The Creation of Fire

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Let the Games begin

I gasped with shock as the lights dimmed down and the spot lights flashed on Peteus Veronica, Plague and Ax as they held up whips with a smirk on their lips, when a cart rolled in and dumped more junior officers into the arena next to Crisis.

I turned away with disgust I could not stand to watch a minute of it. I wanted to grab Water and make a run for it but a lot of my comrades have gone missing and it is all Peteus’s doing.

I could not watch. I was too disgusted by the scene unfolding in front of me, for the first time in a long time I was scared.

Not even the company of Aurora and my grandma Nature could comfort me. I gulped and thought, "These guys are no joke Crisis is the strongest power defect the Fire city has and they just took her down like that. I doubt even I would be a match for them."

Peteus laughed as the crowd of people who had their morals so twisted around due to emotion suppression necklaces possession and greed. They could not understand how wrong this was kidnapping torture breaking people’s spirits and shattering limbs in front of a live audience it made my stomach turn.

What kind of monster was he? When we met he seemed so incompient and lame. Now, I see why humans called Peteus the devil he had no sense of right and wrong

The crowd grew louder as Peteus keep whipping Crisis her screams echoing through the arena causing many of the crowd to smirk with pleasure at the sound of my friend’s bones cracking.


Six years ago......

It was finally summer; everyone was really excited because that meant that the ninja police boot camp was finally passing through our contentment in the northern side of Zelen, which is simply called Careden which means sanctuary.

Careden truly lives up to its name we have many festivals and tourist attractions my sister and I had decided to run away from my abusive aunt and become ninja police officers soldiers and defenders of the law.

Unfortunately for us many dreamed of becoming ninja police and many had failed. But my older sister Water was confident we would make the cut because of who our parents were. But, we knew that we would need to go through harsh training. And push our small bodies beyond the limits.

I was sitting on the bus to the boot camp next to someone I had just met his name was Danel storm and he was award shy boy his shuttering and rambling was kind of irritating but I found myself enjoying his company.

“ So Danel why does a nice kind boy like you want to be a ninja police officer for you seem like the type of person that runs away from a fight not go towards it “ I asked him as I looked into his electric blue eyes

He frowned and for the first time since we meet he said without stuttering or hesitation ,“ I am tired of being picked on tired of everyone calling me stupid, that I do not know what I’m talking about, that no girl would ever love me. I’m tired of being looked at as the class moron, I just want people to accept me for who I Am not who they want me to be, I just want my family to treat me better than they have been”.

I smiled at him sadly and said “Danel for what it’s worth, I don’t think you’re an idiot. I think that any girl would be lucky to have you, maybe someday you will find someone who treats you right and gives you the respect you deserve. In the meantime I will be there for you can trust me after all we are friends right”?

Danel looked at me with confusion and said, “Why would you want to be friends with me? I am clumsy and I am not very bright, people call me an idiot for a reason. Sure I have my moments, but for the most part they are right I Am a moron”. He said while laughing

I looked at him and said,

“Why would you want to be friend with me, I treat my older sister like crap and I beat up the guys that try and talk to me everyone is scared of me. I cannot count how many times I had been sent to the principal’s office for giving a boy a black eye! “

Danel gulped and said I”-is that true?”

I raised my fist up and said , “Yep so you better watch what you say or you could be next “

He gasped in horror

“Hey Fire! Stop trying to scare my cousin that’s my job”! Sarbe declared snobbishly as she pointed her index finger at me.

I glared at her with annoyance and said “I’m sorry I did not get the memo repeat that “!

Sarbe frowned and said “Don’t play dumb with me you heard what I said you pyro!”

I smirked and said “Oh I haven’t heard that one before; at least I can control my powers without messing up!”

“What do you mean you blew up the entire jungle gym?”

“That was four months ago I have gotten better at control my powers! “

Danel looked back and forth between Sarbe and I with terror as the rivals fought on the bus each insult got crueler as the time passed but neither of us wanted to admit defeat.

“Fire stop fighting with Sarbe and be quiet both of you are giving me a headache” Water yelled with frustration.

The bus waited for five more minutes before the bus driver shut the doors and turned on the engine everyone was relieved that the wait was over and we would soon be going to train however before the bus could take off a girl foolishly ran towards the moving bus causing the bus to stop unexpectedly everyone jumped in their seats as the bus came to a screeching halt.

