The Creation of Fire

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Blind Lightning

By the time I came to it was nightfall. I woke up in daze it hurt to open my eyes when I blinked and opened them I felt a sharp pain that forced my eyes to shut. I could seem to move either. I was suspended in deep thought as my consciousness tried to keep up with my sudden awakening.

I looked around the room at all I saw was darkness. I tried to remember what happened yesterday but nothing could seem to come to me. All I remembered was the vision I had of Danel being surrounded and captured by Peteus’s men.

He got hit with paralysis darts then lost consciousness and because of the connection we share I felt the effect of the darts too. Memory loss is a side effect of the darts it will take a while for our bodies to move again and then once the darts wear off our memory will return.

As I began to become more alert I felt panic sink in. Danel was in Trouble and I can not do anything to save him. If I’m waking up from the darts then so did he. I tried to sit up but felt a wave of pain forcing me down again.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you, you should know the side effects of the darts by now. Loss of time, extreme pain, hallucinations and hearing loss.“.

I tried to move but, I was chained down. I struggled against the chains but, in my state there is no way I can use my zelen strength to break free not without the risk of feeling that burning sensation in my body again.

" Who are you and how do I know you are not a hallucination”? I asked weakly as I tired not to cry out but, the pain was so intense that it seemed almost impossible and I screamed out with agony.

“You don’t. But, I assure you I’m real.”

" Just calm down you need a shot to counteract the pain, and I can not do that if you are moving. You tried to get out of bed to help the Storm boy but I stated you.”

“Who are you”?

Suddenly the dark room flickered to life as the lights came on. I looked at the one face I had not seen for ten years. She looked hesitant to look at me but I did not have to stare at her in the face to know who she was.

I sat up and looked towards the wall with disgust. “What are you doing here”?

The Woman sighed and said, “Fire, do not act like that, I’m sorry of how I treated you it was not right. But, allow me a chance again please”.

I frowned and said, “I’m sorry but I do not think I can forgive you Aunt Vicky you abused me treated me like trash”.

For a moment the room felt cold. The tension was creeping through the room stealing the unforgivable silence that I once had. It was bad enough I had no idea where I was but, I also had to be stuck with the person that scared me physically and emotionally, that is not something a simple ‘sorry’ could ever fix.

She stepped closer with a unreadable expression. I flinched as she came closer with every moment of her steps came painful memories and forgotten feelings I thought I had died and buried but, apparently they weren’t.


“Why did you hit me auntie?!”

“Because you a disgrace, you a freak of nature and nobody loves you, no body will ever love you”!

“Fire what are you doing?”

“Folding the towels like you told me to see perfect triangles like you wanted”!

" No, they are all wrong do them again, or I will make you”.

“Why are you treating me like this”?

“How dare you raise your voice at me”!

“Why doesn’t she love me what did I do wrong maybe she’s right maybe no one will ever love me, I don’t deserve it”.

“Fire, look at you you’re all grown up, when they told me you were I could not believe it, I had to see it for myself. you look so much like your mother its unbelievable to resemblance is remarkable”.

She said as she began to raise her hand towards my face, but I stopped her my eyes blazing with anger as I withdrew her hand and glared at her.

“Don’t touch me, I do not need your help! I’m a healer I can heal myself”! I said with fury that my hair started to dance like a candle and my eyes turned from electric blue to radioactive glowing blue.

With severe pain, and extreme effort I managed to stand up and take her hand and throw her on the ground. I know I’m not thinking straight, I know this wrong. I know what it feels like to be hated and judged for your past, I did not have time for her I had to save Danel.

" I know, I was the one who taught you healing magic remember, that was before I snapped, before I lost your mother and my own daughter, thankfully I still have my husband Ron and your sis-”

I cut her off before she could say Sister. I had forgotten about my Cousin Wind. She was barely two when she was captured and turned into one of the minions I have not met her yet, but I doubt she remembers ever having a family or what her mother and father were like. Pelgue probably told her she was her mother and all her teammates were her brothers and sisters that were chosen for some mistical purpose.

