The Creation of Fire

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After the whole Yang Fiasco my friends and I started to head back home to the Fire City , Danel and I walked side by side not talking, just looking straight at the road ahead in silence .

Nature was walking with Yang who had handcuffs around her wrists she had woken up ten minutes later we waited until she was disarmed to continue to walk again, Sarbe was talking to Crisis about our situation .

We could not just walk with Yang the whole journey but we could not just drop her off at an unknown station either they will underestimate her abilities and she could escape .

Sisube had her arm bandaged and had gotten stitches at a neighboring town she could not believe that she had gotten beaten so easily ,it made her mad after years and years of training she was still too weak. She had to train harder and longer. It was the only way she could be strong enough, to beat the tough opponents like Peteus;

She could not afford to fool around. Sisube always took herself too seriously .She tried to be perfect all the time and made sure that nothing went wrong, because of that her Social skills were not the best, she always remained in the back of everyone or head, never in the middle of the line .She liked to be alone, it was the only way she could escape from the pressure of her clan.

The pressure of upholding the honor of her family name, her name was feared worldwide and she was determined to keep it that way. People had to take Sisube seriously but for that to happen she had to take herself seriously.

She did not have enough time to have fun and laugh she had to take action she had to take revenge on the person responsible for her father’s disappearance and make them suffer a slow painful death even if it was the last thing she ever did.

Mikie watched the green and black haired Goth in silence; he knew he could not talk to her when she got like this. Or else she could take out her Blood rain blade and pin him to a tree and punch him repeatedly, until her knuckles bled she had done it before, as a pain resistance exercise in their training.

She could do it again .He had scars from their training, when she offered to train with him he could have said no right off the bat six years ago.

But for some reason he felt sorry for the lone wolf of Team Nature, began to hang out with her soon he started to develop feelings for her, he knew she probably did not feel the same. Whenever he asks her on a date she just scoffs at him coldly and then walks away mocking him.

He knew he should just give the girl her space and accept the fact all they will ever be is friends, training partners, they will never be lovers no matter how much he wanted it to happen .The girl just hated strong emotion, it was not in her to feel ever since her friend Echo had betrayed her trust .

She stopped smiling stopped laughing and stopped living, she was practically a shadow of what she once was a Zombie a cold hearted killer, like the rest of her family. What makes even sadder is she feels a lot more than they do which makes you wonder what it is like to eat dinner at the Firebolt household.

I continued to walk along the path ,the wind blowing through my dark purple hair I put my hands up over my face protect it as I gazed up into the sky and squinted from the sun, to see the clouds roll by the blue sky .

As we continued down the path until we reached a big wide grassy meadow with a creak and strawberry patches I smiled with recognition at the wet grassy meadow.

Nature used to take me here, to mediate and the we would lay down on the grass and enjoy the sweet flavor of the strawberries, and look up a t the clouds our bodies bloody and sweaty from over exhaustion, and indulged in deep philosophical conversations. Things used to be so much better before when I was younger. It was simpler my life had more freedom.

Now I Am part of a law enforcement, organization, betrothed to a guy who can’t remember when to wake up before noon, Had become very distant from my older sister Water ever since the incense four years ago she has become more tight on me she refuses to let me have a break.

I do not want to argue with her, I just want her to treat me like an adult to let me make my own choices that is I want to be able to be free. From the royal court and my sister’s expectations.

But I know I there is no such thing as a perfect world there must be order somehow, or else Zelen will be driven to a world war like Earth did several years ago.

As Ninja police officers we are expected to know the basic history of every planet I know a lot to remember that is why most of it is in the Ninja police guide book.

But the thing is so long I never bothered to read the whole thing all the way through .I was never a big fan of reading boring manuals and regulations about the law

. Not a very good trait in a cop, I know but I prefer to do things my own way I believe in what is right. Not what the law or the evidence points to, because it can always be changed.

