The Creation of Fire

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The collapse of a plan

The wind was cold and merciless as Sisube, Sarbe and I snuck passed the guards of the prison. I knew the ricks of breaking them out, But what choice did I have? With Danel in danger and none of my teammates around to help we have to rely on the blind trust criminals thrust for freedom is greater then their need to return to crime.

But, it is the only option we have if I tell the sensei what is going they are likely going to report back to the chief and my badge could be taken away for subordination and cavorting with criminals. They will also think I’m playing favoritism, by releasing my cousin and my foster aunt from the underground prison. Which, happens to be heavily guarded and surrounded by who knows how many barrier spells and traps.

As soon as we reached the precinct we walked past the main hall and then tried to look as causal as possible. Sisube always walked around with a air of indifference so hiding her emotions was nothing knew.

But, for Sarbe and I it was a bit of a challenge. While, Sarbe tried to distract herself by humming to herself, as we walked through the halls towards the elevator, Sisube just gave anyone a calculated stare; if they tired to look even the slightest bit suspicious. I glanced at Sisube and tried to mirror her look of indifference trying to not look too nervous.

“Stop fidgeting. Stand up tall and face forward that is the key to confidence”. Sisube whispered towards me as she straightened out my poster by putting my shoulders back and straightened my back to face forward.

I gulped as a few officers entered the elevator in their uniforms. Which is a formfitting body suit of armor with their badge on the shoulder with their ID number imprinted in the front.

The reason none of the teenage officers have uniforms is because we have to earn the uniform through a act of heroics. Usually by saving a lot of people from a burning building, or surviving conflict in war, saving a comrade.

Some officers never earn their uniform. Most, of the Core do not really wear it unless it is for calendar photos or special occasions.

“Okay, I said nervously as I ran my fingers through my dark purple hair and tired my best to stand straight. Despite being a princess I never really had my princess lessons. Grandma Nature always meant to teach Water and I those things. But, our real training as officers of the law got in the way.

Grandma knows I’m happier fighting on the battlefield covered in mud and blood then inside some palace being bathed in riches.

Besides, nowadays being royalty is not such a big deal. At this point being royalty in Carden means being symbol of the past, a bean of hope to help ease people. To distract people from finding out just how messed up the world is.

We are just around to look good and promote good morals we are not around to lead much. The real power is in the hands of the council. Pam knows this, and uses it to rule Fire city with a iron fist. Pam in case you forgot, is the leader of the royal court. The same royal court that forced Danel and I to get married to spite me.

Despite Pam not knowing I already liked Danel and only pretended to hate him to protect him from getting evolved with my mess with the royal court.

Look how well that turned out. He is being beaten to death or tortured by Peteus’s men or worse Echo. I barely won against her, because I accidentally found out about her fear of seeing her own blood. She does not fear blood itself because I know for a fact that she has killed people in cold blood. Which, is why we have to get Yang and Vicky and hurry over there fast or else Danel might die.

“You are thinking about him aren’t you I can see it on your face”. Sarbe said sadly as she looked at me as took my gloved hand and squeezed it and then pulled me in for a hug. Normally, I’m not big on hugs in fact I usually flinch when people try to hug me. Because, I get memories of Aunt Vicky abusing me as a child. Giving me in a false sense of security by pretending to have a change of heart, and then beat me mercilessly. I eventually stopped failing for it.

I felt a few tears fall down my face,“It was my fault, If I had just told him everything as soon I saw him back at the safe house it could have prevented so much, He never would have stormed out, or had lost his temper. Every time I try to protect him I always make him feel worse I do not deserve him”.

Sarbe frowned and said, “Who the heck are you this does not sound like The Fire Crystal I know”.

I looked at her and said, “She is too busy worrying about her soulmate dying”. I said bitterly

She sighed and said, “Do not forget you are not the only one suffering right now, as much as I tease Danel and mistreat him he is still family he is my cousin”.

I looked at her with shock for a moment then said “You are right I’m sorry”. I sometimes forget Danel and Sarbe are related because how different they look from each other. But, its not like Water and I look alike the only thing we have in common is the crystals in the middle of our foreheads, and the same round face shape but even then. Water’s face is more angular then mine.

As soon as we arrived at the prison gate. Sisube, Sarbe, and I stood beside the security guard he looked down at his clip board and said, ” I do not remember these two having visitors today I’m sorry but this is part of the prison is for dangerous and unpredictable criminals the junior police officers are not allowed in this area without a permit.“. He cocked his ray gun and used it to point us back to the direction of the door.

I was not ready to come all this way for nothing. No way, not when Danel was in trouble. I grabbed his weapon and then used it to pin him to his neck against the wall. My hair burning like a candle as I glared at him and said, “Listen if you tell anyone we were here we will make sure you cannot use this weapon properly ever again”.

The guard gulped and nodded sweat dripping down his brow. I rolled my eyes at this guy. He was all talk. All the criminals would do worse then what I did to escape. Only the bravest and toughest guards should be down here. Not the upstarts who had something to prove. Then, again the prison might have been short handed considering how many people are out on missions or go missing in action. They might have had rookies guard the danger floor because it was all they had.