The bus driver re opened the doors to reveal a tall young girl with long Mangta hair that came down to her knees with deep green eyes her back hunched over, as she panted her hands on her knees, she clearly had ran from a great distance. Everyone continued to stare at the strange girl, as beats of sweat dripped from her face.

She stood up straight wiped the sweat way from her forehead with the back of her left hand, and started to walk. She wore huge spiked combat boots that looked way too big for her feet the laces were untied and dragged on the floor as she came towards the back.

I looked at her with sympathetically and pity. There is no way this girl will make the cut look at the way she dresses !and she doesn’t even look prepared at all ,it looks like she just rolled out bed and said I want to go to the boot camp she didn’t pack for the journey like everyone else did.. I thought

The girl look around for an empty seat but every time she glanced over people shook their heads or clearly stated, 'This seat is taken' or 'Get away'. the girl frowned sadly, as she lowered her head and cried there were no more empty seats .

At least not completely empty the people she asked had pushed her away. Maybe she was kidding herself her clumsy, immature lazy girl like her becoming a soldier?

It was impossible she needed a miracle! she had experience or powers to give an edge all she had was a dream and her small pocket gun that she carried around with her what could she possibly do?

Water noticed me looking at the girl judgmentally and said Go talk to her

I looked at her with shock “You can’t be serious Water look at her there’s no way!”

Water frowned and said, “Some people start off with nothing no skill but come out with skill, not judge people based on their looks or the actions. Sometimes the people that have the most potential start off at bottom. Who knows she might become a legend someday and you might regret your harsh words against her”.

I rolled my eyes and scoffed “Like that ever going to happen”

Water frowned and then said “If don’t talk to her I will never take you to get gummy worms ever again”.

I gasped “You won’t”!

Water smirked and said,” I would I will also blackmail you about what you said to Danel I think you liiiike himmmm" she said teasingly

I blushed and thought, "Well he is kind of cute did I seriously just think that I must be tired after all guys have germs!"

“Fine I will do it but, I think I should add this before I go, you like John -John! Hey everyone my older sister likes John-mph!”

Water blushed as she covered my mouth with her hands said, Shut up".Everyone glanced over at us with confusion for a moment or two and then shrugged and went back to what they were doing.

Water looked at me and said “Why did you do that are asking to be grounded”?!

I pouted and said “You can’t ground me you’re not even yet so ha!”

Water sighed as she got up from her seat and puts me towards the sad girl and then pointed at her sternly before sitting back down.

“But But, But!”

“Fire, Freyia Rachel Diaz Crystal you go over their instant”! Water Yelled

I gasped and said, “Hey I told you never use my full name I hate it “!

“Then go over there now “.

“Why are you acting like a parent all the sudden”?

“Because mom and dad are dead and they asked me to look after you and that is what I intend to do now go over to her”.

I rolled my eyes and said “Fine”. As I marched over to the sad girl and put my right hand on her right shoulder she jumped with alarm and turned to face me.

It was then I noticed just how pretty her eyes were they were like the fresh green grass in the strawberry meadow my grandma nature and I go to sometimes.

“What’s wrong”? I asked awkwardly in attempt at small talk to get her to feel better.

She smiles as she wiped some of the tears away from her eyes with the back of her left hand and says “You are terrible at this do you comfort people often?”

I frowned and thought I was just trying to help I was right about her I thought as I glared at her and turned around to go back to my seat but the girl grabbed my right arm and said , “Please don’t go I am sorry it’s just nobody has ever asked me that before I don’t have any friends”

Suddenly my hard expression softened and thought she is just like me I smiled and said, “I will be your friend”.

She gasped with delight as her eyes brightened even more than they were before and said “You will thank you”! She said excitedly as she impulsively grabbed me into a bone crushing hug. She was about to take another step when suddenly she dripped on her own hair and let out a girlish shriek.

