The Creation of Fire

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Power Struggle

Danel was in the middle of a battle with Echo Strong one of the most confusing enemies he ever had the pleasure of meeting. Some days Echo acts like she supports Peteus, other days where it seems like she wants him stopped, and there are others where her intentions matched up with the ninja police core.

She is a neutral party that just so happened to be on Peteus’s side this time around. She had blinded him with a special blindfold that tightens the more you take it off. Danel is now relying on his sense of hearing and smell to track her moments.

The powers he had gotten from Fire using their bond did not last long enough for him to win the battle. Either that or he just did not have the control to perform fire based attacks. So, far the battle has been one-sided he is mostly dodging and evading her attacks. Echo uses supersonic sound waves, and concussion waves that are more deadly the farther they get.

So, despite having lighting powers and a knack for swordplay the battle is completely unfair. He had gotten a couple of punches in but for the most part she has done the most damage. Echo was fast and used her sonic waves to teleport in different directions he had to focus his powers into his ears to give him enchanted hearing.

Echo was darting around the room in different directions laughing as she mocked him. ” Come is this really all you got where did all that power you had before”? her voice echoed through the ceiling of the dungeon, Danel concentrated more power into his ears but it was pointless he could not tell where she was with his hearing from that height.

Thinking things through was not going to him this time around. To get Echo he had to think like Fire. Impulsive, rash, and does not give up even when the odds are stacked against her. Danel concentrated again trying to force the connection to open again, using the fire powers into his eyes to give him the inferred vision again.

But, just like before it worked for a few seconds only for the spark to fall flat. Danel sighed in defeat. It was no use... he was not going to win. Danel felt down on one knee his hands trembling as his head lowered towards the ground.

Echo took her moment to strike the side of Danel’s stomach. Danel screamed in pain as a pool of blood spilled on the ground. Danel clutched his side as he struggled to stay stable, he darted his eyes around the room trying to find Echo he went to stand as he clutched his side but he fell in the pool of blood face first.

Danel lifted his head that was now covered in blood, he gagged as he tried to clean his face. He managed to gain his bearings again. But, Echo used her sonic screams to make his ears ring making his balance slip once again. He remained hunched over with his hands on the ground, his hands were shaking and once again he was the shy scared boy he was when he was a child.

Maybe deep down he never really changed he was still a coward, he was too afraid to face his feelings of Fire or even convince her to give them a chance, he just let her figure it out on her own. Brave men don’t do that, brave men confront their feelings. He was weak.

“Get up Danel! What are you so afraid of “?! A voice from the past called out making him gasp at the memory. It was back when he was younger, back when he was a shy meek kid with overly destructive powers he had no control over. It was never a good sign for a weak shy kid to have powers like lightning.

The very fact he had powers, to begin with, was a miracle. When Danel was born he was a power defect, a zelen without powers is a zelen destined to be mocked, cast out from society destined to be homeless. Not many people will hire a zelen without powers unless they had something else to offer and when Danel was a small child, he was shy, weak, and cowardly.

So, the day he got his powers was quite a shock especially since his eighth birthday was approaching young zelens have until they are ten years old to get their powers or they will remain a power defect. Some try to take the S.H.O.T a needle designed to implant powers into the body but the procedure was risky and at Danel’s age, he could have died.

One of the people who believed him, and pushed him beyond his limits was Fire, it took her a while to succeed in training, but, once she did. She became one of the best recruits in the boot camp. Nature had pushed their small bodies to past their limits and even crossed a few barriers past crazy and insane to make them as strong as they were now.

If Fire were here she would not give up she would gladly give her life to make sure, that Echo is stopped and so will he. Fire would also scan her surroundings to see what she could use as an advantage against Echo.

Danel looked around the room to find anything that might be a weapon to use against Echo. Danel grinned when saw that the chains that subdued his powers earlier had wires hooked around the lights as if the machine got its fuel from the electricity in the building.

