Get Out Alive

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I Wanna Be Just Like the Soldiers on the Screen

The whole room screams and we all get down on our knees, hands behind our heads.

The boy, Max Evans, announces, “As of right now we have six people on every floor, killing people at random whenever we please.”

The girl, Shayna O’Donald, laughs sadistically, “We’re rounding everyone up, who lives, in the gym. Then we’re sealing all the exits so nobody can escape.”

Max continues, “After that… We’ll have our fun. We’ll kill anyone who tries to escape, or anyone that we just don’t like.”

He points his pistol at Kyle Waters, who I know has a mixed history with Max because of a girl, and shoots him. Blood spills out of Kyle’s deformed head, his eyes rolling back into his head and he falls limp on the ground.

His best friend, Evan, screams in horror as he watches his best friend fall to the floor.

Tears spill down my face and I look away from the pool of blood forming on the ground.

Max yells, “You can try to call the police, but we’ve turned off the Wifi of the entire building, so you won’t get any service.”

Just then the gym doors open and a huge crowd of scared students, tears dripping from their eyes, enter the already crowded gym.

More people with guns, around eight, enter the room. That must mean that ten others are watching the exits and hallways for people who try to escape.

The gym is crowded with people shoulder to shoulder, I can’t even move or breathe. Why’re they doing this?

It’s not for money because they aren’t asking for ransom… Maybe they’re just all truly insane? Maybe they’re just mad and want to kill everyone?

I notice there aren’t any teachers, so they must’ve killed them all… They’ve killed people.

I can’t even wrap my mind around taking another human being’s life… I have to get out of here!

I start to hyperventilate, feeling like I’m being crushed by the thick air filled with sweat and the smell of blood flowing from the body on the floor. I can’t even imagine how many there must be in the classrooms and hallways...

Axel faces me towards him and says, “Hey, Margaery, it’s okay.”

I shake my head and cry, “It’s not okay! I can’t-I can’t breathe!”

I see the panic in his eyes, I see that he’s scared too, but he puts on a brave face and says, “C’mon, breathe. Breathe with me… In… Out...In...Out.”

I nod and breathe with him until eventually my breathing becomes normal again.

He hugs me to him and says, “I’ll protect you, it’s gonna be okay. We’ll get out of here.”

I ask, my voice breaking, “How? We can barely move, they have people at the exits, we can’t call the police, they have guns! We’re stuck here in their stupid game!”

Axel opens his mouth to speak when Max shouts, “Alright, it’s a little too crowded in here for my taste! I want all of the underclassmen to go to the field house.”

All of the underclassmen walk out, clutching each other, and follow four of the eight armed people.

I watch them, three freshman boys suddenly bolt and try to make a run for it but then fall to the ground almost as quickly as they ran.

I feel a burning sensation in my throat and stomach and I suddenly feel extremely nauseous. I’m no stranger to blood, I’m usually not squeamish, but this… This is something different. This isn’t a movie, these are actually people dying in front of me!

Lace pulls me into her chest and we both look away from the scene, holding on to each other.

I shake my head and whisper, “We’re going to die today…”

Axel shakes his head, “No, you can’t think like that. We have to stay strong. They’re only killing people that try to run. If we just lay low, listen to what they say, and for the time being stay put then we’ll be okay.”

Turner says, “We have to get out of here. Somebody needs to tell the police because right now nobody knows we’re in trouble. The phones don’t work and all of the teachers are dead. Someone has to go get help before school gets out, because that’s when people come to pick up their kids and they know that they need to kill everyone by then because that’s when people will know something is wrong.”

Lace says, “Then we just lay low till then! We don’t need to be the heroes.”

I take a deep breath and bravely say, “Turner is right… We can’t just sit here and wait for them to kill us. They won’t let anyone go, they’ll kill us all by three o’clock. We have to get out before then.”

Axel says, “Alright, how about this… If by fourth hour we think we really absolutely need to get out then we’ll make a plan and get out when the fifth hour bell goes off. But, if we don’t think we need to get out by fourth hour then we stay here. Deal?”

Everyone nods and Axel looks to me quickly, but I dart my eyes down towards the ground. I don’t want him to see how scared shitless I am.