Nature ordered the group to take a rest at the meadow, everyone unpacked their bags and took out their bag lunches they had made before we left the safe house .

Team Harmony had sat in the far right next to the creek eating their lunch and talking about girls mostly since all of them but the sensei was a guy. While the rest of team Nature and I sat under a shaded tree and set up a camp fire, put up our tents and ate at the picnic tables.

Danel and I were leaning against the tree under the shaded part Danel had taken off his leather jacket it was odd seeing him without his headband or his jacket, his hair fell down over his forehead while his hair went out in all directions, his hair was almost as wild as mine. Almost.

I wondered how different his hair looks when he goes ultimate does it look like lighting. All jagged and swaying in all directions. Or does it remain the same depending on what kind of flames I use, when doing color spectrum my hair does different things. But for the most part remains the same.

Danel was certainly squatting down on his legs reading a comic book his eyebrows raised with mild amusement as he bite his lower lip to refrain from laughing. I shook my head in disappointment why does he always try to hide from everyone why couldn’t he just be himself doesn’t he trust the rest of the team?

Suddenly out of nowhere Danel laughs so hard that he was gasping for air but he did not stop laughing he held onto his ribs while still keeping a firm grip on the book and rolled around on the grass I raised my eyebrows and said ,

“What is so funny”?

I walked up to him and leaned in closer to him little did I know Sarbe spotted us and pushed me towards him, we fell on top of each other while rolling down the wide hill on the meadow everyone else watched from afar .

As Danel and I tumbled and rolled faster than we could try to stop, until we landed in the creek soaking wet.

I was the first to get up my dark purple hair, now wrenched in dirty creek water as I got up I felt a shiver down my spine I was cold. Because I have fire powers, I Am my own heat generation but sometimes when my emotions overpower my brain and my body it takes me longer to warm up enough.

I sat down and curled into a little ball rubbing my arms back and forth as I shivered. I glared at Danel. Why must the world do this to me I thought in self-pity.

Every Time I try to get to know him ,we end up in these weird situations, like this one it is like the universe is trying to tell us something and I don’t want to hear it . I still don’t.

I know as long as I am near Danel I can smell him, hear his thoughts and feel his love for me like a hurricane in the sky all these things we are feeling have ups and downs that I do not quite understand yet .

It was never my plan to fall on him that day and kiss because I know that if a male and female Zelen exchange saliva in any way we are bound to them forever and to make matters worse he the person my mother wanted me to marry.

Danel got up and coughed some of the water had entered his mouth I watched on as he coughed and gagged with disgust. I laughed as I saw him shake his head and make throw up sounds and roll over trying to get the taste out.

Danel looked around for anything that could make the displeasing taste go away he looked over at me hunched over my jacket off as I shivered swaying back and forth trying to activate my fire powers with moment.

Fire and water do not mix I learned that the hard way I thought

“What about fire and lighting”. Danel said I frowned he had read my thoughts again I wanted to punch him in the eye and make him eat his own words my burning him a few number of times .

But I have too much water on my body the creek had put the fire in my hair out my hair is the thing that takes the oxygen from the atmosphere and turns it into the heat source for my flames .

No oxygen no flame the creek had extinguished me Danel is safe for now. But I can still use my super strength to puble him on the ground I Am still powerful without my powers.

Danel looked at me and blushed and then looked twice and hesitantly asked,” Fire can I kiss you” as he looked down at the ground playing with the pebbles on the ground with his boots shuffling nervously as he scratched his head with embarrassment.

I looked at him with shock and horror. It was horror she was experiencing wasn’t it? Whatever it was it made the blood rush to her cheeks and made her heartbeat quicken I looked up at him and then said “No, are you crazy”.

“It is just to get the bad taste of the water out of my mouth it will only take 2 seconds”. He whined

I rolled my eyes and said “And then what, we keep going back and forth with the creek water like we are playing catch to see who pukes first?”

Danel laughed and said “You are so stubborn why you can’t admit it”.

