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The Shadow Mission/short story

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chapter 1

From Maizie’s peripheral, she spotted some movement on the ground below her. She wasn’t sure what it was. She remembered her dad had taught her to spot a weapon from a distance. Her eyes

Immediately narrowed on the white van that had roared to a stop in front of the mansion, the doors swung open as the Russian Spetsnaz operatives sprinted out clutching their Skorpion machine pistols in their grip. Gunfire erupted as they opened fire. The security agented fired rapid shots at the Russian assassins.

None of this was making sense to her right now, Although she was the daughter of the CIA covert Station head, and she wasn’t sure how the Spetsnaz operatives had tailed them here. The right one she knew was that her dad took precautions when he went to see Alexsander. She had to warn him and Alexsander about the Russian

assassins before it was too late. She pivoted as she raced for the door, grabbing the doorknob and swinging it open as she darted in with all her might.

She bolted down the corridor as her eyes darted back and forth searching for Alexsander den. She wondered if there could be a mole inside the CIA Station that maybe even her father didn’t know about and could explain everything. She rounded the corner and found the den. The door to the office was closed so she banged on it with her fist and shouted. “ Alexsander!!

Alexander opened the door and saw Mazie standing there as he says” Maizie, what’s wrong?”

Maizie Fidgeted as she twisted the ring on her finger. “Somehow the GRU has tracked us to your mansion? they’re here now outside.”

Avery furrowed his brow as he made a steeple with his fingers. “ That’s impossible, there’s no way they could have followed us here. I doubled back several times when I did my Surveillance Detection Route and I didn’t see any FSB surveillance vehicle behind me.”

Popov rubbed his chin as he thought about everything before he spoke again. His eyes narrowed on Alexander. “I think we have to assume the Russians have a mole inside your station Avery.”

“Popov, I want you to get my daughter out of here, get her on military aircraft out of Ukraine with the encrypted disc. Do whatever you have to do,” Avery stated.

Popov nodded in agreement with the covert station head of the CIA, he knew in the future that she would make a great operator when the time came. Right now his only main concern was to get the daughter of the CIA station head out of Kyiv, Yes in a way

he was trained to kill and he would do so to protect Maizie from the

Russians. His Land Rover was parked behind the mansion,it would no use going through the front entrance and it would be risky.

The lead GRU assassin placed the charge on the door and then quickly moved away with the rest of his wet job team. The door blew open as they made their way in discreetly and methodically, their Skorpion machine pistols, and fingers on the trigger for any sudden movement. Their orders were clear: they were to kill anyone who got in the way of Bychkov.

Popov whipped out his Desert Eagle. A sudden drop in his stomach told him something was off. A shuffling of footsteps rushing grew closer, crashing through the rampant thudding in his heart.

At the same, he knew Avery was doing the right thing because he too had a daughter he had never seen and wouldn’t jeopardize her life.

The GRU assassin sprinted toward the den, Popov darted over as he dived in the line of fire as he pulled the trigger and fired a round into the assassin. He jumped back on his feet as he says. “We have to move now Maize if I’m going to get out of here alive.”

They raced out of the door heading to the back secret door of the mansion which he had used to enter the mansion secretly. He pivoted and fired rapid shots at the assassins. He could see the door straight ahead. It was now or never he thought to himself. He swung the door open hard, Maize sprinted out feeling her own heartbeat while Popov continued firing shots at the assassins.

“Get to the Land Rover now I’ll be there as fast as I can; Popov told her in a cool, demanding tone.

Maize dashed over to the Land Rover, grabbed the door and slid into the passenger-side closing the door behind her. Popov made his way over to the Land Rover, sliding into the driver-side as he placed his pistol back into his hip holster and closed the door behind him. They sped out of the parking behind as they headed down the narrow streets. He glanced back into his rearview mirror as his eyes narrowed on the two motorbikes roaring straight at them.

Protruding out the window he fired a shot at the biker, the biker’s body jerked at the same time as the round sparked the metal as the motorbiker slid into the incoming vehicle and crashed.

The biker wasn’t getting up which was good for him. The GRU operative opens fire with his Ak-47. Popov fired a shot hitting the agent right in his head. A few minutes later they roared through the gate pulling up to the hangar at the abandoned airfield.

They stepped out, closing the door behind them as they walked over to the military aircraft, Maize glanced at Popov and asked.

“What about my dad and Alexander?”

“They will be ok trust me,” it’s you they are worried about and now that you have the disc. You’re no longer safe here,” Popov told her, as his eyes narrowed on a man in a camouflage suit strode up to him.

“Is this package,” asked the CIA paramilitary officer.

“Yes, she is,” Popov told him as he made his way to his Land Rover and slid in closing the door behind him.

The CIA paramilitary officer gestured to board the aircraft as she made her way up the massive ramp and headed over to one of the free seats. She sat down as the large ramp closed as the aircraft roared down the runway and lifted into the sky over the city. The paramilitary officer could tell that she was nervous by the way she was playing her ring.

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