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Chapter 27

Davic’s Dorm Room

May 14th, 2008

4:27 AM

Davic’s wrist-crystal chirped. At first, it was a sound in his dream. He was eating a breakfast burrito with Retta in D4 and the burrito was chirping. He woke with a start and saw his crystal glowing reddishly. He looked at it as if it were a foreign object. He pulled his arm out from under the blanket and looked closer at the crystal. It chirped again. He laughed slightly. It was a phone call! How many of those had he received in the last year? Two maybe? He’d forgotten that they were routed in from the outside.

“Mom?” he said to himself upon seeing who was calling him. What was she doing calling him at 4:30 in the morning? He tapped the crystal and opened a connection. “Hello, Mom?”

“Davic, I am so sorry calling you so early. But I figured you’d be up at 6:30.”

“Oh,” he groaned. “You’re forgetting the time zones! It’s 4:30 Ma!”

“I’m so sorry, Davic. It’s just that, your brother is getting married today and I wanted to make sure you got on the airplane in time to make it. You did make the reservations for the plane, didn’t you?”

“Yes, Ma. I’ll be there in time, don’t worry. It’s just been a bit hectic with my last semester and all. I’ll be there, don’t worry. But I’ll have to leave right afterward.”

He waited outside Ian’s dorm room for about forty-five minutes before he dared wake him. It was just after eight and he really needed to talk. Luckily, his friend was already awake and puttering around in his front room.

Ian poked his head out of the curtain and saw his study-mate. “Davic, why are you here?”

Davic burst into laughter at the comic appearance of his friend. His curly hair was an insane mop of tangles and he was only wearing his boxer shorts. He also smelled like he was in desperate need of a shower. “Let me in, dude, please.”

“Why should I let you in?” he asked. “I haven’t even had my morning’s coffee yet!”

Davic entered and found a semi clean mug, teleported some of the cafeteria’s excellent brew and handed it over to the owner of the dorm room. Again, He found himself sitting on the same ratty, dirty cushion in his friend’s dorm. He crossed his ankles and leaned forward. “Yeah, they’re going up to the Poconos and...”

“Who was poked in the nose?”

Davic let out a small laugh. “No, it’s...” He inhaled leaning his head against his hand holding in his laughter. “Poconos...” His laughter threatened to erupt.

“Who was, Davic?”

“My little brother, Taelin.” He could barely get the name out. Soon he was laughing out loud. “You need to come with me to the wedding,” he said suddenly.

“What? What do you mean? What about my studies?”

“Johnson won’t let you onto the Motu without me.”

“Oh!” sighed Ian with a frown.

“That’s the church,” said Davic, looking out the passenger window of the taxi.

“It’s cute!” said Marta. “I was expecting it to look more like a cathedral.” She smiled back at her classmates. “I like the lawn and the red door!”

“It looks Tutor to me,” said Ian leaning across the back of the cab, nearly putting his chin on Marta’s shoulder. “Not cuter!” he laughed at his dumb joke like he always did.

Davic just ignored him as the cabbie pulled over and told the cost of the ride. He handed over a credit card from a fake account and authorized the transfer of funds. He then leaned back and slid on his semi-formal black suit coat.

“Don’t you think your card will get noticed?” Marta asked, standing on the sidewalk after leaving the vehicle. She threw the long strap of her small red purse over her shoulder and straightened her close-fitting little black dress.

“It’s warded pretty well,” he answered, watching the taxi drive off.

“No, I don’t mean by other mages, I mean by the Earth-Bound owner of the funds you just swiped.”

“They’re not stolen funds,” said Ian as he interrupted the conversation. “The money is more counterfeit. And it’s added to the general inflation rate. The cab company’s computer thinks it was sent by Visa and is satisfied that it’s real, so when it passes the money on to the bank, it’s real and official. But, visa’s bank is never notified of any transfer, so they don’t notice. And it’s untraceable. Our mana overrides are more clever than the computer anyway.”

“Can we stop in Macy’s in New York and buy me some fabulous shoes?”

