The Creation of Fire

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Yang Sky

The loud sound left my ears ringing I winched as I tried to re-focus my vision my eyes trying to adjust themselves after the unexpected ambush.

My eyes blurring in and out suddenly my contraction was broken by someone slapping my face, I looked up sharply at the unexpected event and looked around my comrades. Most of the group knew of my short fuse. I was mad but I tried to push that thought aside and slowly got up and dusted myself off and scanned the group.

I frowned and noticed Sarbe smirking at me with pleasure. I rolled my eyes of course if anyone of my friends knew of my short fuse and purposely activated it ,knowing full well it would cause me to lose control, it would be her she wanted to get me back after I told her off earlier.

“You okay Firecracker you aren’t hurt are you everyone else managed to get away but you got hit pretty bad I hope it’s not serious”.

I glared at her walked up to Sarbe and grabbed her by her shirt and said “Never call me that”!

Sarbe did not say anything but her eyes did she stared at me with a mixture of fear, anger , guilt and confusion she kept opening and closing her mouth as if trying to figure out how to make a snappy comeback but did not know how to form the words without making me more upset.

I was about to say something when Nature looked at me like a disapproving parent and said “Knock it off you two you can beat each other up some other time but right now we have to focus on finding our attacker”.

I bit on my tongue to keep myself from arguing with my grandmother and looked down with anger and thought, As much as I hate to admit it my grandmother was right there was a time and place for everything we need to focus on our job not worry about some stupid teenage rivalry.

Suddenly as was interrupted from my thoughts by Danel tapping me on the shoulder I looked at him with confusion as he gestured for me to follow him towards the road I looked at him with annoyance but respectfully followed.

“What is it”? I asked with no emotion .He perked up with excitement as if he was glad I was willing to listen while the rest of the group were trying to solve clues.

I was willing to go and see what Danel had found, which a rare thing was, because of how much he jokes around people often think that Danel cries wolf most of the time.

But he was actually sharp when it came to dusting off clues people had often thought it was me who found the evidence but it was actually him. I looked down at my badge and sighed he deserves to be leader not me.

Danel bent down and pointed to pieces of black hair and said,

” Look at these blades of hair they are wild and straight much like women from the Fire city most likely of Wong clan origin .Because not very many people have black hair outside of the Wong clan with this shape and texture we are dealing with yin - yang magic here”

I gasped and looked at him seriously “Do you think it could be Yang?”

Danel looked up and me and up his index finger on his chin tapping it back and forth in deep thought I watched on with mild amusement. He always shows his witty side when none of the others were watching it was as if I was the only person besides Dan, Mikie and John-John He could be himself with if that was the case I felt bad for him.

I snapped my head back towards the others and said “Guys Danel found something”!

Sarbe snorted and said “Yeah right that would be the day”.

I stood up and said “Stop making fun of him this is serious Sarbe you would think I would joke about this?” I gestured to Danel holding a lock of hair in his hands with confusion. He looked like he was about ready to burst into tears and not sad ones either.

Meanwhile unknown to the others a young teenage girl with long flowing wild black hair hid up on the highest branch of the tree watching Nature and the others below. She had enchanted her hair turning it into an explosive, and it was set to go off in two minutes, the girl smirked evilly at her handy work.

She wore a battle dress that went down like a traditional kimono her dress was red with yellow shorts underneath she had a yang symbol necklace and had a belt with a yang symbol as well .Her eyes were a mystifying yellow with stilted pupils like a cat.

Team Nature and the other teams huddled together to think about the new found evidence.

“So what do we know?” Water asked trying to fill in on the evidence

“The attacker must still be here watching our every move I can sense the persons heat signature it has to be my older twin Yang “. Ying said seriously

Mikie growled and said “What does she want is she on another errand to kill us”?

I looked at him and said “I don’t know”.

Lulu looked at us with confusion and said “Who is Yang”.

Ying looked down and said “She is my twin sister back in our training she protected me, and kept me from danger. But then Plague and of Peteus’s lackeys had an odd interest with my sister and turned into a minion .

By adding her own dark magic, Yang’s dark magic was strong but not strong enough to override Plague’s because Plague has been alive for a long time. She was far more skilled Yang lost badly and turned evil and we are going to help get her back no matter what the cost is”.

Lulu gasped and said “That is so sad don’t worry Ying I will help get your sister back”. Ying smiled down at the child she was only eight but had immense power she had no doubt she could do it but even Lulu must understand the importance of teamwork.

“That’s nice that you want to help but promise me you won’t go after her yourself”.

