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The Fall of Hell

By Brayden Gaspard All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Adventure

Chapter 1: Prologue: Death's Sweet Embrace

It was a long day. Aiden O’Sullivan and Silver Scarle have been changing flights and waiting at airports for planes to get ready for boarding. The two just wanted to reach their vacation destination in Italy. They were waiting at an airport in India, where they had travelled with some friends so they could see snow leopards. Since then, the couple has been waiting for their plane to be ready. Aiden was sleeping when Silver woke him up. Aiden looked into her stunning blue eyes, smiling as he is reminded of the ocean’s same blue.

“Babe, wake up,” Silver said, shaking Aiden as she spoke. He woke up a bit confused as he looked around quickly to get his bearings. “It’s time to board our plane.”

“Mk,” he replied as he got up and the two walked to the gate. They got their tickets checked, and then they walked down the boarding passage to the plane. Once on, they found their seats and seetled in. “Excited about Italy?” Aiden asked as he turned to Silver. She smiled at Aiden before responding, looking at his bearded face. Aiden had let his facial hair grow out some and it became a bit grizzly and untamed, just like Aiden’s spirit sometimes.

“Maybe.” Silver blew a kiss at Aiden. He smiled and leaned to her and kissed her lips softly and gently. He pulled away, the two smiling at each other. A bell sounded and the coupled looked towards the front of the plane, where a flight stewardess stood, informing and instructing the passengers what to do in case of an emergency. When she was done, the stewardess disappeared behind some curtains and then the plane started it’s take off.

A few minutes later, the plane was in the air. For what seemed like a few minutes, the couple talked and tried to plan out what they were going to see and do. They held hands while they talked, Silver enjoying the callused and prickly hands of Aiden that have seen much construction and a tour of duty; and Aiden enjoying Silver’s soft and lithe hands. Aiden looked passed Silver and noticed that the Earth’s landscape was that of red dirt. “We must be over the Middle East,” he said uneasily. Silver turned and looked out the window herself. She was smiling, see how beautiful the landscape was. Aiden, however, leaned back in his chair and prayed that nothing bad happened.

In an answer to his prayers, there was an ear splitting boom as the plane shook. Turning to Aiden, Silver had a look of shock on her face. “The wing was just shot off,” she said as the plane slowly began to tilt on it’s side. Then, another loud boom was sent through the plane as it suddenly began to spin out of control. Aiden tried to reach out and grab Silver, but he was thrown from his seat. He tumbled around as if he was in a dryer as he tried to grab for anything he could. Unfortunately, he was thrown out of the plane through a window. He was in a spiraling downfall, almost level with the plane as he became separate from it, the distance becoming larger and larger. He watched the plane, whenever he could, as it spun out of control.

’I hope Silver is OK,” he thought to himself. A few seconds later and he saw the plane blow up and a shockwave hit him. “NO!!!!” he screamed in rage and sadness. ”FUUUUCK!!!" Aiden looked down and saw that the dirt was coming up to him fast. Aiden put his arms up to his face to protect himself. But he noticed that the closer he got, the more he knew how he was going to die.

He saw a metal spike protruding from the ground, and Aiden didn’t know how to move away from it, not that it mattered anyway. A few seconds later, he felt the metal spike stab through his body, severing his spine and leaving his intestines and stomach trailing behind on the spike. Aiden looked at the ground, watching his blood slowly drip from his dying body and along the edge of the spike. Within what seemed like agonizing hours, Aiden finally felt his body grow weak, his vision slowly blackening and fading out. Soon, Aiden passed out and died on the spike.

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