The Creation of Fire

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The Phoenix Princess sword.

I looked out at the horizon and saw my sister awake and alive, finally free from the shackles of her own mind; proudly standing among the army of officers that had given their lives to rescue Danel.

I rushed through the crowd and occasionally letting out a few meek absent minded apologies that sounded almost completely robotic. I was on autopilot my only objective was to reach my sister.

When I spotted her my emotions overwhelmed my senses as my vision blurred with tears of joy and relief as I launched at her and hugged her so hard that we both crashed on the floor.

She laughed and playfully pushed me away and pulled me off the ground. I gasped when I saw it. I was almost as tall as her a few months ago I barely made her shoulder and now I’m nearly at eye level with her.

“Fire, you have grown so tall we have a lot to catch up on but first I have a gift for you”. Water said her voice hoarse and raspy from not having used her voice in a few months.

Her hair was also longer instead of the short Bob cut it came down just past her shoulders. Their is a small scar on her forehead from where Yang banged her head against the chair resulting in her coma.

“Gift”? I said with confusion I was so concerned with keeping Danel safe and leading the team. That I had no clue what the today was. All that mattered is bringing Danel home.

Water frowned at me as she grabbed both my hands and said, “You have been so worried about me and Danel that you have forgotten what today is didn’t you?

I gave her a small hesitant nod quite honestly I had never been able give the dates much thought even if I wanted to. In between the team meetings, hospital visits, catching up with my parents, and trying to settle back into city life the months had gone by in a blur.

All I could seem to recall is that it has been ten days since Danel has been taken.

All I have been doing is planning, recruiting, and buying time to make sure the council did not know about my rescue mission.

It pained me not to rescue him. Because I love him, I miss him terribly he believes in me when nobody else does he was also against the marriage because then our freedom would be taken.

We would be tokens to distract the people from the real problem. The council itself. The council is run by old traditions and beliefs that don’t work anymore.

Plus, Danel and I love adventures and helping people. I’m not saying that once we get married,the adventures would stop. Quite the opposite actually. I can imagine us snuggling against the warmth of the camp fire him reassuring me.

Comforting me all things I realize he already does. Honestly nothing would change between us. I now realize the union between Danel and I might not have anything to do with the council at all. I always just pointed the blame on the Royal court.

Because why would they set me up with my soul mate? Unless they had no idea about the long time partnership between the Crystal and Storm clan.

It is not very well documented because some of the Royal records were lost in a fire about sixty years ago.

Some as old as the formation of the Ninja police core. Which means I have to talk to my parents and meet Danel’s family. But, that is going to have to wait until after Danel is saved.

*What is so special about today”? I said with wonder and confusion at the gift it was long and wide and as I opened it i gasped with amazement it was a sword.

A beautifully crafted sword. It had a handle made from red, orange, and yellow gems, the blade glistened a bright yellow with a Phoenix emblem on it, when the sun began to rise; it seemed to capture the sun rays straight from the sky and onto the blade itself.

“Wow this sword is amazing but why did you give this”?

She laughed and said, “I figured since I was in a coma for two months and I practically missed my sixteenth birthday that I would remind yours. Today is September 18th it is your birthday”.

I looked at her with shock and placed my hands on her shoulder with realization. “That means Danel’s birthday in two days, no more planning, no more hiding I’m sorry sis, I tired to do it your way but we need to do this my way if this is going to work.”

Water smiled and said, “I would not expect anything less”.

So, with a renewed hope in my eyes and my self doubt and bitterness fading. It allowed me to lead an entire army to Peteus’s lair and finally become the leader my parents knew I could be.


He hadn’t eaten in five days his stomach was growling louder than a werewolf during a full moon. He was chained by the dungeon wall his hands and legs chained to it, he was tortured daily, the only food he got was bread and water.

But, most of the time he was only given water and pills to block the connection from reaching Fire. He was grateful for this then Fire would not have to experience the pain and suffering he was enduring.