Lulu pouted and said “Why not”?

Sisube rolled her eyes and said “We have more important things to do than sit and talk Yang is here this is our opportunity to catch her and bring her home! “

Suddenly without warning, some throwing knifes were thrown towards Sisube’s direction Sisube smirked and used her legendary teleportation technique Black Fog and bursted into thick black fog and flowed towards the branch Yang was hiding in.

Sisube threw her down on the ground, she jumped off the tree and teleported in front of Yang. Then, kicked her down on the ground but Yang rolled out of the way ,and shot her dark magic beams, at her Sisube fell on the ground and then took out her gun and shot few rounds. Towards Yang she deflected the bullets using a shielding spell and shot more black beams towards Sisube’s direction

Yang laughed and said “Is that all you got Sisube? This the best that the best female in her class can do, I expected better from you after all you used to train until dark, I guess you should just quit ,if you cannot handle the pressure of the job. “She gloated as she stared down at her nails

“Sisube”! Sarbe cried out as she rushed over towards Sisube and looked at her condition and gasped she was badly hurt Yang was good if she could beat Sisube but she can’t just stand there doing nothing. It was time to take action

“You bitch”! Sarbe shouted out as she ran towards Yang and shot lightning bolts at Yang, Yang used her magic to make her float up in the air and dodge any stray shots that went her way.

Feeling good about herself unknown to Yang Sarbe did not intend for those lightning bolts to hit. She was just trying to give her a moment to analyze Yang’s body language and brain waves.

As the brain expert of the group she has an extensive knowledge of criminology, Physiological, autonomy and physiology. Her mom came from the Nightingale clan and they are the fifth strongest clan in the fire city for their ability to analyze and study the body and mind.

Sarbe glanced at her face. " She is sweating profusely and she is clutching her lip as if she is guilty about something her outside appearances are claim. But, I can tell she must have had a fight before she came here because she has cuts and bruises that were there when Sisube threw her off the tree. "

Sarbe thought as she studied Yang, trying to see if there was a opening or to see if they could get her back. Despite how Yang treated them, she was still apart of Team Nature. She deserved to be with her family again.

I know my cuts and that appears to be a cut of magical aura not of a weapon or else the bleeding would not be so bad.

“Who attacked you before you came here; you are beaten pretty badly for someone who is all powerful”. Sarbe asked casually

Yang gaped and took out her sword and flew towards Sarbe and aimed for her heart and said “That is none of your business Storm”! But Sarbe did a series of backflips and managed to get out the way of the blade and said “Tell me or I will make you”! As she charged up her lighting power and raised her hands to her head her eyes glowing navy blue.

Yang scoffed she pulled her sword back and twirled her sword skillfully towards Sarbe ready to take aim yet again.” You think you can hypnotize me that am impossible”.

“Plague managed to do it”. Said Crisis

“What are you talking about I joined V.A.C.R.S on my own!” Yang insisted with anger

“Who told you that Yang was it Plague, we are your teammates Plague took you from us!”Ying shouted out desperately

Yang stared down at the small Tin Stu she looked familiar but she did not know why or why she felt like she needed to protect her she felt like she was making a horrible mistake but why would Plague trick like that she was the leader and first in command of her team and Plague’s right hand girl why would she take her away from her friends. Suddenly she heard a little girl’s voice in the back her mind says,

“So she can suck your memories and use it to make her stronger, so she can use you as her own personal weapon face it. Yang Sky you are not a Vampire minion you are a Ninja police officer and an R.I.K.U! Plague was once an R.I.K.U too but someone possessed her just like she did to you. Look at you are betraying your teammates and you city fight back it is your only chance!

Suddenly she bent down on her knees still floating in the air she clutched on her head shaking it back and forth “No that is not true Plague would never betray me like that I trust her she is like a mother to me she protects me and keep me safe from being attacked by those R.I.K.U Vanukes! “.

Ying looked up at her older sister with concern” I-is she okay”? as she looked her sister with concern a thousand scenarios of what was going in her sister’s mind was running through Ying’s mind as she feared for her sister’s mental state and cried and murmured until her breath “Oh Yang what has Plague done to you if only I were stronger she would not have captured me that day to use me for bait and you would still be with us”.

Suddenly she was lifted from her thoughts by the sight Dan putting his hand her shoulder and looked at Ying with concern Ying blushed and turned away when she stared into his amber eyes he rolled his eyes and said “Ying are you okay are you hurt? “.

