The Creation of Fire

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The Ambush

Everyone fell silent .Even Pam. As Water and I went at it, bickering back and forth into the night, Nature shocked and frustrated at our display threw her fist on the table, it cracked in half everyone backed away still in their seats.

The candles flickered for a second or two but then began to dance again in the center of the table. Vanuto, Crystal and the rest of the senseis waited patiently for Nature, as she chew Water and I out.

“Enough! Water, Fire, I want to know your reasoning for acting out in front the council .But right now, we need to discuss our future! Nature said as she looked at us with shame and disappointment.

Water and I looked down with gulit. Knowing what she must be thinking, Out of all her students her grandchildren were the first to act out? she had trained us since we could walk, and this was how we repay her.

“But, Water. Fire is right. We need to help the others. That is one of things we will be talking about, before you guys go into battle as team you must strategize like team. Nature said with a smile as she looked at me

I raised my head with excitment and relief. My grandmother was the best! I thought with a smile. No matter what the situation she never stopped throwing me a compliment or two.

She raised us to folllow our hearts, and the rest of our bodies will guide us down the path we believe is right. So I did. I always did. That got me in trouble with the concil, but I did not care.

Pam coughed and then said, “Well, that was a lovely show you put on four us but now it is time for the main event. Team Nature, Nature you have the floor “.

She looked at me with digust and annoyance. I glared at her clentching my fists trying to resist the urge to punch her in the face. While, Water looked at me sternly and flashed Pam an apologic look.

Nature looked at me and Pam and sighed shaking her head she cleared her throat and said,

“I have Fire Crystal, Thunder Crystal, Water Crystal, Ice Crystal, Pink Green, Jade Green, Mangta Green, Danel Storm, Sarbe Storm, Crisis Flash, Sisube Firebolt, Ying Sky and Yang Sky.”

“My team has been progressing at alarming rate they show significant amount of teamwork and get along great. Except for my granddaughter and Mr. Storm.” She said with an agrovating sigh as she shook her head remembering all the times she had to pull me and Danel aside.

“But I’m sure they will get along in the future.” Nature said as she looked at me and Danel. He was standing behind me with his hands on my shoulders, he smiled warmly at my grandmother Nature and I looked back and forth between them with confusion.

I was too focused on the meeting to tell Danel to back away or sit down in a chair. So, I decided to let him stand behind me, besides for some reason I felt claimer but his presents near by. I could not explain it but my uncontrolable flames seem to fade when he was near.

My Signature flaming purple hair was still glowling, lighly the purple flames dancing in harmony like a small campfire. I was still slightly annoyanced that out of all the royal council they had to send Pam. The one that hated me the most.

John-John, Mikie, and Jimmy looked at him with mixed faces of jeaously, disgust and wonder as they glanced at us. But then went back to the meeting, knowing it was not the time to ask about what happened.

“Good, I think that just about covers it what about Peteus’s activity”?

“Peteus, has stolen a create of the S.H.O.T and other medicines for schizophrenia, depression, and split personality syndrome." Sarbe said

Being the brain expert in our team. She was the most qualified person to talk about the medicines that had been stolen. She seemed worried, I could not even began to understand what Peteus could use those medicines for.

But, Sarbe seems to. Her grim expression was odd on her normally cheerful face.

“It is unclear what he needs them for in the past six years Rain Crystal, Joseph Fan, Stan Storm, Ashka Storm, Danko Storm, Fiko Crystal, Echo Strong , James Firebolt, Sandy Sites has helped aid Peteus in committing these crimes.” Sisube said nonchantly

She had used the empty seat next to her to put her feet up with her arms crossed.I smiled and shook my head. Even during the meetings Sisube still acted layed back, a little too layed back.

But, I admired her abillity to stay claim during stressful situations. Being our best tracker and hand to hand combat fighter, Sisube has gone on many dangerous missions to accquire that data over long periods of time.

Each one getting more and more dangerous. She can not afford to make a single mistake or she could get caught.

“What do young Vampire minions get for helping him”? asked Arian

“We do not know Plague is in charge of that squad” . Mikie replied

“Then Why are we just sitting here let’s find the lair and kick his ass”! Danel yelled as he pounded his fists together with determination

“It is not simple Danel, to stop Peteus we must find out about his activity and think like him”. said Sarbe

Sarbe is Danel’s cousin. Danel hates her guts. Because his father always takes her side. See I told you, you would meet her later on. Sarbe Storm is an expert of the brain. She is considered the best young Ninja Police officer with telepathy and is one of my closest friends.

