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Point Blank

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“It’s irritating me. I’ve already seen you.” He said, finally. “What?” “Your disguise.” Then leave, I said in my head, but wisely stayed silent. That seemed to irk him even more. In the blink of an eye, he was out of his seat and behind mine. The next thing I knew, the claw clip that was holding my hair back was in his hand, letting my curls loose once more, and this time, wrapped around Mr. Volkov’s fingers. For the second time today, I froze up completely, feeling his breath on my neck, as his fingers caressed my hair. I knew I was breathing hard. I knew I should say something. I only had to find my voice... ________________________________________ My name is Sylvina Queen. But that was not my name eleven years ago. Once upon a time I was the weird, sarcastic, nerdy girl with a best friend that everyone mistook for my boyfriend. But boyfriends, or relationships, or even love was never on my agenda. I was the girl who everyone tended to avoid at school and that was okay. That was my normal. But that feels like another lifetime now, and she, a different person. As I smile at my reflection on the blades of my knives, I wonder if she had even an inkling of the darkness inside her that I do now, or the slightest idea of what I am capable of. I am Sylvina Queen. And this is my story. ________________________________________

Action / Romance
Everleigh Skar
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2nd of November, 2010

“Hi! I’m Athena!” The six-year-old girl with pigtails giggled and stuck out her small hand.

He stared at her for a moment probably wondering what had her giggling like that so early in the morning.

“Nikolai,” he replied, shaking her hand.

“Mommy look! I made a friend! His name is Nikolai.”

“That is a beautiful name!” Her mother told him, looking at the little boy with kind eyes. Clutching her hand was another little girl, only a year or two younger than him.

“My husband was Russian.” His mother supplied.


“He passed away a month ago.”

“I’m so sorry for your loss.”

And so, the new neighbors were acquainted, and suddenly Nikolai had a friend. It was a new experience for him, not necessarily bad but a little strange, hearing the cute girl with pigtails call him her friend.

He was a quiet kid. He didn’t have friends. Sure, the boys at his school tried to talk to him but he would reply with monosyllabic answers and keep himself busy with doodling in his little notebook. That was enough to make everyone give up on befriending him. He liked it that way.

The new girl however seemed to be least bothered by his monosyllabic greeting and facial expression, or lack thereof.

“Help her get settled and make friends in school tomorrow, son.” His mother instructed.

He didn’t mind. She’d forget him as soon as she’d stop being the new girl and could do everything and go everywhere by herself.

“Can I call you Nik?” Athena asked, surprising the hell out of him.

It’s been ten minutes and she wanted to give him a nickname already?

“Okay.” He replied slowly.

“Awesome!” She giggled and clapped her hands.

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