The Creation of Fire

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When Lightning Strikes

I knew what was in store for me when I went back into the room and saw Danel’s face I knew he was betrayed. He had found out after talking with Aurora that I had known the truth all along. I had known that his mother was still alive and that we were good friends.

I had wanted to tell him so many times but the guilt of how I treated him before. Distancing myself all for the sake of keeping a secret that I knew could not stay secret for long. I could feel his dark navy blue eyes staring me down and I knew I deserved it.

" Danel I- I can explain” I tried to say more but, I knew it would be no use trying to play the innocent card. I could see how upset he was. Some of the lights in the room were flickering on and off, all the medial in the room started flowing around the room, it was his one desire to meet his mother and I had kept him from it.

“Really well explain then, tell me more lies! Toy with my emotions some more I do not care! I used to think I could trust you Fire, I used to think you felt the same. Maybe we should stop kidding ourselves that kiss changed everything between us and then I find out you have been keeping this from me”!

Anger did not suit well on Danel’s soft features it made him ugly violent and scary for the first time in my life I found myself terrified of Danel Storm as his anger started to rise so did the short cruits and flickers of the lights I could see that the room across from us as their lights exploded into tiny pieces.

Suddenly my own anger started to spike against my better judgment my hair began to flicker and dance like a candle as I looked him and said, “You can not talk to me like that Danel Davis Storm!”

I stopped for a few seconds as hot tears started trailing down my face. “Don’t think for one second I do not care about you because lately you are the only one I have left with Water in a coma and the others going on missions I do not have anybody else”.

“Shut up! Danel shouted as he slapped me down to the ground volts of electricity shocking my cheek making my cheek burn, but as soon as my fire powers started up again the cheek began to heal. I breathed heavily as the burn disappeared.

Danel looked at his hands with horror and then looked back at me and then took a few steps back ” Fire, I’m sorry I do not know what came over me, I could not keep my promise I hurt you. I need to keep you safe, I need to leave”.

I looked at him sadly as he started heading for the door I hugged him from behind and then said, “Danel its okay you made a mistake it happens to ever-

“No not like this Fire, mistakes just do not hurt someone like that, people do and I hurt you. Fire you of all people know the importance of keeping your emotions in balance with your powers. I have to leave or I could blow the entire building”.

Danel said as he grabbed my hands and gently let them go with a distraught look on his face his mind reeling at what he had done with disgust and shame. Danel was torn between his anger at the long kept secret and his feelings for me. I could see his internal battle without having to use the connection.

Suddenly I knew what I had to do but did I have the courage to do it? Sure, it is one thing to say you love someone to your friends and family. But, to own up to it, to tell the very person you have feelings for how you feel leaves a very complicated situation to deal with.

Did I have enough strength to pull it off or will I run like all the other times we had been together?

“Danel I- I love you! Please don’t go.” I pleaded a moment of vulnerability hanging in the air, I felt exposed and shamed at myself for not telling him sooner. But, what could I do? Aurora had told me not to tell Danel that she was alive. I did not want to break her trust but, I also did not want to lose Danel’s either.

Danel stopped and turned around his face shocked and for a moment I saw a small smile form on his face but it vanished as quick as it came and all that was left was disappointment and grief.

He bit his lip and said, ” Now, is not the the time to tell me this Fire, not after what you have done. I have been looking for my mother since I left home she was the reason I wanted to become an officer and you kept this from me”.

I frowned and said, ” Your anger is justifiable but, it does not mean that what I did was wrong. Your mother told me not to tell you, she wanted to protect you, she made a lot of dangerous enemies we are not ready to fight. She was just looking out for you”.

Danel scoffed and said, “Since when do you listen to what people tell you, ever since you joined the force. You have build this code of honor, that you were not bound by the rule book but by the honor in your heart and those around you so why did you listen to her”!

I smiled and said, “Because Danel, your mother is the one who taught me that code that is the code of the Forest guardians before they had gotten a new leader around the time you were born it is because of that leader that she was banished”.

