The Creation of Fire

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Rules or Revolution?

After Danel and I got out of our award situation. I felt a little guilty about the situation as well, I knew it was not his fault, I was the one that made him believe I harbored feelings for him. It a way I did but, that did not mean I was going to be a fragile princess that needed protection.

I needed to send a message to Danel that I was not about to let him run my life, that if were going to be together that I was the one to take charge. I was the stronger one, I did not want our relationship to end up like Water and Jimmy. I wanted a guy that would treat me with respect.

I decided it was best to keep this quiet, I could already feel the bond growing stronger if only I got out of the way in time. I still would have a chance to create a life of my own now. I am going to be stuck with him forever like my grandma Nature wanted.

As we walked back to the house I reflected on what happened Danel comforting me as I cried my shocked and terrified expression as he lightly kissed me on the lips.

It only lasted a few seconds but, it was enough to make such a powerful connection. ,the rate of his heartbeat. It was all so surreal ,it was as if I was in a whole other world.

Is it wrong for me to not want to bring him back, to just stay here in this moment with him all day? After a couple of seconds of feeling his lips on mine and the bliss that followed it. I realized what happened.

I might like him a lot. But, that still did not make it right, he did not even ask if I wanted to be kissed he just did it anyway without thinking about the consequences.

Typical Danel maneuver. I thought all the while, I kept my dark stare at him. But, deep inside my heart rate could not stop increasing. I could tell by the way he looked at me, he knew I enjoyed the kiss but, he was willing to accept his fate.

I glared at him with a cold indifference and hatred ,he looked at me with surprise and heartache .

It killed me to pretend to hate him but if we wanted to keep it quiet I had to pretend I was still upset about the marriage when in reality.

All that mattered now was making sure that Danel never takes advice from Mikie again. I wanted to tell him I was not mad at him but at myself, I never even considered how Danel thought all these years.

What did he feel when he found out we were arranged to be married since we were young kids? I frowned as he started looking down at the ground in fear of seeing the look of betrayal and loathing turning my crystal blue into fierce electric blue.

My face scrunched up my expression grim and my fist clenched with blazing flames in my palm. I was about to raise my fist to bash his face in when I heard a voice echo in mind. “I am sorry, I did not mean to”.

I jumped and looking around for the source of the voice but all I was the sour expression on Danel’s face. It was then that I realized the voice came from him it was his thoughts.

“It was happening already”? I whispered under my breath Grandma told me that you could not hear their thoughts until three months.

“It depends on the couple and the strength of the bond “.he responded in my mind, I blushed I could barely contain myself when he talked to me out loud. Now it is going to be harder hiding my feelings for him if he can hear my thoughts in his head.

I blushed even redder knowing he was probably listening to my thoughts right now. I looked at him awkwardly “Hello, Danel can you hear me?

Danel laughed and said, “Yes Fire, I can hear you, you got admit deep down you think that the connection might be the best thing that ever happened to you and that you like me”

I rolled my eyes and thought, “Whatever can we stop this it is very awkward I know you think this is cool, but it is also invading my personal thoughts”.

He pouted and thought, “Sorry”.

I giggled and then held my mouth in shock. I have not laughed like that for five years I almost forgot what laughter felt like, it felt nice to laugh. But, it was also embarrassing sure I have laughed a little these past few years but it was never as genuine as the one that just occurred.

He looked at me with shock and said, “What was that? “ At first I wanted to yell at him for ignoring what I said, then I realized that he said that out loud for some reason the mere thought of him saying that made me blush.

I always seem to act like a love struck teenager around him, I could be myself I was not just a princess or a ninja police officer I was more than that, I could tell I could feel his emotions.

I looked at everything but his face I was too embarrassed to look at him “Nothing “. I shuddered out bashfully as I tried to keep my eyes on the road ahead we were almost at the safe house I could see the candle light from the table and smell the food cooking.

Danel looked at me with shock and said, “You were laughing! “. I felt a little bad about how shocked he was was there something wrong with me laughing, was I weird for thinking that his immaturity was funny?

“I was not ! “

“Fine I was “.

“I knew it “.

“Shut up you idiot “.


Meanwhile at the safe house, The dinner was slowly progressing and the royal court took a bite from their food with a smirk on their cynical faces .

