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Moving to the southern part of Africa was not part of her plans,Jana always thought she would earn her scholarship outside her motherland. She came from a group of elite trained African hunters who hunt and kill almost anything and anyone. She was going to join a branch of the group on her arrival to South Africa. Pedro was the enemy.....but she just had to fall in love with him.Now it was a moment to choose between her family and the love of her life. Choices have consequences, especially if that choice is to go against an elite group of warrior soldiers and side with an assassin enemy with mental issues.

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Chapter 1

Jana had just arrived at the airport in Johannesburg and was being received by this cute guy who brought her flowers.He was wearing a cute t-shirt reading "Welcome to South Africa ❤️".

She was already jet lagged and just wanted to lay down.The guy introduced himself as Spencer and said that the university had sent him pre-orientation to show her around the city. It was one week before the official beginning of her semester and she had to know the basics of her environment and Spencer was sent officially to make sure of that.

Her parents were stinking rich and had gotten her this massive and all finished apartment in uptown Joburg right near the school. It was probably more fancy than a lecturer's house. Spencer drove her to the apartment and made sure she was all settled in.

"Wow!This place is like very massive. Are your parents paying for it?"


"Okay girl.....just one question,what job do your parents do."

Jana gave a nervous chuckle and ignored his question. She never really told anyone about her parents job. She came from a lineage of elite warrior soldiers who hunted down Afrca's worst nightmares and took them down. At sixteen she was officially welcomed into the family business. She was very well trained and knew how to fight even long before knowing to talk. At nineteen she already had a body counts of twenty six.

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