We both tumbled to the ground still hugging each other I laid down in shock my mouth open and my jaw dropped with alarm She gasped and jumped off of me and said,

“I am sooo sorry you see I am really clumsy I have been the moment I started to crawl my mom does not know what the cause of it . Because she said my dad wasn’t clumsy and she was well balanced. I have a tenancy to get into these really messed up situations it is like the universe is conspiring against me or something “! She rammed nervously as she helped me up

I dusted myself off and said “its fine I am kind of clumsy I everyone makes mistake me looked over and noticed a small pocket gun and said is that yours! With excitement and wonder as I picked it up and examined it was a beautifully crafted gun.

The girl blushed and said “Yes my mom gave to me for protection but I don’t know how to use it I have never held a gun in my life what if I accidently shoot myself in the foot”!

I smiled with pride and said “You won’t have to worry about that with this gun do you even know what you have it is a pocket power adapter gun there’s only five in existence the rest were blown up in the great explosion of 2001 ”

The girl gasped and said “Are you serious”?

“Yeah it has auto focus which means it has auto plot you won’t have to worry about aiming it will aim for you” I said

The girl looked at the gun with shock and said “Really that amazing what else can it do”? She wondered because she wanted to know more about her weapon.

“Well it can scan the bio metrics of a person”. I said logically

“Huh can you say that again in English”?

I sighed as I dumbed down my words, “It can scan DNA to determine whether or not they are bad Blood type, hair, skin, spit whatever you ask it to scan and it will obey”.

The girl smiled “Thanks by the way how to do know all this”?

I sighed and said, “My sister she has one herself the gun belonged to my father but he recently passed away so he passed the gun over to her.”

“Oh that’s sad what your name is by the way my name is Crisis Flash”.

“My name is Fire Crystal it’s nice to meet you I hope we end up on the same team “.

“Me too”. She said as we shook hands

I frowned at the memory as I watched one of my best friends get whipped and tortured I was wrong about her.

She had in fact made the cut and had become one of the strongest members on our team known for her extensive knowledge on weapons and military strategy, She and I had also became really close unlikely friends our bond had grown stronger in the past six years.

Nature frowned and said, “Fire I know that look you can’t go down there it is a death sentence you get hurt if you try and rescue her you have to stay in the stands where you are safe”.

I gasped and said, “We can’t just sit here and watch her die, she is a member of team Nature we are supposed to make sure that our comrades do not get hurt; I thought you were the one that said we must risk our lives to protect your own!

Nature looked down at the ground and said, “I did but that speech does not apply to this situation it is too risky besides I think Crisis can get out of this fix if she remembers her training she will figure out a way to save herself”.

I looked at her blankly and said “And if she doesn’t then what you are going to let her die?!”

Nature sighed and said “Okay, just be careful when they were torturing her in the room I had grabbed this”. Nature whispered as she pulled out Crisis’s pocket gun I gasped and smirked as I tucked it in my jean pocket.

I knew I did not have to worry about any of Peteus’s followers seeking a peek since it was dark enough for me to sneak out the stands and toss it to Crisis.

I carefully exited the stands and crept towards the arena doors tiptoeing on the souls of my boots careful not to make my heels click through the arena. Or else it will echo and give me away

. I cooled my fire down enough for my hair not to light too brightly I did not want them to kidnap me too. I had to make sure that this plan was pulled off successfully without fail or else I might end up putting both our lives in danger.

Once, I was close enough I took the gun set it to laser gun mode and pointed towards Crisis’s robes and took the shot it hit right on target Crisis was free however, it zapped the top of Peteus’s head and unlike his followers Peteus could see in the dark .

He smirked when he saw me and then whispered something to Plague as soon as I saw Plague look in my direction with a blood thirsty look on her face I knew I had to run out of their as fast I could.

I ran out of the arena and ran through the halls of Peteus’s lair I gasped when I realized something I had left Water on the stands with Nature and Aurora!

"Oh no!" I thought I knew I had to go back and get my sister but if I did I would get captured again. Who would save the others then? When I looked down at the stands I saw Crisis, Lulu, and the other missing members plus some new arrivals that had recently been captured.

As I continued to run through the halls as fast as my legs could carry me the lair seemed endless I paused when I reached a junction I looked back and forth there were five different forks in the pathways. I could not tell them apart they all looked the same.

I was lost.

"Great"..... I thought as I looked back and forth between the junction unable to decide where to go, but I decided to trust my instincts and turn towards the second door on the left, sudden as I continued to walk down the path.