I looked at him with confusion and said “Admit what I have no idea what you are talking about”.

“That you love me”. Danel said teasingly

I blushed and turned away “I do not”!

“Or really why did you blush when I asked if we could kiss”? He asked

I looked at him and said “Because you are still a boy, does it matter if I blush anyway I still do not love I never will”. I convinced myself but he did not seem to believe it.

“You are such a liar I know that you pout when you blush you are blushing crossing your arms and refuse to look at me again”.

Before I could protest a woman came running out of the bushes and through the creek she must have been running away from something because she looked back nervously and then stopped. She looked left she looked right she needed to find Nature and fast.

I looked at the woman and gasped in shock and then glanced at Danel I needed to stall him. He is not supposed to know his mother is anywhere near him let alone alive.

Aurora got banished from the Fire city when Danel was very young so Danel did not remember her. According to the royal court it was better that way. They never liked my mother or Aurora because they were too free spirited when my mom was still around she had helped Aurora create the R.A.U .

Which stands for the royal Alliance union which is supposed to help fight back against the oppression of the royal court.

I am not quite sure why she got banished because the only reason I know she is alive was because I had walked in on my grandmother talking with her when I was ten.

I can recall the first time I met Danel’s mother ,she had long red hair tied in star ponytails and wore a purple sports jersey ,with the number thirteen in green with a plain green shirt underneath and high black boots ,that reached to her knees with a medium sized shirt.

I smiled over at her she had not changed. I did not see her after the feast she must have snuck out before the dinner started so she did get exposed by the rest of the sensei’s because half the sensei is were not aware of Aurora’s banishment they think she died.

I remember when I saw her two days ago after she gave me a smartphone from Earth my Grandmother Nature had chewed her out and I did not see her after that I did not blame her for a religious woman my grandmother could be pretty harsh.

Danel walked over to me and noticed me staring at Aurora and looked over my shoulder because I was blocking his view. Danel was three when his mother got banished so I had to keep him from seeing her in case seeing her rekindled some broken fragments of memories.

I knew Danel deserved to know and it was wrong .But Nature said that if I did not tell him she might reconsider the idea of going through the arranged marriage with him I knew that this was a my chance my grandmother did not usually change her mind all that much .

But she must have known how hard it was for me to have to deal with arranged marriage my grandmother came from a family of five children and was the second born too.

So she had an arranged marriage when she was younger too but she ran away with my grandfather Eric and they had started a life of their own. Back then the Fire city was a city that had prided itself on tradition but once my grandparents moved it set off a spark and everything changed.

“Fire what is going on let me through”! Danel snapped as he pushed me away I ran over to him and pushed him down on the ground, Aurora peered over at me and stared at Danel with surprise .

She had followed him to the safe house and watched him play with the flowers in the fields but this was the first time she was this close to her son in ten years it terrified at her at the thought that she never got to see him grow up.

He looks so much like his father but he has my mother’s eyes Aurora thought Aurora remembered her mother vividly her short choppy red hair with her beautiful navy blue orbs and her clamming personally she was always nice to everyone and cared about her subjects and her kingdom .

But, Aurora’s father was mean and never approved of Aurora and said he did not want a daughter because then he could not have a heir to pass his crown to. Tired of her father’s cold shoulder and verbal abuse towards Aurora .She packed her things and moved into in with her sister in the Fire city where Aurora met Austin.

They were eight when they met she missed him and thought him frequently and now as she looked over at her son .She felt a sting of reality came crashing into her Danel was thirteen he was adult he did not need her anymore he never did.

“It’s nothing just a person passing through comes on”. I said as I helped him up and went around Aurora and shook my head as I passed her I knew she would probably try to go over to Danel to talk to him.

I never had kids so I would not know how painful. It is to be separated from them but I had to make sure Aurora is still free from jail so that she can aid in finding Peteus and put a stop to this never ending war. She was our information gather whether out her Sue has no idea how enters Yummy noddle’s is a wanted fugitive of from Peteus force or are acting on their own.

