Get Out Alive

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All the Other Kids with the Pumped Up Kicks

I stand up and announce, “I’m turning myself in. I’ll tell him you’re dead while you go get the underclassmen and the juniors and I’ll keep him busy until you come and get me.”

Axel argues, “He’ll kill you!”

I shake my head, “No, he’ll want to really torture me first. That’ll give you some time.”

Axel shakes his head, “I can’t let you do this, let me turn myself in.”

I shake my head, “He wants me, he’ll kill you immediately. He wants me.”

He takes a deep breath, knowing I’m right, and I say, “Let me do this.”

He sighs and nods, “Alright… Just, be careful? Please.”

I nod and we open the door of the closet and he’s about to head to the field house and I’m going the opposite direction.

I conceal my knife, just in case I need it, and I hand Axel my gun along with the ammunition.

We stare into each other’s eyes for a moment until I pull his head towards mine and clash our lips together.

He kisses me back passionately, pulling my body close to his. I breathe him in, taking every little bit of how this feels. I’ve never felt this much happiness and pleasure, I’ll have to hold onto this because I want more.

I pull away and he whispers, “I love you.”

I reply, “I love you too.”

He hugs me to him, “Be careful, please.”

Tears fall down my cheeks and I answer, my voice hoarse, “You too.”

We pull apart and it’s time… Axel nods to me and starts jogging towards the field house while I turn around and limp towards the gym.

My heart is racing and my whole body is shaking in fear. What am I doing? I’m going right back to where I started, to the guy who raped me!

I shake the doubt out of my head because I have to stay strong, I can’t let him think he’s defeated me. I need to stay strong, I can’t let him know how much pain I’m in.

I open the gym doors and two guns are immediately pointed in my direction.

Around half of the people who were in the gym are now dead, blood pretty much covers the entire floor like a kiddy pool. The smell of death, bile, and decomposition fills the rooms and makes me sick. All these people died because I couldn’t save them…

I shout, “I’m here Max! I’m here!”

He asks, “Where are the others?”

A tear slips down my cheek as I think of Turner, Patricia, and...And Lace, “They’re… They’re all dead.”

He chuckles, “What made you cry more? Watching your whore best friend die, or that bastard Axel?”

My fists clench, “Don’t fucking talk about them!”

He laughs, “I don’t think you’re in any position to tell me what to do, sweetie.”

He nears me, a smirk on his face, and punches me. I fall to the ground, my jaw stinging from where he punched me. I’m then kicked again and again in the stomach.

He straddles my waist and notices that my leg is injured, so he digs his finger into my wound. I sob in pain and squeal, “Stop! Stop!”

He bends down and whispers in my ear, “I love it when you scream.”

He stands back up and kicks me in the ribs until I hear a crack and I feel an immense amount of pain and I can’t breathe!

I gasp breath while he circles me like a shark would circle its prey, and I feel so much pain that I’d almost rather be dead.

My whole body hurts along with my mind and soul, I can’t go through this anymore!

Tears flow down my cheeks and I remember Axel is still out there, he needs me to live.

I muster all of the strength I have left in my body and get on my hands and knees. From there, despite how dizzy I am, I somehow get back up on my feet. I stumble a bit, but eventually gain my footing. I feel everyone’s eyes on me, like they’re drawing their strength from watching me stand.

I stand up nice and tall, ignoring the searing pain in my back so I can stand up tall for all these kids who are scared out of their minds. They need to know that someone is standing up for them, that someone is trying to stop this. They need that strength.

Max steps up to me and commands, “Get on your fucking knees.”

I shake my head and step up to him, “No.”

He takes his gun out, points it at my forehead, and shouts, “Get on your knees, now!”

I stare defiantly into his eyes, but decide that my odds aren’t that great in this situation, so I do as he says and slowly fall to my knees.

I shamefully shake my head, tears falling down my cheeks.

He stares at me up and down, like I’m some sort of piece of meat that he wants to examine. He laughs and pulls the knife from out of my pants and waves it in front of my face, “You thought you were gonna get this past me, you fucking dumb bitch?”

Tears flow down my cheeks as he laughs at me. I’m defeated… There’s nothing I can do. Nothing.