“Sarbe is right Danel, It is dangerous “. said Sisube as she lifted her feet off the chair and shot him a look that would make a full grown man cry and beg for mercy. But, all Danel did was glare back her, his electric blue eyes glaring back at her dark green ones.

Making everyone gasp it was a rare moment when someone had enough guts to glare at Sisube. She was very deathly, I have seen the way she finishs off her oppoients before just thinking about it made me shiver.

“We are Ninja Police. We breathe danger and you know that'!He replied

Suddenly a gun fired into the safe house We all dodged out of the way and looked at the bullet. I leaped into the air and glared at Veronica . I wanted to attack but I had no idea what kind of weapon I was dealing with.

“Crisis!” I shouted

“It is a shot gun model 457 released in 2000 best used for long distance “! Crisis explained

Crisis Flash she is the weapon expert on our team. S he is a power defect she has no powers of her own. So, she uses her knowledge of weapons and martial arts to take down her enemies.

She mostly uses snipers and long range missiles .She has a younger brother Baku who drives her nuts but will go to any lengths to protect him.

“Veronica what are you doing here, you crazy witch “! I growled

“Just came to crash the party, why wasn’t I invited? “. she said twisty as she shot purple beams at Team Nature I dogged out of the way and shot fire towards her she soaked it up like a sponge.

She shot my attack back towards me, I gasped as Danel grabbed me and took the blow for me.using his lightning powers, Danel jumped into the air shooting at Veronica trying to find a blind spot in her defenses. Veronica absorbed every shot and counter attacked Danel by grabbing him in mid attack.

She kicking him in the gut, grabbing his neck and then threw him down on the ground while twisting his wrist Danel screamed in pain as he fell down on the ground making his leg crack as he hit the floor.

I looked at the scene with shock and anger “Hey!Leave him alone you crazy Bitch “!

“Strong words for a Vanuke “.

“What was that you stone age piece of shit” ! I shouted at first but then realized that I had more important things to do then let someone’s comment get in the way.

I had to help my friends. I charged up my powers and then shot her out of the sky with one shot.

“ Who’s the Vanuke now? “. I added under my breath as I rushed over to his side and pushed him out of the creator that Veronica created when she body slamming him to the ground.

“Danel are you okay “? I asked as I looked up and down to find any other injuries I looked down at his leg,

It was in bad shape I could tell. I have had medical training I knew that it was either cracked,sprained,fractured or broken I did not have the proper tools to heal him. My pink flames only heal me not anyone else, I do not have enough power to heal other people yet.

He looked up at me in shock “Fire you came for me? “ He asked with shock and affection. I blushed my heart skipped at beat at the tone of his voice and the look he was giving me.

I punched him in the arm and said, “Of Course I did idiot! Friends do not abandon friends. Can you get up ?” I asked with worry and annoyance the first time. I get to see him in years, and Veronica had to come and wrecked everything. I was having a good time with Danel even if I did not want to admit it.

I was worried for Danel because deep down under all my harsh words, and dislike like for being around him in general. I really do like him. But, because of my foolish pride and my deep need for indepentance, I push my concern and feelings for him aside.

I was so wrapped up in my thoughts, I had let myself forget about the accidental kiss we had shared which meant in acident times that we were now bond together in body, mind, and spirt. Forever. He could hear my every thought and I could hear his.

Until Danel laughs he did not need the connection to he notices me covering up my concern for him by caling him an idiot while hitting him in his arm. The fact that I even thought of him at all, meant alot to him apparently because he smiled warmly at me and tried to stand.

But, when he tried to get up again he fell down on the ground. Hard. He winced and then shook his head and said, “No, I think I broke my leg “.

“Are you sure? “ I asked seriously as I looked down at his leg. I wish I could help you, but I can not do anything. I do not have the tools to heal you now I’m sorry. I thought knowing he had heard me.

Danel tried to lift some weight on his right leg but then he fell backwards, I caught him before he fell on the ground again, picked him up and carried him my back and leaned him against a tree towards the safe house wreckage .

