The Creation of Fire

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Danel Storm

The next morning, I rushed down the stairs when Nature had told me that Aurora was back from her three year journey on Earth. Because, Zelens look similar to humans we can walk around Earth without them realizing that they had passed a alien from another race on the street.

It is true that Zelens have different biology then humans but most of the differences are in our insides not in the outside. Most, Zelens can pass off as a human who had their hair dyed a different color.

Zelens have sorts of different hair colors. Someone Zelens have the ability to change their appearance sadly, I do not have that awesome ability but Aurora does, she often travels to different planets and with her ability to create portals. She can go anywhere without light years, or the vastness of space really being a issue.

I jumped for joy when I saw a familiar red head at our door she was Aurora Storm Danel’s mother . Although, I felt reluctant about the marriage I liked her, she was my favorite out of all my mother’s childhood friends,because she always gave me gifts, helped train me to control my flames better, and is just a nice person in general.

I could tell where Danel got his personality from right away. They also have a thing for wearing the colors green and purple with the number thirteen someone where on their outfit.

Although Danel got most of his looks from his father, he did have his mother’s nose, and ears and sometimes Aurora would give me a playful smirk the same one that Danel’s gives me when we are alone.

Aurora was a brilliant woman she was so kind and selfless. Aurora always made sure that I was okay, and although I still had some lingering doubts about marrying her son. I knew I would not find better in laws in a million years.

I ran out of my room and gave her a hug she smiled rocked me back and forth. I looked up at her green eyes they were so bright that people have said that in complete darkness they shine like stars. Well, its true her mother named her after the Aurora Borealis the northern lights that shined in the skies.

Actually, I heard someone where that Borealis was her maiden name, so maybe someone in her clan a few years ago visited earth and they decided to name the lights after her clan?

As a child she was looked down upon on the Water city for being extremely clumsy and undisciplined. Her father was Stephen sites a legendary warrior he felt betrayed by his daughter for her actions anything she did effected how the city looked at him as the chief .

So, he sent her away to live with her aunt in the Fire city ,where the boys would always tease her about her freckled face and her braces . That is until she met Austin storm who was even more clumsy than her and became known as the Warrior of beauty and grace.

“ Got you something”. she said with as she pulled something out of her pocket I first I thought it was going to be something from earth again, but when she pulled it out of her pocket I looked at it with amazement.

“What is it”? I asked casually as I inspected the object, it was a stone it was red like the stone on my forehead, I did not know what kind of stone it was. But, I could tell that it was one of the hardest things to find. Yet, she was giving it to me.

Aurora smiled and said, “It is a restoration stone, if you are ever in trouble or in any danger. It can help you heal faster, it is one of the rarest stones to find because of how powerful it is many travelers try to pan looking for a stone like this”

I looked at her with shock and said, “Really wow, thank you so much Aroura you did not have to do this it means alot thank you”.

Aurora smiled and said, “It was not my idea, Austin sent me a letter telling me that Danel was worried about you, now that you guys are older you can take on more dangerous missions and he was making sure you do not get hurt”.

“Aurora, I do not want to do this, but I’m afraid we can not meet like this for a while, your son and the other junior officers of her year have no clue about you being alive. And we have to keep it that way, I’m going to ask you to leave,” Nature said

“I understand Nature, let me know when it is safe for me to meet you again make sure Danel is safe, I wish I could tell him who I Am but I know I can’t at least I can watch him grow up from a distance”. she said as she bowed in respect.

“Where is Prince Danel anyway I know you would not have come in the house if your son was around so where is he”? “.asked Nature

“In the cherry blossom forest admiring the falling petals”. said Aurora as she looked out the window and pointed towards the trail that lead down to the park. Where there beautiful landscape around it like a stream and a field of cherry blossom trees.

I rolled my eyes and thought, ’What kind of guy watches petals fall from a tree all day.’. Thought with disdain I liked watching them too but aren’t guys supposed to be egotistical and vain .

I looked down with guilt and thought, Your dad wasn’t. My Dad was kind and gentle man silly, yet dangerous and powerful opponent against his foes much like Danel.