Aurora nodded sadly I knew this was hard on both of them but Aurora could not go near him with the restraining order and the banishment still in effect.

Danel stopped walking I tried to push him myself to keep him moving but he was as hard as a rock and after a while I gave up and sat down on the grass as I looked up at Danel .

He was looking over at Aurora as he wanted to walk over and talk to her but was too nervous to do it. That was strange usually Danel was not afraid of anything well anything besides me anyway so it was weird to see him hesitate.

He looked over to me as if asking me if it was okay but all I did was shrug my shoulders and look down at the water. He let a soft chuckle and sat down next to me deciding against it.

Suddenly Aurora smiled and waved and then pressed her hands together and disappeared in a burst of rainbow light. I smiled and thought, “That is why she named Aurora”.

I ever since I had known her I wondered why she was named Aurora. But now I know she has rainbow aura as bright as the Aurora borealis on earth her mother must have been from Earth which is why she knew so much about earth culture I always loved to hear her stories.

Danel and I stood up and headed back to the meadow our clothes were still wet I tried to start a small fire with my hands but the red light flicked and then failed to stay lit I looked down and cursed under my breath. I was still too wet.

I sat down next Ying and Sisube they looked up from their cell phones and waved at me I smiled and nodded and looked down at old fire wood that had long since burned out and said, “Did I miss anything?”

Sisube shut off her phone and said “You missed it was hilarious!“! She said with excitement I looked over at her with shock she blushed and said

“Don’t get used to this I still hate interacting people with a burning passion”.

Ying laughed and said “Who doesn’t”?

Sisube smiled and shook her head.

I looked over at Sisube and said “So what happened?”

“Well after Sarbe pushed you and Danel down the hill Nature just so happened to walk by that exact moment had had made Sarbe clean all the boys clothes you should have seen her face when she got around to Arians she turned so red!” Sisube explained trying to not to laugh by biting down her lip I watched on with amusement as I watch Sisube burst into uncontrollable laughter.

“So what happened “? Ying asked as she came closer to me, I did not understand what she meant. I gave her a confused look she giggled and then whispered in my ear. My eyes grew wide with shock and my face turned red as I looked down at the ground nervously

I hugged my knees and looked up at her, nothing happened we fell in the creek and ran into his mother but that is about it but he did ask if he could kiss me”.

Sisube and Ying huddled over me with shock and interest as if they were little children being told a bed -time story hanging at the edge of their seat I rolled my eyes I do not know why they want to know so badly?

Just when I was about to tell them it was none of their business Danel came over with holding a large pile of firewood he placed in the middle and shot a small charge of lighting on the wood. Sisube, Ying and I turned around with excitement as the campfire flicked to life.

I walked over and sat closer to the fire rubbing my hands together trying to get warm Danel looked over at me with concern. But said nothing .Soon as the rest of our group sat down near the campfire singing songs, telling stories, and eating smores.

I wanted to savor the four days we have left under we reach the border because after we go back home our summer vacation will be over and the junior police officers will go back to work on tracking Peteus.

Mikie glanced over at Sisube she did not say or do much every now and then she will smirk or laugh slightly when a joke was being told or someone was singing off key. But for the most part she roasted her marshmallows on the fire rolling the stick to make it golden brown and bite into it.

He did not know why but there was something about Sisube that turned him on why did he like her so much? Was it the fact she was different? Yes, that had to be it.

Mikie always felt like he was an outside but with Sisube he did not feel like that at all .When he was around her he did not feel so alone. Her laugh was not like the rest of her it was light and bubbly it made Mikie warm inside he knew that someday Sisube will open up to him but the question is in what way will they be more someday or will they always be training partners?

Mikie tapped Dan on the shoulder and whispered, “Want to trade places you can sit next to Ying and I can sit next to Sisube”?

