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Alone On The Ocean Reborn

By SLAS All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Adventure

Reborn Of Darkness

The fear of the bloodiest war of Pirates taken place in London, UK 1765. The war has been fought over 27 years with Ace and King of London, but no success. Jason will be known for its best King in 1623 for London. Ace has been trying to invade London for its treasure and gold, but they have been caught and arrested for trespassing the border of the coast. The King of London declared blockage of transportation or cargo trades of borders due to invasion of Ace. Ace is located in Longnan, China. The war has been continue on for more than 32 years and still counting. Who will wins this war? Ace? or King of London?

"The war will be its goriest and bloodiest war to its mankind" -Ace

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