As soon as the thought entered my mind, I felt a wave of guilt I did not mean to think that, I do not know why but Danel always seemed to bring the worse out of me. I start thinking harshly about him because I was so used to it, I did not always harbor a ill feelings towards him.

There was a time where I used to have a crush on him, then when I was ten my grandmother pulled me aside and told me I was going to marry him someday, at first I was happy about it and thought about what my wedding towards the prince would be like.

Then, as I got older, I decided to take my career as a police officer seriously and then I started to dislike the idea of marriage. Because, if I got too attached to someone in our line of work, where we were in constant danger and could die at any moment, I knew that loving someone would only make me suffer if they got killed.

Who was I think to like that about Danel? I barely even knew him. I’m getting angry at him for no reason! It was not his idea for us to get married it was our parents who arranged it.

I knew Danel used to like me when we were younger but maybe his feelings changed, maybe the reason he did not want to come to the house and see me is because he was just as upset about the marriage as I am.

I know what it is like to be judged and criticized and if I continue to think about Danel in a bad way acting as if I were superior to him then I would be no better than the royal court.

“I will go and prepare dinner Fire go get Danel I want all the nobles here for the reunion feast”. said Nature

“Yes Grandma”. I said as I went into the bathroom and changed into my normal attire. Even though I was still slightly upset from my argument from my grandmother Nature, I was not going to let it affect the rest of my day.

I wore a half black half pink sports jacket with the collar pulled back ,black gloves a headband to keep my wild purple hair pulled back, jeans with and combat boots.

I ran down the stairs so fast that I almost tripped and fell but I held onto the railing in the last minute and sighed with relief. as I ran again I bumped into someone I apologized and then lifted my head to find my sister Water staring up at me .

She had a curvy figure with light blue eyes and short dark Blue hair with freckles various parts of her face and wore the loud colors of lime green and Orange her shirt when down in a v like fashion revealing her abs with black jeans and combat boots.

“Are you excited for the feast, you saved me some room their is gonna a lot of food”. she exclaimed

my sister Water helped prepare the food with my grandmother last night, every now and then they would ask me to do the more simple tasks. I wanted to help more but with how unstable my powers were they did not want to risk me burning the food into ashes of smoke.

I blushed with embarrassment and said “Yeah sorry bumping into you”. I said awkwardly I am not much for words like please and thank you I spent my half life isolated and cut from the world buy choice of course.

But, did not mean I was not lonely. Whenever I am hanging out with someone I have hard time admitting that I missed them or like to be around them. Until I’m alone and no one could judge me, I could just be myself.

“Just be careful when go down those steps that fast or you’ll come in too hot”. Water joked as she ruffled my hair. I rolled my eyes at her pun, and then looked at her with a playful smirk. I could see Water getting suspicious wondering what I was thinking.

“I heard everybody is gonna be there including Jimmy Reads”. I said teasingly as I wiggled my eyebrows at her Water had been going back and forth between having a crush on two guys.

One, was Jimmy Reads he was a jerk and treated everyone like trash, he always thinks he is better than everyone else but he isn’t. Even though I teased her about Jimmy I did not like him.

In Fact, I disliked him more than I disliked Danel which was saying a lot, he was not a very nice person, I always feel rage whenever I see my sister with her boyfriend and she comes back with a black eye or a busted lip.

The fact of the matter is she does not even love him, I could tell that she loved someone else. The only reason that Jimmy and Water are together is because he threatened Water that if she did not stay with him, he would hurt me and John-John the other boy she likes.

John-John was one of Danel’s best friends he had bright green hair, and dark blue eyes he was really shy around Water, he always comforted her after Jimmy hurts her or gets in a fight with her.

John-John did not understand why Water lets Jimmy pick on her, she was one of the strongest warriors on our team, everyone but Jimmy knew that Water could beat his ass any day of the week yet she was still with him.

Water blushed and said “Stop it “.

“Stop what”. I asked with false innocence

“Stop teasing me”!

“Why afraid I will embarrassed you in front of your boyfriend “!

