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The Violent Castellano

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Normani Mal Ezra Castellano is known to be dangerously the most powerful creature, Dorando Maximo Ares the most powerful witch in his witch coven. What happens when two powerfuls meet once more?

Action / Romance
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Chapter one: part one

Hello, lets have a chat

A few reminders and triggers that can be brought up in this book:

Poor language used throughout the whole book:

bad words, bad substances talked about and used (pills, injections, drugs) so if any of those are a trigger please be on the look-out of a warning!

Starvations, eating problems (Eds: Eating Disorders) if you do not know what that is:

Eating disorders are serious conditions related to persistent eating behaviors that negatively impact your health, your emotions and your ability to function in important areas of life. The most common eating disorders are anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge-eating disorder.



And if anything else is needed to be put on here for any triggers or anything, please let me know!!

Viv: chapter one - part one




Normani Mal Ezra Castellano:

"Good morning miss Zalmora, I brought your morning breakfast and usual coffee, all on your coffee table." A kind women of the age 76 kindly said as she placed some warm looking sheets on my room couch

"Have a good day Ms, I'll be in the kitchen for any requests or orders." She said "thank you, Florinda." I said respectfully as she shook her head and walked out closing the door behind her

Hearing small tiptoes coming into my marble floor I smile, sitting up and putting my hair on a small ponytail ready for her tiny body to jump on me

"Mommy!" She came running in with her small monkey plush she calls Mallie The Monkey named after me, she says.

"Oh! Come here my sweet girl!" I said right before her small body jumped up on me

Her now hugging me as she tightly had her legs around my torso and her hands around my neck telling me how hungry she was

"Mommy me hungy, is Flo make breakfast?" She asked in her cute childish pitched voice "yes gorgeous, breakfast is ready." I said making her smile in victory

"Yess!" She hummed in excitement smiling"Mommy I pick my oufit today?" She asked politely making me smile"Yes hon, you can pick your oufit" I shook my head

She smiled, pulling her off me as I lightly sat her down on the floor and I stood up

"Let go mommy!" She pulled my hand with her making me chuckle "Okay! Okay!" I chuckled some more

"Hmm, purpwel and pink with my gween sweater!" She smiled hardly

I looked at her with a raised eyebrow oh well. I thought setting her on her big girl bed and took off her pajama set of a shirt and sweatpants

The silk feeling of the shirt making me smile, her now out of her pajamas I then tell her to put her hands up so I can slip on her colorful shirt, then tell her to stand up on the bed so I can slide in her pants

"I no want sweater no mowre." She said making me smile"okay that's fine. Mommy needs to head to work after breakfast, your gonna stay with auntie is that okay?" I asked as she shook her head in agreement

"I need potty." She said as I shook my head, telling her to go do her business but remember to clean herself and wash her hands afterwards

Walking to my room to go change, I wore a black Vivian Dress in reminded of my little girl

"Done mommy!" She said, as I finished putting on my wear-out casual sandels

"Now let's go eat! Raise you there!" I said making her giggle as I ran out of her room, her following behind me

"NOOO mommy! I gonna win!" She said as she was losing

"Ma'am! They're coming!" One of the twenty guards at my front gate screamed running to me

Making me stop my steps placing my hand in front of Vivians small body"The Queens." The guard said lastly before his body fell on the floor, his brain shot as blood splashed on my shirt and face, Vivian behind me

Vivian screaming at his body on the floor, putting my hand on top of her eyes for protection"it's okay baby." I said, taking my other hand in front of me

Making a force field, the man in front of me with an AR having shock written all over his face

Moving my attention to the little girl crying with scare and terror "Viv, honey it's okay." I said walking over, kneeling down to her height as I comforted her

"Baby, there's something I need your help with." I said making her shake her head, while her face layed on my shoulder

"Remember what we practiced in the basement?" I asked"Yes." She responded"well, remember when I said your- your gifts meant one day you were gonna use them and- and help yourself, well today were gonna play a game." I said

"Our goal is to get out of the house- and- and if we- we don't make it to our car up the hill we- we lose and the bad men win." I said as she shook her head and sobbed, I then stood up and took ahold of her small body, now her on my hip

"Remember, if you wanna push someone or something away from you, keep your hands up in front of you and then slide them back towards you, then back in front of you- how we practiced and how you pushed me, remember?" I asked in hopes to calm her

"Yes mommy." She said"and if you need any help or feel like it's to much, you tell me and I let you leave the game. Okay?" I said as she shook her head in a smile with teary eyes

Smiling back, I kissed her cheek before putting my hand up and sliding it down back to my side, looking at the man in front of me I took my right hand up once more and slid it to the left side in a hurry speed

Breaking his neck as Vivian pushed his body to the wall, his body falling back to the marble floor as I smiled

I was proud, because for so long I trained her. Fot so long I knew she could do it.

Taking a deep breathe, I look back at Vivian as her tears cleared up I then clean her face as I shook my head she did the same. Lets fucking play.

"RED LIGHT!" I screamed as two people ran down the silver staircase, running up to two other men that just entered the home with firearms

Avi has the ability to make others think what he wants them to think, Celine has the ability to move and manipulate electricity, her hands bent in a way where her palms touched the air as lightning was collected in her hands and she choked the man with it, and Avi's hands on each side of the mans head with closed eyes whispering some not so pleasing words

Another three men ran in, a bomb sound was heard not far from here making the floor shake as I closed my eyes and made me and my siblings along with Vivian float, carefully making us touch the floor again while the three men fell to the floor

"We need to leave, now!" Celine screamed as I shook my head and we ran out the house "Celine, Avi you two head to the exit while I stay here with Vee, near the exit there's a panic room. Stay there while I fight out." I said

"We can take her, The Queens are unpredictable. We don't need that, and these men are just distraction while witches take over our home. I will come with you, Avi you take her." Celine ordered as I shook my head in agreement

Fucking witches.

"If anything happens, send the shockwave up here." I said to Avi, pointing to his head before handing over Vivian"remember, front back front. Twist, win." I said to Vivian with a head kiss as she shook her head in a smile before now sitting on Avi's hip

He and Vivian walking off as I saw Vivian slide over a couple men to the side letting them have a pathway, I smile in proudness.

"Ready?" Celine asked"always." I shrug my shoulders making her smile

"Hey pricks!" I said loudly before breaking their necks, sliding my head sideways" I wish I could do that." Celine said before she choked to death a man with her palms of electricity

"Jesus." I said making her chuckle "The Violent Castellano's." She said

A man came into my home...A familiar face stood before me"Oh fuck."

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