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All Out War

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The Consortium is under attack. When Evangelina is forced back into the world, she left behind. She is not only fighting for her life, but for those, she left behind.

Action / Thriller
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Crime Syndicates

Allies :

By birth, Evangelina AKA Lina: Arminian Power and Camorra Mafia.

Emilio Mancini: Sicilian or Cosa Nostra but married into Camorra.

Dante Kayde Milia-Cannistraro: Ndrangheta the Calabrian Mafia.

Mashar Pankov and Dimitri: Russian Bratva also known as the brotherhood or Red mafia.

Ramon MedellΓ­n and Tee: Columbian Mafia cartels.


Le Milieu: Corsican mafia they are French.

Triads: China Mafia based in France.

Albanian Mafia: Mafia Shqiptare based in France,

All Out War bring it on baby!

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