He also noticed the room was shaped like a dome and had a layer of glass on the ground that protected the room from the sewer system on the bottom. The room that he was kept in looked like an old wishing well with a big hole on the top where he could see the night sky.

It was then that Danel realized that he got his heat vision back, once he calmed down his self-doubt disappeared and the connection between him and Fire reopened and he was able to use Fire’s powers again.

The Heat vision mixed with his lighting powers gave him a full clear vision. He did not know how long it would last before he would be blind again so, he had to make this count.

I was starting to get impatient. I had gone door to door asking for help from everyone I know only to be turned down because they knew that going behind the chief’s back might cause them to lose their badge. People would rather keep their jobs than risk their life to free a friend.

It burned me up in every way possible. My purple hair flaring with frustration as I stopped my foot so hard that the ground shook for a few seconds. When did they become so prideful? I remembered a time when Ying and the others went behind the Chief’s back all the time and now suddenly they do not want to help Danel?

When did the council sink their teeth into the bond of Team Nature? I guess its Team Fire now. I could not help but swallow back the tears. I am now legally old enough to lead the team. Grandma Nature had told me in the hospital she was going to retire in a week and with Water still in a coma it was up to me.

But, I’m not sure what to do. Water always told me how to think and what to do all the time. She always reminded everyone about the rules of our core and seemed to have a natural knack to rule while I rush ahead and do not even think about the consequences of my actions.

It is easy for me to give Danel speeches about confidence and doing what’s right but when it comes time for me to act I freeze. I’m a hypocrite and a liar. I toyed with Danel’s feelings and made him think that I was leading him on. Most of the time I have no idea what I’m feelings let alone how to deal with other people’s feelings.

All I know was that I genuinely like Danel, I can’t lose him after all these years I finally understand why being around Danel makes me feel good. Why he is the only one I can truly be myself. To him I’m more than just a princess or an officer I love him. After this, I want him to know that confession I made was real.

“Fire, they are just scared you need to give them something to believe in, something to root for. You might think you are not good enough to lead, but you are part of a long line of rulers I believe that you can do it”. Sisube said

We stood outside of Sarbe’s door somehow she earned enough money during missions to get her own apartment and move out of the Storm clan mansion. we were waiting for her to get ready and I could not wait around all night I had to go and save Danel.

As the tears fell I wonder how I have to be so sensitive, why do I always cry, I hate it when my powers are unbalanced it makes it hard to control my emotions and I start to loose control and set stuff on fire.

The trees behind the gate of the apartment start catching on fire, and I take a few steps back and suck in the flames. As soon as the fire went out I let out a small burp of electricity causing a short circuit on the power box.

The entire neighborhood started to loose power and I felt myself curse in frustration. My powers have been going a wire all day. Normally, I’m able to have some control but these new lighting powers are messing with my body causing my flames to be supercharged.

“Sisube, how long did it take you to control your powers? You offered me training and it would be rude to turn it down so can you help me”? I said shyly as I waited for the black and green haired teen to respond.

Sisube sighed and said, “Fire, it took me years to get as good as I am, I’m not saying its impossible to learn how to do gain control at a faster rate. But, Fire the reason why you have such a hard time controlling your powers is because you have so much untapped potential.”

I sighed with frustration and defeat. There it was again, that same old speech about the untapped potential, this was like all those fiction novels I read about the hero defying the odds and become one with their body and spirit and finally unlocking the power within.

As much as I wanted to believe that one day I could achieve that kind of strength too I can’t, I just couldn’t see it. Not with how things ended up I wanted to believe in myself. To believe I’m this special hero everyone wants me to be, but sometimes you have to know when you are defeated.

Sisube sighed and said, “Fire I do not have to read minds to see the doubtful look on your face, but I’m telling you that if you sulk around and feel sorry for yourself nothing, I repeat nothing will ever change; Unless you do something about it!