Dan nodded and stood up everyone walked with confusion as they switched I smiled I understood they wanted to sit next to the person they like .

I was sitting next to John -John. I was getting worried I have not seen Water or Yang since they arrived at the meadow I walked away from the campfire and walked towards the tent and gasped.

Water was on the ground tied up and badly beaten she was bleeding pretty badly How long had she been like this Before I could figure out more I was hit on the back of the head the last thing I remembered was looking up at the ceiling before everything went black.

When I opened my eyes I was in a dark room tied to a Chair my sister tied in a chair in the back of me .We were faced back to back I tried to figure out where I was but the room was too dark.

Suddenly the lights were turned on I winched trying to adjust to the light. When a person came in and punched me in the face, I tried to kick them using my legs but then a laser shot me in the gut I winched as blood seeped through my jacket turning it hot pink where I got shot.

“Who are you, why are we here, Where are we”? I asked with anger as I tried to escape from the robes but I could tell that I was still recovering from the creek what turned into a harmless joke has now lead to my doom.

I Am normally so sure of myself but right now for the first time in a long time I Am scared I might not make it out alive this time.

“Oh come on don’t tell me you have gotten soft and hear I thought you were going to put up a fight”. I glared at the voice. It was Echo what is she doing here? I thought and then realized that she had not answered any of my questions.

I still do not understand where here was. How did I expect her to know ? I looked over my shoulder at Water she was still past out .But the rise and fall her chest comforted me knowing she was alive was all that I wanted.

“Good job Echo”. Said Plague as she entered the room I glared at her how long has Echo and Team Plague teamed up! This is bad I thought the two enemies were already bad on their own but together would cause chaos.

I closed my eyes and cried wishing that I was back at the creek with Danel then here bleeding to death.

What happened after I was kidnapped did they try to find me ? Did they get kidnapped too just in different rooms? Did Danel get angry when he realized I was gone? Wait why Am I thinking about Danel in a moment like this?

Before I could figure it out Peteus, Veronica ,AX,Travus the Jane siblings entered the room. Peteus was a lot younger looking than I pictured: He had dark red skin and short spiky black hair, yellow orange eyes and a steampunk coat with no shirt, and leather pants.

He looked down at me with shock and recognition as if He was trying to figure me out like a complicated puzzle. Or riddle but could not find the missing piece.

Peteus snapped out of his astonishment and said, “Welcome Crystal brat to my lair it is amazing isn’t it”?

I looked around his base it was amazing but I was not about to let him know that instead I stared at him blankly and said,

“It looks like a giant hole in the ground”.

Peteus glared at me and then cleared his throat and said, “I can assure you it is not just a whole in the ground. We have machines that are far behind the ones you kids use for the internet. I have set up an entire network to hack into the Ninja police diabetes and use them to excuse my plans”.

Veronica looked over at him and said “You know you just told Fire Crystal how you were able to dodge their advances right”?

Peteus gasped and said “Oops quick do something”. I looked at him with disbelief seriously this is the guy that has been killing thousands of Ninja police officers and single handedly taken over the world he is pathetic.

Before I could ask what I’m doing here Veronica waved her hand over me and I passed out.

Veronica smiled and said “You’re Welcome”. She empathized Peteus rolled his eyes and growled at her as she poked him in the shoulder and said “Now you sa

“Thank you”. he hummed with anger

“No say it like you mean it”. Veronica said

Peteus rolled his eyes and teleported away from the room.

Meanwhile at the campsite Danel and the guys were sitting around the campfire the girls were either training, in bed or laying in the grass looking out at the stars .When each of the girls left Danel mentally tallied each one four of them were missing their sensei and the strange woman that came here today were also gone

.Yes he was concerned for Water,Crisis,Lulu and Yang but He was more concerned over the fact he had not seen me.

Since I left the campsite with each passing hour or second went by. Danel would look around the campsite hoping to see glowing purple flaming hair or a loud high pitched scream to ind

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