She did not respond she was too busy looking at his beautiful Brown eyes that she was not paying attention to what he was telling her. She was not quite sure when she started feeling this way towards Dan but she liked it.

If she had to guess it was two summers ago she was training when some guys countered her and Dan saved her .She had not paid much attention to him before he saved her she thought he was a jerk because he insulted her and her skills and said that she was too nice to be a ninja police officer.

But then when he saved her she started to notice more things about him especially his eyes they were so pretty she could stare at them all day. Suddenly Dan tapped her on the shoulder drifting her away from her day dreaming.

She gasped and looked down at the ground she thought she was better than Sarbe what was she thinking her sister was in danger and she was thinking of Dan’s eyes she sighed sadly trying to hold back her tears and thought how could I be so selfish?

“Ying please look at me”. He said desperately as he raised her chin so she could look at him she looked away with shame. Dan just stared at her with confusion why was she turning away from him did she hate him? Was she scared he was going to insult her again?

“Huh”? She asked dumbly Dan just laughed softly and said,

“You were not paying the slightest attention to what I was saying were you”?

She looked at him and turned red with embarrassment “Yes I did I mean I-I I umm what I mean is uh “. She cursed inwardly why she can’t talk to him without shuttering she felt like an idiot. A voice in the back of her mind said it is because you like him. Was that true did she like him. No she can’t think like that he is her comrade and nothing more.

Dan smiled and said “It’s okay I will tell you it again, even though I hate repeating myself is that we should team up and try to attack while she is vulnerable. This is our chance her little melt down has given us the advantage all we need to do is to handcuff her and she is ours”! He said playfully with a hint of fake annoyance

Ying laughed and said” Okay even though I do not like the idea of hurting my sister, it has to be done”. she said as she walked away Mikie smirked at Dan once she was out of sight. Dan glared at him and said “What are you looking at”.?

“That was a pretty tender moment ,wait is that why you are so mean to her you like her don’t you”?! Mikie said with excitement and shock

Dan turned red and then scoffed and said” As if I would like the shy crybaby get real dude she isn’t even that attractive anyway”. he said trying to play cool around his friends.

Mikie shook his head and sighed” Whatever you say”. Dan needed to stop worrying about what his brother thought and just go with his instincts or him being dependent on his brother is going to get him hurt one day.

Yang cried the pain in her head was too great she had a painful Headache and tried to sooth it but nothing worked suddenly she heard a familiar voice say,

“Looks like someone is trying to break free again huh enough fooling around and grab the Storm boy we need to luther Aurora to the base so we can capture her”!

Plague was right what was she doing she has to focus on defeating those R.I.K.U brats and grabbing Danel Storm as bait for his mother Aurora. She creaked her fingers and shot black fire towards team nature and said hey brats did you miss me!

Ying ducked and looked at Dan and said “She has come to what are we supposed to do now?!” Dan looked at her and said Not now Iam thinking.....He paused to think about a strategy and smirked “I got it I think it is time to fight fire with Fire”

Ying smiled and said Fire what do you think do you want to tag team

I smiled and said “Yeah let’s do it”.

I looked over at my shoulder “Do you want to get in on this too boys are you going let some girls show you up?”

Danel, Mikie, Arian, Dan and John -John shook their heads and said No way we are missing this they yelled out in union.

“Ninja dude formation”, Danel shouted

“What’s the plan”? said John -John

Danel looked at him and said “I don’t know don’t rush me”.

Everyone but Danel sighed.

Sarbe smirked and said “That did not last long”.

Danel glared at her and said “Shut up I do not work well under pressure”.

So Team Nature took action, Crisis shot her guns at her but Yang managed to get out of the way that is until Crisis threw a grenade towards her Yang flinched as the grenade went out with a big loud boom slamming her back down to the ground giving Dan and Ying their opportunity to strike back at her.

Ying and Dan held hands and shouted “Yin combo solar flare aurora” suddenly they glowed so brightly everyone but Yang shielded their eyes Yang smirked and said,

“That is cute; too bad it will not be enough to defeat me”.

Ying and Dan smirked as they walked up to her as they held their twin blades up to their chest and began charge up a massive amount of power it caused the ground to shake Yang gasped she did not want to admit it but she was frightened their power together was overwhelming.

“Coniferous raised garden”! Ying shouted as the vines grabbed Yang forcing her to the ground some thorns digging into her Skin she winced in pain and noticed that the roses were sucking on her aurora. she moaned in pain as she felt her strength leave her.