“Stop Fire, you know I do not love Jimmy I’m just going out with him because I’m trying to protect-”! Water started to yell out before I cut her off.

“John -John, face it you love him Water why else would you put up with Jimmy! I yelled back Why couldn’t they just admit they have feelings for each other I could tell that John-John liked her back so why was she denying that she felt something for him?

“I Don’t even like him like him like that I’m just trying to protect a friend what about you and Danel “! . Water said as she yelled at me, I could tell she was lying to herself when she said she did not like him because she was blushing and she was sweating.

But, I decided to stop teasing her before she started to wake up the rest of the house. “Do not ever,mention that name around me “.I said slowly with disgust as my hair started to flare up, I had a very unique thing I did when my powers flared up.

When I got angry my hair would start to flame out in all directions and began to light like a small campfire my hair set in a blaze of rage. My eyes would become bright like a LED light, almost neon.

We glared at each other It was times like this that I had a hard time believing Water was my sister because we were total opposites. While, she controls water, I control fire. While my Water followed the rules of conduct and planned ahead. I rushed into battle and wanted to do things my own way.

Water smirked and shot water at my flaming purple hair putting it out and said, “My, my Fire you better cool off before you burn the whole house down, if I did not know any better I would say you are just pretending to hate Danel”.

For a moment my anger faltered and I looked at her with shock and embarrassment my cheeks turning red as I looked down at the ground, thinking about what she said. Was she right was I pretending to hate Danel so that I could scare him out of the marriage?

Water noticed my guard was down and slowly began to turn into a puddle of water and wrapped herself around my body. My sister water had this special ability to go from solid to liquid water within seconds she had mastered this when she was eight years old. She can Liquefy her body into a large mass of water and can use her own body as a weapon.

I grunted and shot my fire powers at her bubbling blue hair which boiled when my flames made contact she screamed and shot water at her hair to cool it down she sighed with relief. and glared at me I smirked and shouted out, “John -John Water wants to tell you something”!

She jumped with alarm and then held my mouth to keep me quiet and yelled,“Shut up “! she said with embarrassment as she glanced at John-John’s room at the end of the hallway trying to keep me from speaking.

But, I took a deep breath and heated my my spit turning into a hot liquid that could rival the heat of the sun. Making her pull back and become solid again, she shook her head at me as she examined the burn mark on her arm.

It was summertime in the Earth city and every once a month for the past six years my Ninja Police peers would come over to our safe house with their teammates and bunk with us .

This year the sensei could not make it leaving My grandma to deal with twenty-eight kids by herself. luckily for her, that the sensei and the Ninja council will be here for the feast. Unfortunately for me I hate crowds I get colposcopic and start to have panic attacks .

The person that is usually around when I have them is Sisube she understands me better than anyone but she is on a mission with Crisis today and wouldn’t be back until the feast.

“Oh that yeah the feast sorry Water I do not have time for a sparring match I have to go and get Danel sorry about your arm!” I shouted as a I ran away looking back at Water and then started running towards the end of the hall way.

Water smiled and said, “That is okay, I need to finish preparing the rest of the feast anyway Fire pay attention to where you walk in the future okay”.

I was about leave when I heard a door open with loud rock music and the smell of sweat and peaches came near me I turned and smiled,

“ Good morning, John John “.

“Hello, Fire”. He said tiredly He looked around the hall and noticed Water’s door was wide open he looked inside the room and noticed that the blankets and sheets were made and Water was no where to be seen.

“Where’s Water ? He asked with worry as he looked down at me I smile

I smiled and thought, He always thinks of Water first it is really cute..

“She just left and why do you smell Like peaches:”.

“Because”. he said avoiding the question I knew the reason why he smelled like peaches. Because, peaches were my sister’s favorite fruit and he was trying to get her attention again. It was no secret that John John had a crush on my sister.

I have known about it since the day I met him .I used to hate him everytime he would hang out with my sister. I would roll my eyes and say What is he doing here? When I look back on it I feel guilty for the way I treated him .

Did not know why I acted like that now? Maybe I was just trying to protect my sister or I was jealous of Water hanging out with him all the time. But, I knew deep down in my heart it was both.

