Get Out Alive

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Shoot Me Up to Entertain

Axel says, “There are three people looking for us, the one that escaped from Patricia and Turner and then probably two from the field house who were with the underclassmen.”

Lace says, “We can’t get out of here with them wandering around, they’ll hunt us down.”

I say, “We need to hunt them then. They won’t expect it.”

Axel nods, “Margaery’s right.”

I lean back, “Let’s just sit here for a little longer… I’m so tired.”

Axel whispers, “You’re losing a lot of blood, Margaery.”

I brush off, “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.”

Lace chuckles, “And we were stressed about finals.”

I smile, “I wish I were taking my finals right now instead of this.”

Axel nods, “We’d be in like sixth hour right now, I think. So we’d be in English class.”

Lace giggles, “With Mrs. June!”

I smile, “I love Mrs. June, she’s so sweet! Just a little scatterbrained.”

Axel laughs, “Remember when she gave me a detention for blasting Panic! At the Disco in the middle of class?”

Lace chuckles, “Oh yes.”

I laugh, “Remember in sophomore year the teacher gave you a detention in health class?”

Axel nods, “Oh yeah, cause when he asked us to draw the reproductive organs I drew like a ten page long dick.”

Lace laughs, “I remember that!”

I tease, “Quite the optimist you are.”

He rolls his eyes, “Well, you would know, I’m sure you’ve thought about my size a lot, sweetie.”

Lace giggles, “I’ve always wanted you two to get together.”

I shrug, “Let’s get through this whole shitstorm first.”

Axel asks, “Remember when we kissed?”

I nod, “Yeah, at Andy Portman’s party freshman year during truth or dare.”

He blushes, “That was my first kiss.”

I nod, “Mine too.”

He smiles, “I really liked it… I actually think about it a lot.”

I blush and look down, “I wish I had admitted all of that to you earlier, that way we wouldn’t have wasted all this time. Now… Who knows, we might not make it to tomorrow.”

Axel shakes his head, “Don’t say that, we’ll get through this.”

I turn to Lace, “Speaking of confessions… Remember in sixth grade how you liked Cory Anderson and one day he just suddenly asked you out?”

She nods, “Yeah…”

I giggle, “I told him that you liked him and convinced him to ask you out because I pretty much told him that he liked you.”

Lace giggles, “Thank you, hun, that was sweet of you.”

I smile, “I figured I’d tell you.”

Lace chuckles, “How many more secrets have you kept from me?”

I shake my head, “None, just that!”

She nods, “Same, actually, besides that one time I stole $5 out of your wallet.”

I gasp and sarcastically say, “You bitch!”

She laughs, “Whoops! Well, if it’s any consolation I bought some really good chocolate with it and I shared some with you.”

I roll my eyes and say, “We’ve had some really good times.”

Axel nods, “We have done a lot of really fun, stupid things.”

Lace chuckles, “Like when we all got high in the parking lot of Arby’s.”

I laugh and Axel rolls his eyes, “That weed Turner got was so bad.”

Lace nods, “I always thought he was such a goody-two-shoes and then he just busts out some weed.”

Axel laughs, “And Patricia seemed like a pro at rolling a blunt.”

I wiggle my eyebrows, “You weren’t so bad at it, yourself.”

He rolls his eyes, “You know I’m as clean as a window.”

I add, “That a bird took a shit on.”

He frowns, “You’re not very nice.”

Lace asks suddenly, “Do you think we’ll get out of this?”

I nod, “I think we’ll be okay… As long as we stay together and stay smart.”

Axel says, “We just have to keep going.”

A tear rolls down Lace’s cheek, “I fought with my little brother right before school… I can’t die with him thinking I’m mad at him.”

I take her hand, “He knows you love him, Lace. And you’re not going to die.”

She nods and Axel sighs, “I’m such a little shit to my parents when they sacrificed everything for me and love me. I’m such a piece of shit to them.”