I have to stay strong… I have to. I have to be brave, for Lace. I know she’s really squeamish and a very shy person, if we’re going to escape she’s going to need all the help she can get. I need to be strong for the group even if I’m no heroine.

I close my eyes and pretend like everything’s okay, that we’re just in gym and it’s another day of archery.

Archery… Bow and arrows, we could use those as weapons, right? No… That’s dumb, we can barely shoot them and they might not kill the shooters.

Wait, the lunch room must have knives in it! We can get to the lunch room and grab the knives and use that as protection. Then we can somehow get to the PE storage room in the basement and use the baseball bats too. Then we can take out people at the doors and get help!

I decide to keep my plan to myself for the time being because they all seem to want to wait till the fourth period bell to make a decision.

The five of us sit together against the wall, people watching and keeping their eyes on our captors.

There are around one thousand five hundred kids in our school, and about half are in this room right now, so there’s around seven hundred and fifty kids in this gym and it’s still really packed.

The field house is big enough to hold seven hundred and fifty kids since it’s twice the size of the gym. This has got me worried because they might get annoyed with the amount of people and how cramped it is that they might start killing us off.

I watch the four of them talking together, seemingly arguing, and then after a few minutes they all nod and Max shouts, “All juniors are going to the auditorium!”

The juniors exit the gym room and follow two of the armed students, none of them trying to escape.

I guess that’s good because now it’s less packed in here and I have more room to breathe and think.

I whisper to Axel, “We need to get to the lunch room. They have knives there, then we can go to the equipment room in the basement and take baseball bats.”

He replies, “I think we should be proactive too, but you all wanted to wait till fourth hour.”

I nod, “I think we should still wait, they’re expecting us to try to escape, but after an hour or two they might be less on guard.”

He argues, “But who knows how many they’ll kill in that time! We need to act now before more people die.”

I shake my head, “We can’t, Axel… But if we do decide to go we need to arm ourselves.”

He nods, “We need to turn the wifi back on so people can call the cops.”

I say, “But the wifi monitor is in the main office which is right by the main exit! They’ll have that exit covered with people.”

He nods, “We use your weapons to take them out.”

I take a deep, shaky breath and shake my head, “I’m really scared, Axel.”

He hugs me to him and says, “I know, I am too. It’ll all be alright.”

I then look up and notice that Max, holding his pistol in ready position, is walking our way.

I know Max from my anatomy class, I’ve actually been pretty nice to him. I think he might’ve actually had a crush on me because he flirts with me and tells me I’m pretty all the time. While I think he’s absolutely psycho and extremely dangerous, I feel a little better that he’s in here still since he likes me so he might not hurt me.

He stands in front of me and smiles, saying loudly so that everyone looks to us, “Margaery Tucker! It’s nice to see your beautiful face here!”

I fake a smile and nod, my lips shaking, “Hi Max…”

He kneels in front of me and wipes tears from my cheeks, “Don’t cry, you’ll make your pretty eyes all puffy.”

I nod and try to stop crying, not wanting to anger him.

He smirks, “Y’know… I’ve always kinda liked you. I’ve always wondered what it’d be like to… Well, dirty things, love. Like you in my bed, me on top of you… I’m sure you can imagine the rest.”

I look down and then to Axel, whose fists are clenched along with his jaw. I can tell he’s growing angrier and angrier by the second.

Max runs his fingers across my lips, my body shuddering under his icy touch, fear coursing through my body. He moves in closer to me, “But you were always too good for me, too hung up on him.” He gestures to Axel as he says this, my face immediately turning red. I look down, but Max lifts my head back up a bit violently.

He tells me, “Y’know… He likes you too. He’s probably the one that’s going to fuck you if you two manage to survive this… Which your chances are very good if you do one small thing for me.”

I could save my friends if I do whatever he asks, but… Who knows what this monster is going to ask me to do.

I whisper, “What do you want from me?”

He smiles, “I want my fantasy… Well, a version of it. I know you’re a virgin, so… Well, this is embarrassing…” He chuckles a bit to himself, his cheeks turning a light shade of pink, “...I’ve always had a fantasy that I’d be your first. So, if you make that a reality, I’ll make sure you and your four friends make it out alive.”