As a child John John was very shy and had a hard time making friends his parents worried that he might never get friends but then my sister came along and helped him.

“So does Danel always like to stare at Cherry blossoms” ? I asked I figured I would kill two birds with one stone . I desperately wanted to know more about Danel and his friends John John, Dan, Arian and Mikie. and I Am getting Married to him soon so I have to know more about him as well.

He chuckled and said “He does more then just stare at them look he told me to hang on to this before he left and said ,

“Dude whatever you do do not show it to Fire but you need to see what he likes to do when he is not being a moron or training. “.

“Huh”? I asked with confusion as I looked at the book when I opened the pages they appeared blank I looked at John John with anger and said,

“Dude what the hell!”. I was confused was John-John joking how was I supposed to get to know Danel more if there was nothing on the pages, I was about to give him the book back and hit him in the face for wasting my time. But then he said, “Oh yeah he put a visible seal on it I wish to make your secrets known”. he exclaimed .

I looked at it with confusion. Until, I looked down at a drawing it was me! It looked like it was a few years old it was back when my hair was shorter. Back then my hair only reached to my neck. Now, it does down to the middle of my back.

She’s dangerous and clever, she’ll never let you forget.

The way she trains, is like a introkit dance, full of grace and power, if you anger her she will make you suffer

will make you regret, so you better not forget.

She trains and trains all day and night until she gets home in the middle of the moonlight

She is my pride and joy that is all

I can say my beautiful

I would not change and anything about you,

you are like a ray of sunlight during a cloudy day.

I don’t if you’re real or fake,

but I hope you are going to be a future I will stay .

Because I feel so uptight,

I stroked pages with a few tears falling down my cheeks. He still liked me after all these years? Not only did he accept the idea of our upcoming marriage. But, he also wrote a poem about her? Huh, who knew Danel could be romantic?

I smiled as I wiped the tears from my cheeks and said, “This is beautiful but what does it mean”?

“I don’t know” He breathed out, “Look the page is torn, and it is pretty loose I guess he met to give that to you, but never he was afraid you would reject him. “ Said John -John he as he turned the page.

I blushed when I saw a simple drawing of me and Danel in our Sunday best getting ready to wed each other.

Does he really feel this way? I thought suddenly blood flooded into my cheeks. My heart started to beat fast .It was beating so loud I was afraid John John could hear it .

"What is happening to me?" I thought with fear what is it about Danel that makes me experience things I never thought I would think about.

I shut the book with fear and regret and threw the book into John-John’s arms and then ran out the door with a loud slam.

“Girls”. He said as He shook his head and then Water comes in the room to set the table and then and looks at John John. She looks at his chest with amazement and wonder. John-John had developed some muscle over the years. He was no longer that skinny little boy that let people walk over him.

Suddenly she realized she was checking him out and then blushed with embarrassment “ Put a shirt on”, she said as she shielded her eyes not wanting him to know she was admiring his chest.

He smiled and said “Why do you like what you see”? as he smirked walked over to her hugging her in a tight embrace at first she leaned into his touch and sighed she had never felt this safe before, for some reason it felt right, it felt alot better then when she was with Jimmy.

Suddenly, she realized what she was doing and punched him .

“Ow what was that for “? he said

“I don’t know”. she said Stuttered out as she looks at John-John secretly enjoying the young man he became. If she was not so afraid of Jimmy she would tell him how she felt right then and there. But, because she was protecting him, because she cared about him she had to make sure John-John never found out.

But, then she smelled the sweet smell of peaches her favorite fruit she sniffed around the room like a bloodhound determined to find the source she blushed when she realized the scent was coming from him.

“Is that peach I smell “? she asked with curiosity as she looked up at him, he was so tall now she remembered when he used to be so tiny that he barely even reached her shoulders now he was tall and muscular from all the harsh training he had to go through.

“Yeah do you like peaches “? He asked as he smiled down at her Water was afraid that if she stayed by John-John she would do something she might regret so she had to come up with an excuse to get away from him before she gets too tempted.

“Umm Nature wants you to go into the kitchen to help her cook”.