Suddenly a look of realization and excitement lit up on his face, as he smiled and said, “That’s it, if we find the leader we can ask them to reinstate her to call off her exile its perfect”!

I suddenly put all the pieces of what he was planning to do together and suddenly I shook my head and said, “No, do not even think about going to that summit everyone knows that the forest guardians live in the most heavily guarded area in Carden you are going to get yourself killed”!

Danel did a heroic poise and and then said, “No I’m not because, you are going to come with me!”

After a long drawn out pause, Danel dropped his heroic pose, and restored to begging. Which hardly ever works on me. When I was a little kid I was easily tricked into doing favors for people by begging now I have figured out a way to withstand begging.

“Ummm no I’m not”!

“I thought you said you love me”.

“Yes, what is your point”?

“If you truly love me you will go on this quest to help clear my mother’s name”.

I looked down at him as he bent down on his knees his hands pressed together has if praying me to accompany him. He was still upset with me. I could feel his emotions through my body, because of the connection we share. So, why does he want me to come with him if he is still upset with me? It makes no sense won’t he want to be as far away from me as possible?

As if reading my thoughts Danel stands up takes my hands in his and then looks at me and says, ” Because, this trip isn’t just about me, its about you as well, If you come with me you will be able to get your mind off of Water for a while and with John-John watching her she will be okay”.

I frowned and said, “Its too risky besides, John-John can barely take care of himself how is he going to take care of Water”?

Danel paused as if to think about it for a few seconds before settling with,“Because I believe in him, he is one of the best officers we have and he has a major crush on her. Besides, if you can’t believe in him at least believe in me”.

I smiled and then rolled my eyes, I took a deep breath and then sighed with defeat and said, ” Fine, I will go pack up my stuff”. I said trying to put on a look of disappointment and annoyance.

But, I knew that Danel could see through it. Because, I heard him chuckle with excitement as he picked me up and spun me around a couple of times before putting me back down to the ground.

I looked at him and then said, Danel we need to tell the others we are a team after all, besides if I’m going to be leader someday I need to lead the whole team not just you”.

Danel smirked and said, ” Sounds fair with the whole Team with us we can cover more ground besides Team Nature is more powerful together then apart”.

Suddenly Danel and I heard the shift of bed sheets as my father started to wake up from being meditated by the doctor he squinted his eyes for a few moments before his eyes adjusted to the lights in the hospital room.

When he saw Danel’s arms around my waist and my face close to his I could feel David’s cheeky smile from behind us. I blushed and let Danel go Danel and I both looked down at the ground with embarrassment.

David looked at me and said, ” I did not catch a lot of the conversation but, I did catch the last bit , Danel if you are planning on going to the summit you are going to need some of my old gear”.

Danel and I perked up. I wanted to know more about my father’s past and what kind of gear it was. I knew it was not lighting based because my father is a water user but, maybe he knew something I did not know about the water element.

Danel looked at him and said, “Exactly how can it help me, your a Water user, I’m lighting our powers are different aren’t they”?

David shook his head and then clicked his tongue ” Kids today, don’t know how to open up a science book. Haven’t you guys been paying attention when they taught you about your powers? In some areas of the world Water is a source of electricity meaning that Danel and I are one in the same”.

I looked at him and said, “That’s crazy that is like saying Water and I are the same. fire can create electricity too can’t it”?

David shook his head and said, “No, only Water and Wind, I guess in some instances if you make your flames as hot as the sun. You can create solar power but Fire to achieve that you need to have your emotions and your powers balanced”.

Danel looked at me with hope and said, ” But, its possible right, she could have powers like mine too”?

David nodded and said, “Absolutely. In some cases if a couple bonds they can share each other’s abilities as well, but since Fire is not used to lighting based attacks it might have unforeseen side effects to her body. Just like you are not used to fire based “.

I tried to comprehend what was happening my father giving us advice. My father. I know it might not seem like a big deal to other people but to me it means a lot my parents have been missing for ten years. Now, they are back and things have gotten more complicated especially since my parents were the ones who hid Aurora from Danel all these years.

