proper considering how he had been acting these past few days.

Then again, I have not really seen him in his prince mode before its hard to believe we are both Royal considering when we are alone we are not prince Danel or Princess Fire. We are just Fire and Danel.

But, then again, I have not been very princess like either, I resent my title, I want to be known for my own accomplishments not to live in my parents shadows.

It was then that I noticed John-John, Ying, Sisube, and Sarbe in the holding their get well cards, flowers and other trinkets. Ying took one look at David and all her gifts came clattering to the floor.

" Uncle David? Aunt Heather what the heck is going on we thought -I thought”.. Ying could not finish her sentence the tears in her eyes evident as she looks deep into their faces she could not believe it.

For years all the parents from Team Nature mysteriously vanished during the heat of battle never to be heard from again. And now, her Aunt and Uncle were in the hospital alive and well.

" What the heck is going on here, I do not know who you two think you are but impersonating two of the most legendary officers in history is a federal offense”!

Sisube yelled as she used her good arm to point at them with disgust and disbelief. One of her arms had a green cast with a sling attached to her body, It was still amazing to see Sisube in a cast. During our boot camp training I was barely able to catch up with her let alone touch her! But, when you are up against centuries old warriors you are bound to be out classed some time.

She refused to think that my parents were standing in front of them. Even I had a hard time believing it, but then David started talking about things that none of Peteus’s men would know. Their love story, how they came to fall for each other and how they fought for each other.

David clutched his hands tightly together as if praying for Sisube to believe him and said, ” I assure you I’m the real David Curtis Crystal I am alive and well and have been the entire time.

I know you are upset with me. After all its my fault that your father passed a way he was such a skilled warrior it was a shame to loss him. Even though we hated each other when we first met I came to respect him as a friend and a comrade please do not be angry with me.”

Sisube frowned she walked up my father and punched him in the face blood spilled from his cheek and his mouth as she grabbed him by the shirt and said, ” Do not ever mention father, you have no idea what’s its like to loose someone close to you”!

I was so shocked by Sisube’s intense reaction to my father’s heartfelt speech that I could not yell or get upset, I wanted to but my eyes remained glued to the sight in front me. If my father was at full health he could have dodged her blow and held her back.

But, he was too injured as I was caught up in being upset with them for abandoning us I did not even stop to ask who attacked them.

When Sisube raised her hand again I turned away and shut my eyes not wanting to see my father in pain again when suddenly a rainbow light appeared in the room and Sisube was being held against the wall by a ball of rainbow energy.

" That is quite enough Sisube, I understand how upset you must feel but if you want to fight you can do it later when he is not in the hospital bleeding to death”! A fierce strong willed voice cried out.

Suddenly as Danel gasped and looked at the woman in the room time seemed to stop everyone stopped looking at David and Heather and focused on the woman. She was beautiful she had long red hair that cascaded down her shoulders.

She wore two pigtails in her hair, with star ponytail holders, she wore a green shirt under a purple tank top jersey with the number thirteen in green she wore a long purple skirt and black boots.

I smirked when I saw who it was. After all these years she finally decided to come out of hiding and meet her son. Aurora Storm. Named after the northern lights when she uses her powers she truly did shine.

Aurora was a gate guardian for the force a few years ago. Gate guardians are a special unit in the Ninja police core. They are like monks they have a lot of rules and duty, discipline and focus their rules are very strict.

Anyone that breaks those rules are kicked out of the force. And if you break enough you get sent into exile.

Aurora and I are a lot a like in many ways she too believes that Justice does not come from a rule book. That to truly guide people about what is right and wrong you must trust in yourself to decide what you believe is right as well.

It is because of this that she was forced to leave, she was sent into exile when they found about about her relationship with Austin and how she was pregnant. Danel was not even supposed to exist. By having a baby before the required age of twenty five Aurora and found herself homeless, betrayed and lost.

I had heard Austin wanted to go with her to be with her, he would have followed her in a heartbeat but Austin was not as skilled as Aurora and Aurora feared for his safety. She did not want Austin to give up his life in the city because of her.

He had grown up in the Fire city. While Aurora had moved here when she was sixteen. She knew the dangers of the forest Austin did not. After she had Danel she sent him to Austin and Austin raised Danel by himself.

" Who the heck are you, I have never seen you before in my life how is it you know my name when we never met before”! Sisube yelled as she tried to get out of the force field but as she tried to push through the field rainbow beams shot out and knocked her to the floor.

Aurora smiled as she put her hands on her hips and said, ” What you mean never met before? I was there for the baby shower when your mother Trube was pregnant I was there the day you were born”.

“M-M-Mom”. Danel stuttered out as he slowly walking over to her, he had never met her before but he had had seem photos of his parents wedding and the moment he was born.

As always with Zelens she had never aged a day, her eyes still shinned brighter then stars, her eyelashes were still long and she was still tall strong and beautiful.

Aurora suddenly turned away from Sisube when she heard Danel’s voice it was like a cheesy soap opera. Her eyes became clouded and full of tears as a motherly smile graced her face making her look wise beyond her eyes like a sensei when they realize that the student had finally suppressed their teacher.

" Danel” Aurora said as she rushed over towards Danel and gave him a hug, I smiled sadly not wanting to ruin the moment I stepped out of the room and walked up the stairs and stood on the hospital roof looking out at the city.

Wondering why my life changed so quickly and what it meant for my team. Suddenly the realization dawned on me, because of Water’s state I’m acting lieutenant for her until she wakes up. I just jumped from junior officer to the leader of our team.

How can I possibly lead? I have never been able to make my own decisions in my entire life. Water has always been treated better because she was the first born. In royal families it was customary for the first born to be treated better then the second.

But, now things are changing, In just a few days I have been: Beaten, Kissed, reunited with my parents, Lost my sister to a coma, Meet Danel, Almost died from exhaustion and now, I’m expected to lead a entire team on my own.

I could not let the guilt of Water’s situation and my anger for my Parents sudden return get to me Danel and Water would want me to take this opportunity I have been waiting for my shot to my the world a better place and this was it.

“I’m not going to let you down Water, when you wake up I’m going to get stronger and fight harder so that I will be able to protect you I promise”. I thought as I looked out at the city.

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