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An age of misunderstood beauty

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Jinx, long known as Subject Zero was nothing more than her father's guinea pig, always experimented on, abused and given no love from the man that bred her in a fake womb her that he built in his lab.

Action / Scifi
Rachel - Hope
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Chapter 1

The xperiment had finished when my abusive father, a well respected scientist, noticed my bleeding nose. I am his first guinea pig. I am subject and that's what i am to him.

In his lab, I nothing more than his first subject. I was born a burden as fether barely looks after me. I was the creation of father's sperm and an egg beloning to a fiend of mothe's. Father killed mother, bare handedly. I'd been strapped to an electic chair. The thing didn't work and I was forced to watch mother die by my father's hand. Father's expriments caused me to gain powers like telekinesis, water, plant and fire minipulation. The most recent experment caused dragonfly wings to pertrud from my back and then I gained inhuman speed and strength. I don't have a name and never did since birth.

In addition to my new found abilities, I awoke this morning to my hair, brows and lashes; a frost white color and my eyes a pine green. My wings are this transparent Grey 94 color, a beautiful moon grey tint. I just love this color pallette. Father walks in on me while I admire myself in te broken bathroom mirror, standing in a midnight black cargo pants and a juniper green high neck. All I have on my feet are my mother's combat boots. "You're not pretty, you filthy rat." father said as I looked him in the eye. He then proceeded to drag me down the hallway efore throwing me into a cell with three boys. They all rushed to me and begin checkng my neck. " Why are you touching my neck?" I ask blntly. " So you're the fabeled Subject Zero? We won't hurt you."
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