“Do I have to”? He whined

Water looked at him with anger “Yes you have to, grandma is 77 years old”!

“She has enough strength to fling me into a tree and break it into why she doesn’t have enough strength to cook a simple dinner ! “ He exclaimed

“You know know that Nature burns everything she cooks. Besides we could use a gentlemen in the house considering all the rest of the boys are at the park playing Basketball and flirting with Earth city girls”. Water said as she rolled her eyes

“The girls here are pretty and exoistic but they are not as pretty as you”. he gasped and clasped his mouth in shock realizing what he said.

He thought repeatedly ‘Please do not hit me ,please do not hit me’

Water turned around and said “What did you say”?

“I meant the weather here is pretty just look at how the sun hits the water it is really magical uh”. as he pointed at the ocean from the window

“Yeah it is”. said Water as she looked at John -John.

He had sky blue eyes with yellow green hair it was natural for Zelens to have different color hair but his was different. It was not light but it was not dark either he had hints of dark green in his hair which made his eyes stand out more.

He wore a red jacket with a yellow lightning bolt on the back with a fishnet shirt the jacket was half zipped so it was enough to see his well toned chest .

“Phew”. he said as he sighed in relief Suddenly someone came up from behind him and shouted “Dog pile” !

“AH “!he shouted as he fell on the floor Water winched as he fell on the ground with a loud thud

“I got you dude “! Said Mikie

“Mikie what the hell man”!

“Sorry Nature were back “! Shouted a tall red haired boy he wore a green muscle shirt with black jeans and combat boots red bangs hung down his face and was held back by a blue bandana that he tied on his forehead.

“ Oh you’re just in time to help me is prince Danel with you “? Nature asked

“No he went to go and watch Cherry blossoms fall from the trees and sulk like a whiny baby “. he said

“Mikie .“

Yep that was his name Mikie Iceberg from the Iceberg clan they specialize in healing issuers and controlling ice. It is said that if you have ice powers and magic powers you could travel to different dimensions but so far it is only lend or myth.

He graduated with incredible scores only second to Danel who was the top male cete in the Transfer program.Mikie had fought well against Ying but Ying managed to pull through in the last minute during the exam if Ying had lost then Mikie would have been first.

He always trains with the gothic female Member on our team Sisube she came out as the strongest female for her power to terrify anyone with her Firebolts; and her ability to teleport using the Firebolt clans Black fog technique .

Sisube also held a dark secret that she hardly ever speaks of because it is something that affected Sisube deeply.

Her name is Sisube Firebolt and despite her minor flaws when it comes to being nice to people and having problems socializing she is the best friend I have ever had aside from Sarbe and Ying which you will meet later on.

“So how is Sisube she went with you didn’t she “? said John John teasingly as he got up

Mikie blushed and said “Yeah Sisu” ! he shouted outside the boys had left the door open so Sisube could catch up they had went to the grocery store and had left Sisube to carry everything Mikie had asked if she wanted any help but she got angry and said she could do it herself.

Needless to say Mikie had helped her anyway by carrying her most of the way she did not seem to mind everyone was wondering how Mikie was not dead yet .But she did punch him and said,

“Thank you”. and then kissed him on the cheek

Mikie turned red for five minutes muttering gibberish Sisube laughed suddenly she realized what she did and blushed Mikie stopped muttering and looked at her sighing lovingly she had a beautiful laugh .

“Coming I might need help after all”. She said with embarrassment

“I told you didn’t I ,here let me carry the milk and you take Nature’s tea in “.said Mikie

“Why does she need all this crap”? She said with wonder

“I don’t know just take it into the kitchen “. he responded

Dan wong walked in he had short brown hair with purple marks on his cheek the marks are tattoos that Male members of the wang clan get when they are born it is a symbol of honor and loyalty and whoever breaks that promise is banished from the clan until they can prove they can earn the clan’s trust again.

He smiled and said “ Nature can I help in anyway”.?

Nature entered the room she was seventy seven years old but since Zelen’s stop aging around their twenties and thirties she looks younger. Zelen have a natural regeneration of hydration Zelens do not need water as much as humans we entered our industrial period around the tenth century .