I asked seriously “Danel do you trust me “? As I sat down next to him inspecting his leg and sighed, I had no choice. I would have to brace his leg, judging from past experiences with the black haired boy and his many hospital visits from training.

This is going to be hell. I did not want to cause him more pain but the bone was popped out of its place from Veronica’s attack.

“Why do you want to know that”?! he asked with fear and horror

He did not want to seem like a coward around me, I could tell that much, I giggled slightly he was so silly sometimes.

If things work out between us if the link sympathizes and grows he will make one hell of a husband . He was kind, caring, and strong -Wait where did that come from?! I thought with a blush

Hoping Danel was too focused on the pain of his legs to hear what I just thought about him. I drank too much soda today, the caffeine must be messing with my brain .

If only I got better sleep last night, instead of worrying about the future and drift away in my thoughts, I would not feel so weak right now.

I did not like Danel that much but it would be painful to see him limp home or walk around in crunches .

It was better to deal with the leg now. I trapped his wounds with bandages and then removed any shares of dirt or germs that entered his skin on his way down from Veronica’s creator attack.

“This going to hurt a little “. I warned him sympathetically

“What are you going to do?” he asked worriedly

“I am going to brace your leg “.I smirked up at him

“What! No I’m good, I think I should just get a cast. How do I know you aren’t going to make it worse!” He asked with fear

I rolled my eyes and then said, “Ying ,hold him down see to it he does not try to resist me. Water, make sure Veronica does not get what she is after distract her. while I help Danel. Crisis”.. I paused and then looked up to see her firing rounds at Veronica.

Veronica blocked them and then kicked Crisis, but she evaded the kick by stopping it with her hand. Then She jumping up in the air and punched Veronica she slammed down on the ground. She

Veronica rolled and topped over a minefield Crisis had step up it was a trap she smirked and then said, “Yeah you want some of this bitch”!

I smiled and then laughed and shook my head, Classic Crisis.. I thought

“Sarbe, try to get into her head if you know what I mean” I said

Sarbe nodded and rushed in to help th others, she kicked veronica in the gut, and then used her telekenisis powers to lift Veronica in the air and sent her flying into a nearby tree.

Sisube just “be a Gothic bad-ass”. I said in a perfessional tone trying to stay claim. Despite th fact that Nature is the sensei and my older sister Water being the oldest. I was the leader of team Nature I was the one that told people what to do.

Sisube nodded. She pulled her double edged sword, Blood rain.

It has been passed down from generation to generation of the Firebolt clan and is really deadly weapon. Sisube had been looking forward for an attack to happen to show off her new skills from her training with Mikie.

When she was younger, Sisube had difficulty controlling her fire and electric powers. They would attack her friends or family at unexpected moments especially if she was hurt or in critical danger. The green flames would form a protective shield around her, and defect the attack back .

But since she started training with him four years ago she got smarter faster and was about to hold her energy more without feeling exhausted or having a migraine.

“The rest of you make sure that Veronica is stopped and taken to prison.” I finished

Everyone nodded

“Come on Dudes lets kick ass”! said Mikie to Dan as they went over to Veronica and Stopped in front of her. Mikie pulled out the sword from its holder while grinning ear to ear after six years of training and doing lame missions they finally get some action.

“Veronica is you ready for the sickest combo ever”! Said Dan

Dan Wong prince of the Wong Clan, The Wong clan uses Yin -Yang magic their symbol is the Ying Yang symbol the Wong clan woman can only have twins. One of them has dark the other has light; Arian is Dan’s twin and has Dark magic while Dan has light magic.

Arian Wong is the oldest and most intense junior officer on the entire force, nobody knows much about him not even Dan. There is still a big question mark around Arian’s head .

Hopefully, we will learn more about him the more we are around him.

Unlike his brother Dan is quiet, shy and very modest most of the time when he does something great he always gives everyone the credit as well Dan is very reserved and hardly participates in the group he mostly goes off on his own .

Mikie nodded and catapulted Dan towards Veronica. Dan started shooting white magic energy her, she yawned and deflected the projectiles with her hand and in one foul swoop she knocked Mikie off his feet.

He gasped fell on the ground with Dan falling on the ground next to him. She dusted herself and said,“Is that really the best you can do?”