I take his hand, “We’re all not very nice to our parents, but we’re going to get out of this and tell them just how much we love them.”

Axel whispers, “My mom is going to have a heart attack when she finds out what has happened.”

Lace adds, “That’s the crazy thing about all this, everyone on the outside has no idea what’s going on in here. People are driving right by this school with no idea that people are being killed inside.”

I say, “We should have just gone outside instead of checking the wifi like I said! Patricia and Turner would still be alive and we wouldn’t be locked in this closet!”

Axel argues, “But then who knows how many kids would be dead, Margaery. We didn’t know if they had people outside. That was the best idea we could come up with, and it might not have been right but we can’t dwell on that. Yeah, we made a mistake, but at least we’re out here trying to save lives. We need to get past that and find another way to end this.”

Lace nods, “He’s right, we can’t overthink anything. We made a mistake, but we were under a lot of stress and we had to make a quick decision. We just have to come up with something new.”

I nod, “I know… You’re right. We have to fix this.”

Axel nods, “We can do this, we’re strong.”

Lace says, “Let’s just stay here for a little bit.”

Axel asks me, “How’d you learn to shoot that well?”

I reply, “My dad took me to a self defense class when I was fifteen, I guess those instincts just kicked in.”

Lace looks down and whispers, “How’d you do it? I can’t kill anyone, it’s eating me alive that I even took out those two guys.”

I shrug, “Honestly, I just numbed all my emotion and did what I had to do. I don’t really see them as people. They killed innocent people and they’re not innocent.”

I chuckle, “It was a little exhilarating to kill them, if I’m being honest. I was just so… So angry, especially after the first one. I’m so angry now, too.”

Axel rubs my shoulder, “Just take a deep breath.”

I shake my head, “No, if I calm down or release that anger I won’t be able to kill anyone else and I need to stay numb if I’m going to get through this. If I’m going to get us through this.”

Lace whispers, “I’m sorry I’m not much of a help.”

I shake my head, “No, hun, don’t be sorry. It’s okay. I’ll kill a thousand people for you.”

She smiles, “You’re my best friend, Margaery. You know everything about me and I just… I want you to know I love you.”

I reply wholeheartedly, “I love you, too.”

Axel grins a bit at the exchange then Axel asks, “Why’d you ask us to leave you behind?”

I sigh, “I just… I didn’t want to slow you down. I’d hate to be the reason either of you died and I just couldn’t bear the thought of all of us dying because you were dragging me.”

Axel shakes his head, “We’d never leave you behind.”

I smile, “Thank you, by the way, for not leaving me behind. I really have the best friends in the world.”

Lace sighs, “It just sucks we couldn’t save Patricia and Turner.”

Axel clenches his fist, “We’ll get our revenge for them. We’ll hunt down those fuckers and kill them.”

Lace nods, “Agreed.”

I nod my head slowly, visualizing my blade plunging into one of their bodies, watching the blood flow from out of them and onto my hand.

I pull out the bottle of whiskey and take a swing, numbing my emotions so I can get through the rest of this.

Axel whispers, “It’s almost over, guys. We’re almost through this.”

I nod, “We just have to find them and kill them before we do anything else.”

Lace asks, “What after that?”

Axel says, “I say after we go into the fieldhouse and free the sophomores and freshmen, and have them leave and get the police. Then we can get the juniors and hopefully get a few more guys to get the seniors, since Max is crazier than all of them and who knows what he might try to pull.”

I reply, “You’re right. Once we free the underclassmen, they’ll start shooting everyone in those rooms and it’ll take a while for the police to come.”

Axel takes a deep breath, “We’ve got to be the heroes, don’t we?”

I chuckle, “What’d we get ourselves into?”

Lace shakes her head, “Into some deep shit.”

We all chuckle together, trying to add some euphemism to this terrible situation so we don’t go completely mad ourselves.

I pass the bottle around one more time, adding a little more to my wound, and then we stand up… Now it’s time to take them on. Now it’s time to take back our school.

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