" We are wasting time, we need to gather the rest of the team to fill them in on the mission and we also need to meet with her“. I pointed out dryly making Danel and my father look at me with surprise before their surprise melted into understanding and fear.

Danel nodded and said, “Understood. I will tell Mikie and anyone else who wants to join the search Mikie might not be part of team Nature but he is the best informant in the force we need his expertise”.

I smiled and said, ” Okay, I guess that leaves me with the chief”.

David shivered and said, ” Good luck that woman is insane I’m glad I did not have to work for her yet but, I have heard legends of her strict the methods”.

I looked at him and said, ” I will keep that in mind”. As I pulled the door handle and exited the room a little anxious. I have not actually met the current chief. When I left the Fire city there was someone else in command and now I have to do the grown up thing and meet my boss.

Danel and I looked at each other briefly. I wanted to say something but, all I managed to do was wet my lips with my tongue the burred words just waiting to be dug up as I tried to reconcile with him one last time. But, he shook his head and I hung my head with understanding and left the room.

He did not want to talk to me. He did not want to hear any excuses I knew now the only way to earn his forgiveness is by doing this quest for him even if it kills me.

I stepped out of the hospital and went towards the Precinct luckily it was fairly close the hospital. Unlike most of the ones on earth, ours was so vast that there were even levels that reached under ground.

Deep underground is where we keep our most dangerous prisoners people hardly go down there but I heard that my aunt Vicky was there shortly after Water and I left. Mrs. Daniels must have reported her abusive behavior towards me to warrant that arrest.

I sat in the waiting room after passing through security it took quite a while because my badge was registered for Earth city not Fire city. But, after a while the lady in the front desk let me in after I showed her my ID and felt ashamed for disrespecting the princess.

I could not help but feel a bit smug. As much as I hate my regal status it did have its perks from time to time. I always had access to the best weapons and gained a lot of helpful connections inside of the network.

The next few minutes had seemed longer then possible as I sat in the waiting room of the office. I tried distracting myself by looking at the clock but when I saw the hands moving all I felt was dread.

What if this woman was worse then Pam?

What if she secretly worked with Peteus?

Suddenly a small child maybe about eight or nine walked up to me she had her hands on her hips and I noticed the junior deputy badge of herself shivering in the sun light. I could not help but be impressed this tiny thing must pact quite a punch to be so high in the ranks already.

She went past grunt, junior grunt. And finally private. She had climbed up four levels. She must have noticed me looking at the badge because she rolled her eyes and let out a small huff as she held a clipboard and looked down at the list of people.

" Are you going to meet with her or just stare at me all day you are starting to creep me out”! she snapped back rudely as she tapped on her feet with impatience.

A part of me wanted to smack that kid for being a ungrateful brat but I held it my anger. Because I did not want her to deal with what I did as a child. Being beaten to the point where you felt worthless like nobody cared if you lived or died. I did not want to know that feeling every again so I decided to be the better person and fight fire with fire.

" It depends is she ready to meet me yet? Or are you going to go back into the room and tell ghost stories while braiding your hair!” I snapped back to my surprise the girl looked at me as if to process what I said. Then she giggled holding her hand on her mouth with uncontrollable laughter.

" Miss Wind will see you now”. She said as she finally sobered by from her laughter and slowly opened the door to the office where there was a wide extravagant hall way which lead to another door. I rolled my eyes and thought how big show offs the Ninja police core could be sometimes.

Then I remembered that the founder was a princess and this office was part of the old Castle that Tyra used to live in and this threshold is just one of the reminds that she existed.

There are no known files or records of her not even a portrait she just vanished without a trace they never found her body for all we know she could still be alive. Zelens can live for centuries if they took care of themselves carefully.

There is another explanation to her disappearance. there are rumors that Zelens have more then one life. That they can live on in another form and their past life gets sealed into the new form as a fail safe. A way to protect themselves.

When I made to the door and slowly turned it and gasped when I entered the room. The chief’s office was amazing with hide windows and a long oval like desk. A woman with long brown hair and deep pink eyes stared back at her she wore body armor and a long cape. I saw a sword off the side and a small fan on her belt.