Mikie got up and said , “You haven’t seen anything yet “!Mikie turned towards the rest of team Harmony he was going to need their help if this was going to work.

Arian stared at his brother with a blank expression on his face and sighed, What else did he have to lose?

John -John had been watching from afar he was the strategist of the group he was a quick thinker and did well under pressure. Mikie always gives him a hard time because he knows John -John can handle it .

“John -John I have a plan but you need to work with me, this might seem crazy but I think it could work “. Mikie said

Mikie looked around at his surrounds they were near a creek in the middle of the forest with piles of broken wood and metal from the destruction of the safe house wreckage. There was a wide trail with trees that stretches on for miles.

He was going to have to use Water for this plan to work, as well. Perhaps Crisis would be willing to help. Team Harmony were not the best friends with Team Nature. But, they have shared similar experiences and trials.

So they know the opponent they are up against they knew what was at stake.

“Dude are you going to just stand there? You said you have a plan so lay it on me and I will get the job done.” Said John -John with impatientance

“No this is not something you cannot do alone Veronica is too powerful, Crisis you got any fore-field riles?

Crisis Jumped at the mentioning of her name but then and then quickly grabbed her scroll and summoned a weapon pile appeared out of nowhere she fumbled around the pile ,until she pulled out the biggest gun Mikie at ever seen.

His mouth dropped in shock. How is she able to carry such a big weapon? He thought What she lacked in power she made up for in strength, even though Crisis is legally a power defect and has no special energy or power like the others .

She is incredibly fast and strong her choice in clothing is not exactly the best way to hide as a ninja. She should wear something less bright than yellow but it also makes her unpredictable to the new opponents.

Crisis picked up the gun and began to shoot straight up in the air a purple ball escaped from the gun and engulfed Mikie and the others in a protective barrier.

Ying, Sarbe, Danel and I watched from afar as they began to fight veronica in the dome Danel growled and slammed his fist on the ground with frustration and said, “How could I be so careless? I let her catch me off guard, because of that we are not in the fight! I can’t just stand back and let my friends get killed, I got to help them”.

He tried to lift himself up but I stopped him. As he began to sit up he stared at me with shock and anger . “I do not understand why you are so worried about me, Fire your Our firends are fighting that witch alone!

Don’t you want to help out as the Leader of Team Nature you are the one that should in in the fight not babysitting me”! He snapped

I glared at him and said, “Why you ungrateful jerk, I am helping you because you are injured and because you are part of the team ,I cannot just let you sit here and trust you will stay put . Because, I know how stubborn you can be. Just leave it up to them. You have to have more faith in Mikie. You know what he is capable of !"

I paused to catch my breath having to say all that in a few seconds was a bit much, but I had to get my point across somehow Right? I took a few moments to look at him and then said, " Besides, I thought you would be happy to get some time with me”? I said the last part a little softly and was that a hidden of sadness in my voice . What do have to be sad about?

Danel flinched and then shot his hands up defensively “Okay, I’m sorry it’s just I never met a girl who cared so much about me before. I know you do not like me Fire. But, you are the only girl who has accepted me for who I am. You did not try to change anything and I just don’t understand why you are helping me if you hate me”.

I sighed and then closed my eyes my face was still bloody from my short but painful battle with Veronica. I had a long trail of blood flowing into the corner of my lip from where my cheek housed a angry bloody bruise there were several scratches on my forehead. But nothing too serious.

I breathed out and said , “I do not expect you to understand. Just let me help you okay, grandma Nature has been teaching me how to heal and treat wounds. So it was the least I can do. Besides, think of it as apology for calling you a mama’s boy.” I said a wide goofy grin appeared on my face seeing me grin ear to ear made Danel smile too.

For a moment we sat and stared into each other’s eyes navy blue met electric blue we began to lean in when Sarbe coughed and said, “We are still here why you don’t you and Danel goes get a room Fire”. she said jokingly

We jumped with surprise and then looked at each other and then blushed and then looked away with embarrassment.

Ying glared at Sarbe, “That was not very nice Sarbe they were having a tender moment”.

“Yeah Well, I’m still digesting my food I don’t want to puke my insides out witnessing my best friend and my idiotic cousin make out disgusting”. she said as she shivered at the thought of it.