My will to fight slowly deteriorates as I’m teased in front of the whole room. I’ve never wanted Axel more than I want him now… I just want him to rescue me! Where is he? Where is Axel!

I need him and he’s not here!

I want Axel! Please… Dear God, please make this all stop!

Max shoves me to the ground. He rolls me over with his foot and says, “I gotta say… I’m impressed that you were able to survive and kill all those people. I have to give you credit.”

I stare up into his icy stare, not seeing any bit of human left in him, he continues, “All that blood on your hands… All those lives you took, but all of it is a waste. You’re not going to be able to save anyone. All these people here, in the auditorium, and the field house… They’re all going to die. You couldn’t save them. Now, you’re going to die. A failure.”

He picks me up by the collar of my shirt and pulls me close to his face, and I spat, “Go to Hell, you useless piece of shit.”

He shoves me away and holds his gun up to my forehead and is just about to shoot me when the door flies open and a shot rings out. I wince, preparing for death, but Max grabs me and pulls me to his body. He presses the gun against my temple, the cold metal jamming into my skin. I look around and notice that Shayna is on the floor.

Axel and another boy have their guns pointed at Max and I. Axel shouts, “Everyone leave!”

The seniors in the room run out of the gym while Axel, Max, the junior, and I stay in the room in a stalemate.

Max shouts, “You shoot me and I kill your bitch and you might miss and shoot her yourself!”

I scream, “Axel! Just shoot him! I don’t care about dying, please! Just kill him! I’m going to bleed out anyways! Just do it!”

Axel cries, “I can’t! You know I can’t!”

I plead, “Axel! Shoot! He’s going to kill me no matter what!”

Axel sobs, “I-I can’t shoot you! I love you!”

Tears flow down my cheeks, “I love you too, but you need to let me go.”

Max shoves the gun further into my temple and yells, “You have ten seconds for both of you to put down your guns before I blow her brains out!”

I shriek, “Shoot him!”

Max tightens his grip around my throat, causing me to choke. I still plea, “Shoot him!”

Max then takes the gun from my head and shoots my foot. I cry in pain as he quickly returns the gun to my temple and yells, “You have five more seconds!”

I sob in agony as blood leaks from my foot. I cry, “Shoot him!”

Axel sets his gun on the floor, and the junior follows his lead, and they kick their guns away.

Max smirks and then I hear sirens! The police are coming! Max panics a bit and points the gun at the junior and Axel and yells, “You stay right there and let me leave or I’ll kill her!”

Axel shakes his head, “Let her go and we’ll let you go!”

Max shakes his head, “No, she’s coming with me!”

Axel screams, as Max starts to drag me away, “Margaery!”

Max keeps the gun pointed at them, leaving them frozen in place, but his attention is off of me.

He loosens his grip a bit and I manage to squirm from his grip and grab the arm with the gun in it and push it down.

I wrestle for his gun and manage to knock it out of his hands, but I can’t grab it.

He pulls my knife out of his pocket and jabs me in the side, letting go of the handle.

He steps back, thinking that it’ll finish me, but from what I’ve been through I ignore the pain and lunge at him.

I grab his head and push my thumbs into his eyes, pushing them through their sockets. He cries in pain, trying to pull my hands away, blood leaking down them from his eyes.

I dig my nails into his eyes, causing them to split open and he cries in absolute pain.

I let go as he claws at his face, squirming around on the ground. He’s blinded and blood leaks down from where his eyes used to be.

He manages to get up on his knees, but screams as he tries to stand up, but can’t find his balance.

I step behind him, place one hand on his jaw and the other on the back of his head and he swipes at my hands, but misses.

I quickly snap his neck and he falls limp onto the floor.

I look up to Axel and the junior who stare at me in disbelief.

I pull the knife out of my side, blood leaking from the wound. The whole world starts to spin and all of the sound around me seems to disappear.

The world becomes blurry, but I see one tall figure run towards me as I crash to the ground.

Everything starts to fade away as stars fill my sight. I roll onto my back, staring up at the ceiling, and feel so tired.

I’m so so tired, emotionally, mentally, and physically. It’s all over. Max is dead, the rest of these people are saved.

My job here is done.

I got out alive.

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