“Water’s in a coma and my parents have been alive all this time, they were captured by Peteus and tortured and now Peteus has my- Well, I do know what he is quite yet. I don’t know if were are friends,lovers, soulmates, betrothed, teammates, whatever he is important to me I have to save him”!

Vicy just smiled and shook her head a noglactic smile on her face, as she recalled how David acted when she and Heather dated. David had swore he would not settle down, that Heather was just another passing thing after all bonds only work if the person had found their soulmate and David had kissed many girls and thought Heather would be no different.

" Well, I guess I was wrong, I’m glad that I was. I was worried for some time that you took all those words to heart, you had found love, love changes you it makes you feel like yourself but, at the same time someone else, someone you never knew existed”.

“At first I did, I had thought they were true for a long time, but then I bonded with someone and I realized that those words were not true, I did find love and I was not a freak of nature I was just special..“.

I said as I thought back to how I was when I first met Danel a few months ago after not having seen him in years, how conceited and vain I was. As it only been a few months? it feel like it was ages ago I was staring at the ceiling waiting for the feast, that I had helped Danel heal his leg and he came to rescue me from Peteus’s lair even though I managed to escape on my own.

Suddenly my legs started to tremble and gave out on me, I winched as I fell to the floor, I tried to stand back up but, I felt extreme pain when I tried to walk. Vicky rushed to my aid wrapped my arm around her shoulders helping me walk out of the room.

" I will take you back to the hospital, I took you to my healing center because they did not know how to treat a paralysis dart but, I did. I’m sorry about your friend I’m sure Cheif Wind will send in troops to find him”.

“That will take too long, I can assemble my team and we can go find him, we can’t afford to waste anymore time”.

“Fire don’t be stupid, you can barely walk, let along fight, you are weak you have to stay in the hospital for at least three weeks before you can even think about a rescue mission”.

I tried to stand on my own but I stumbled and slipped before I could fall to the ground Vicky catches me and shook her head, “Still a rebel I see, and yet, they allowed you to become a cop you are a walking contradiction Fire its hard to figure what to do with you”.

I snickered a bit and said, “Yeah, that’s probably true”.

Even though it pained me greatly I knew I could not rescue Danel yet, Aunt Vicky was right. I’m no good Danel wounded I had to go back to the hospital and suffer through cabbage soup and sprouts. How that helped paralysis I will never know.

Meanwhile, at Peteus’s lair. A young man was chained with his hands above his head they managed to make a special shot to keep his pain secret from Fire which he was secretly grateful about. He did not want Fire to know how badly tortured he was.

His name was Danel Storm. He was Fire’s soulmate and secret crush. She was afraid of feeling anything towards him because she was unsure if he felt the same and because there job was very dangerous. They could become a target. He guessed that is what he was now the bait. Danel hoped Fire was smarter than that.

Because of the darts there connection was not as strong so, he could not tell how she was feeling. Was she crying? Did she feel the effects of the darts before they managed to force feed him some drink to keep him from connecting with Fire?

He was breathing became shallow and hard. They had took of his shirt and started whipping him, the lashes of blood were trailing down his chest and all along his back. He was blindfolded so he could not see anything. He was there new guinea pig, they had already tested on Water, Fire and Crisis now they wanted see how strong he was.

“Wow, his recovery rate is remarkable already his bruises are starting to yellow he must be very powerful”....a unidentified voice whispered, but because of his electric powers he could amplify his hearing.

“Or because of his bond with the girl, she has incredible power I fought her once, I barely survived from one punch”. a guard said

" I thought it was because they bonded, he should have inherited her healing and fire powers by now ” The other guard said

“Your both wrong its because he is the son of the rainbow guardian she has color spectrum power from the tree of power the tree that gives us the powers on this planet its as long as time itself”. ...