I was immersed in sound of a sweet melody of the a harp playing as I continued to inch closer the sound became more clear, until I saw a hide room with marble flooring a red day bed laid near a small fountain the water rushing softly into the bottom of it.

There were Greek styled columns that separated the room and a long narrow hallway that lead to five separate rooms there were windows but all you could see was the dark cave and the small flickers of street side lights.

Why in the world did my instincts tell me to go here? I thought with confusion I was so overcome with my confusion I did not notice that the harp had stopped and someone had been watching me until the person stepped behind me and said,

“Are you lost kid this is a restricted area”.

I jumped with alarm and bowed “I apologize I was just trying to find a way out of here so I can rescue my friends”.

“I see you fascinate me please come have a seat “.

I looked over at the person it was a woman that had her hair tied up in a bun she had bright vivid green eyes with wavy jet black hair she wore a simple a blue shirt with a black belt and navy blue leggings she sat down and smiled at me .

I smiled back nervously unsure what do this lady did not seem like a bad person or messed up in the head like everyone else here so why was she here?

“What is your name”? She asked me bluntly as she took a cup of tea and sipped it contently a gentle smile playing on her lips as she tasted it.

“Fire Crystal”. I said

“Very interesting name, what about your age, favorite color and your favorite hobby”?

“Umm I Am thirteen years old, I never really thought about my favorite color but I guess it would have to be green, my favorite hobby is taking photos of things I find interesting.” I responded

I did not have time for this I should turn back and look for a way out

I thought

“Very good”. She said

“I do not mean to sound rude but who are you why are you asking me these questions and do you know the way out”. I said

“I am sorry my name is Tressa I am surprised you don’t remember me then again you were very young when we met”.

“Tressa”? I said as I paused to think about it suddenly it came to me, “Oh my god Aunt Tressa what are you doing here where is Uncle Samuel?! I asked as I hugged her she smiled as she ran her fingers through my long purple hair I looked up at her and said,

“You did not answer my question auntie where is he, where is Uncle Samuel”.

She frowned and looked away “I don’t know I woke up here two months ago with no memory of what happened before I passed out from trying to fend off Peteus’s men every time I try to step out of this room I get pulled back in I Am stuck here”.

“What Peteus Took over the Fire palace things are worse than I thought I have to find a way to contact someone and get out of here”. I said I was about to turn back from when Tressa shouted out,

“Wait, I’m not the only in here Peteus had taken more people and placed them in the rooms you should see if you get them out of here or if they are trapped in here like me”.

I looked over at her my electric blue eyes hardening as I crept closer to my Aunt Tressa. I looked at her in shock she had grown up a lot, I almost did not recognize her she had short choppy hair with a long elegant thrown dress that glittered and shined in the brightly lit room.

Her eyes were smothered in mascara and she had red lipstick on I was grateful they had treated my aunt with respect. As the queen of the fire empire she gets some special treatment with Peteus, but it also made me worried if he did not kidnap her to torture her then why did him?

Leverage to make uncle Samuel surrenders? To find answers about where the other junior officers were? Or was it simply so that he would get the satisfaction of kidnapping the queen?

It had been a long time since I had seen my aunt the last time I saw her, I was seven years old, she was vising the safe house to talk about the arrival of my new cousins Ice and Thunder to live at the safe house .

We had to stay inside because of the rain that pounded against the glass windows and the fierce wind that blew through the trees. I was lying down on the couch as she hummed softly, her voice sounded like a violin and flute playing harmoniously with a harp it was soft, graceful and rhythmically beautiful.

When I was younger I also asked my aunt Tressa to sing me to sleep while I curled under the blankets and buried my head on my pillow as I closed my eyes and hummed along with her until I drifted off. But the day she arrived at the safe house was different.

She could not say long that day, she was scared not because she had been expecting but because she was worried that Peteus might try to kidnap her children, and use them as a weapon to keep her and Uncle Samuel from fighting back.

Knowing that they would never strike their own family, unlike most clans the crystal clan values family above everything else we always make sure that family comes first before fists or at least they used to.

With the death of King David and Queen Heather my parents, everyone blamed Water and I for the deaths of their beloved heroes. So, we were forced to grow up quickly to prevent our hearts from breaking from their cruel treatment.

