The Creation of Fire

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Chapter 19 : Zen is the Key

After the failed attempt at the prison break. Sisube, Sarbe, and I left with our spirits very low. But, we decided to move on we never really expected that plan to work very well, we were get lost on what else we could do.

I told Sarbe and Sisube to go home and sleep on it, while I spent the majority of my time thinking of ways we could get into Peteus’s lair a second time. I know it wouldn’t be so easy as last time. Peteus never makes the same mistake twice it is why he is still at large after so many centuries. Eventually though my thoughts of Peteus drifted to Pam.

More specifically why she would keep me from saving Danel, and what exactly I did to anger her this much. She had never been shy about her opinion of me; always voicing it whenever she felt like it, but as always I brushed it off.

Because, that is all it was sly comments nothing more she never actually acted on her hate until tonight. With that stupid note.

‘Pam’ I thought with anger. She has always hated me for reasons I could not name even if I wanted to. All I know is that is the oldest council member in existence she has been around since anyone could remember.

She is the oldest Zelen alive. So, she has been through a lot but that does not give her the exuse to treat everyone like dirt. She was the one who made the arranged marriages; from the past generation. Almost all of them decided to trade and switch who they ended up with and that angered Pam.

It got me thinking about her past and before I knew it, I ended looking in the library for answers. What I found out about Pam made me drop the book on the floor with shock.

Project P.A.M. had been the very first Zelen in existence Doctor Neuron a eccentric scientist had created the very first man made planet using the DNA of various animals in the cosmos he was able to replicate life.

I could not believe it. Pam is the very first zelen in existence. But, if she had been such a success what does that mean for zelens? are we going to be bitter, hateful people later on? Or did something else happen to her to get her to act like this?

This was too important to keep to myself so, I requested for a all team meeting in the dead of night.

Unlike last time everyone was here, they did not turn me down like last time. When asked about it, a majority of them explained that they did not want to accept a dangerous mission in front of their family after having just returned home.

Others were worried if Danel got corrupted by Peteus just like Yang was. Yang was cured now, or so I have heard. I have not seen my cousin since she was arrested. But, now I have two rescue missions to plan.

We decided to meet outside of the Crystal clan mansion since the space was big enough to host our meeting all the other members of the clan were in the house sleeping. So, we could set up a camp fire to properly think things through.

We were all standing around a circle trying to come up with a plan which was a bit out of character for me. Normally, the old me would have stormed the castle and taken Danel.

But, I’m the leader of the team now, I have to be responsible. That includes planning things out and not just rushing ahead. I wish Water were here but she isn’t. She would know what to do. That gave me a idea!

I bursted through Water’s room and went to her book shelf knowing she was a compulsive note taker. She was always writing stuff down something I never understood. I kept raiding her room, stuff scattering everywhere until I found the infamous notebook where she wrote everything.

Every single page was color coded, the beginning of the notebook had a color legend and everything. I hugged the notebook tears failing down my cheeks. Finally grateful for my sister’s organization skills that I used to scorn.

I turned it towards the green pages which were about Zelen History. Inside of the Peteus section there was a picture of a woman that Water had drawn. She was beautiful she had long dark purple hair, and dark blue eyes. She had a beauty spot on her right cheek.

I scanned the page. It talked about the woman in greater detail, who she was and the strange riddle that was only one sentence. I decided to take it to Sarbe she was the brain expert maybe she would know what this means.

“She kinda looks like Echo..“I said to myself as I closed the book and hopped out the window towards my team.

“Sorry about that I just had a idea I kept thinking about what Water would do if she were here, and decided to find her notebook it might give us clues. ” I said as I held it up for the rest of the team to see.

Sarbe nodded and said, “That is is a smart move, here maybe i can decipher the code you were talking about”. She said as she held out her hand waiting for me to hand her the notebook.

Sisube rolled her eyes and said, “This is a waste of time, we should be going to save Danel not stand around and talk about it, he could be dead for all we know”!

I flinched and then glared at her and said, “He is not dead! I can still feel his presence, I can feel him okay. He is not dead, he can’t be.”

Ying sighed and said, “Nice going Sisube”.

Sisube frowned and said, “I’m Sorry it is just- The last time someone I cared about tried to save someone they were taken from me and were killed. I can not stand the thought of any of my teammates dying”.

“She has a point though Team Nature might be the biggest team but twelve people are not not enough, we can’t do this alone”. Crisis said she had finally recovered enough to help on missions some parts of her body still ached but, she was able to fight again.

“It is a good thing you guys are not alone, we heard someone tired to look for us it is a good thing that Bitch underestimated our skills”. A Familiar voice said over the horizon I gasped and turned around to see Aunt Vicky being carried over the shoulder of Yang.

And among them were the other teams from the Junior department they were all there. Team Harmony, Team Crystal, Team Vanuto, and all the other teams came.

But, that did not prepare me for who I saw among the crowd . I could not believe it. I looked at Aunt Vicky. She gave a soft smile. She really did want to redeem herself, she really had changed. Why else would she do this?

There standing proudly among the front of the army in her Armour was Water. She was awake and better then ever, she smiled at me. Suddenly a soft smile spread on my face for the first time in two months I was my old self again.

Before, I could rush up to her Sarbe quickly ran up to me sweat dripping down her face with a smile on her face and said, ” I deciphered the code I know how to defeat Peteus”!

I smiled and said, “That is great, what is it”? I expected it to be a powerful weapon, a magic of some kind but nothing could prepare me for what she said next.

Sarbe nodded rapidly and said, "It is not a it Zen is the key"!

I looked at her with confusion, "So, we mediate to defeat him, or attack him with wisdom what do you mean by Zen"?

Sarbe flipped to the girl I saw earlier there was a small passage on the page I glossed over before. Zen was a person, more specially Zenpora Annabell Jane.

I looked at her with shock

Peteus's wife was downfall. We had to find her if we ever hoped to stop Peteus for good.

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