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"Team of Three"

Action / Adventure
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Chapter 1 - Intro

Near the southwest of the Fresno ridges California lies the 129m elevated, poorest city Orange Cove. There lived a beautiful, smart millennial. She is Abbey Arias. She was a prisoner for a couple years, and has a criminal record for stealing. Her biggest hobby was stealing and to be a millionaire, but she was middle-class, with a criminal record which means she is at step 0. She doesn’t like working for someone,she doesn’t want to get a job, she doesn’t want to start a business, all negative points, but she wants to make money. Her vision was something else, she wanted to steal at a high level. She browsed so many things to steal but she doesn’t like any of them.

One day while she was roaming around a local park she just bumped into a guy, Axel Jex. He was also with a criminal record, just stealing, like Abbey, a big coincidence don’t you think? They became best friends, then eventually fell in love and married and became the sweetest couple, this happened in just a year! But they were badly off; they both wanted to be rich.

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