Get Out Alive

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Teenagers Scare the Living Shit Out of Me

I say, handing one of guns to Turner, “You two need to take out the guys at the back exit on this floor while we get the wifi on. If something happens to us then we need to make sure all of these exits are clear so you two can get out.”

Patricia and Turner nod and before they set off, I hug Patricia, “Be careful.”

She nods and grabs her knives while Turner takes the gun and they set off to the back entrance.

Lace, Axel, and I then walk up to the second floor sneakily, trying to be a quiet as possible. I say, “Alright. Lace, you stay here while we take them out. Tell us if the other two are coming after us.”

She asks, “How?”

I shrug, “Any way you know how.”

She nods and grips her knives tightly in her hands and I can see the anxiety coursing through her. I whisper, “It’s gonna be okay, I promise.”

She closes her eyes, takes a deep breath, and nods. I turn to Axel and ask, “Are you ready?”

He nods and asks, “Alright, what’s the plan here?”

I answer, “Kill them before they kill us. We have the element of surprise, they won’t expect us to come in with guns. Try to shoot them quickly and hopefully it’ll all go smoothly.”

Axel nods, “Alright, let’s do this.”

Axel and I look to each other and nod, rushing towards them, getting a clear shot. Luckily, from what we’ve witnessed, all of these cult members don’t have much experience with weapons, so as long as I keep moving they won’t be able to hit me… Hopefully.

I aim and shoot, putting a bullet right through one of their skulls, the blood exploding all over the window of the exit like a grotesque work of art.

Simultaneously, Axel shoots, but doesn’t hit anything but the glass behind. The glass breaks, showering over them and cutting the remaining two people standing.

I run and take cover along with Axel while they open fire.

I quickly go back into the open and fire at the second kid Axel had shot at and I hit his gun, causing him to drop it and scream in fear, but his hand is not hurt.

The last kids shoots at me, and for a split second I think that this is my last moment on earth, but his gun jams! Axel and I open fire, but we’re both out of fucking ammo!

Axel doesn’t have any more ammo, but I do. I quickly fumble with the clip, struggling to replace them, but am interrupted when I’m sacked by on of the shooters. I guess it’s a hand to hand fight now.

Axel struggles with the second boy while I’m pinned underneath the first one. He presses his hands against my throat, beginning to choke me. My head starts to pound and I gasp for breath, clawing at his hands to try to get him off of me.

Choking is probably one of the worst feelings in the world; the burning sensation in my lungs and throat, the desperate attempts to take a breath, the sharp pain in my head as I feel my body start to shut down.

I feel light headed and my vision is becoming blurry, but then I remember my knife in my back pocket!

I reach into my pocket and grab the knife then quickly swing it at him, but he catches my wrist, releasing my throat. I catch him by surprise and wiggle out from underneath him, standing up. I pull away my wrist and hold my knife ready at my side.

I mutter ferociously, “Come at me, mother fucker!”

He grunts as he lunges after me with a punch to my face that I try to dodge, but I’m unsuccessful.

I stumble a bit, but my head and footing eventually return to normal and I’m ready again, the whole side of my face still throbbing. He lunges at me again, but I move out of the way and deliver a quick stab to his back. Blood flows from his wound and he cries out in agony as he falls to the ground.

I flip him over with my foot and straddle his waist. Tears flow down his cheeks while I look up and notice Axel has taken out the boy who was after him, but his nose is now bleeding.

I stare down at the boy under me who is hyperventilating in fear. I wipe the blood off my lip from when he punched me, then he begs, “Please! Please don’t kill me! Please!”

I chuckle, “I bet all those kids you killed begged for mercy too.”

Before he can plead anymore I jam my knife into his throat violently and keep pushing until the other end of the knife touches the ground. I pull it out and watch as the blood and life spill out of my assailant. I stand up, wipe the blood off of my knife using my pants, and place my knife back into my pocket.

I don’t feel any guilt, which is weird for me. I’m a very empathetic person, usually. I never would have thought I’d have the capacity to take a life, but now it’s almost second nature now.

I feel like they’re not even people anymore and watching the blood and life exit these creatures is almost an addictive sight.

What is happening to me? I’m turning into someone I’m not too sure I want to be.

What happened to you, Margaery?

It’s like in the past few hours I’ve turned into a completely different person. I’ve changed from a simple high school student concerned with boys and finals to a killer who is focused on survival.

I don’t know if I like the killer or the simple girl more… All I know is all this death of innocent people around me is not alright and I need to take out everyone who caused all this pain despite what it might do to me psychologically.

I find my gun and bend down and start to reload it when I hear, “Look out!”

Before I can react, I feel a searing pain in my calf. I cry out in agony, falling the ground while blood spills out of my wound.

I hear more gun shots, but the pain is so terrible I can barely hear or think of anything else.

I wail, tears flooding from my cheeks as I throw up all over the floor, my stomach feeling like a rock. I’ve never felt pain as severe as this before.

The ground starts to look a little blurry and is even moving around slightly, I have no idea what is going on.

What just happened?

After a minute I feel someone’s hand on my shoulder. I look over it and see it’s Lace, Axel standing behind her.

Everything rushes back into real time and is back in focus.

I ask, still grunting from the pain, “What happened?”

Lace replies, “I saw the three other people coming and I… I…”

She starts to break down, so Axel finishes, “She killed two of them and I took out the third. Where’d you get hit?”

Instead of answering his question I pull down my pants and look at the wound on my calf.

The bullet is lodged into my skin, blood oozing from the wound. It’s all so real…

Axel kneels down next to me and tears of a bit of his shirt, using his knife, and hands it to me. I take the cloth and bite on it. My hands shake as I dig my fingers into my wound and try to find the bullet so I can take it out, pain coursing throughout my whole leg like fire.

I bite down onto the cloth, tears flowing down my cheeks but I almost don’t notice because I’m used to that familiar burning sensation on my skin, a suppressed scream escaping my lips.

After a few excruciating seconds of searching, I eventually locate the bullet and pull it out quickly, my hand shaking like a leaf in a tornado. I drop the bullet onto the ground and blood flows out of my leg alarmingly quick. I pull my pants back up and then take the cloth out of my mouth, tying it around the wound nice and tight to hopefully stop the bleeding.

Axel asks, sounding very concerned, “Can you stand?”

I whisper, my voice hoarse from being choked, “I think.”

I swallow, the very sensation causing me to wince, I’m pretty sure I have a bruise there. I notice Axel has a bruise on his throat too from when he had been strangled.

Lace and Axel help me stand up and I try to put pressure on my right leg, which is the wounded one, but immediately cry out in pain.

I shake my head, “I-I need something to numb it! Fuck!”

Axel says, “We don’t have time to find anything right now, we need to get the wifi on. We’ll help you limp until we find something better.”

I nod, “Alright… Let’s go in.”

I wrap my arms around their shoulders and they practically drag me towards the main office. We open the door and find the dead body of the teacher who monitored the desk to make sure nobody was sneaking out slumped in the chair, a bullet lodged in her head.

Axel and Lace search for the monitor for the wifi while I limp up to the lady and close her eyes, my hand shaking as I do so.

How could they do this? What kind of monsters…

More tears slide down my face and then Axel suddenly shouts, “Fuck!”

I ask, fear sliding into my heart, “What? What’s wrong!”

He picks up the monitor, “They cut the wires! We can’t turn it back on!”


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