Pam head of organization had the biggest sneer of them all. She would look for any exuse to banish me, I was a symbol of a marriage that should have existed her opinion. Like Danel and I my mother Heather was put in a marriage she was supposed to marry Sisube's dad Bladegar but, it did not play out like that.

They did not account on my mother and father falling in love during a mission. Back when the marriage was being arranged my mother and father were not fond of each other at all. But, things change. People change.

My mother's generation was full of wedding contracts that had been demolished by the bride and groom falling in love with different people. It was known as the Great Wedding rebellion of eighty four.

Ever since Tyra the leader and founder of Ninja police core and my great ancestor had disappeared. The royal court swooped and had bared their teeth inside of the organization.

For the longest time no generation ever opposites their authority until my mother's generation defied the royal court by falling love with the wrong people.

Now, they are making sure it does not happen again by enforcing new laws. Monthly dinner meetings to check up on the teams was one of the requirements. If any member was not present for any reason, they will automatically be accused of treason against the council.

“Where is the crystal Venuke? “ Pam asked Venuke is a racial slur for half bloods that can mean three things Brat, scalawag and cunt but what Pam is referring to is the four meaning a burden a person who is more useless than dirt.

Nature glared at her “That is none of your business “.

“I suppose not what do you want to discuss first then? “

“Fire’s freedom”. Water blurted out

Pam laughed “ I can’t do that you know the law the first get a man of their choosing and the second are chosen ,we must have balance between kingdoms. We can not have a repeat of the Earth city Ron and Samuel were not supposed to marry outside royalty and you were not supposed to marry Eric Nature “:

“Then Blame me not Fire. She is too young to remember what happened on that night “!

“What night”? Water asked

“The Night Fire when out of control burning buildings, setting a wildfire in Cacti park and destroying the statue of our cities hero ! “.Pam said with anger. Water got angry at the thought of Pam suddenly defending her parents. Pam hated her parents when they were still alive and now she was defending them? It made no sense.

“It wasn’t her fault that was the night our parents were abducted and she got her powers she was angry she was trying to find them “.

Pam scoffed “Your parents are dead”.

“Are they? I went back to the reports of the missing parents case they never found the bodies how do you explain that Pam"? Water questioned

Pam looked at her with shock ‘This girl is on to us’ ...

“We are here”. I said

“Finally”! Danel shouted with relief as he jumped up and down with excitement he held my hands and started to spin me around and then let me go and rushed towards the door with a smile on his face.

I rolled my eyes and said, “Shut up, do you always have to be so hyper all the time”? getting a little annoyed at him always acting like a hyperactive kid .

Then I realized we still were kids. Ninja police officers were trained to grow up and mature around an early age that way they were mature enough to handle strenuous situations like combat and death.

Danel smiled and said, “Yep, what is the use of living if you take things too seriously “.

As soon as I opened the door and noticed the extra coats and shoes on the floor I knew that our guests have long since arrived. I went into the kitchen and blushed with embarrassment. They were already here everyone was staring at me John -John looked at me with a ‘good luck’ expression on his face.

‘I am dead’ I thought

“Don’t worry Fi everything is going to be alright “....

I heard inside my head making me jump everyone else in the room started at me like I had grown a second head. I laughed nervously as I sat down at the table. .“What did I tell you about reading my thoughts Danel “!

“Not to do it because it creeps you out”?!

I thought, “Where are you anyway “?

He replied inside my head, “Outside still “.

I walked over towards the window and pointed geatured for Danel to get inside and thought, “Get the fuck in here quickly they are here!“.

“Okay I will Fire”. .

Pam smiled “Oh, finally the grand finale has arrived “.

“Go choke on a mint you old cunt “. I declared with mace

“My such language I wonder where she could have learned that “?she said sarcastically as she looked at Nature.

Nature rolled her eyes and said “Forget a mint go die in a ditch and choke on a mint .“ I snicked as I stuck my tougue out at Pam, I knew that if my grandma was still part of the royal court she would treat the members of team Nature so much better. But, sadly when Pam rose to power she had kicked Nature out of the royal court.

“You rock grandma slow high five ! “They high fived slowly

Pam sighed “Enough lets talk business about your freedom Fire. I wish I could let you off the hook I really do. But, in your mother’s will it stated to pair you with Mr Storm where is he anyway”?