“We are right here you know”! Danel and I Shouted

Sarbe laughed and then closed her eyes her eyes glowed blue and then she crouched down in a meditation position and gasped she had just gotten a vision with her psychic powers,

Sarbe does not always have visions at random moments, But quite often she gets this tingling sensation and then her eyes glow blue and the vision comes, I do not have psychic powers so I do not know how it is supposed to work.

I just go by what Sarbe had told me when I brought up my curiosity about how her powers work ;while I showed her how mine works my powers are not as complex as Sarbe’s so I do not have as big of a risk factor.

People with psychic powers can black out if they overdo it and quite often it has happened to her. Despite her sarcastic humor towards Danel she actually cares about him deeply, but has an odd way of showing it.

As the youngest in her family Sarbe has struggled to meet her mother’s approval but her brother Jack is the oldest. So her mother is too busy trying to find a suitable bachelorette to be his bride.

Danel and Jack don’t even act like cousins they are so close they might as well be brothers. Sarbe did not believe in love until she met Dan’s older brother Arian.

Sadly Sarbe knows that an intense guy like Arian is not interested in her. He is looking for a respectfully well brought up girl it is not like Sarbe was raised badly but the way she dresses doesn’t exactly make Arain comfortable.

Sarbe was a short girl that wore long black boots to make her appear taller, her complexion was fair. But she was not pale either, she had a farmer tan some spots were more than others.

She had big round black eyes that can see right into your soul with a hint of sadness if you look hard enough. She had black hair with navy blue bangs that framed her face, she wore a light blue mini shirt with a brain on the front of it, with fishnets that covered her entire body down to her ankles . with a medium sized skirt that went down just passed her knees.

Sarbe saddened at the thought of Arian but thought it was not the best time to be thinking about him in the middle of a critical moment in battle.

I looked at her sadly I knew what is it was like to like someone and them not returning a favor ,I had witnessed my sister dating a guy she hates to protect John -John ,Water would not tell me why she is sticking for him other than the fact he is her best friend.

She swears she has no emotional attachment but then again I had not asked her recently.The last time I asked her was four years ago, while they were on a stakeout mission to find Plague’s team.

After tracking them for weeks we had found their location but they were one step ahead of us and had captured us and had asked her she said she had no interest in John -John but I had left her alone after that but I secretly believe she likes him.

Sarbe looked around, “Danel is right, we have to find a way to help them”!

Ying looked down “But what can we do? That is a level 6 force field you will need a whole lot of power”.

I stood up bravely “How much power maybe you can use your magic”.

Ying shook her head “No My magic is not that powerful if only my sister was still with us, her power is strong”.

Danel struggled to get up on his feet his legs quivering as he stood up and said “Then wait are we waiting for let’s do it”.

I glared at him “Are you crazy do you want to die you have lost a lot of blood Danel I cannot ask you to do this”!

Danel sighed “I do not care dying is better than sitting here and watching my friends die Fire I refuse to let my best friends get hurt”. As He charged up his lighting powers .

I watched as he used the surge of electricity through his legs and concentrated as the lighting turned pink and his leg started to heal.

I gasped and then smirked, I guess I Am not the only one who has learned to do the color spectrum I thought

Okay you must be reading this saying what the heck is that? The color spectrum allows the user to change what their power can do without having to learn a new element.

Like I mentioned earlier each color does something different it doesn’t just apply to flames. But it helps to learn how to do with fire powers .

Because we have a lower risk of getting side effects there have been cases where accidents have happened who did color spectrum.

This why I worry Danel is quite accident prone. I cannot remember how many times he had gotten head first fighting an enemy and hurt himself most of the time, I have to save his sorry butt.

Why Danel had joined the Ninja police force was mystery to me, it wasn’t that he wasn’t good it was that a nice boy. A guy like him should be doing what Jack is doing getting ready to marry his future bride not the harsh cruel bloody Ninja police life.

“Fine but if you hurt yourself I am not responsible for what happens to you got it. “.I said as I charged up my fire powers everyone shielded their eyes as my powers aviated my hair started to flicker and dance like flames on a candle.

My electric blue eyes became a furious neon blue as I scanned the force field looking for a blind spot .I had found one.

I ran up to the force field and turned my red flames to purple and transported inside the force field and appeared in front of Veronica and punched her in the face.

