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Rebel Born

By Celin Chen All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Scifi


Seventeen-year-old Amelia Walker, a tech mastermind and a recent runaway, has come into contact with one of her city’s Syndicates - groups of trained teenagers designed by the government to keep the new world justified and in order. Invited by their generosity, she joins their ranks and learns the ins and outs of being a protector and also a little more about fitting into a family. But once Amelia secures her own place in the group, she learns that the very government that accepted her so easily might not be so loving towards everyone else. Not only that, syndicates from all sectors have been in battle for top rankings and Amelia poses a threat to them all. What do they need the power for? It’s the key to the secrets of the government and their plans. With that knowledge brings power. Getting lost in a whirlwind of conspiracies and secrets, can she strengthen herself and her team enough to find out what the government is hiding and what syndicates are really for? Or will she get just get herself into even more trouble in the eye of the storm?

Prologue: The New Generation

“Today, we begin a new generation. A generation of Syndicates.”

A toddler sat on a smooth leather couch, her eyes fixated on the television. Behind her, her parents argued and fought over a topic that she couldn’t understand. She couldn’t understand why her parents were fighting in the first place but they did it so often she started to think that it was normal for every family.

The man in the TV continued to talk, “As you all know, the crime rates around the world are rising and we, the people of Foscario will not stand for this. To combat the increase of violence, we will be improving our police forces and there will be a new group of people who will assist in our fight back. These people are children from ages as early as eight years old who are living in care homes, orphanages, on the streets, and those who have run away from home with nowhere to go. We will provide them food, shelter, and money in return for helping make Foscario a safer place again.

“The children will be split into smaller teams of Syndicates, with at least two Syndicates stationed in each city and will collaborate with the police department in the area and the Foscarian Government. They will be given great privileges as thanks for the service they provide to the country.

“To be able to join, they must sign up at the police department of their city and sign a contract with us. For the first two years, they will be trained in combat and other skills necessary. After the two years, if they’re ready, they can join a Syndicate in a city of their choice or start their own Syndicate. If there are some who are not ready, they will continue the training until they are. However, all children must join a Syndicate by the age of sixteen -“

The toddler’s attention was broken when the remote control flew overhead and cracked the screen of the TV. The couch squelched with her every movement when she turned around to peer over at her parents. As she watched on, she thought that this was a storm that might blow over soon, and that they would return to the loving family they once were again, but she didn’t realize a lot of things.

She didn’t realize that her family was falling apart.

She didn’t realize that her mother had an affair with another man.

She didn’t realize that she was actually heartbroken at watching her parents fight.

But most of all, she didn’t realize that she would one day run away and join a Syndicate herself.

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