Making us one of the most intelligent species in our galaxy. We are learning humanoids we can pick stuff up in the drop of the hat.

But sometimes even smart people make dumb decisions if I were alive around the time Peteus came. I would have gotten rid of him but people say he was just too powerful to stop so the Ninja Police force was born.


Meanwhile, I was looking for Danel sweat dripping off my brow as I ran through the forest leaving the ground burned and sourced from my lack of control with my fire powers.

As soon as I spotted him a smile formed on my face, I had not seen him for six years. He was really handsome now, his once bright blue eyes were now a light shade of navy blue. He wore a headband around his forehead with the number thirteen on it.

I know it was his favorite number, he also wore the colors green and purple in honor of his mother Aurora. I wish I could tell him his mother was still alive but, I couldn’t not until he was ready.

He was laying on the grass pulling petals off of flowers I thought only girls did that. I walked up to him with an amused expression on my face He stared at me with confusion

“ Fire why are you upside down “?

I smiled and said, “I am not upside down idiot you are laying down on the grass “. For some reason even though I meant it in a joking way it came out more harshly than I intended.

But Danel seemed to know I did not mean for it to come out so coldly because he smiled and said, “Awww you know you love me”.

For some reason the what he said pissed me off and I punched him in the face. and left a scorched red hand mark on his cheek.

“Why do you hate me so much !“.Danel yelled out as he touched the spot on his cheek where I burned him. Suddenly I looked down at the ground trying to think about what he said, but I could not come up with a valid excuse.

I stuttered and said “Because”!

Danel stood up and said “Aw come on you got to have a reason”. Danel said sadly as he looked at me, I really did not hate him but I did not love him and that was reason enough to hate him in my opinion but I knew that was not the answer he was looking for.

Truthfully, I did not even dislike him as much as I thought I did, The only reason I disliked him was because he was a symbol of a past I would rather not go back to.

He was the symbol created by the royal court that reminded me of my royal heritage that as soon I go home. I will be princess Fire crystal again and not Fire crystal the police officer and that scared me.

I hated to tell him that I did not hate him, that I did not dislike him as a person but rather the future that was to come with us being married but instead I glared at him and said, “ I do not need a reason to despise you”.

“So why did you come over it wasn’t to be a bitch to me was it?” He taunted as he glared at him. I was taken back at this new Danel the last time I saw him he was a shy awkward boy that would not hurt a fly, he refused to be part of any conflict and seemed to hate using his powers.

A few years ago, he would not have yelled back, he would have apologized to me repeatedly and cry wondering what he did to deserve my hateful glances but now he was confident, brave, fearless. I felt my heart skip a few beats as I looked him. He maybe confident now, but that gave him no right to talk to me that way.

“I am not being a bitch “!

“Are too you hate me just to hate me your reason for being rude to me is completely unjustified “! He said I flinched as much as I hated to admit it, he was right. I was being a Bitch.

I was letting my fear of the future fuel my actions. I knew deep down how I was treating him was not right so far all he did was playfully tease me and I took it as an excuse to try and flirt with me.

I frowned and said, “Sorry you are Danel, the reason I came over here was not to scream at you, it was to tell you my grandmother wants you to help Mikie and John -John set up the table “.

“Really she can’t do that herself yesterday she punched me through a wall why can’t she do it herself “! he exclaimed childishly. I had to force myself not to laugh at how immature he was being, it reminded me of my father he was very much like Danel before he died.

I felt the same way, I do not understand why my grandmother needed everyone at the house already when the feast did not start until later.

I looked at him and sighed, “Because it is not her job to cook and be everyone’s slave just do it would mean a world to me please Danel “.

He started at me and looked down at the ground trying not to look into my big blue eyes. Now, was the time to confirm my suspicions did Danel still like me if he did, then I would try to give us a shot. But, if he didn’t I was not going to force him into liking me.

“Do still you like me”?

Danel looked at me with an serious expression on his face as he looked at me and said, “Why do you want to know Fire, I thought you did not care”?

