How to Score (On and Off the Pitch)

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Chapter 4

The fortnight flew by, as usual, and they woke up on their final day filled with misery. There were still so many things they hadn’t done in the Orlando area but they were cheered when Brian announced they would be back next year. They couldn’t wait. With all the bags packed and travel documents checked, they piled everything in the rental car and checked out with a cheery promise to the receptionist that they would see her again next year.

Sanford airport was getting busier each year, mostly with internal flights and British charter airlines like Thomson and First Choice who they used to go with until they realised it could be done better and cheaper by making their own plans. Check-in was as chaotic as you would expect with hundreds of Brits lining up to dump their luggage and get through to the bar in the departures lounge where there was an outside viewing terrace frequented mainly by plane spotters and last minute smokers storing as big a nicotine hit as they could manage before the nine hour flight home. Brian was one such smoker, but also had an interest in planes so it was a pleasant way to end their holiday as far as he was concerned. Sometimes the boys would join him in the hope of seeing a plane taking off, but as flights were so few and far between they usually got bored and fed up with the fog of cigarette smoke and went back inside.

Thankfully, the Globespan flight was on time (it didn’t have a great punctuality record) and they got settled into their seats wistfully waving goodbye to their beloved Orlando for another year. Hopefully, Brian could get a couple of hours sleep on the flight home as they had a fifty mile drive once they landed at Glasgow. He donned his headphones, selected some suitably relaxing music to listen to in the hope it would lull him to sleep. His mind started thinking about going back to work, Bradley’s new season and whether Scotland was going to have a summer that year. He also spent some time thinking about Martine’s behaviour lately. It was something Brian thought about while on holiday as she seemed distracted and distant towards him at times. This had been going on well before they went on holiday which led Brian to believe it was just anticipation of their upcoming trip. When she still acted strange on holiday, then Brian got worried. They had always been close without smothering each other which he thought was normal after being married for fifteen years, but it was the lack of affection, the stolen kisses and hugs that disappointed him.

They soon settled back into their routines after they had unpacked and taken their souvenirs to their rooms. Brian went back to work still carrying the effects of jetlag with him for the first few days, Martine spent days catching up with the washing and ironing and the boys went back to school to tell their friends all about their fantastic holiday.

Brian had to go to London for a few days the following week and was busy preparing for the numerous meetings he had arranged while he was there. He had a PA who took care of hotels and flights who also dealt with confirming his meetings and plans for his trip. With his new position, he found himself travelling much more than before which he liked as he loved flying and visiting new places, not that he got to see much of them sometimes. He recalled taking the train from Madrid to Sevilla once to see one client which involved getting off the train and crossing the road to the client’s office, a two hour meeting then a taxi to Sevilla airport for his flight home. When asked what he thought of Sevilla, which is a beautiful city, all he could say was what he saw from the window of the taxi. In other words, not much.

Everybody caught up on the news and gossip that had gone on while they were away. The biggest item of news for Brian was that the treasurer of Dunfermline Colts had decided to call it a day so they were looking for a replacement. As Martine had accounts experience, she volunteered for the job, much to Bradley’s delight. She didn’t really want to get too involved with his football after the venomous atmosphere of the Rosyth game, but she did it for Bradley. It meant she would have to collect subs from the players’ parents, pay the referee on home games and control expenditure which was something she thought she could manage without too much difficulty.

The club was in a pretty healthy position currently, which meant that being treasurer, she would discuss the coach’s plans for the new season financially and if possible work a tournament in before the start of the season so the boys could feel like they were a professional team going on pre-season tournaments around Europe. Only for the Colts, it would normally involve a tournament somewhere in Scotland or northern England. This year, Stuart McVie was looking at one in Newcastle upon Tyne which was only a couple of hours drive away. Martine’s job was also to come up with fundraising ideas to finance the trip; again, something she had experience of.

Stuart had arranged to come round to Martine’s on the Wednesday evening to discuss the plans, bringing with him a bottle of wine to help the ideas flow, as he called it. He was expecting Brian to open the door when he rang the bell, but noted that the house was quiet for a change. No boys tearing about the house and no TV blaring out cartoons.

‘Hi Martine, bit quiet here. Where is everyone?’ Stuart enquired as he put the wine down on the kitchen table.

‘Brian’s in London for a few days and the boys are staying over at friends for the night so I’ve got some peace and quiet for once. Didn’t think having distractions would be helpful if we’ve got to get our thinking heads on.’ She replied.

She took two glasses out of the cupboard while Stuart opened the screw top of the bottle of drinkable red he had bought. Martine was dressed in a low cut dress which complimented her figure perfectly and Stuart was feeling some stirring which he tried to suppress. It wasn’t the done thing to mix business with pleasure, especially not here, not now. He had been divorced for nearly three years now and hadn’t had a regular girlfriend since, although he was still on good terms with his ex-wife. It hadn’t really bothered him as he was so wrapped up in his football which on reflection, was the reason he and his wife split up in the first place.

They carried the drinks through to the dining room table along with a bowl of crisps to nibble on during the discussions. Stuart was having trouble trying not to stare down Martine’s cleavage every time she leaned forward. He had an idea Martine was doing it on purpose and mixed messages were going through his mind. They concentrated on the job in hand and after a fruitful couple of hours they had agreed to do the Newcastle tournament in August which gave them a couple of months to raise some funds and organise the trip. This was something Stuart had experience of so it was decided that he looked after that side and Martine would do the financial side of it.

Finally happy at the results of the evening’s work, they raised their glasses together and clinked a toast to the team. When their hands accidentally touched, there was a frisson of electricity in the air. They looked at each other sheepishly at first, then Stuart noticed a glint in her eye. No, he thought, he can’t let this happen.

‘Er, I’ll just wash the glasses for you, Martine. Then I’d better get going.’ Stuart stuttered nervously.

‘No need, I’ll put them in the dishwasher. Why don’t you just sit on the sofa and I’ll make us a coffee?’

Stuart placed the glasses on the kitchen table and looked at her. In a flash, Martine pulled him to her and kissed him passionately, totally taking him by surprise.

‘Stop! We can’t do this.’ Stuart exclaimed. ‘What about Brian?’

‘I told you, he’s in London. The boys are away for the night and I need some affection.’ Martine replied.

Without another thought, Stuart responded to her kiss and they held each other tight. It had been at least two years since Stuart had enjoyed sex and his impulses had taken over. She had a great body and he was under no illusion that he would dearly love to enjoy Martine’s affection which was being offered to him on a plate. She pulled away and led him by the hand upstairs to her bedroom where she proceeded to undress him and herself at the same time.

Stuart could hold back no more. They fell on to the bed and set about each other passionately. They were past the point of no return, even though they both knew it was completely wrong.

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