At least Echo is not entirely heartless while the others starved him and tortured him. He and Echo just talked after their fight she even cleaned his wounds, he was once again confused by her motivations.

But, at this point he would take anyone’s help even hers. Danel sighed sometimes he has quiet days where they don’t interact with him at all and left him hanging his blood dripping off his hands and his feet.

He really missed her the last time he saw her he struck her. He could still hear her scream the sound of her body hitting the ground. He felt a sudden wetness to his face. He was crying it is all he seems to do here.

He was no longer Danel Storm the lightning knight and proud heir of the Storm clan he was Danel the shy meek child like he was when he was small.

Danel felt awful. What if he died here? Would his last time with Fire really be a pointless argument. It seemed important at the time. After all, she kept the knowledge of his mother from him. But, she did say it was at his mother’s request.

Forget going to the summit he was getting out of here tonight. He wanted answers. He needed to talk to her. He needed to escape tonight.

Danel looked at the cell with determination and purpose his motivation was clear he was going to see Fire again even if it kills him.

“I love you too Fire and I’m going to get out and see you again. “

Suddenly, there was a bright light! He had to turn his head away and squint his eyes out of habit but he remembered he was blind.

He could still feel the heat of the light hit his cheek as the light began to fade he felt the immense amount of power radiating in room, the light was not foreign.

It felt familiar, safe like a newborn being encased in their parents for the first time, or a soldier coming home from war.

When the light finally faded, and the figure reve, he felt relief and fascination he felt confused and terrified but mostly he felt happy.

Despite his often upbeat attitude happiness and comfort was often robbed in the Storm Household after his mother was banished his father became a drunk, his uncle Marcus died, his aunt Susanna went into hiding.

He stored his grief away and focused on training, going on missions and occupying his lonely nights to Fire during her six years away hoping to see her again.

He began to use a facade of happiness and idiotic behavior to distract himself from the pain. So, when he felt his mouth grow so wide that he felt the muscles in his face ache he welcomed the pain.

He couldn’t see her but he could smell her and hear a familiar heartbeat no zelen heartbeats the same.

He smiled softly and said “You came for me after all these years of worrying, hoping, and fearing the worst you finally”.

Aurora came out of the shadows and raised her rainbow beams towards his bonds setting him free as soon as he was on his feet, Aurora smiled and hugged him as she caressed her hands on Danel’s face and smiled softly.

“Of course you are my son I love you I know you have a lot of questions and I will tell you everything as soon as we out here”.

“Wait a second my mother is back in the fire city and she said she was going to catch up with my dad.. you are not my mother who are you”..?!

Danel said as he slowly backed away from the stranger posing as his mother. He slowly pulled out his sword and raised it to the stranger’s throat still in the form of his mother.

“But, first drop your trickery I do not want you to die in the form of my mother. “Danel said as he waved his sword and held it close to his chest ready to strike.

He knew he was being uncharacteristically cold, being in prison changes a man. Danel was starting to dive into madness. Just as he was going to strike he felt a familiar feeling again. The same one he felt when the fake arrived.

“I’m on your side I freed you j have no ill intent I’m a Voyager who has lost my crew used a shape shifting gauntlet to free you, in exchange you will help me find my crew”.

The stranger said as they disarmed him while he was distracted by the feeling rushing through him, the feeling of family.

Danel scoffed “Yeah you freed me so what I can’t help you I don’t know anything about this place I need to get out here I need to go home.”

“I see your will is strong not many can resist my powers for long but you are different. I won’t expect anything less from a Storm clan member”.

“Who are you anyway I get this weird feeling like I know you but I couldn’t. I don’t even know who you are”. Why did you save me you don’t even know me”.

Danel said trying to understand what he felt in his gut. It can’t be a brother or sister his mother was banished when he was born. He was an only child right”?

The stranger sighed and removed the gauntlet and a blinding light and the stranger was in their true form.

“I’m Ressica Addams Captain of the Star Goodness space pirate ship I’m also your cousin.”


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