I looked at him shyly as he looked into my eyes and I found myself unable to control my actions. I cried and said, “How could you say that, of course I care I might have disliked the idea of us being married but, there was never a time that I did not care about you”.

He looked down and said “I’m sorry Fire please do not cry ”. Danel said as he wiped the tears from falling from my eyes he then lifted my chin and then gently kissed me. I gasped with shock and fear I slapped him in the face.

Danel blushed realizing what he just did and said, “I’m sorry you were so sad, and you have become so pretty that I could not help myself”.

“Sorry doesn’t cut it “! I snapped not wanting to admit deep down I really liked the kiss. But, I knew the risk of the kiss. He could form a bond with me forcing us to be bonded together forever.

Zelens mate for life, once they exchange saliva they develop a hormone that sends signals to the brain, when that happens nothing would be private anymore. He would able to feel my emotions, hear my thoughts and smell me even if I was far away from him.

“What do you expect me to say” ! He yelled back the realization of what he just did finally sinking in on his face as he looked at me and said,

“If you did not like me you should not have asked if I still liked you!“.

I did not want to admit it but I knew he was right, I was probably giving him an invitation to kiss me for asking that, I knew that deep down underneath all my hatred for the marriage I still felt something for him.

“I know , look Danel you are a great guy, but I just do not feel that way about you “! I shouted with anger and fear I did not want to have the connection at such an early age but, it was too late. We were now bound together forever.

“Well you better make up your mind soon because like it or not we are betrothed “! Danel yelled

I glared at him and said, “Uh I hate you so much why don’t you just quit “.

“Right after you princess “.

“Do not call me princess ! “.

“What you like gentlemen right so let me gently guide you to the safe house “.!

“You are so immature “!

“You are not any better “!

‘The way he is arguing with me is so hot’ I thought and here I thought he was just a wimp who takes whatever people through at him. He has definitely changed. I do not know, maybe marrying him will not be so bad after all.

‘Man she looks so pretty especially when she is mad her hair starts to flare and glow like a campfire in a cave.’ He thought

“Jerk “!

“Spoiled brat “. !

“Bitch” !

He gasped “You didn’t “! he said dramatically

“I did “.

“Now you’re going to get it” he said as he got up and started to run after her I shirked and started to run away he smiled and then laughed .

I stopped at then looked at him in shock he was laughing but this laugh was not conceited or consenting it was warm and bubbly I blushed and then asked “What was that”?

He stopped then asked “What was what “? as he began to laugh again as he held me in his arms, I blushed and pulled away but that did not ruin his mood he just smiled warmly at me.

“That”! I said

“Umm laughing “. He said awkwardly as he looked at me, I could not help but realize how much he had changed. A lot can happen in six years but I never imagined Danel would have turned out like this.

I looked at him and said, “You changed your different now I can tell your nice and gentle now what happened “.

“What do you mean “?

“You used to be a jerk to my cousin Ying and make fun of Water and her wisdom you used to think that training was a waste of time and that hard work only paid off in fairy tales “. I said as I played with my purple hair

“Well, the guys talked to me one day and said ,That I should be nicer to you and your friends the only reason I did it, was because I was trying to impress you. I heard somewhere that girls like bad boys so I tried to be bad but I wasn’t. ” Danel stopped to make sure I was listening.

My gaze never left I wanted to know why he became to mean after he got over his shyness he thought it was a good idea to start picking on my cousin Ying that was also one of the reasons I started to dislike him.

Danel looked down at the ground and said, "Deep down I was a scared shy boy who is a hopeless romantic and likes to help ladies out it was not my idea it was Mike’s idea”.

I scoffed and said “Mikie is a idiot and why did you listen to him for he doesn’t know anything about Women he is a pervert that gets slapped seven times a week! “

“Twenty times actually , and I don’t know why I listen to him because he is my best friend? because he has done it before and I haven’t. “

“You do not need sex to be happy Danel “.

“ I know”.

We stared at each other neither of us said a word crystal blue met navy blue orbs and then after five minutes of silence I broke it .