My Grandmother Nature had suggested to Tressa that they are old enough to walk, they are old enough to train, and they should apply to the transfer program to begin their training under her tutelage.

Peteus would not dare lay a finger on them. Aunt Tressa agreed and had asked me to protect them and I said that I would protect them with my life, I had failed her.

Nobody knows where they are now they had gone missing two weeks ago after they had went on their first solo mission we still have not heard back from them.

Tressa smiled and said, “Fire you have grown into a strong, beautiful young lady I always knew you would be, you have gotten devolved quite a figure to the boys must chase after you all the time”. She said cheerfully

I blushed as I turned away and said, “I am an officer of the law I do not have time to partake in your sick fantasies aunt Tressa”.

“I was just kidding gosh after all these years you still can’t take a joke, and from what I heard your fiancé Danel storm is a big prankster”.

“He is not my fiancé not if I have anything to say about it why did Uncle Samuel make that stupid law about the second youngest getting an arranged marriage”. I asked softly as I rested my black high heeled boots on the coffee table, my eyes narrowing down at my clenched fists.

Tressa frowned and said, “It wasn’t him that made that law, it was the royal court and it only applies to the crystal clan more specifically you, the council is trying to assert its dominance over you, they are the mediators of the royal families and since we are royal, we have to do as they say they prevent us from getting too powerful it helps the people”.

“Yeah it helps the people, but it doesn’t help us royal are people too we should not be part of all these cruel treatments we should do something about it”. I said dryly

“I agree but it is not me you should convince it is the people, some might be open with your idea Fire, but change doesn’t happen overnight. It is hard to change something that has worked for thirteen centuries we would have to rewrite the laws, make a new council, and make it a democracy and not a constitutional monarchy”.

I frowned and said, “Or we could fire all the old council members, create a new bill that says what the council can and can’t do to us so we can do our jobs of ruling the country without the government rejecting it or getting into trouble”.

Tressa light up and said, “That would be a fantastic idea you have gotten very smart Fire.”

I stood up and said, “Thank you aunt Tressa but I cannot stay here a friend of mine is in danger and I need a way back to the stadium”.

She gasped and said, “But Fire you could be killed”.

“That is a risk Iam willing to take after all, I owe her a lot more then what I have been giving her”. I said with regret as I tried to shut my eyes to keep the tears from escaping from my face. There was a time and a place to cry and right now I did not have time I had to save Crisis.

Tressa frowned and said “I understand you can use the elevator down the hall it will take you directly to the stadium”.

I smiled and said, “Thank you”. As I slammed the door and ran towards the hall and saw a restricted sign on a door in front of me. I smirked and thought this must be it.

I opened the door and came into a small lobby like room with comforter chairs and a small mirror on the wall facing the right there was a small fountain on the opposite side of me the water rushing gently to the bottom. Old black and white pictures hung on the wall I looked over at them with curiosity and gasped It was a picture of Peteus and his siblings before they turned bad there were two older people I did not recognize and frowned.

Is his parents dead too is that why he turned bad? I thought as I pushed the button and the door opened I went into the elevator and the elevator rushed down at incredible speeds I gasped in shock as I held on to the railing to prevent me from falling down on to the ground.

When the elevator stopped I was very dizzy the room would not stop spinning before realized what was happening I was falling t but before I could fall on the ground. I was saved by a pair of strong arms I looked up at who helped me with shock.

“Danel When- How?” I asked I never thought I would be so happy to see him I used to think he was just an idiot who did not take being a ninja seriously. But being strapped to a chair being tortured by Echo made me realize how much he had helped me.

I still did not like him all that much but I was glad that he was here.

I was wondering why I did not feel his presents or feel the menial connection in or smell him but then I thought Peteus’s lair was a very over powering odor of blood and sweat. So if Danel had to fight to get here then he must smell like blood and sweat too that is why I did not feel him coming.

Danel did not say anything he just pulled me into a bone crushing hug, it was the type of hug you would use if you thought someone was dead and had come back after a very long absence.

I looked at him with shock was he really that scared? When I was trapped in my chair I felt Danel’s emotions he was worried about me I hoped and prayed he would not be foolish enough to try and rescue me.

But, I was wrong normally I would be angry at him for doing something so reckless but I was too happy to see him to be angry.