" Greetings, I have heard a lot about you Fire please sit”. She said as she gestured to the chair across from her. I sat down the big gap between us and the table made me uncomfortable. But, I complied to her wishes she is my boss. I had to listen to her if I wanted to keep my badge.

" You are not happy”. She said with grief for a moment or two before smirking playfully. “No matter, I can help”. Suddenly she stands up and raises her hand and suddenly the room magically goes from a business office to a living room . And I found myself sitting in a green love seat instead of a uncomfortable meeting chair.

" Whoa how did you-” I said with amazing a moment ago this place was a convergence room it was boring and tasteless before but, now it was bright inviting and comfortable.

" I’m an environment shifter I can change the area around me into anything I desire I just have to think of a mood, and I can create it and bend it to my will”.

" Can I learn how to do that is it something that you have to be born with? I asked. I wanted to change a room depending on my mood even if it is just to make the walls a different color it would make it more interesting.

" It is a magic you can learn yes, but it is difficult I also have some psychic powers and I sense that you did not come here for pleasantries”. She said as she sat with her fingers pressed together.

I gulped her mood shifts and changes like the wind. One minute she is happy and inviting and the next she is powerful and intimidating.

" So, you want to help find out who banished Aurora. News travels fast here especially when you have the connections I have. Unfortunately, I can not allow a unregistered officer like you to leave on your own”.

“Okay, I understand but what else can I do? I can’t just let Danel go alone by himself its dangerous”! I screamed out with desperation and worry I realized that I had snapped a little too harshly once again I had no filter and seemed to have let my anger get to me.

Surprisingly she did not threaten to steal my badge or snap back she just titled her head with surprise and a small smirk on her face, she looked into my eyes and said, “You care for him”. It was was a question it was like she knew what was inside my head.

" Yes, I can’t let him go by himself I lost my sister I do not want to lose him too”. I said with realization and devastation. I had never really grasped what Danel was to me before. At first I thought my confession was because I wanted him to forgive me but then I realized how true it was.

I love him. I love Danel Storm. I do not know how long when it happened but, I had some how gained deep feelings. Real deep feelings. That must be why I was so against the marriage it had nothing to do the royal court. I was scared of marriage because I was afraid to love. Afraid to open my heart and somehow Danel broke my barrier.

" Look there has got to be something you can do”...Surely this is a special circumstance”. I said trying to keep calm normally you would have to take a exam to register for a a different badge.

If you became a officer in another city like I did. It does not matter if you were born in a different city you still had to take the test but I do not have time. I had to make sure Danel did not go alone.

" I do not have time to take the test this is considered a high class mission so consider this my test. If I come back alive then I get the badge and if I don’t you can suspend me or strip me of my ranking just do not let him go alone”. I said

Suddenly, Aurora and Austin burst into the room with distraught looks on their faces they must have ran a great distance because they were sweating and their breath was uneven.

" Hey guys why the rush what is going on”? I asked with worry and a bit of realization on why they might be here crossed my mind but, I hoped that my instincts were wrong for once. Suddenly I got a jolt of pain at my side forcing me to go down on my knees.

“Its Danel he’s gone, I came back into the hospital room and he was not there, David told us of the conversation you had with him he must have left by himself”! Aurora said with worry she just got him back she did not want to loose her son again.

Suddenly I got a vision of Danel in the woods surrounded by Peteus’s men and one their paralysis arrows piercing the side of his stomach. I took deep breaths as I started loosing the feeling in my legs.

“Fire”! Aurora and Austin said as they rushed over to my aid they grabbed on to my shoulder and tired to rest me on the couch sweat dripping down my forehead as I struggled to breath. “D-Danel.” I breathed out before I passed out due to lack of hydration.

Suddenly a volt of electricity shot through the room. Aurora and Austin jumped back with surprise holding on to each other and ducking their heads. They looked at each other with shock.

" Was-was that lightning”?!

The last thing I saw was the blinking lights of the room before everything went black.

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