Fallen Tears

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The events that lead up to the chaotic interaction between presumably two men in the prologue. The story of a young soon to be a man surviving in the cold harsh world.

Action / Adventure
Danyal Hidayat
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I stood there dumbfounded trying to take in every single detail surrounding me. I tried to think of anything to say to buy me some time before he pulled the trigger.

“What are you doing” I almost laughed at how it came out

He didn’t respond he just stared at me with a somewhat look of disgust. He started lowering the gun. And I knew it was the only chance I am going to have. I thrust forward and I noticed him noticing me. I tried to tackle him but instead, he grabbed me. We fell to the ground but I didn’t hear any clatter, meaning he still had the gun. I was above him. I tried to grab his right hand to snatch the gun away from him. He kicked me in a way that was only possible in that position. It connected to my lower abdomen. A hell of a shriek came out of my mouth and that was what did it, it snapped something inside me. I felt adrenaline rushing through my bloodstream. I threw a punch and it connected with his jaw. Threw another to his ribs, and it made a crunching sound, I knew he had said his goodbyes to a couple of ribs, with that thought came a rush of shame and I threw myself off him and backed up slowly 

“Please, don’t make me do any more of this bullshit please I beg you” and I started crying.

We stood still for a while. It had been a while when I noticed that he was sobbing in a way that was at the same time human and unhuman. The FALLEN TEARS glistened on the asphalt. Then came the strange sound of a voice that he had left. It contained the raspiness of a person suffering from tuberculosis. 

“I can’t control it, I want to kill you, I want to kill you, I have to kill you, I have to kill you “ It all came out with viciousness that I didn’t know existed inside of him 

I looked at him he had considerably recovered from the punches I had thrown. He was staring at the gun sobbing uncontrollably. I almost thought “He isn’t going to do it” when he started lifting the gun slowly. He stopped moving his hand when the gun was pointing at my belly. His hand was shaking; his fingers hovered above the trigger. I started chanting “He can’t do it, he can’t do it, and he can’t do it” just like a prayer but he put his finger on the trigger. Tears in his eyes. Tears fell on the ground from his eyes the same as mine.

He pulled the trigger. 

And a memory came to my mind the sweat voice of Nat “bang bang you dead bitch” 

The bullet hissed in the air. It wasn’t like it happens in the movie. It happened faster than anything I had ever experienced I didn’t know that he had even fired before the bullet hit me. I didn’t even know where it had hit me. Pain exploded in every nerve of my body and I screamed, screamed, and screamed but before unconsciousness came I thought “I am going to miss this wasteland as far gone as it is “ 

Blackness surrounded me from all sides meaning that I had met my ultimate fate that I had already embraced a long time ago, Death.

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