Both the guards gasped in recognition and bowed at the young woman Danel could not see her. But, he knew that voice. He shivered at the sound. Echo she was here. He had not seen her since Fire had defeated her a few months ago.

“Its too bad she is into that purple haired bitch, he has such a handsome face but, its what he gets for choosing the wrong side”.. She said cooly Danel heard her high heels click along the floor towards him. He gulped and sweated knowing about her telepathic abilities trying to keep his features calm.

“Where is Fire Danel, I know you have been listening in to us, so tell me are you and Fire married now did you guys live Happily ever after”?She taunted as she stroked his face.

He tried to resist the urge to spit on her as she moved a long knife down his chest he winched inwardly but did not show it on his face he would not give her the satisfaction of his screams.

“Oh not into it are you, I figured you were into masochism after seeing the amount of times Fire punches you, you know that if you were my soulmate i would never push you away. ”

“Never”! Danel shouted out he might not see her but, he knew she was to his left due to her overpowering perfume she used. She wore too much it made him want to puke he liked the smell of burned lavender and calming scorched strawberry like Fire.

“Besides once you’re bonded with someone you can not another soulmate I read about it hundred times”. Danel said weakly

Echo looked at him in shock even when he was injured he still was able to make his snarky comments it astounded her. Apparently Fire was starting to influence on him it pissed her off greatly.

Echo growled and said, “Oh yeah where’s your perious bond now, its not going to work now is it?”

Suddenly Danel felt anger rage inside of him, it was not his though this aurora was hotter and more chaotic. The drink it was wearing off! Danel tried to resist laughing in triumph as he felt his strength coming back.

He concentrated his aroura on the chains volts of electricity zoomed out of his body and traveled towards the chain links. The chains shortcurited and exploded Danel was free he stretched his hands with a smirk.

But, he still had a problem. The blindfold. This blindfold was no ordinary blindfold, it was made of some kind special fabric because he tried to pull it off and it just tightened. Great, how was he supposed to fight her if he can’t see her?

Echo looked at him with shock at first, but then the shock melted into laughter as she watched Danel struggle with the blindfold. Nice, try Storm that is blindfold trap. Blindfold traps are blindfolds enchanted with a special magic the more you struggle the tighter it gets...she thought

Danel suddenly felt a surge of energy travel to his eyes. He could see! But, how? Then he noticed that he could only see red silhouettes he could see Echo’s body shape and hear her heartbeat. What is this power inside of him he felt good...he felt warm

Echo gasped as flames engulfed his body. A orange crystal formed on his forehead with a D on it. Volts of electricity and fire caused a strong wind whip through the room.

Echo frowned it appears that their bond has returned but she was not going to let him escape. She raised her hands and waved her shockwaves towards him. Danel ducked them with a smirk on his face and then shot a volt of electricity at her.

“What’s the matter don’t think you can take on a blind guy”? Danel taunted as he ran towards her and punched her in the face, she dodged him and kicked him down the ground and pulled him in a choke hold.

“No I think I’m perfectly capable but, thanks for asking”. she said back as she snapped his neck and then carried him on her back and used his arm to slam him the ground.

Danel screamed in pain, as he tried to snap his neck in place, as he tried to grab her from behind. Echo avoided his attack and then shot a shockwave at his face.

" You may have her power but, I doubt you know how to use them, Fire’s powers are close range and how can you hit me if you can’t see me”? Echo said as she waved shockwaves at him he managed to summer suit out the way and side to the side to avoid them before they exploded.

Danel panted as he wiped his forehead it was hard to fight Echo without his sword or his eyes but somehow he was doing fairly well. FIre always complains she does not have the Zelen superior bone structure he and the rest of his team had inherited.

But, he would rather have her super strength what Fire does not realize is that Zelens are never born with both it was one or the other. Either they can take a hard fall or can lift 50 cars with one hand there has never been Zelen with both.

Until Now. Because of their Bond he got her powers and her strength. Echo as still crazy strong. Fire barely beat her the first time and that was after beating up a bunch of guys before battling Echo.