I rolled my eyes and said, “No you are not sorry, besides how do you know if I want to be let off the hook what if I like Danel”. “Danel come in now just like we practiced I told him inside my head.

Everyone gasped at me as the words sunk in my sister gave me a knowing smile as if she knew that I liked Danel already. I guess nothing gets past Water she could always see right past my tough girl act.

Suddenly there was a flash of light and then a boy appeared behind Pam

Danel smiled and said, “ I am right here “. Danel grabbed a chair and sat down between Mikie and I on the table. He smiled at me and thought, I can’t believe you said you liked me in front of everyone.

I blushed as I looked down at the table and thought, It was the only thing I could think of at the moment, I knew Pam could careless if we got married or not I just wanted to wipe the smirk off her face... .

Suddenly Danel and I had our conversation cut short by the sound of Pam clearing her throat and looking at Danel and I as if with anger and disgust as if knowing what had occurred between Danel and I.

“Very good now before we get to team Nature what about your team Harmony “?

Harmony smiled and said, “My Team is doing well”.

Pam looked at her and said, “What members do your team consist of “?

“I have Mike Iceberg, John John Smith, Dan Wong, Baku flash , Arian Wong, Turner, Willie , Bondo and Stewart”. Harmony said with pride

“Is there a reason they are all boys ? “

“They were the only cities that did not have a team. All the other teams were picked plus these boys happen to be the strongest on the force minus Danel Storm of course “.

Harmony said as she smiled at Danel with pride and admiration the rest of the table gave Danel a small nod of respect all except Pam.

“Yes I am great aren’t I “.Said Danel

“Put a sock in it”. Pam snapped

“What if your team Vanuto”?

Vanuto nodded and said, “I have Lulu Phillips, Terri sites, Bukka Firebolt, Gabe Thompson , Wind Crystal, Earth Crystal, and I would have Echo but she ran away and last but not least Jimmy reads my star pupil”

John -John scoffed.

“Is something funny “? Jimmy asked

“No Jimmy not at all I just have something in my throat”. John John replied

Pam asked “What of your team Crystal? “

Crystal looked down , “My team was taken by plague”.

Pam understood and asked sympathetically “Who do you have left? “

“Mini Lewis , Joey Bration, Scott wind, Shon Sky, Gary Chaos, Timmy Wong, Sisu Firebolt and Jaden fan are my new team”.

“The new recruits from the summer, you must be joking they all passed but decided to stay in the transfer program for another two years they were holding themselves back”! Pam said with laughter

“Now see here just because you are in the royal court does not give you the right to treat us like bugs that need to be squashed” ! Arian shouted

“Aw the pretty boy speaks tell me how many medals of honor have you gotten? “ Pam taunted

“None “.he said

“That’s right all of you haven’t I was a general of the Ninja police division long before you all were born. I think i have the right to treat you in away I wish so go head fight lord Wong because I have have been itching to banish someone”. Pam threatened

“And I have been itching to throw my fist in your face he replied sharply

“Shut up all of you we came dinner not for war wasn’t the Fire city and Earth city war enough “?! I yelled

Pam frowned and said, As much as I hate to admit it she has point to discuss the future of Team Nature. You all will be given opportunities to join the Ninja police royal court at the age of 30 all of you can decide to accept or reject the offer once it is given “.

“Hello aren’t we forgetting something what about Yang or all the other missing team members over the years shouldn’t we help them? “ I interjected

“And risk military hands to die over a lost cause rules are rules sister we must follow whatever we are asked finding Yang is a dead sentence”. Water said

“She is our cousin not some random stranger on the streets not a homeless veteran our family I promised Ying I would get her elder twin sister back just like you vowed to protect me” I said

Water stared at me with shock and said, “I -uh listen rules are rules we have orders we vowed we would respect the rules and regulations when we became Ninja police Fire. You can’t just break the rules whenever you feel like it”

I looked down at the ground and muttered under my breath “Mom and dad would have helped Ying “.

Water flinched and said “Maybe helping friends and braking the rules is the reason they ended up dead Fire they did not know when to give up”

“Water I love you you are a great sister but mom and dad did not die their soul lives on inside me I will never give up or quit until Peteus is either changed or dead”.

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