The Creation of Fire

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Crisis in crisis?

Crisis was no stranger to pain, in fact she knows more about pain than anyone else she still has a hard time grasping on the idea of hope though it is a strange feeling that all species in all the universes feel to help them. Believe in things during the harshest times however it is very fragile like glass it appears tough and well put together.

But, if you break it hard enough it crumples. Much like Crisis right now being whipped and tortured by someone she used to call friend.

Crisis had her hands tied behind her back with chains that were bolted to the wall, she could not do anything if she had powers like Danel or Water she would probably had been able to escape however unlike the rest of team Nature.

Crisis had no powers all she had to offer was skill she was quick agile light on her feet but she could only hold out for so long she was a power defect.

Zelens are beings much like humans however unlike humans most Zelens have unique abilities like being able to change the world around them without lifting a finger. However there are some cases where a Zelen can be born without the extra chromosome that is needed to create the power.

It is frowned upon in Zelen culture to not have powers according to the royal court if you are born without powers you are different.

Enhance power defect it is just a nice way of telling them they have no purpose that. They are nothing and will always be nothing that is why Crisis joined ninja police because she was tired of being called clumsy. Tired of being tossed aside by her family and being told her future was working as a tailor for the royal court.

Like her grandmother who was pushed and shoved aside until she was needed her eyes ghostly dull as if the life was sucked right out of them.

Crisis winced as the whip struck her in the back again and again she had no idea how long it had been days months weeks it did not matter all she could focus on was the pool of blood dripping from her back slowly falling to the ground near her feet. Her eyes blurred in and out as the whip it her back once more all she could do was hope that her team was on the way to save her.


I was in some trouble of my own I had successfully escaped and used one of the guard’s cards to open the door. I did not know what to do about my older sister Water.

She has not waking up yet I am starting about her, she must have taken a pretty bad blow to the head. But I knew she was not dead she was breathing . I sat down on one of the medial chairs and looked up at my sister with concern.

This has never happened before I never had to take care of her before, she had taken care of me all these years, and I have not returned the favor. I have been selfish.

I was so absorbed in wanting to do what I wanted that I had forgot about helping others and was consumed in my own selfish desires that I did not see what was right in front of me.

I had been mean to everyone who had tried to help me all they were trying to do was be nice to me and I threw it in their faces. Even Danel I still do not understand why he liked me so much what did he sees that others do not see what does he see in me?

When I escape I Am going to ask him before now I have to get Water I closed my eyes and concentrated suddenly my hair started to glow and fly in all directions like a burning candle.

I gasped with excitement I was back to my full strength and ready to kick some butt. I used my fire powers to cut the ropes and then caught Water before she could hit the ground and then put her on my back and ran through the halls

I looked around the halls with shock there was nobody here no guards Vampire minions Prisons being whipped for disobeying nothing it was as if everyone vanished from existence .Suddenly a bored looking guard passed through the halls carrying a rifle over his shoulder he nodded at us and walked away .

No I could not let him get away he might know where everyone is! I thought desperately as I followed him as he rounded the counter and walked into a big room that had a whole bunch of people cheering with excitement and throwing their hands up in the air.

I looked around it was a wide coliseum with a large glass separating the crowds from the stadium I frowned feeling award and out of place there was a lot of people they had come to see some kind of show but what? What was Peteus playing at what was so exciting?

I was going to have to see for myself, I walked over towards one of the empty rows set water down and then sat down as the lights dimmed and then a spot light shined down in the stadium to reveal Peteus bowing and then grinning and said,

“Welcome everyone I’m your host Peteus Jane! As you know for the past four centuries these Ninja police officers have gotten in the way of my take over! They had beaten and killed thousands of my men. So I think it is time to return a favor. You can all witness their cries of pain and agony and then eventually death”. Peteus said with delight

I gasped as the spotlight shined over towards Crisis and gasped at the sight of her she was beaten bad. She had slash marks all over her body, her clothes were ripped in the back making all the marks and blood that had spilled from her ,She was unconscious and in bad shape.

If I do not save her now she could die! But, what about Water I can’t take both them I can only carry one person on my back and by the time I get back it will be too late she could already be dead.

Everyone cheered I glared at everyone in the audience what kind of sick person are they to capture people and watch as people get tortured to death but then I remembered these were Vampire zombies they do Peteus’s biting they take pleasure in whatever he does including torturing and destroying lives.

I looked up at the higher level above the whole audience was Veronica, Travis, Ax, Echo, and Jimmy Reads. I should have known .Everyone one of them looked they were enjoying himself except Veronica she frowned down at the stadium as she watched her younger brother riffed to the audience.

I frowned and looked down at my sister who do I choose my sister or my best friend I wish Danel was here he would know what to do.

Suddenly tapped me on the shoulder I pulled out my gun and then glared at them they had a hood on so I could not see their face I was about to pull the trigger when the person put their hands up in the air and said,

“Fire it is us”! They whispered as they lowered the hoods to reveal Nature and Aurora I gasped and lowered my weapon and whispered,

“What are you doing here”!

My grandmother looked down at me and said “Aurora had come to report the high levels of kidnapping of the ninja police department. When we were hit the back of the head by Yang and dragged into here.

We knew Peteus was planning something. So, we decided to wait until they started to drag us in this room and beat up the guards they were in charge making sure we did not escape. And sat down in the seats of the audience when we spotted you sitting down."

Aurora gasped and said “What is wrong with Water”?

I frowned and said “I do not know she must have taken a bigger blow to the head. Whoever hit her must have had a grudge against her that is the only motive I think they would have because when I found her she was knocked unconscious but I did not know how long she had been knocked out she could have been knocked out for hours or minutes”.

Nature frowned and said “It has got to be Jimmy reads he is the only one that had turned against us six years ago when Water’s powers awakened all those years ago after she let herself out of their deal to protect John-John”.

I looked at her said “Grandma you do not know that it was Jimmy but what I want to know is why Jimmy would come back to the ninja police department if he was part of Peteus’s team? He was there at the safe house with us when the royal court did our team evaluations”.

Aurora frowned and said ” Possession Peteus has Jimmy brainwashed turning the night and we have Jimmy during the day. It is a new method of Peteus’s that he came up with six years ago. He uses devices called emotion necklaces essentially during the day they could be perfectly fine. But, then the power awakens during the night, to do his biting and the next day the person wakes up none the wiser. We have reason to believe that he has put one on at least one member of each team”.

Nature looked down and said “It could be anyone even who we least expect all we know is that emotion necklace eats away at the person each time it is used until they have full control of the person.”

I looked down at Water and bursted into tears and said “You don’t think”- I could not finish the sentence afraid of what my grandmother would say I did not want to believe Water would turn evil.

But, it could be very possible I could have been evil all this time and not know anyone in team Nature the last person we could suspect it makes it harder for me to trust people. Even myself.

Nature frowned and put my hand on my shoulder and said,

“No I do not think Peteus would use Water to get to us or you it has got to be someone that already has a lost their sibling Peteus could blackmail them trick them into thinking that if they serve him that they will let that person free”.

I frowned and looked down at Crisis and thought "Don’t worry we are going to save you"..

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