Dan smiled at Ying and then shouted out his own spell. “Light magic power the lantern of fear”! he said as he did the yin yang symbol began to form within his eyes making Yang see her greatest fears and nightmares come true.

Yang had to get out but every time she tried to free herself from the vines they dug deeper in her skin and the roses sucked more her aurora at a faster rate Ying smiled and said ,

“Keep struggling all you want the more you move the more it takes face it, Yang it is over turn yourself in”.

Yang smirked and breathed heavily from the pain and said weakly “! N-never I would rather die than go in jail with you R.I.KU”

I glared at her and then contracted suddenly my hair flickered a fierce Blue and I smirked at her and said” it is time to end this once and for all”.

“Fire Ice power, Dry Ice bomb!” I shouted as I formed a bomb made entirely out of dry ice a normal person would have their hand melted by now but not me Fire is my element so I do not get burned by Dry ice like everyone else on my team but making a dry ice bomb takes a lot of power out of me the last time I did this I was in bed for three days from exhaustion.

Yang gasped and thrashed around in her retrains trying to pull away from my attack as I held the bomb in my hand while running the Ice smoking behind me she was getting so desperate she was actually using her teeth to try and break free from the vines any other time I would have laughed but not now.

I threw the bomb towards her direction it hit her right on target everyone watched as Yang began to burn and sweaty like she was in a sauna or a spa some skin had thorn off and she was bleeding in the spots where she lost skin some wounds exposing the bones. I stared down at her and said,

“Who is the tough one now?”

“Please I was only following orders I will talk I will talk just set me fire”.

I looked at my cousin in shock just when I was about to remove her from the vines Danel stopped me and said ” Don’t it’s a trap”

“What does mean Danel looks what I did to her “I said as I pointed at Yang Danel sighed and said “I sense someone else’s Arora here and it is not Zelen”?

Suddenly they heard groaning from behind them it was Sisube she was waking up everyone smirked when they noticed that Mikie was besides her looking down at her with concern.

“You guys started the party without me? “She said as she tried to get up but Mikie stopped her and said “Whoa their hot shot you are badly hurt We are in the middle of a dangerous battle right now”. He said as he placed his hand on her shoulder.

Sisube shrugged it away and said” Back off can’t you see that my friends are in danger!”

Mikie glared at her and said “Dammit Sisu can’t you see I am trying to help you “!

Sisube stood up and said “I do not need your help to back off and leave me alone”.

Suddenly Sisube gasped as she felt the strange Arora she shivered Mikie looked at her with confusion. “Did you feel that”?

“No” Mikie said with confusion

Sisube smacked herself on the head and said “Oh yeah Harmony hasn’t taught you how to sense aurora yet has she”.

Mikie turned away with embarrassment and said “No not yet”. Mikie looked back her and said “Who do you think it is”

Sisube looked down at the ground and said “This Arora is one of the demons that can only mean one thing Peteus is near.”

Suddenly the Arora blew through the wind and entered Yang’s body everyone gasped as Yang gained a large amount of strength and broke free from the vines and grabbed me in the throat.

Danel gasped and said “Fire No!”

I coughed and gagged and said weakly “D-don’t just stand there you idiot do something!”

“Fire you are going to pay for that Yang”! Water shouted as she ran towards her and slammed her fist into Yang’s face forcing to the ground and gasped. Her eyes were not the usual yellow they were different they were different they seemed more cold. She looked like would do more than hurt them and leave like she usually did. But, instead she stared at all of them as if she wanted to rip their bodies into pieces She was acting like a demon.

Water had been fighting off a couple of Peteus’s lackeys in the forest Water walked very slow so she was far behind everyone else just when she caught up with everyone the vampire minions blocked her path .

She was outnumbered it had taken a long time to fight the guys while going by the book Water glared and Yang and thought, "Next time I am going to do it your way Fire, so this does not happen again."

I got up and dusted myself off and looked at my sister with anger “Where have you been!”

Water frowned and said “While you were figuring out Danel’s evidence I noticed a bunch of unusually tracks I have studied Yang’s boot patterns. Knew it was Yang and so I followed the tracks .I was about to tell you guys my discovery when I got cornered by Vampire minions sorry Fire I did not mean to leave you like that”.

“So Yang did not come alone”. Said John-John in deep thought

“Yes she had some help but the question is who”? Ying said

Yang smirked and said “That is for me to know and you to find out”. as she punched down on the ground causing a creator to form Water, Danel, Ying and I jumped out of the way and pushed out our swords and slashed away the stray decree.

