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Chapter 39

The Professor’s Office

June 4, 2009

Professor McKay checked the roster of the new students. He reviewed them to see where they originated. “Raoul LeGrand from New Caledonia,” he read. “That’s a Pacific Island group.” He called up the picture. The young man looked about 21, and mostly European. “Kadence Heemskerk, from the Netherlands. Fergus Comloquoy from Orkney. Freyja Einarsdortir from Iceland.”

He had been sitting, staring at these names for about twenty minutes. Chancellor Locminé had assigned these particular students to him to mentor in the coming year. Suddenly one name seemed to pop out at him: Matthew James Hamblin.

He smiled broadly. There was a small red icon that was blinking beside the name. That took him aback. He pushed his finger through the icon and then pulled it out again.

No sooner he had done that, then the curtain to his doorway swung open and in the Destroying Angel strode.

“Matty!” “Davic!” they both called as simultaneously as possible. Davic stood, young knees can do that much better than old ones! He remembered the way his aged teachers had preferred to stay sitting.

Davic opened wide his arms and the two men hugged each other. “What has it been? a year?”

“To the day!”

“So you have finished your Mission then?”

“Yes,” Matt nodded. “Just last week.”

“And look at you! You’re wearing the School Uniform!” Davic smoothed the cloak at his new mentee’s shoulders and then he noticed the tie. “So you’re still wearing most of the DA uniform underneath?”

Matt grasped the edges of his cloak and opened it wide. There he was in his white shirt, and black tie, boots, and trousers. “I just don’t feel comfortable without this. I’ve worn it for 4 years now. I figure the cloak is the only part of the school uniform that counts. As long as I wear this and not my duster, I am a student of AyD.”

Matt flipped the hood up over his head and pulled it down over his face. He closed the front. It did look monkish.

“Oh?” Davic countered. “What about the regulation sandals?”

“What about them?” He flipped the hood back away from his face.

Professor McKay laughed. “Alright, you’ve convinced me. I’ll even back you up against Hendersen; he’s a stickler.”

He shuffled a few documents in his mana window and then said: “Matt. That override you used on me last year when Jolene screwed up my brain, it was very powerful. Our researchers couldn’t replicate it.”

“I’m not surprised,” said Matt quietly.

“I would like for you to teach that to me.”

“I’m sorry, Professor McKay. I can’t.”

“Can’t or won’t?”

“I cannot teach it to you, Davic. And even if I could, I wouldn’t.” His expression was kindly, but as determined as Davic had ever seen anyone.

“Wow,” he said closing a window above his desktop. “That wasn’t the response I was expecting.”

“I’ll tell you why.” He squirmed a bit on the cushion. “To do part of it, you have to be LDS. It’s based on the LDS belief system and we believe it calls up power from the level below the lowest mana level.”


He nodded. “And it uses the faith of those around. The other part you have to be a mage. So, only LDS Mages can use it.”

Davic nodded. “But, I was unconscious, how could my faith have been in question?”

“It was Sarah’s faith; she’s not LDS, but she believes. The biggest difference between mages who believe in something bigger than themselves, like me, and those who don’t, like you, is access to the very top of the spirit level. Haven’t you ever wonder why such a large percentage of mages are associated with some sort of religious belief?”

“Okay, I was hoping...”

“Oh, don’t worry. I think you and I can write an override that any mage could use that would be almost as powerful. That’s what I want to learn how to do, write overrides.”

They both nodded and silence reigned for a few moments. “So,” Matt asked. “How did you get this office?”

Davic smiled and nodded. “I think it’s an interesting story. You were at my graduation, last year.”

“Yeah, I slept through it, then went back to Germany right after.”

“Well, I went on sabbatical with Ian and Marta to Argentina. She was using her counseling override on me the whole time. I came back here and Locminé offered me an adjunct position and Johnson’s old office. I said I needed a year to prepare. I’ve been all over the world and met with mages of every stripe and creed, including your Archangel, Dan Grant.”

“I thought you said that would be an interesting story.” He grinned slightly.

“I thought you were LDS and had a high tolerance for boredom.”

Matt laughed. “No, I am very easily bored!”

“Well, let me get to the interesting part of the story. I met up with Retta and we’ve been married for three months now.”

“What?” cried Matt. “You and she wanted to kill each other!”

“Marta counseled both of us. It seems she really was controlled by the Leducs, and we really did want to be together but our pasts made that hard.”

“I see, so all is hearts, butterflies, and roses?”

“Oh, god, no! She’s a red-head! But the highs are more important than the lows.”

“Okay, I see,” he laughed a bit. “So, Davic, how did you know that Zoë was the spy?”

“When they were messing with my memories, Retta told me. Then she tried to cover it up.” He closed his eyes for a moment. “I have two memories. The first one of Retta saying she heard about my black eye from Zoë and me asking if she meant Candie. Then the second memory was of Retta saying she heard it from Candie and I said I always thought Candie was a spy. The memories conflicted. So, I put a blank spot between them and I could see that they were playing with my memories. I now remember this as an edited sequence.”

“Oh yeah! Those misused Tibetan memory crystals!” said Matt. “They messed your brain all up.”

They both sipped lemonade that Davic teleported from downstairs and reminisced. Suddenly Matt asked: “Did you ever track down that Dereck Streeter guy? The last one of LeDuc’s men that got away?”

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