Fire still has not unlocked her true potential. He could fell all the untapped power of hers. It was truly a out of body exprince.

" I will figure it out somehow”. Danel said in between breaths as he closed his eyes and then took a deep breath and ran towards her as he could in his state he saw her move a way and jump in the air, Danel ran up and kicked her down to the ground and grabbed her and threw to the ground.

“Fire and I are connected more then before I could feel her power flow through me... with the strength of the Storm clan and the intelligence of the Crystal clan there is no way I can loose I refuse!“....he thought

I kept letting my thoughts linger towards Danel if he was okay. I was worried about his safety and what Peteus wanted with him.

If only there was a way to contact him then I remembered that we have bonded, we are soul mates, all I had to do was concentrate and then I could speak to him. I could figure out where Peteus was keeping him.

Never have felt more thankful for our connection until now. Danel saved me once now it’s my turn to save him. The doctors told me to take it easy my mind could be unstable because of the dart but I can’t just sit here and hope for a miracle I need to save Danel now.

I escaped late at night when most of the doctors left I grabbed my clothes and scaled down the window using extra bed sheets lying near the room.

The first person I asked to come was Sisube she raised a eyebrow and then says,” Fine I will help save your boyfriend but you owe me one Crystal”.

I frowned I do not her anything Sisube is closer towards my sister then she is towards me mostly because she has known Water the longest.

She tried to attack my father, told me I should have stayed with my abusive aunt, and has given me a cold shoulder on a number of occasions.

But, she also taught me how to fight, defended my honor when Sarbe pressured me into becoming more like her.

Sisube and I understood each other we both have problems fitting in following orders and communicating socially she has become one my closest friends.

“Okay what do you want”? I asked in defeat as I gripped on my Jean pocket I had to hurry before Danel got seriously hurt. I shifted uncomfortably.

“I want to teach you how to use a element sword. You are in control of your fire powers. Now that you unlocked your second power you need someone to teach you how to control it.”

“You would do that why would you help me?”

“Because whether I want to admit it I have to you befriended me when I was in a dark place. While everyone was afraid of me and it means alot.”

I looked at her with surprise it is not very often that Sisube shows her soft side she only lowers her cold demeanor around people she trusts.

I never thought I would ever get acknowledgement from her.

It took years for Sarbe and Ying to get a smile out of her and yet I managed to get her to talk in a matter of weeks. Granted we had known each other for a long time.

But, I have not seen her in years and Sisube is not one to trust someone on a whim so why would she want to help me it makes no sense. I mean I feel honored and touched at the thought of Sisube trusting me.

“Why would you want to help me”?

“Because, you changed me ever since our fight in the academy I kept thinking back to what you said about emotions and friendship being a strength and I think you are right”.

Sisube said as she looked down at her wrapped stomach and touched the bandage. She looked back up at me and said, ” The reason why I keep failing is I have no idea what I’m fighting for anymore. I thought, I was fighting to prove to my family I was not a emotionless killer and that is exactly what I became and I feel sick about it”.

I frowned Sisube was one of our best fighters she usually always knows what she is fighting for and if she looking sight of what is important then what is stopping a guy like Danel from loosing faith. How long as he suffered since he has been captured?

I smiled and said, ” Let’s go find the others and save our friend together”.

Sisube nodded, ” I will train you to handle lighting powers and you will teach me how to be more open with my feelings”.

I smirked and said, “What brought this on is it perhaps the gothic princess in love I teased as I nudged her in the shoulder. Sisube blushed and then bit her lip.

So, I gathered the others and we headed out to seek Danel, I knew that it was going to be tough but we would never sign up to be on this job if we wanted to be pampered all our lives. All the members of Team Nature are lords,ladies and princesses that were tired of all their corruption and decided to do something about it.

I may not always know what I want. But, I know one thing for concern i was going to save Danel with or without the approval of the higher ups go ahead and steal my badge I would still help the weak and helpless but, I can not just stand by and watch people get killed.

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