I shot my fire powers towards Yang and she just dodged out of the way looking like she was doing some sort of act for a ballet on stage .I looked over at Danel and nodded. It was time for our combo they had seen Ying and Dan’s but they haven’t seen anything yet.

“Ready “? I asked him with a smirk

“Ready as I will ever be”. He responded

Suddenly we held hands gathered up our powers and began to spin around faster and faster. Before we created a fire and lighting tornado with immense power everyone jumped out the way when Danel and I pulled apart and unleashed the Electric inferno tornado!

Danel and I always got dizzy afterwards but we needed the power and strength of the electric tornado. Not only is its power strong it is also ready fast and go from being one big tornado to a few smaller ones.

All we have to do is say split and it multiplies itself it took us six months to do this Nature was mad at us when we could not do it when we were cedes but we managed to do it successfully in a run in with veronica.

Yang did not see it coming she was sent flying into the heart of the tornado she got electrocuted and burned until she passed out.

Meanwhile unknown to team Nature, a tall red skinned demon dressed in steampunk like clothing was sitting on his thrown chair. Clutching at one of the arms of the chair with frustration. He was looking at the battle in his crystal ball he thought that if he gave some of his power to Yang she would break through the vines and win but she did not.

Veronica came in to see Peteus looking into the crystal ball and said "Brother calm down you will get them soon”.

“I sure hope so. Because, if I don’t I will make you join your husband in the dimension of souls sister. You would not like that would you”. he said with anger as he threatened her he knew he was overreacting but he was just so tired of those Ninja brats getting in the way of his plans.

Suddenly the crystal showed an image of me smiling at Danel while he stared down at the ground with embarrassment. Peteus growled and threw his sword at his crystal causing it to break pieces of glass shattered on the floor.

Veronica rolled her eyes and said “There goes another one honestly Peteus I can’t believe you let those kids get to you. “as she picked up the pieces of glass and throwing them away.

Peteus got up and “I do not!”

Veronica smirked at him leaning up against the door looking at him with amusement” Remember Peteus I helped mom and dad clean your tippers I Am used to your emotional outbursts”.

Peteus rolled his eyes and blushed with embarrassment and said “Whatever gets out of my sight “.

Veronica giggled Making feel even more embarrassed HE was Peteus lord of the demons he was not going to take being teased and degraded by his sister veronica.

“NOW”! He roared as he threw his glass of water towards her she backed away and said “Okay I’m going god I always forget much of a grouch you are in the morning”.

Peteus sighed he was not in the mood for his sister’s obsessive taunting He looked out the window of his waterfall lair his quarters being the highest room he saw the water fall down endlessly.

He maybe lord of the demons but he was not that great of a leader his minions always questioning him and purposely driving him off the edge. Just to see how mad he could get it frustrated him to no end on top of that, he has a daughter that can’t remember her past. He had not seen her in four months Echo was a tough girl to figure out.

She would often shift from good to evil .Whoever was winning was where she belonged. She was only after one thing money and her memories . He looked down sadly at the picture frame of a beautiful purple haired woman with purple eyes smiling up at the painter Since back then cameras were expensive.

"Zenpora I could really use your help but we aren’t together anymore I miss you".....

Without thinking Peteus picked up the picture frame and cried sniffling and choking as the tears fell he kept crying until he heard someone burst through the door .

Peteus panicked he threw the picture frame on the ground making the glass break apart into pieces, wiped his tears away and replaced it with a look of extreme hatred. Plague looked at him with panic and anger and she was badly beat up Peteus was slightly taken back but decided not to make a big deal about it.

“What is it Plague what is so important that it could not wait”. Peteus said blankly

“It is Echo she is back”. Plague said

Peteus perked up abet but it was barely noticeable only someone who knew him very well would notice the look of happiness in his eyes that betrayed his hateful expression. “She is that is great”.

“We have to get the minions into position right away she has come to kill you must find a place to hide sir her powers have gotten stronger someone has been training her she has control of her powers now”.

Peteus gasped and thought she must have found Aurora who else could have trained her...

Suddenly someone sounds of a few men and woman screaming could be heard through the halls Peteus and Plague got into battle positions preparing for the worse.

When a skinny teenage girl came in she had dark purple hair that had navy blue highlights. She had bright purple eyes and wore a practice like top with sound wave symbols on her shirt

The top was mint green that cut off at the belly to reveal her muscular abs she was smirking up at him her hands glowing purple.

“Hello Peteus I hope you are ready to die”. Echo said evilly

Peteus gasped what was he supposed to do now?

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