Tangled Desires

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In a world full of mafias who will take the sword and finally win over the battle.

Action / Adventure
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Chapter 1: Capturing the Fugitive

Karthika’s POV

Wailing screams. That is music to my ears.

Blood dribbles down his pale body, the sun illuminating his luminescent skin. The sharp metallic taste of blood stenches the air, you could almost taste it on the tip of your tongue as it drips down, sliding down your throat. The sweet taste being savoured on your tongue as it awakens the huntsmen within. I stop the cool blood from flowing to the floor with my dagger, piercing it into his bare thigh, causing more blood to flow.

“Talk to me, Mr Whitman,” I whisper sultry as my fingers slide across his body, swiping the blood in different directions, “Salvation is near, my darling.”

Daniel, my hostage, spits in my direction.

Filthy mutt.

I don’t hide my disdain as irritation decorates my face. Did we just lose respect in our generation? I take the dagger and I line his throat, holding the tip of the dagger with his chin.

“You are stubborn, Mr Whitman. I like your type,” I dig the dagger into his chin, making it bleed a little, “I can set you free.”

Nothing. Nothing leaves his mouth.

“Put the nails in,” I command my Consigliere, Brian.

I see the fear dancing in Daniel’s irises, that is what makes this more entertaining. Brian brings out the box of tricks and opens it up, his eyes never leaving his target. I move my chair, making it face the wall as I sit facing Brian. The meticulous nails klink as they are brought out of the box and are left to be rolling onto the metal table. Brian removes a hammer from the box and a small smile forms on my face.

This is going to be fun.

Daniel is strapped to the wooden St. Andrews Cross in the middle of my holding cell. The walls are rocky and coloured in black, adding to the intensity of the activities that gets carried out here. The room is adorned with torture devices like the famous Scavenger’s Daughter and laden with tools like the electric collar. Contrary to one’s beliefs, the tools and equipment used here are encrusted with gold and silver, garnished with a hint of blood from my enemies. They have been forged for the soul purpose of doing my bidding. The darkness represents the evil souls that are tortured down here. Daniel, a very lucky man indeed, has the pleasure of sitting or should I say dangling from the infamous St. Andrews Cross, the heart of this holding cell.

Brian takes a nail and hammers it down into his flesh, making sure the nail goes through to the other side of the wood. Daniel screams in excruciating pain, wanting to have an end to his agony but his torture is not over. No, no, we are just getting started.

“You just have to tell me,” I say in a singsong voice, “Tell me what Alpha is plotting.”

“Gaia’s Lux Brumalis Sword,” Daniel manages to huff out between his screams of agony, “He is going to claim it.”

I sit on the chair cross-legged.

“But that is just…impossible,” I think to myself, “Halt.” I tell my consigliere before he goes to pin another nail into this traitor’s arm.

Is this fool trying to make a mockery out of me? It is just a legend. Something fictious. Could it be true?

“Tell me more.”

“All I know is that they leave at dawn,” he is barely audible.

I nod.

“Follow me,” I say to Brian, “Call in medical.”

We exit the holding cell, while my med guys move past us to address his wounds.

Outside of the holding cell, the hallway is brightly lit, the floors are made of marble, and it shines in the lights. Torches adorn the hallway walls, giving the room a homely feeling.

My underboss, Michael, walks behind me as we enter the meeting room. Joel is sitting there with his twin, Jeremy. To the left is Alea, she is the youngest in the inner circle being just 15 years old. Well, it isn’t such a huge difference between us since we are ranging from 17 to 18 years old. They all sit around the round wooden table, waiting for me obediently. I sit at the end of the table while Michael and Brian take their positions beside me.

“Speak to me,” I command.

“The shipment of the new weapons said to be delivered today is being put on hold,” Jeremy talks to me. I give him a quizzical look.

“The North side is questioning us to why we need more shipment of weapons,” he clears his throat, “they want to inspect the Maristella.”

I close my eyes and let out a breath.

“We have to move the prisoners,” Brian says, stating the obvious. We could get into serious trouble if they find the holding cell.

“But where to?” Alea chimes in.

“I suggest we transport them to second base,” Joel suggests.

“Too risky,” I say, “We can’t give away second base. Release them.”

My inner circle looks at dumbfounded.

They start arguing immediately.

“Isn’t that riskier?”

“We could get more infor..”

“That’s ridiculous. Why would-“

“I don’t think that is a good idea.”

“Silence,” I command. The room grows quiet and everybody returns to their seats.

“We keep Daniel and release the rest,” I say, “He can give us valuable intel on the Demagogue.”

“Wat is your actual plan, Karthika,” Brian looks at me seriously.

“I was thinking maybe… just maybe…we recruit him to our side.”

They start arguing again.

“Why would you want him here?”

“We can find a better hacker.”

“You really think he is going to come to our side after what you did to him?”

“I am sorry,” I say in all the bustle, “You stuck the nails in.”

“Because you asked me to,” Brian says in defence, “And don’t we have to obey your orders?”

I laugh. I love teasing him.

“And if all of you have to obey my orders, why are y’all even arguing?”

“Check mate,” says Michael.

“Have we got any more news?” I ask.

We are family.

I smile at that thought.

“Our front, the car-selling industry, is flourishing,” Alea says, “We can launder money easily without getting arrested.”

“Alea, we can’t get arrested either way,” Michael comments.

“If that is all, this meeting is adjourned,” I announce, slapping the table like a mallet, “Get to school assholes.”

Everybody laughs as they leave to go to the Serenity Highschool. I am the last to leave the room. I take a detour to get my bag from my room. Everybody is waiting in the foyer for me as I walk down the carpeted stairs of Maristella.

Suddenly, people jump out from behind the large pillars that connect to the roof.

“Put your weapons and your hands up,” a guy points his sniper at my body, “Or she gets it.”

Gunpoint. There is a few thoughts that run through one’s head at this moment but mine was shit, I screwed up.

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