I frowned and said, “How can you be so sure”? I was unsure what to think in this moment before my sister’s coma Sisube and me never really talked that much, we are both regarded as the anti-social members of the team and were looked an upon as outcasts in team Nature because of it. I guess you could say we never really had to speak to each other to understand how each other felt.

Sisube looked conflicted unsure how to respond to my question as she averted her gaze towards the ground and took her double edged sword out and started to practice with it, her movements graceful and serene as her feet moved with the blade as if she were dancing.

For a while, I could not help but be captivated by her movements. Sisube has done nothing but train her whole life and it shows in her movements they were not to fast and not to slow, I could easily see what she was doing and I could not help but practice my moves as well moving in time with hers.

As we moved in sync and faced one another Sisube took a few steps back, she lowers her sword as she finally works up the courage to look up. “Fire, there is something I should have told you and the others a long time ago, I’m sure you have heard many different versions of this story but, I want you to hear it from me”.

I sat down on the curb of the street waiting for her to speak, my legs stretched out on the side of the street with my face looking back at her my hair glowing like a candle the flickers of the strands being the only light source in the neighborhood because of the blackout.

Sisube sat on my right as she looked up at the stars for a split second before she looked into my blue eyes and said,

“Echo and I used to be friends when we were kids, but one day that all changed, she changed. She betrayed me and started to attack me, many people came in and out of my life but when Echo left mine it hurt the most. She was the only one who ever truly accepted me for who I am.

“The day we met, was the best day of my life,it is no secret that there is a lot of dark myth and legends surrounding the Firebolt clan. When you live in a clan that wear all black and take pleasure in people’s pain, you learn to live with it, People fear my clan for their dark methods. Many People believe that Firebolt clan is descended from demons.

I personally do not know if it is true or not. But, because of that legend. People would often ambush me when I played in the park, the kids would follow their parents lead and throw things at me anything they could think of trash,rocks, glass it did not matter because, I was not a person to them, to them, I was a monster.“..She said bitterly

I gaped at her story her story is not that different from mine, except for Echo’s betrayal. Despite being abused as a child by my aunt. I never really felt the sting of betrayal. Even when Yang turned evil, I knew it wasn’t really her that she was possessed but with Echo, it is easy to see she choose her dark path.

“I guess you can say meeting Echo was the best and worst thing that has ever happened to me”..Sisube added hesitantly I could see the inner turmoil on her face as she spoke. I was not used to seeing Sisube so emotional she usually walks around with a blank look on her face and a sword in her hand. I had no idea she cared this much pain.

I pulled her towards me and hugged her and said, “You can tell me the rest of the story later if you want, I can tell that this is hard for you Sis you do not have to share if you do not want to”. I said softly as I patted her back.

Sisube nodded and said, ” Do not think I’m going soft Crystal, training with me is not going to be easy”.she said with a smirk as she pulled away from my hug and looked at me.

I played along with her by saying, ” I never expected anything less from you Sisube just know that sparing with me is not going to be easy either”.

Sisube and I stared at each other seriously before we burst out laughing clutching each other’s shoulders for support. We laughed for a while before we were caught off guard by the sound of the door opening.

Sisube and I turned around and saw Sarbe rushing towards us in her usual battle attire if I could even call it that with her navy blue mini shirt with yellow trimming with a brain symbol and a matching skirt with fishnets that showcased her body from the neck down.

“Guys, sorry it took so long I was trying to restore the power in my house and I finally fixed it I was in the middle of taking a shower when my house suddenly went dark”! She said with shock and irritation

I scratched the back of my neck and said, “Yeah about that, it was me I lost control of my powers and the neighborhood blacked out”.. sorry about that”. I said sheepishly as I looked up at the black and blue haired beauty

Sarbe laughed and said, “You really out did yourself, this time, Fire”!

I looked at her with a sheepish grin and said, “Yeah sorry about blowing out the power in your neighborhood Sarbe”.

