The Creation of Fire

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A Heroes End


I walked down the path through what most would call the in between or Limo I’m not alive and I’m not dead. But, I do exist.

My name was and still is Fire Esbella Rachel Crystal. As of this moment I’m in a another plane of existence.

I was a princess, a soldier and an officer of the law. I loved Danel Davis Storm, prince of the Storm clan. We were to be married, the last time I saw him he was angry at me for hiding the fact his mother was alive.

My parents who went missing ten years ago showed up at my door begging for forgiveness. They were trapped in a forcefield, unable to leave. Peteus made a deal with them they live and my sister Water and I do not get seriously harmed.

Obviously he couldn’t keep his promise and after five years of being in prison, they seeked out Danel’s mother and my mom’s most trusted friend. They hid for six years.

I had been through so much kidnapping, my sister’s coma, Danel being Kidnapped, and then all those events led to Where I am now.

The first person I met was my spirit guide and Playboy ALSO. Alejandro Lexus Santos Ocean.

Now, I’m on a quest to find Catlthus the thirteenth person to hold the big seat. If I fail I will be suck in the under world for thirty years.


“Okay, if I’m going on this quest I have a list of demands: First, I want some else to wear I’m not wearing a dress into battle plus it leaves little to the imagination.

Second, I need my sword back and I want sword lessons, Lastly, I need a way to talk to my family! .. please”. I demanded and as I pointed at his chest.

Also sighed and said, “Very well, I can fashion a suit of armor for you and your sword I’m afraid is not possible, your sword is with your body. But, I can make you a new one.”

I nodded and said, “ Okay”. The dress was pretty though, I was not into dresses alive why would I be dead? Still, it was red with flames along the side it had a slip on the leg and the shoes were practical there were no heels making it easier for me to walk.

It felt real, my skin felt real but I knew it wasn’t.

Also looked at me sadly and said, “This was meant to be your coming out party dress.

Your mother worked so hard on it. As your spirit guide I watch over your loved ones too. I watched your mother make it stitch by stitch.”.

Also gulped in a few stray tears “It was also meant to be your wedding dress”.

I cried as I cling closer towards the dress the last connection. Of my parents, of my family, of Danel. Also pulled me in for a hug and then pulled back to wipe my cheeks.

“Can you modify the dress for me”? I said a idea suddenly bloomed in my head. I whispered it into his hear. He looked at me dumbstruck and smirked.

“What do you think”? I said with hope and uncertainty unsure what he would think about my idea I was not sure how it was going to work.But, I did not there memory to be in vain.

Also smiled and said, “ Perfect”.

Fire will Rising from the ashes

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