The Creation of Fire

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The Wise Master

Creation of Fire chapter 21 : The wise Master

Night time in the forest was like hugging a iceberg my body quivering from the cold I had to keep moving.

I could not tell if it was weather or the gaping wound near my gut that was the source of the cold shiver down my spine. As I keep walking blood trailing behind me. I never could have predict the massive scale attack that happened only moments ago.

I looked back with sorrow, I felt bad for leaving them behind to deal with Peteus’s men. Leaving my teammates, friends, and comrades was not very honorable to me. As team leader I should have been the one to stay behind.

The journey has been peaceful when we first left the gates of the city. But, as soon as we got further into the forest danger seemed to follow. We had already fought off all kinds of beasts, and bandits when we reached the horizon of Earth City we were attached.

I stood my ground and punched the closest henchmen delivering one my fire punches to his face the side of his left cheek smoking from my assault.

When four henchmen with laser vision started their rapidfire, I flipped with skills that would make a acrobat jealous towards the direction of the beams. In mid air, I shot a fury of fire blasts from my feet the fireballs flying in various directions.

There power was a bit pathetic compared to ours but they lacked in power they succeeded in numbers. It seemed like no matter how many of the men I defeat, more show up each with different powers and skills.

I had to plan every attack like a chess piece wait for my enemy to make first move and then when I accessed their skill level I would strike.

Water used the water from the stream to fashion herself a sword, the liquid becoming solid with her powers. She pushed me forward “Go Fire get out of here now!”

I shook my head and said, “ I just got you back, I’m not leaving I’m the leader of the team now, if anything happens to you it falls on me”!

Water sighed with frustration, “Why do you have to be so stubborn? Not everything has to be a argument, Danel is not going to be saved if all of us are dead. We got this just Go”!

Suddenly I felt something like a burning sensation in my gut,that then travelled towards my eyes. I saw a vision of a man coming at Water with a clubbed sword.

I pushed Water out of the way, taking a blow to my gut, the teeth of the spikes piercing my flesh blood gushing out of my stomach.

Water looked at me from the floor with shock her sword on the floor clashed on the floor without my sister’s power running through it, it became water again and splashed on the ground behind her.

“ How did you know that he was coming”?

I looked at her with shock and adrenaline rushing through my veins as I breathed heavy from exhaustion. My vision blurred in and out, “Don’t know never done that before didn’t know I could” I said weakly

The man snickers and dug the blade deeper in my side, I cried out in pain as more blood rushed out me. “Water tell Danel I love him, tell Mom and Dad that ...I coughed out blood and then smiled “ Tell them I forgive them.”

Water cried and said “No, no Fire” Fire was giving up. Fire can’t die before her she is the older sister she was supposed to protect her. She promised mom and dad she would.

Water glared at the man and raised her hand up and a tsunami sized wave knocked the man backwards. “ Die you son of a bitch!” washing away the rest of the men.

It would wash them to the other side of town, they would be back but they were safe for now. Earth City is a big city it would take them hours to get to the front on foot.

Water removed the sword and blood started spraying out in all directions. The wound was deep. Water took out her healer pills and shoved them in my mouth. I coughed a bit at the bitter taste but swallowed it down my throat.

The others rushed to my side with concern and anguish as I looked up at the clear blue sky, the sound of the birds chirping and the rustle of the leaves moving through the trees.

I could not think of a better way to die, it is such a beautiful day.. mother nature has a weird sense of poetic justice..I thought as my eyes closed.

When I came to, It was dark I could hear echoes of water dripping from the ceiling, the only light was one down corridor. I reached forward towards it, the light beckoned me. Taunting me with it’s bright rays.

I walked towards it. When I entered the room the first thing I noticed was white. The room was completely white. There was a man typing on a computer he adjusting his eyes and looked up at me.

I looked at him with confusion and wonder “Where am I, what is this”?

He brushed dust of his suit which unsurprisingly white. “My name is Alejandro Lex Santos Ocean but people call me A.L.S.O and I’m your Master to guide you through your transition”.

I looked at him with confusion “What transition”?

“You are dead” He said as he brushed his classes up and crossed his arms and gave me a once over with a weird smirk.

“I’m What !” I said as I collapsed on the chair trying to process everything. But, Water gave me something.She gave me healer pills I can’t heal myself so I couldn’t stop the bleeding.

Then I noticed a breeze through my knees and noticed I was wearing a white dress. That bastard changed me! I felt a shiver down my spine at the way he was looking at me.

He is such a creep...

“First off, If I’m going to spend the rest of eternity here I’m Not wearing a dress okay. Secondly, I can’t be dead I’m only fourteen!”

Also sighed and said,”What did you expect to happen? You got stabbed in the gut with a spiked sword, you bleed out. Besides death knows no age especially when it is a stab wound.’

. “Yes it is very difficult and if you fail you will be sent to damnation for 30 years. Before you can do it again. and I don’t think Claudius would make you stay”.

I looked at him with confusion and said, “ Who is Claudius is he a cool dude. Is he like nice.”?

Also smirked and said, “Claudius is a woman and she is thirteenth and very first woman to fill the big seat. God is more of a title a mantle if you will. Every thirteen million years there is a new big G”.

I nodded and said, *Sure let’s talk to her I want to see my family again”.

Also nodded and said, “Are you sure you want to go to after life jail damnation is no fun being here is not so bad.”

I glared at him and said, “I’m sure I’m getting out here even it means I have to cross through hell to get there I’m going home”.

So, I walked out the room with Also hoping that Claudius grants me my life back. I made a promise and I’m not breaking it. Even death can’t stop me. Not if I have something to say about it.

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