Immortal Savages: A Gods & Monsters Tale

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When A Solider named Steven, comes back from a post dramatic stressed battle, he decides to go to his cousins house, Lily Mansley, who is a fan of history. One night when Steven is sleeping, he realizes he is apart of a bigger job he realizes. Mummy’s, Invisible Men, Wolfs, Guardians. Welcome to a world of gods & monsters!

Action / Thriller
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Chapter 1

I was on my way back,

Back from war.

I was walking up to a man on a desk he asked for my name. I responded with pride and wiping sweat from my head with my hands grabbing a free towel. But the name on the desk didn’t hear me “Sir? Sir.” The man said calmly. I responded “Yes?” The looked at me in confusion. “Sorry sir, I need your name just one last time and then you can head back to your loved ones.” The man said ready to listen this time. I said with pride putting the towel in a box with the label “Used” I looked at the man on the desk. “Steven sir …… Steven O’Connell.” I said with determination. The man stamped my pas out with the word “Accepted” and responded “Welcome Home.” I responded as well. “Thank You.” So I got my back pack and went to the nearest taxi and told the driver where my home is.

I took out my key in my pocket, I saw that the door was already open, but my fears were relieved once I heated a familiar voice “Surprise! Welcome Home Cousin!” It’s was my younger cousin Lily, Lily Mansley. Also if anyone is wondering, is anyone else in my family, No, it’s just Lily and I. My parents did when I was 4 and the aunt and uncles are out for a few weeks. Lily is a Archaeologist we talked and talked for hours. I was go to war for 4 years. After we had cake, I offered to do the dishes, but Lily responded with kindness “it’s ok Steven, let me do them.” I nodded my head and while I was heading up stairs to rest, I went to sleep with the snap of two fingers. But later that night …… I remembered ….. I heard screams, I heard shots fired from windows, houses and tanks. I was standing in an endless black room. “Hello? Hello!!’ I said wondering if anyone was with me is this Obsidian void. I around turned quickly to see a town on fire ….. I looked in fear and felt something on my hands. I felt a gun in my left and my right completely covered in blood. I looked back up and heard voices, voices I didn’t really know, I would’ve remembered them in theses years of fighting I heard one of them say “You can’t run forever.” With an aggressive tone and one other voice more swift, calm and gentle “I’m stronger then you will ever know.” The two voices got closer and close to where I was standing. Then I realized that they were two voices in a sandstorm, but a figure can out of the storm, one I couldn’t see. Like a clear man with the only thing I could see is his shadow. All of these constructs got so close to me I wondered if I would die right in this very moment. Then I Lily’s voice. “Steven!” Lily said waking me up from my nightmare. I woke up, with a gun next to in my hand next to a lamp, it wasn’t point at Lily and I didn’t fire it, but I did let a gasp. “Was it the wars again?” Lily said calmly me down. I looked at her. “I don’t Know.”

Immortal Savages: A Gods & Monsters Tale

The next day, I was sitting in the kitchen room with Lily have Coffee, we talk alit bit and I asked Lily. “Hey Lily ….. loving cousin of my.” I said with a very happy attitude trying to move on from last night. “What do you need Steven?” Lily responded, not with an attitude, but happy to make sure the one thing I needed was something I couldn’t do without her. “How much do you know about Egyptian history?” She looked and me with a straight face. “Steven …. I’m Archaeologist.” She said with a funny attitude. I looked at her. “So that’s a yes?” She looked at me with a smile. “Yes!” We hugged and I told her we need to go to Egypt, I told her everything about last night on our way to the airport, a Solider looked at me and Lily. “Steven O’Connell” he said putting a army jester. “Are you both on a mission.” We both shakes are heads. “Well your lucky, there are no army troops planned to head to Egypt, I just this once I will let you both go, but if you do this again for whatever reason, I will call security next time. Mr. O’Connell … I understand it was difficult….” I stopped him from continuing and politely responded. “Thank you air, have a great day.” Me and Lily got on private military jet with just the two of us, I learn Lily’s music in her ear buds while reading a book called “The Theory Of The Two Kinds” while she was reading heard some of her songs on the flight, Shivers by Ed Sheeran and Wonder By Shawn Mendes. I tapped her shoulder to get her attention. “Yeah Steven?” I didn’t want to be rude and ask what music she’s listening to, because knew the artist and songs, so all I said was …. “What book are you reading.” So she explained and was in aw of her passion for history and love for architectural figures. She was about to put her ear buds back in back she noticed my constant fidgeting of my feet. She ask calmly “Are you okay? Is there anything you would like to talking about.” I looked at her in truth “Thank you Cousin, But I’m ok.” As soon as I responded, the plane landed, we got out of the plane and I spoke to Lily “I got a friend from Utah, meeting us ….. I see him he’s over there.” Lilly said wondering what is going in my head. “Ok.” I shook hands with my partner from war. “Lily, meet Luke.” Lily responded. “Hello Luke.” She gave him a firm hand shake.

We walked into the desert and the journey had began for us.

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