I slammed down on the ground the ground shook violently and a giant hole formed from my strength all Zelens were born with incredible strength but mine was different.

I came out earlier then I was supposed to so I got the ability to resist weapons, the super senses like hearing, strength and amazing recover ability.

But I failed to gain the strong bone structure and the Zelen tolerance for pain so I bruise like a banana and the risk of hurting my legs are far more stronger than any other of my teammates.

Once I was inside I gave Danel the signal to strike. He nodded and charged his lighting towards the force field and overloaded its ability to withstand the stress of power .

A small hole had opened up and was starting to close again

Danel grabbed his cousin and threw her in the force field and ran towards the small opening.

I gasped the force field was starting to get to small there’s no way he could fit in While Running Danel shot a small charge at it with his pointer finger and the opening expanded now Veronica was alone with Team Nature, Vaunto and Crystal ready to fight.

Ying had managed to get in, in the last minute everyone charged up their powers and weapons ready to strike as soon as Veronica started to come to everyone got into fighting positions.

She had cracked her head back into place as her purple stilted eyes glowed she got up and started to gather some of her powers. We all glared at her as she flowed into the air and shot beams at us from the sky, we all dogged out of the way and shot at her she flipped looped and zig zagged out the way.

My short temperature had flared up again she is just toying with us! I thought with anger.

Crisis scanned up and down her as she dogged Veronica. She has got to have a weakness she glanced at her. “That is it! “We turned towards Crisis,

“Guys I know how to defeat Veronica “!

“Let’s hear it” said Mikie I glanced at him with shock He was badly beaten up he had blood all over his face and his blue headband was almost completely ripped in half it was barely on his forehead anymore. He had bruises and could barely stand.

“Look this won’t work without all of us together”! she said

“I am all ears”. said Sarbe

I nodded and all the other team leaders nodded in agreement with us. Veronica watched us with an evil smirk playing on her lips.

“Excellent, I have gathered very vital infromation Peteus will be pleased”. she thought

I looked up at Veronica and shouted “Team Nature go “! I looked at Sarbe and I pointed at Veronica

Sarbe rushed up a piece of rock and levitated on it with her telepathic powers and when she got close enough she shouted “On it Fire! as she activated her powers and kicked her down on the ground forcing her to ground level.

John-John and Danel and used their electric powers to give her thousands of volts of electricity.

She shrugged it off but then realized she could not feel anything she tried to move but she was paralyzed and looked at Lulu Philips she had her arms crossed in a X like fashion and said, “Paresis success I got you”.

Lulu Phillips was Ying’s cousin and had really special powers she had the ability to make people go numb or feel extreme pain by accessing the enemies ’s nervous system she can temporarily stop electric flows of the body from going to the brain. Preventing them from moving.

Crystal must have known about her gift and have requested her for a reason.

“You little brat you let me go or you will regret it”. Said Veronica as she began to fight Lulu’s control.Mini Lewis went up to her and left hooded her in the face she coughed up blood.

Mini Lewis is Mangta Green’s best friend always cheers for her as the youngest of the Green sisters Mangta also feels like she has to live in her sisters Pink and Jade’s shadows but whenever she is with Mini she doesn’t feel so bad about herself.

Lulu smiled and said “I don’t think so “.

I handcuffed her and said “You are coming with Us”.

Veronica smirked and said “I don’t think so it has been fun Ninja brats, but I got to go now . I Am glad we had this chat “. as she dissolved into purple smoke the handcuffs fell on the ground.

I looked at the ground she sat seconds before and growled in frustration and punched the ground making my comrades jump with shock.

As I punched the ground Danel had tried to come up and stop me but accidently gets whacked him in the face.

I turned around and looked at Danel with shock and apologized and helped him up everyone but Danel laughed Danel grinned and then chuckled and dusted himself up.

Meanwhile elsewhere

Veronica had appeared in an underground cave and smirked as she bowed and addressed the man in front of her.

“Good morning Peteus I had studied their attacks like you planned they are strong, Stronger than I thought, but I am worried about one particle junior Ninja police officer she was quite strong her name is Fire crystal’.

She could not see his face his back was turned and was facing a dark corner of the room but she did not need to see his face to know he was pleased.

“Perfect soon Zelen will be my entire mine but first to eliminate Fire Crystal and her friends.”

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