I was about to say something when Danel put his forehead against mine and said, “I was so worried Fire, I thought I would never be able to see you again”.

I blushed and said, “Iam fine Danel I can take care of myself”. I said softly I could hear his heartbeat thundering against his chest. I could feel his breath against my neck as he pulled his head back and smiled at me.

“I know, I had faith in you that is why I helped rescue the others I was about to go and save the queen and I ended up helping you instead not that I mind helping the most beautiful girl in the entire world”.

I blushed again I pulled a few strands of my purple hair back behind me as I looked at him his words still processing in my brain my toes curled in my boots and my heartbeat had increased but I thought it was because I was running before not because of Danel right?

He said that I was the most beautiful girl in in the whole world nobody had ever said that before I thought.

“That I did Fire, you do not have to hide who you are Fire I will not judge you who knows maybe at the end of the battle you might change your mind about me and the marriage. If you do not feel up to it by the time we defeat Peteus I will make sure that my dad talks to the council”.

I smiled said, “I think I am already starting to you are so much different than I thought you would be”.

He smiled and said, “I know Iam too pro right”.

I sighed and said “Never mind let’s go and save the queen”. Leave it to Danel to kill the moment.

Meanwhile the rest of my team fought of Peteus’s men to try and get Crisis and Water out safely Sarbe used her telekinesis to left some of the stadium chairs out and hide the cones in the head or fling them down on the ground.

While Arian punched and kicked away anyone who dared lay a finger on Sarbe, Arian never admitted it out loud to anyone but he was amazed at what Sarbe could do. True, she was not the best fighter but she made up for it with her knowledge of the brain and how it worked.

Humans have been trying to learn how their brain worked for centuries and they still are no closer to the truth then when they first started. Not that he blamed them the brain is the oddest muscle in the entire body, it controlled everything like a high tech computer always processing and connecting things or ideas to one another.

Despite his closed off shell, Arian thought Sarbe was very pretty but his parents would never approve of her because of how she dresses .Her short shirt with her small short shirt and fishnets. Arian knew why she did that Sarbe was very insecure about her small body unlike the rest of the team.

Sarbe had unique body type. She was small, yet tall thin, yet round. It was hard to describe her and Sarbe was shrouded in mystery not very many people knew that much about her.

John-John had carried Water outside of the lair had run as fast as he could to avoid any fight to break out.

He looked down at Water with worry and concern he had never seen her this defeated ever She looked so frail and hopeless in his arms but John-John knew Water was anything but hopeless while everyone else rolled their eyes and pretended to listen to her when she was giving out the rules of Ninja police conduct.

John-John would listen to her attentively asking question here or there and He could tell she liked it when people paid attention to her. Everyone was so concerned with her sister Fire that they had forgotten her and left her in the dust. He could tell that Water was just trying to get their attention to get them to notice her even if it was negative.

“Water, Iam so sorry this happened to you I wish I could have helped you”. He said sadly as he stroked her right cheek softly she stirred and groaned John-John quickly moved his hand way and blushed with embarrassment.

Thankfully for him she did not wake up she was still out cold, she was murmuring something in herself but he could not hear it, Mikie was with him to make sure that nobody tried to jump out and attack him with Water in his arms.

He could not do much. He sent his lighting powers into his ears to hear what was going on inside the stadium whenever he sends his powers in his ears his hearing magnifies so he was able to hear what Peteus was saying from outside .

“What do you mean the Crystal brats escaped you had one job kidnap the heirs to the Crystal thrown and passion them is that so hard what do I pay you guys for!” Peteus yelled

“Iam sorry sir, I will not screw it up next time you have my word I just underestimated their strength the younger one has improved a lot”.

“Fine one more chance, but one more screw up Jimmy and you will be tortured like the rest of them”.

“Yes sir”.

“Good morning sir “.

“Ah Echo mind telling me why the crystal brats escaped”.

“Never mind them I had found something better than them”.

“Better? Explain”. Peteus said with interest

“I have found the heirs to the fire empire sir Ice and Thunder crystal”. Echo said

“Let us go”! Ice yelled

“Yeah let us go!” Thunder screamed

John-John stopped and then turned towards Mikie and said,

“They have Thunder and Ice”.

Mikie gasped

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