I sighed and without turning around to face him I said, “Listen, this is the most dangerous floor in the prison that is why they call it the danger floor it is why the most dangerous criminals are down here. You have to be more alert and most of all you have to be prepared to fight if they escape. That includes not letting them steal your weapon do you understand”?

The guards wear face masks in case the crimmal tried to use poison gas or had a harmful power so I could not see his face, but I could tell he headed my warning. For some reason he seemed familiar. But, I could not place him, I shrugged and decided to leave it for now. No one has ever broken into the prison before. Until today, I could be banished or even executed for releasing dangerous criminals but I to do this for Danel.

Sisube nodded and said, “Not bad, but I would have liked you to try a different approach for stealth reasons other than that I would say you did good”. It felt good to have Sisube praise me. Usually she does not do well with compliments or talking in general usually she will nod or shake her head at something.

I think because she is one of my sister’s friends she is trying to reach out to me for moral support and surprisingly having some success. So, far everyone that tires to comfort me about Water’s coma have tried to force the grieving process to the point of annoyance but not with Sisube. She is not trying to force me to feel better. She is mentoring me in what it really means to be a leader.

After we got past that guard it was pretty much smooth sailing from there. Which, relieves and horrifies me all at the sometime. It is a relief because we are going against the rules to let out prisoners. But, it is also horrifying because of the lack of care and dedication the staff has towards security. It really makes me acrimonious.

As we walked down the halls I realized something I stopped abruptly in my tracks. I could not sense Danel. Usually, I would be able feel a shock wave of aura through out my body giving me the same insinuation or feeling Danel was feeling. That is just how the connection works, but now all feel nothing. No presence of warmth, or a cool summer’s day.

Which means that Danel is either dead, or they gave him something that blocks the connection. Couples sometimes take special pills to block the connection if it becomes a distraction or if they some privacy. But, Danel is the most open person I know he would never eat pills like that. Unlike he was forced to. I felt anger push my flames into my hands, and growled just the thought of someone forcing pills down Danel’s throat made me angry.

Sarbe and Sisube stopped a few seconds after me I looked at them intensely. Words could not explain how serious the situation was now. Sarbe and Sisube did not need words to understand what happened. We started running down the halls knocking down anyone or anything that was in our way. Until finally we reached the cell block that Aunt Vicky and Ying were held in. What are the chances that they would be inmates in prison?? I guess the figured that Ying needed a family member to help ease her into prison life.

Sisube kicked down the door and we stepped through the door, Sarbe raised the prison bars with her telekinesis and I burned them to keep the guards from placing them back behind them if they tried to stop us. I feel a little disturbed by the fact that I work so hard at being a good cop, but excel at being a crimmal.

Aunt Vicky and Ying were already gone. We came all this way for nothing. I punched the prison wall in frustration leaving a few burn marks along the wall. All that was there was a note with a small flower. I gripped the note tightly accidentally singeing the edges as I read it.

Dear Vanuke, how stupid do you think I am? I knew eventually you will betray the Core, by freeing your cousin, you knew that there would be no trial for scum like her. I made sure to take your aunt with me her healing skills be of good use for me, good luck finding someone skilled enough to wake Water up. Signed - Pam

Sisube and Sarbe jumped when the second punch collided with the wall, I feel down on my knees and cried. That plan was all we had and now its gone. What am I going to do? Sarbe, Sisube and I might be strong but not strong enough to face a whole fortress of enemies.

Sarbe sat down next me and pulled me into a hug. Sarbe frowned she knew that the royal court leader despised me but not to this degree. Sarbe sighed and said, ” We are just going to have to go there alone there is nobody willing to help us”.

I nodded and got up releasing the hug and headed outside reflecting on what happened. I was supposed to be home, I was supposed to be back at the Fire City after six years of training. I guess when you are are a officer work is never done.

" Time to head out”. I said as I walked out of the prison I pulled out my black gloves and tied my black headband around my hair. It felt weird to not have my jacket, but I ruined it fighting Echo it was torn beyond repair. I miss having it, it was a family heirloom it used to my mother’s jacket. She dyed it pink for me knowing that when I got older I would love it. I just felt incomplete without it.

Sarbe smiled and said, ” I think I might have something to make you feel a little better”. She put down her backpack and digged something out of her bag.

I glared at her and said, “Now, is not the time Sarbe, whatever it is it can wait”!

Sarbe sighed as she pulled something behind her back and said, “Fine, whatever loser I just figured that you know Danel wanted you to have it, he picked up from the battle field and asked me to patch it up for you, but if you want to be ungrateful about it”. She pulled the item from behind her back.

I gasped and took from her before she could put it back in her bag. It was my jacket! It was good as new, Sarbe even improved it by adding pockets on the side. I cried tears of joy and hugged her quickly before wiping away the tears and putting the jacket on as we headed towards the front-gates of the Fire city.

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