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Cold dangerous love

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Snow's left with triplet babies she finds the father only Lose to them she them but after five years she finds them Again and uncover more secrets of her life and family But will ultimately find true love.

Action / Romance
Taliyah Moore
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Chapter 1

I'm getting ready for my summer

Job I completed high school completely and

Go into college to study medicine I took

A loan out of the bank and I'm

Trying to pay it off now but that's

Kinda hard doing when your

Sister is like mine.

She was the only family that I

Had because I never knew my

Mom And my dad and his wife died.

When I was 9 and my sister took

Care of me until she started

Doing drugs,drinking and in

Partying A lot.

A year ago she found out she was

Pregnant and of course she didn't tell

Me who the guys was so I

Brushed it off since a month ago

When she gave birth to

Tayden,montay and taymon she didn't

want them so after they were born

She left the hospital so I named them

And took them home.

I care for them mostly but when

she was somewhat sober she would

Help take care of them.

I left out my room all ready for work

I quietly make my way down stairs and

Look at the couch and knowing Mirassol

Was passed out on it even though

She has a room.

I open the door to leave but was soon

Stopped by a AYY

AYY Mirassol says.

Shhh the trips are sleeping I say

I don't fŭcking care I need money she says.

I will give you some if you stay here

With the triplets I say.

Where you going she asks me.

Work I'm going to work Someone

needs to work to support our family I say.

I'm going out tonight with my man she says.

Okay,after I come back the trips

Bottles are on the dresser by my bed I say.

I my nephews are basically my

Sons but I'm a virgin.

I took care of them mostly.

Because I care about them more

Than their own mother did.

Okay I'll wait for you she says.

She drops back down to sleep.

I leave out and lock the door start

Walking to work.

Hey honey Agnes my neighbor says.

Hi miss Agnes I say.

I stop in front of her yard.

How is everything going she asks.

They are going okay but I'm

Trying to work to give the triplets a better

Life I say.

Is Mirassol helping take care of

Them she asks.

I know but she still struggling

With her addictions I say.

Well see you later dear she says.

Agnes my 62 year old neighbor I

Always talk to her and she always

Offer me money to help but I declined it

Knowing she might need it one day

Because she was sick and would

Really need it so I never took

It From her.

I make my way to work.

Your later snow Joan my boss says.

I'm really sorry Ma'am I say.

Don't be again it not like

I had to find someone to cover you she says.

I was only a second later I say.

That was Time wasted she says.

I changed in to uniform.

I complained about it being

To short but I had curves so

My boss told me it's what attracts customers.

I walk to a booth in my section.

Hi I'm snow and I'll be your waitress

For the day I say with a smile.

They pick up my their menu's.

Well this is our first time here what

Do you recommend he asks me.

Well everything's amazing I say.

And out of nowhere here comes Joan.

When she knows your going to get a

Big tip she tries to take your table.

Is she giving you bad service Joan asks.

No,she doing great he says.

He looks me up and down and

bites his lip than smirks.

Why don't you go clean some tables

Joan says To me.

Okay I say.

Nah,wanna be served by her he says.

Your sure Joan asks.

I look at him .

And Joan walks away from the table.

Where were we he says.

5 streaks and 6 salads he says.

Any drink I ask.

Just water he answers for the whole

group again.

Well he was pretty controlling

I turn around and go place

Their orders in. Than I Come back

a few minutes later with their food.

Enjoy I say and the girl is the only one

That Says thanks you.

I hear someone call my name.

Snow come here mr controlling says.

Yessss I say walking over.

Drop the tone he says to me.

I roll my eyes.

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