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The Fallen One

By Dylan Deman All Rights Reserved ©


1: Trial

In the middle of a blazing, hell fire summer, while everyone was inside with air conditioning and keeping cool, there was a stranger who would walk the streets of the small town in the middle of nowhere. He would walk these streets only to be disregarded and thrown back out of their town. With nowhere to go he would find shade under a tree and sleep until the night, where he would walk into town without anyone batting an eye at him, as if he was their own. It was troubling to see his friends go from haters to people who care about him. To see that blindness is the only solution to hatred. Then as he grew weary he would travel to that same tree and go back to sleep, only to repeat the next day.

This man was no ordinary man, he was fairly built, of medium height, but he never talked. During the night, he seemed to be even weirder. He was very subtle about his actions, he would walk fast but slow at the same time, he looked as though he could see into every one’s soul and judge them on their actions in the past. It seemed as if he was touched by god to judge, but he seemed to be human. During the day, he seemed weak. He seemed to have shrunk down in height, became scrawny and weak, and he would beg for food and water. It was odd, but they would deny him these things and then shoo him out of this shanty town for fear he would come back for the rest of their food and water and they would be in his shoes.

Then one night, as he was walking through the town, he heard a scream. He ran to find a little girl hovering over her father, who was on the ground, gasping for air. He was shot in the chest, the bullet must have punctured his lung, making it impossible to breath. The man walked over to him, gently put his hands over the bullet hole, and started chanting, almost as if he was praying. “Dear Father, please grant this man life, here on this earth, where he can enjoy his family. If he does not live, he will be abandoning his children, let him see them grow up and make sure they are well, and then he can enter your kingdom. Give him life, so that he may inspire.” As if the bullet never hit, the father stood up, with no wound, only a blood stain on his shirt, he walked away, thanking the man for saving his life. The man then returned to his tree to start the next day.

During his trip to the town, he saw the father who he saved, he didn’t expect him to recognize him so he did not bother him, then the daughter looked at him and pulled her dad towards him, the man started to turn around only to be cornered by more of the town, afraid he began to shimmer a bright, but dark light and fled the town, afraid that he would be found out to be a fallen angel. As he rose into the air, he started to fall, he hit the ground with such impact that it shook. He was then tackled by all the town, demanding that he explains himself, and so he began telling his story. He was once called Izic, and is, or was, an archangel, capable of many things, but he became to attached to humans and so he was cast out from Heaven and was sent down with limited power and were to live as a human as long as humans would outcast him, he explained that when humans accepted him he would be allowed to return to heaven. The people of the town, awestruck, and curious, begged for forgiveness from him for treating him like he was worthless. They begged for any kind of forgiveness but he never hated them, for they were just human, and he does not know hatred.

As the night arose from the blindness of day, he then left the village, looking for his dark spot. The dark spot is where this angel fell, and must return to return home. He will Embark on this journey, hopefully being able to return home, with his brothers and sisters, his friends and family, where he can be embraced into the light. He felt as if this burden that he had to embark on not only showed him the righteous path, but also it taught him that the human people are only arrogant towards the unknown, but not the things that are in their presence. He embarked on a journey that could take time, and time is not his friend. He has only seven days to get to his dark spot, or he would have to go through this trial again, which is not an option, because then all of his power will be stripped.

He felt as though time was going faster than he could even comprehend. Izic couldn’t believe that he will finally return home, he was happy, and also grateful that he will get another chance. As he walked these ruined roads, where people have sinned and are egocentric, he could feel the evil that was in the area, he could tell the devil was here, he led people astray from the righteous path. He altered their beliefs and choices. It’s sad to know that people can be weak in times of absolute darkness, knowing that he only has seven days to get back to the dark spot, he chose to help these people see the light.

He walked down this road to a village, it was bigger than the other one, but he has to direct these people to the light. Feeling as if this is his last moments, he used every bit of strength to shine his own light in the town, as the light faded into black, people began to swarm like moths to a source of light. They picked his weak and feeble body into a hut, they gave him water and food, and then the light from the sun started to creep into the room and as soon as it hit, his skin started to wrinkle, become limp and hang off his degrading body.

As time passed, it went from day to night, and then day arose, then fell back to a cold night. Izic awoke to twenty, thirty people surrounding him. They were staring at him with awe and were waiting for answers. He couldn’t talk, his mouth and throat was dry and stiff, his body, feeling like a sun dried iguana. He felt every speck of wind against his bare arm, it was cold, but also warm and subtle.

He reached for the water that was sitting on the table next to him, he could see the sweat on the cup, slowly running down the glass, drawing a line in its path. His feeble arms couldn’t lift his hand to the cup. You could see the life fading from his eyes as time went on, one of the villagers, a little girl, grabbed the cup with tiny hands and raised it to Izics mouth. The cold water, refreshing every cell in his body, ran down his throat, making him cough as the dryness went away.

He turned to the girl to say thank you, but she was gone, and so were the people, he walked out of the building into a ruined village, buildings almost collapsing, dust everywhere. He was so confused, then he saw it, the serpent of evil. The Devil.

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