“We should go”. I said sadly as I walked back from the walk away

He nodded and then shortly followed me we walked back to the safe house side by side and we talked to each other, as we walked back I asked him some questions and he in return answered them occasionally asking me a question or two.

After a while I started to realize how much I missed him and his company Danel was the reason why I was so bored all this six years of constant training.

I always knew deep down something was missing. Danel kept me on my toes, our little banter fights fueled my fire and gave me a challenge without him around my life was very dull.

So, when he held out his hand for me to take, I hesitantly took it while looking down at the ground blushing.

Maybe, just maybe things would work out between us after all. Maybe, my mother and father did the right thing when they paired me with Danel.

Water got tired of waiting for me and Danel to show up for the feast and went out searching for Danel and I but never found us . The feast was about to began in a matter of hours the council had yet to show up but their was a lot to do to insure they are satisfied with our hard work.

Water wanted us their to address the council and see the sensei that could not be here this summer, to discuss the future of my team. Team Nature is the biggest team on the Ninja police force with thirteen members.

Three members were added in the summer Mangta, Thunder and Ice they were picked because they are powerful and fearless. Team Nature is also the only team that consists of all royal members. Which is one the reasons the royal court is coming.

Meanwhile at the house ,my grandmother Nature was facing a complicated dilemma the royal court are not very found of me infact they loth me because I look like my mother Heather she died in the war along with my father David.

The court had paired my mother with Sisube’s father Bladegar they were prepared to get married in four years. Then,my father moved into the Fire City he was a refugee from the Earth city and Water city war, his father brought my father across the border and raised my father to be a Ninja police officer.

As for his mother Daisy she died when the crystal mansion was set on fire no one knows who caused it even to this day.

They believe that royal members should consist of pure bloods my mother was a half blood and although she was respected and loved by all the royal court were not very found of her. Now with her gone they need a scapegoat and that is why they come to mock me knowing full well my grandma can’t do anything about it.

Nature John-John, Mikie and Dan had just finished setting the table the silverware were in neat sopsipiated rows and napkins folded in a triangular fashion and the chairs were arm length apart just the way they liked it.

Nature had to please them or she could get banished or worse even though the Ninja police are the main source of law enforcement there are five branches of the Zelen government that restricts or enforces policies in the

Ninja police Division.

The Royal court head of royal affairs they keep track of all the royal Ninja police members and decide what is best for that member every file of documents is different and unique to the member.

The court of Planets all the existing planets from galaxy to galaxy they are responsible for maintaining the balance of power and preventing war for the safety of everyone .The rest are the flame gang and other small law enforcements that Ninja police had allied with.

Nature tapped her fingers on the big wide wooden table “Why can’t we just fight back”? she asked

“It would not help our current situation we need all the resources to defeat Peteus whether we like the council or not is none of my concern” .said Water as she re - read the Ninja police conduct book again to make sure she does not forget anything. Taking a sip of orange juice indulging in the sweet taggie flavor.

Nature rolled her eyes “ Of course I would not expect you to understand you are too young to know just how much the royal court affects all our lives , they basically own us Water they can decide if we live or die”! she yelled out

“I don’t care what they do to me all I Am concerned about is what happens to Fire she is all I got left I swore to mom and dad I would protect her and protect her I shall “. Water replied sharply

“God help you Water ,for once in your life forget about rules and regulations and do what you believe is right your mother would be ashamed of you; I thought you of all people would help lead instead you follow the hypocrites and liars”! Nature yelled

She stood up and slammed her hand on the table , “I am not I’m just thinking about what is best for Fire and the rest of my family it is safer to accept things the way they are “. she said with a condescending tone

“Hey fighting is not going to help anyone” ! Mikie sharply interjected

“Stay out of it it does not concern you”. Nature said coldly

“Considering I am in the room it does and shouldn’t you be going to find Fire and Danel they have not showed up yet and I’m worried” He said

Suddenly the door opened Nature and the others turned with fear and desperation they all scrambled to their seats Nature ran to the door to take their coats and offer them sits and beverages while the food was being prepared.

‘They are here lets hope Fire and Danel with be here soon or else we are in big trouble’ thought Nature

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