Get Out Alive

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They Could Care Less As Long As Someone'll Bleed

Lace says, “We need to get to Turner and Patricia, so let’s go downstairs to the back entrance and find them.”

I nod and reload my gun, taking the ammo off of the six dead bodies and giving three to Axel and keeping three for myself.

Axel reloads his gun after some struggle and me having to help him out. I can tell by the way both of our hands are still shaking ever so slightly that we’re both scared out of our minds still.

He asks me, “Are you sure you don’t want to just go?”

I shake my head, despite really wanting to, “We can’t leave all these people here, especially not our friends.”

He nods, “You’re right… We have to get Patricia and Turner.”

I wrap my arms around Lace and Axel then they drag me down the hallway since I can’t walk at all, which sucks because I feel like dead weight.

We reach the stairs that’ll lead down to the back hallway. Axel commands, “Jump on my back and I’ll carry you.”

I nod, jump on his back, and he walks down the stairs with me on his back.

I remember a time back in sophomore year when I had hurt my leg, it was just a bruise and I was being a little baby about it, but we both had our next class on the first floor and we were on the second. I had been complaining to him about how much my leg hurt and he ended up giving me a piggy back ride down these exact stairs.

He kept laughing because he claimed I was choking him because I wrapped my arms around his neck too tightly and I just giggled the whole time because of all the looks people gaves us.

The dean eventually told us to stop, but Axel gave no fucks and started sprinting down the hallway with me on his back. He escaped the dean by sneaking through the crowd and slipping into our class undetected.

Now that same dean that almost busted us is lying at the foot of the stairs, his white shirt soaked red from his blood.

Axel sets me down, forcing me back into this fucked up reality that I’m living in now.

We walk down towards the exit and my heart stops when I’m greeted by a grotesque sight.

Axel and Lace walk closer, dragging me along, their facial expressions matching mine.

Once we’re close enough our fears are verified… I’m greeted by the sight of a random teen with a gun, probably one of the twenty who decided to shoot up the school, with a bullet in his skull lying on the floor dead. A few feet in front I see Patricia and Turner, both lying on their backs. A pool of blood surrounds them both, their fingers laced together and their gazes locked. Both of their bodies are pale and stiff, lips blue… They’re both dead.

I suddenly feel dizzy and Lace starts to cry, bending down next to them while I lean on Axel.

Axel’s face is just in complete shock, since he and Turner were pretty close.

Lace whispers, “They… They’re holding hands.”

I nod, “They really love each other… It fucking sucks! What the fuck! Why?”
Axel asks, breaking through his emotions and going back to business, “Wait… Where’s the second guy?”

I ask, still distraught by the loss of our friends, “What do you mean?”

He replies urgently, “The second guy! There’s only one dead guy here! That means the second one got away! The know we’ve escaped.”

Lace mutters, “Shit!”

Just then a bullet whizzes in front of us, lodging itself into the wall to the right.

Lace sprints back to us and I wrap my arm around them while they start to run, dragging me along. I try to help as best as I can by stepping on my good leg, but I can’t put any weight on my bad leg.

We run down the hallways, the sound of shouting from behind us as three of them chase us fueling them to run faster.

I plea, “Leave me! You guys won’t make it with me!”

They make a sudden left down the deaf hallway and keep running, ignoring my cries for them to leave me behind.

Bullets whiz past us and they make a quick right and drag me up the stairs quickly to the second floor where they start running down the hallway, darting into the English hallway right after. I hear stomping up the stairs while we’re fleeing down the English hallway towards another staircase that leads to the back hallway.

They rush down the stairs, I look behind my shoulder to check if they’ve seen us. I see two of them run down the other hallway towards student services while only one follows us down the English hallway.

We reach the first floor and then they take another left, rushing down the same hallway we found Patricia and Turner. We race past their bodies and down that hallway when Axel opens the door to a janitor’s closet and shoves Lace and I in there quickly, then quietly shuts the door without locking it.

Lace whisper-shouts, “Lock it!”

He shakes his head and replies, “If they try to open it and it’s locked they’ll know we’re in here! We need to hide behind something.”

The closet is pretty big and I see a rolling shelf with some cardboard boxes behind it. I wiggle out of Axel’s grip and crawl towards the cardboard boxes and push them from behind the shelf and everyone moves behind the shelf with cleaning products and such on it. I then push the boxes in front of the shelf, so they won’t see us crouching.

I then crawl next to them and we all huddle together.

We sit together, paralyzed by fear, and I don’t even want to breathe because they might hear it.

Suddenly the door swings open and someone with a gun in his hand is standing in the doorway.

I close my eyes and look down, resisting the urge to scream. I hold my breath and I try to calm down my shaking body.

A few seconds later the door closes and I hear footsteps down the hallway. I exhale in relief.

We crawl out from behind the shelf and I look through the boxes to see if there’s anything useful in there while Axel makes sure his gun is loaded.

I smirk when I find a bottle of whiskey. I chuckle, “I always thought Mr. Bob was a whiskey guy.”

The two of them chuckle while I unscrew the lid and take a swig from the bottle to calm my nerves, especially after seeing the dead bodies of two of my best friends and having only a few seconds to mourn them. No time to cope, no time to process.

I pass the bottle around and everyone takes a swig, but then I have an idea.

I take the bottle back and pull back the bandage for my wound slightly and pour some of the liquid on it. It burns like hell at first, I take a sharp breath in to suppress screaming in pain, but eventually the wound numbs as a result of the alcohol.

I sigh, pour a little more on there, then screw the top back on the bottle and tighten my bandage. I whisper, “I’ll be able to walk on my leg again.”

They both nod and I lean my body against the wall, checking to make sure my gun is loaded and ready to shoot if anyone comes back into this closet.

I close my eyes, trying to rest my mind and body for a moment.

How could this have happened? Just because of a cult?

I mean… I guess it makes since, Max and a few of these kids I’ve recognized were always ‘outcasts’ who didn’t feel they fit in. They weren’t invited to the big parties or talked to, they were just kind of ignored.

I don’t really know if Max had any real friends, or any of the other kids really. I guess they must’ve just found whatever cult they joined and took comfort in belonging somewhere.

But those fucked up cults always want some sort of sacrifice, or have a hazing process, and this messed up cult must’ve told them to kill everyone at their school to prove themselves. Maybe one of them had voices in their head and everyone just wanted something to follow. I don’t know, and frankly I don’t care.

I open my eyes, clearing my head of any clutter or unnecessary thinking. They have no justification, they’re just sociopaths. They’re killers and I need to get out of here either way, whether they’re in a cult or not.

I don’t really care how this whole thing started anymore, I just care about finishing it.

“So… What do we do from here?”

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