Ian smiled. “I think too much use might get noticed.”

Marta frowned and followed Davic up the curved sidewalk past the auxiliary entrance to the main door, at the top of the red steps. There, he pushed into the main chapel. Marta surveyed the wedding decorations on the lawn, the silk covered arch, the lanterns, the white roses. “Beautiful,” she sighed, then followed the boys in.

They were met by Davic’s mother. “Oh, Darling, you’re here... late as usual!”

“Ma, I came at exactly the time you said to be here. ‘A wizard is never late.’”

“And still quoting dumb movies.”

“Mom, this is Ian Buxton, a classmate.” He introduced his guests. “And this is Marta, Ian’s girlfriend. Guys, this is my mother.”

“Pleased to meet you, Mrs. McKay.” He extended his hand. Davic’s mother looked at the curly mess on top of Ian’s head and studied his suit. The curl of her lip showed just what she thought. But, she did shake his hand, limply. Marta’s Latin hug and kiss on the cheek was about as well received as the view the mother got down her cleavage.

“Nice to meet you,” She turned sharply back to her son. “I almost expected you to show up hours late and dressed like a drunken monk.”

“Mom,” he said stiffly. “We’re not here to embarrass anyone. Where do you want us to sit?”

They were interrupted by Taelin, grabbing and hugging his newly arrived brother. “Davic! How are you doing, Bro?” He held him at arm’s length looking him over. “You’re still sporting the beard? You clean up well, though! I didn’t think they’d let you out of the monastery, much less in civilian clothes.”

“Taelin, I keep telling you, I’m not studying in a monastery!”

“Monastery, seminary, institute, same thing.” He laughed then turned. “Let me introduce you around.”

“You can do it after the ceremony. You get to doing what you need to do and we’ll just sit.”

His mother pointed at a pew and then headed back to direct the affairs of the wedding, stiff as a board. ---They sat.

Ian reached around Marta and placed his hand on Davic’s shoulder “I understand you better meeting your mother, you know.”

He just glared back. But, as he looked, behind Ian, clear to the back of the chapel, he saw three people staring at them. He leaned in, whispering in Marta’s direction. “Without being obvious, tell me if you recognize the three at the back.”

She looked down at his hand pointing to the opposite side and behind Ian. “Okay,” she said and she leaned forward and twisted toward Ian, grabbing onto his head and hugging him tightly. She had placed her face on the side of his head and looked over his shoulder. She looked like she was giving him a sexually charged hug. Ian responded by wrapping her in his enormous arms and squeezing her.

Davic was afraid she’d either pop or giggle in ecstasy.

She kissed Ian on the upper cheek where he had no beard and then twirled back. She threw an arm around Davic’s neck and pulled him close. “They’re mages. I can see them glowing with mana. I am sure one man and the woman were at the second incident. The woman was at both. I have never seen the third man.”

She then reached the other arm around Ian’s neck and drew his face to her mouth. She looked like she was kissing his face again, but Ian suddenly jumped slightly. She held him by pinching his ear and not letting him turn his head.

Davic looked up to the podium area and saw his very grim-faced mother clench her teeth and turn away.

“Such a display you and your friends were putting on! In the Lord’s house mind you! Are the three of you sleeping together?”

“Ma! no!” said Davic on the front lawn, sipping ginger ale. “Marta is Ian’s friend and I really don’t care what they do and neither should you. My girlfriend is named Retta!”

“How do I know you have a girlfriend and are not making this up? You are studying at a monastery. I thought at first she was there as camouflage. But to see the three of you carrying on!”

“Ma, I am not having this conversation with you! I am not studying at a monastery! I am not sleeping with Marta --or Ian --ew.” Suddenly he stopped talking. There behind his mother was the woman from the back of the chapel.

“Oh, you must be Mrs. McKay!” she said. “Davic really should have introduced us. I’m Jolene LeDuc. We should have a little talk about your wonderful boy.” She took his mother’s hand and laid it over her arm, leading her away.

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