Sarbe looked at me seriously as she got closer towards me and forced my head to turn the opposite direction towards the direction of downtown. I immediately felt my mouth drop with shock. I Did not just blow up her neighborhoods power all of the Fire city is now in a blackout.

Sisube walked towards Sarbe and I and then laughed as soon as she saw the ridiculous look on my face as I looked at the black city. Sisube patted my back as I sobbed with embarrassment and shame knowing that if disobeying orders did not get me fired then causing the fire city into a blackout sure will.

“Fire your powers have been out of control before but not this bad do you know what is causing it”? Sarbe asked with as she looked at me with worry she felt my forehead but unfortunately my body runs hotter than the average Zelen most fire types do. So, her hand burns when her hand comes in contact with my crystal.

I sigh as I looked at her like a disapproving parent and said, ” You really need to stop that there is a reason I never let anyone touch me I could have severely burned you Sarbe”. That is why I wear gloves to protect others not myself”.

Sarbe whimpered as I wrapped her hand and then looked over at the horizon towards Peteus’s lair. Somewhere out there was Danel and I was going to find him but I know I can’t do it alone.

" Listen, I know I might not be the best leader Team Nature has had but I’m all we got, Danel is out there somewhere and we are going to find him. Because I’m Fire and he’s lighting we are both the same and different all at once”. I need him back because he is my soulmate and I love him”.

I said with conviction I maybe insecure and unsure of my ability to lead but, for once I did not care, I was determined to bring Danel back home. But, I knew that there will be a whole army waiting for us. Sarbe and Sisube are powerful but, they are not enough to break through all the people Peteus’s has taken control over.

Sarbe nodded and said,” I will go with you Fire if sometimes happened to Arian I know I would rescue him in a heart beat, and Sisube would save Mikie even though she might be too proud to admit it.” Sarbe said as she nudged Sisube in the shoulder making Sisube roll her eyes with annoyance before looking away with a slight smirk on her face.

Sisube frowned as she looked at the sky. Once thing the rest of Team Nature always admire about Sisube is her ability to read the time through the night sky, while others would carry a phone or a watch, Sisube relies on her natural trained instincts she learns in her clan. So, I knew that her looking at the sky with a frown is not a good sign.

“Well, if we are going to gather a team we should do it fast its almost nine the city gates close at eleven to warn off trespassers and only people with high clearance can get out after that”...Sisube said bitterly as she pointed at the position of the moon from the sky.

“We are going to need to break her out of prison we could use her tracking magic and unfortunately Ying still has not learned it yet, so we have no choice if Peteus’s weapon is Echo we are going to have to fight crazy with insane”. Sarbe said with hesitation and disgust she might have been one of her first friends but Yang is no longer sane enough to join them on missions, but she knew this was a special case.

I smiled and said, “Well, I’m already at risk of losing my job for even saving Danel without a registered badge...So, what’s the harm in a prison break? I might have someone else in prison besides Yang we could use”...

Sisube shook her and said, “No,no No”! She repeated with protest..took a deep breath and continued,“I draw the line at Yang, but your aunt Vicky the one who abused you as a child! Why would you want to break her out prison? It took us forever to find the evidence to lock her up all of us put her there for you”!

I looked at her with caution and raised my hands in defensively knowing Sisube’s unpredictable temper and said calmly,“Listen I do not like this situation any more than you do but, she has healing magic that can possibly wake Water up from her coma and heal Crisis enough for her to help us”.

Sisube glared at me but then sighed with defeat “Okay, I guess she would be of some help to us but if she tries to harm you I will slice her throat to pieces with my double-edged sword”.

I smiled and said, “Seems fair, come on guys we have prisoners to break out”! I said as I waved my hand for them to follow me as I marched towards the direction of the hospital where the prison laid underground.

I looked up at the sky and said, “Don’t worry Danel I’m coming”.

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