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It wasnt (just) him

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A boy, aged just 17, has officially killed someone, failing to take his cousins advice on it, he almost gets caught. Hes on the brink of getting caught when his other cousin comes over, can he survive or will people find out his secrets?

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Chapter 1


Okay, so I wasnt sure exactly how my weekend would go, but the police banging on my cousins door at 8:15 in the morning wasnt it, I mean, I couldnt say I wasnt expecting it, but I wasnt not either. So now my cousin ,Marcus,is being questioned for murder, and I'm to sit here, keeping my mouth shut, as always, doing nothing, I am invisible, I hate being invisible, "Hazel" I immediately look up, and I can tell by everyone's expression (by everyone I mean me Marcus and Officer greyson) I've been called more than once "sorry" I say "lost in train of thought" Officer greyson doesnt believe that I'm thinking about butterfly's and rainbows, which is pretty annoying, lying is like my special ability! Without it, I'm helpless, "I was just wondering if you've seen a change in your cousin's routine or personality lately?"
Officer greyson says "No, I dont beleive so" I say without sparing a glance at my cousin, I put on my best poker face, and officer greyson just apologises for the inconvenience says he'll be in touch, and leaves without another word, I look at my cousin at the same time he says "you could've got my cover blown! You werent even listening, I could've used some help!" My eyes light up with anger and his flashes with mild fear "if you werent so sloppy, maybe the police wouldn't be looking in your direction, I gave you precise instructions, you asked me how to kill her, I said pin it on someone else, and what do you do? The exact opposite, if theres anyone to blame it's you!" He slightly backs down and when he speaks again his voice is much softer "I thought it would look like someone blamed it on me" he mutters, and I laugh actually laugh at how this guy is my cousin, he's nothing like me and my brother, oh God, my brother, I huff out a sigh, "what?" He asks I meet his eyes, and he knows what in going to say before I say it "image if Kyle was here, what would that be like" I say shaking my head, this time, its his turn to sigh "chaos, war, torture," he starts to smile "homework" again I laugh, Kyle plus homework equals raging monster, so he gets us to do it for him, Marcus is terrified of Kyle, and I kinda feel bad for him, kinda, so I simply reply with "lucky hes not" but then add "but he might be if we dont get the cops off your ass, we need to get to work" he silently nods his head.
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