Axel chimes in, protesting, “She will not!”

Max laughs, “Oh! Look who’s butting in! Prince Charming who wants the princess all to himself.”

Axel says, “I won’t let you rape her.”

Max chuckles, “It’s not rape if she consents to it!”

Axel screams, “No! It’s rape if you blackmail her!”

I shake my head, my voice quivering, “N-No… I want to.”

Axel looks to me, his eyes glossy, “Margaery, no… We’ll be okay. He’s not going to kill us if you don’t. He’s just saying he’ll make sure we live if you do and he’s probably lying to you!”

I look to Max who has a smirk on his face… He’s lying!

I shake my head, “Max, why’re you doing this? Why do you want to hurt all these people?”

He grows angry, “I don’t want to! I have to! They brought this upon themselves! My Master told me t-”

I interrupt him, “Your Master?”

He nods, “All of us are doing as our Master tells us!”

I arch my eyebrow, “Your Master… You mean like God?”

He chuckles, “Our Master is much more powerful than your God!”

Oh my God… This is a cult! He’s in a fucking cult! That makes sense… Usually people join cults if they’re desperate and just want a place to fit in. That matches the personalities of the people I’ve recognized as the students with guns perfectly! Shit…

He asks, “Scared, babe? I can calm your nerves. I promise I’ll be gentle.”

I shake my head, “Get away from me.”

His face turns from a smirk to anger, he asks in disbelief, “What’d you just say to me?”

I affirm, “Get. Away. From. Me.”

He stands up and scoffs, “I’ll kill you bitch! Now get on your fucking hands and knees!”

I look to Axel who looks like he’s about to kill him. I shake my head, telling him not to. I don’t want him to get hurt…

Max says, “We could’ve done this the easy way, you asked for this.”

Tears slip down my face while he rapes me… How could this have happened? Why is this happening to me? What have I done to deserve this?

I sob as he continues, pain coursing through my entire body. He grunts angrily, “Don’t cry, whore. Shut the fuck up.”

I shut my mouth and let the tears roll down silently. I don’t think this situation could get any worse… But it does. I lock eyes with Axel’s beautiful blue eyes and I can see the sadness and guilt he carries in them now. They’re one shade darker, like all this trauma is killing the light inside of him.

His eyebrows are knitted together and fists clenched. He looks like he’s about to cry, but he must be keeping it together for me. He’s trying to be strong, for me.

I look to Lace who is full of sorrow and guilt as she watches helplessly as her best friend is violated in front of the entire senior class.

I’m then pushed to the ground, I quickly pull my pants back up and scramble into Axel’s arms. Max smiles at me and says, “You are beautiful, but I’m sorry… I can’t spare you and your friends since you didn’t consent. You made me commit a crime for you and I can’t reward you for that.”

I choke on a stream of profanities that I so very much want to fly from my mouth at him, but I control myself. I just look down and he eventually walks away.

The whole gym is silent and staring at me, sympathy written on all of their faces.

Axel holds me close, “Margaery, I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have opened my mouth and he might’ve let you go.”

I shake my head, “It’s okay, Axel.”

He cries, “It’s not okay!”

I nod, “You’re right… None of this is okay, but it’s not your fault.”

He holds me close to him and whispers, “I’ve loved you ever since I first laid eyes on you.”

I let out a shaky breath and reply, “I’ve loved you since then too.”

He continues, “We’ve wasted so much time dancing around each other, being just friends and only now when we’re about to die are we finally admitting how we feel.”

I nod, “It fucking sucks… It sucks so much.”

Lace then walks over and starts running her fingers through my hair, which she knows I really like.

I send a warm smile her way, “Thank you.”

Turner and Patricia slide over and Turner says, “We need to get out of here now.”

Patricia nods, “Who knows what else he’s going to do to her.”

I sniffle, “I-I don’t think I can walk right now. It hurts.”

Axel says, “Let’s wait till the third hour bell rings, which is in twenty five minutes to leave. Until then, let’s figure out how we’re going to do this.”

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